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Finished 30th July 2004

Episode (#3789) --- Monday 12th July 2004

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Episode: 3789


This episode of EMMERDALE is written by Bill Lyons, produced by Kathleen Beedles, and directed by Pip Short. The executive producer is Keith Richardson and the series producer is Steve Frost. It is a Yorkshire Television production for ITV1.


Diane Blackstock Elizabeth Estensen
Shelly Williams Carolyn Pickles
Eric Pollard Christopher Chittell
Steph Stokes Lorraine Chase
Sam Dingle James Hooton
Jarvis Skelton Richard Moore
Edna Birch Shirley Stelfox
Chas Dingle Lucy Pargeter
Val Lambert Charlie Hardwick
Jean Hope Julie Higginson
Dawn Woods Julia Mallam
Lisa Dingle Jane Cox
Pearl Ladderbanks Meg Johnson
Viv Hope Deena Payne
Bob Hope Tony Audenshaw
Emily Kirk Kate McGregor
Shadrach Dingle Andy Devine
Rodney Blackstock Patrick Mower
Louise Appleton Emily Symons
Len Reynolds Peter Martin

Monday 12 July 7 - 7.30pm ITV1

Review :-

Steph vows revenge on Shelly for stealing her dad.

Jarvis worries that Edna’s heading for a fall, literally.

Chas and Val go head to head in a battle of the barmaids.

Chas and Val go head to head in a battle of the barmaids.

Sam tries to make amends with Edna

Steph (Lorraine Chase) does her best to make Shelly’s (Carolyn Pickles) life hell at work. In the office, Steph notices her grandmother’s ring on Shelly’s finger and is adamant that she must have stolen it, refusing to believe Shelly’s explanation that Turner (Richard Thorp) gave it to her.

Furious that her ex-friend is stealing her father away, Steph tries to stir things up by spreading rumours that Shelly is a bit of a gold digger.

Sam (James Hooton) is desperate to make amends with Edna (Shirley Stelfox). Jarvis (Richard Moore) suggests he help by building her a ramp to help her down the steps outside her house.

Meanwhile, Edna struggles into the shop and refuses to let Len (Peter Martin) help her. Her friends begin to worry that she is going to end up seriously injuring herself unless she learns to accept their help. Will Edna see sense before it’s too late?

Dawn’s (Julia Mallam) mum Jean (Julie Higginson) tries to encourage her daughter to start afresh by throwing out Terry’s (Billy Hartman) belongings. Dawn explains that the house belongs to Terry.

ITV.COM You Won't Get Away With This Monday 12.07.04
Furious with Shelly for standing up to her Steph decides to make her former friend’s life hell. Steph breaks some cups that Shelly has packed and then accuses Shelly of breaking them. Steph tells Shelly that she will dock her wages for the breakage. Steph then spots her grandmother’s ring on Shelly’s finger and accuses her of stealing it. She refuses to believe that Alan gave the ring to Shelly and tries to prise it off her. A furious Eric then has to come into the office and tear the two apart.
Shelly tells Diane about hitting Steph and the incident with the ring. Diane tells her that she mustn’t cave in to Steph and breaks out the champagne to celebrate Shelly and Alan’s good news. While the regulars celebrate with Shelly Steph takes Viv aside and tells her that when she was young Shelly confided in her that she was saving herself for a ‘sugar daddy’. When Viv mentions how lucky Shelly is to have a man with Alan’s money Diane takes Steph aside and has words with her telling her to let her father live his own life.
Having driven Jarvis to distraction Edna infuriates Len next, refusing to accept his or Emily’s help in the village shop. Knocking some tins to the ground because she finds it difficult to get around the shop Edna angrily blames Viv for the situation and says she’ll take her custom elsewhere. Len buys the dog food she came in for and takes it round to Edna telling her that if she’s stubborn enough to starve herself at least let her friends help feed Tootsie. Meanwhile, Jarvis suggests to Sam that he can help Edna buy building a ramp for her front door.
The Woolpack barmaid ballot gets off to a dubious start with both landladies attempting to influence the outcome of the ballot by stuffing multiple ballot papers into the ballot box. They both assure their favourite barmaid that the matter is in hand.

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