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Finished 28th June 2004

Episode (#3738) --- Thursday 13th May 2004

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Main title

Episode: 3738

This episode of EMMERDALE is written by Stephen Bennett, produced by Kathleen Beedles and directed by Mike Adams. The executive producer is Keith Richardson and the series producer is Steve Frost. It is a Yorkshire Television production for ITV1.



Sadie King Patsy Kensit
Donna Windsor Verity Rushworth
Chas Dingle Lucy Pargeter
Charity Tate Emma Atkins
Emily Kirk Kate McGregor
Jack Sugden Clive Hornby
Andy Sugden Kelvin Fletcher
Jimmy King Nick Miles
Matthew King Matt Healy
Tom King Ken Farrington
Marlon Dingle Mark Charnock
Val Lambert Charlie Hardwick
Robert Sugden Karl Davies
Darren Eden Luke Tittensor
Edna Birch Shirley Stelfox
Len Reynolds Peter Martin
Jarvis Skelton Richard Moore
Pearl Ladderbanks Meg Johnson
Faye Whitehead Kate Wood
Simon Meredith Dale Meeks
Eric Pollard Christopher Chittell
Paddy Kirk Dominic Brunt
Cain Dingle Jeff Hordley
Rodney Blackstock Patrick Mower
Danny Daggert Cleveland Campbell
Carlos Diaz Gary Turner

THURSDAY 13 MAY 2004 7.00 TO 7.30PM ITV1

Review :-

Sadie determins to split Charity and Tom up and enlists Cain's help.

A nervous Andy learns from social services if Daz can return for good.

The villagers' battle to save the cricket pitch flounders.

Sadie (Patsy Kensit) is furious that Charity (Emma Atkins) has managed to worm her way into Tom’s (Ken Farrington) affections. Taking her anger out on Matthew (Matt Healy) and Jimmy (Nick Miles), Sadie tells the brothers they should have kept a closer eye on their father.

Charity later questions Tom as to why Sadie appears to hate her so much. Laid back Tom puts it down to female rivalry and thinks she’s reading too much into the situation.

Later at the Woolpack, Sadie collars Charity telling her she knows her game and there’s no way she’s getting her hands on the family money.

Defiant Charity gives as good as she gets before returning to work. As Tom reappears, Sadie covers their argument by kindly offering Charity a lift and naïve Tom is glad the two girls appear to be getting on at last. How long can they keep up the façade before they really come to blows?

Elsewhere in the village, Daz (Luke Tittensor) finally gets a lucky break when social services agree that he’s better off with his blood brother and allow him to stay with Andy (Kelvin Fletcher) on a more permanent basis.

The locals gather to debate how they can stop the Kings from changing their community forever by developing the cricket pitch. But with the plans underway, their pleas seem to fall on deaf ears.

ITV.COM Blood Feud Thursday 13.05.04
Daz is delighted when his social worker approves his moving into the Farm with Andy. Jack has serious misgivings about this as Dazís presence adds to the trouble between Robert and Andy. When Robert threatens Daz over the damage to his car Andy drives straight at Robert skidding to a halt in front of him. As Andy threatens Robert once again Jack appears and angrily tells the boys to go their separate ways. Having been told he has to leave the B & B Robert seeks help from Jack. Jack tells Robert he canít help him.
Sadie is livid with Jimmy and Matthew for allowing Charity to get so close to Tom and his money. When Tom takes Charity for a drink in the Woolpack Sadie and the two brothers arenít far behind, as Sadie makes sure she keeps tabs on Tom and Charityís relationship. Left alone for a moment Charity and Sadie are soon at each otherís throats and each threatens the other with a nasty accident. Tom remains oblivious to the war being waged between his secretary and his daughter-in-law and believes that the two women will soon be friends.
Simonís fish festival idea soon backfires as Marlon has a fish based fiasco in the Woolpack kitchen. When Marlon storms out of the kitchen Simon attempts a bit of reverse psychology to put an end to Marlonís defeatism. Unfortunately the idea of letting people down has no effect on Marlon and he tells Simon he may as well cancel. Later when a depressed Marlon is dragged to the Woolpack by Simon and Paddy he becomes animated again when Carlos arrives and heads straight for the kitchen.

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