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Finished 22nd August 2004

Episode (#3803) --- Wednesday 28th July 2004

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Main title

Episode: 3803


This episode of EMMERDALE is written by Margaret Simpson, produced by Kathleen Beedles, and directed by Tony Prescott. The executive producer is Keith Richardson and the series producer is Steve Frost. It is a Yorkshire Television production for ITV1.


Eric Pollard Christopher Chittell
Steph Stokes Lorraine Chase
Shelly Williams Carolyn Pickles
Alan Turner Richard Thorp
Lisa Dingle Jane Cox
Sam Dingle James Hooton
Marlon Dingle Mark Charnock
Shadrach Dingle Andy Devine
Rodney Blackstock Patrick Mower
Simon Meredith Dale Meeks
Tash Abbott Sally Evans
Nicola Blackstock Nicola Wheeler
Viv Hope Deena Payne
Emily Kirk Kate McGregor
Edna Birch Shirley Stelfox
Val Lambert Charlie Hardwick
Jarvis Skelton Richard Moore


Wednesday 28 July 7 - 7.30pm ITV1.

Review :-

Alan is shattered to discover Shelly’s left home but Steph picks up the pieces playing the perfect daughter.

The Dingles worry whether Sam should scarper or face the music and go to court.

Nicola reckons Simon and Tash are up to something fishy.

Nicola goes for Tash


Nicola has a fight with Tash after she makes a move on Simon

Turner (Richard Thorp) is devastated when he takes a breakfast tray to Shelly’s (Carolyn Pickles) room to try and make amends, only to discover that she has packed up and moved on without so much as saying goodbye.

Turner is devestated when he realises Shelly is gone

As he looks sadly at the antique ring he had given her, which she left behind on the bedside table, Turner realises what he has lost.

Nicola is upset

Elsewhere, Natasha (Sally Evans) gives Simon (Dale Meeks) a card saying sorry for her unwelcome advance the previous day. He makes light of the situation but is in hot water when Nicola spots the card in his jacket pocket as they eat lunch.

Furious, she demands to know what’s going on between them. Simon sheepishly admits that Tash came onto him but tries to play the whole thing down.

Nicola and Tash fight

Nicola (Nicola Wheeler) is livid and storms out of the pub and up to her rival’s chip van. She snatches the fish that Natasha is wrapping out of her hands and throws it at her. Emily (Kate McGregor) tries to stop her, but Nicola grabs Tash by the hair and the pair are soon embroiled in the cat fight from hell, witnessed by a captive audience.

Nicola fights with Tash while others try and stop them

Meanwhile, as Marlon (Mark Charnock) confirms the arrangements for Sam’s (James Hooton) escape to Ireland, Lisa (Jane Cox) worries whether they are doing the right thing.

ITV.COM Sneaking Out The Back Door Wednesday 28.07.04
Unable to bear the thought that Steph has sown seeds of doubt in Alan’s mind about her intentions towards him and his money Shelly gets up early and prepares to leave Emmerdale. Alan is shocked when he takes Shelly breakfast and discovers that she has gone and left the ring he gave her behind. Alan turns to Rodney and confesses that he he's been a fool. Nicola overhears them talking and tells Steph and Viv that Shelly has done a moonlight flit. Steph is quick to offer her dad her dinner and sympathy telling him he's had a lucky escape.
Tash gives Simon a card to say sorry for her unwelcome advances the previous day. When Nicola finds the card in his jacket he has some explaining to do, but before he gets a chance Nicola storms off to confront Tash at the fish and chip fan. Nicola takes a piece of fish Tash has just served and throws it at her before squirting her with ketchup. Luckily Jarvis is on hand to stop the fight. Afterwards Simon is furious with Nicola and tries in vain to convince her he is not interested in Tash. Nicola tells him she wants Tash out of the village.
Sam continues to help Edna in the garden and although she directs a few sharp remarks at him friendship blossoms between the unlikely pair. Sam starts to feel guilty about his plans to run away to Ireland. Lisa worries whether running away is the right thing for Sam to do but she tells Marlon she’d never forgive herself if anything happened to him in prison. Jarvis, meanwhile, tells Edna he’s convinced that Shadrach took her money.

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