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Detailed Individual Episode Synopsis' for
#4040 - 4166
-- Thursday 1st September
2005 - Friday 30th September 2005
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Tom’s away day to put his business in line doesn’t play out as he had expected.
Episode: 4141 - Thursday 1st September 2005
Tom’s away day to put his business in line doesn’t play out as he had expected. Cain keeps his job at the garage by eliminating Scott from the workforce. Rodney refuses to buy into Simon’s business.
Louise’s paranoia about Matthew cranks up a notch
Episode: 4142 - Friday 2nd September 2005
Tom blames Max for his downfall. Cain gets suspicious about Robert, but Robert keeps him at bay. Louise’s paranoia about Matthew cranks up a notch.
Max turns to drink
Episode: 4143 - Sunday 4th September 2005
Diane tries to help Louise celebrate her Birthday but things don’t go to plan. Blamed for his Dad’s demeaned status, a guilty Max turns to drink. Val puts all her hopes on Hotton FM.
Louise goes away for a while
Episode: 4144 - Monday 5th September 2005
Finding herself close to the edge, Louise flees to Cain and Emily nearly come to blows over Sarah and Debbie’s needs.
With a confidence boost from Steph, Dawn gets glamorous.
Episode: 4145 - Tuesday 6th September 2005
Val pays her debt to Jimmy Pepper but gets herself walloped in the process. Cain can’t argue when Emily offers to help with childcare. Jasmine spends her pay packet on booze.
Episode: 4146 - Wednesday 7th September 2005
Thinking her money troubles are history, Val’sshocked to find more debts coming out of the woodwork. Ethan musters up interest in the Summer Fete and the scarecrow competition.Tom and Terry find some common ground.
Max realises that he can help his father and so earn his forgiveness
Episode: 4147 - Thursday 8th September 2005
Tom slowly pushes Max towards the darker side of King affairs. Val resolves to stand her ground and face the bailiffs. Edna, Pearl and Betty suffer a setback with their scarecrow.
Episode: 4148 - Friday 9th September 2005
Tom adds extra pressure on Max to secure land from Craig Briggs. If the worst happens at court, Zoe insures that
Scott Windsor Ben Freeman Jean and Joseph will be safe. Dirty tactics come into play in the scarecrow contest.
  No Episode Sunday 11th September 2005
Eager to earn forgiveness from his father, Max puts his plan into action
Episode: 4149 - Monday 12th September 2005
Worried about her trial, Zoe fears that Paddy’s not on her side and discovers why Callum is. Max sets his plan to sabotage the Brigg’s farm into Ethan enjoys the friction between Laurel and Ashley.
Zoe confesses all to Callum and then tells him she’s going to flee the country!
Episode: 4150 - Tuesday 13th September 2005
With the trial imminent, Zoe reveals all her troubles to a supportive Callum. Ethan drips poison about Ashley and Laurel into the Bishop’s ear. Jarvis’ scarecrow steals the show at the summer fete.
Robert takes Debbie for a spin in his bid to secure the Dingle’s affections
Episode: 4151 - Wednesday 14th September 2005
Sure the court will turn against her, Zoe decides to flee the country with Effie. Feeling unwanted, Jasmine returns to school. Robert makes sure that Debbie is smitten with him.
Callum plans Zoe’s escape from Emmerdale, despite walking in on her and Effie in a clinch
Episode: 4152 - Thursday 15th September 2005
In the dark to Max’s machinations, Paddy accepts responsibility for the death of Briggs’ cows.
Callum formulates a plan to help Zoe flee the country. Robert reels Debbie in.
Max pays Craig Briggs a visit and suggests he sells his land to Tom
Episode: 4153 - Friday 16th September 2005
With Tom pulling the strings, Max presents a solution to Craig and Sandra’s cash flow problems.
Flanked by amorous admirers, Rodney gets hot under the collar. Zoe makes her peace with Jack.
Tom's back on top of the King clan
Episode: 4154 - Sunday 18th September 2005
With Craig’s farm secure, Max provides Tom with a solution to his worries and allows him to reclaim his status from a sneering Matthew. Rodney edges closer to getting the cash for Home Farm. Zoe keeps her plan closed to Ashley.
Callum is devastated when he comes across Zoe and Effie kissing
Episode: 4155 - Monday 19th September 2005
Callum is devastated when he comes across Zoe and Effie kissing, causing her to think her plan to flee is doomed. Rodney, with a nudge from Sadie, decides to play games with Zoe. Tom relishes being back in the driving seat.
bye bye Effie
Episode: 4156.57 – HOUR EP - Tuesday 20th September 2005
Terrified that she’ll go to prison, Zoe goes ahead and flees the county only to be scuppered by a devastating surprise. The Blackstocks look forward to living up at the big house. Max begins to wish he’d never set foot in Emmerdale.
Scott knees Paddy in the groin and tells him to tell the truth in court
Episode: 4158 - Wednesday 21st September 2005
Zoe goes to court for the attempted murder of Scott, where both she and Scott realise that Paddy’s evidence is vital. Rodney and Nicola discover their hopes have been dashed. Tom basks in the glory of being the new lord of the manor.
Verdict time for Zoe
Episode: 4159.60 – HOUR EP - Thursday 22nd September 2005
Zoe is terrified as she awaits her fate. Paddy takes the stand, but will he lie for his friend? Scott fights tooth and nail against Zoe in court.
Scott is arrested
Episode: 4161 - Friday 23rd September 2005
The major repercussions of Zoe’s trial outcome continues. Val’s attracted to a mystery man and thinks the feelings mutual – little does she know that he’s a bailiff out to get her. Paddy relies upon Emily as his conduct in court weighs heavy on his conscience.
No Episode Sunday 25th September 2005
Episode: 4162 - Monday 26th September 2005
The bailiffs give Val a day to get £3,000! Robert stops Andy from spending time with Baby Sarah. Viv and Scott’s relationship is tested.
Val steals money from the Antiques Barn
Episode: 4163 - Tuesday 27th September 2005
Desperate for cash to pay off the bailiffs, Val steals money from the Antiques Barn. Getting his claws into his brother’s ex, Robert kisses Debbie. A double booking causes trouble for Steph at the B & B.
Robert rubs an astonished Andy’s nose in his new relationship with Debbie
Episode: 4164 - Wednesday 28th September 2005
Robert rubs an astonished Andy’s nose in his new relationship with Debbie and baby Sarah. Val lets Paul take the rap for the theft from the Antiques Barn. Some French guests and sci-fi fans cause Steph to work extra hard.
Steph has the hots for the Doctor
Episode: 4165 - Thursday 29th September 2005
Andy recruits Cain in an attempt to quash Robert and Debbie’s fledgling relationship. Adam discovers from Terry that Steph’s got a soft spot for him.Max ’s regrets lay heavy upon him.

Episode: 4166 - Friday 30th September 2005
Promising the teenager the world, Robert seduces Debbie into bed. A bung to Ledbetter falls in the lap of a disillusioned Max. After Kelly gives her grief, Dawn finds solace in Danny.

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