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Finished 19th July 2004

Episode (#3780) --- Thursday 1st July 2004

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Main title

Episode: 3780


This episode of EMMERDALE is written by Bill Taylor, produced by Kathleen Beedles, and directed by Henry Foster. The executive producer is Keith Richardson and the series producer is Steve Frost. It is a Yorkshire Television production for ITV1.


Diane Blackstock Elizabeth Estensen
Alan Turner Richard Thorp
Shelly Williams Carolyn Pickles
Tom King Ken Farrington Turner
Carl King Tom Lister
Emily Kirk Kate McGregor
Danny Daggert Cleveland Campbell
Charity Tate Emma Atkins
Chas Dingle Lucy Pargeter
Sydney Woolfe Nathan Gladwell
Dawn Woods Julia Mallam
Laurel Potts Charlotte Bellamy
Steph Stokes Lorraine Chase
Monique Jerboquet Jo Pridding
Ashley Thomas John Middleton
Zoe Tate Leah Bracknell
Scott Windsor Ben Freeman
Val Lambert Charlie Hardwick
Simon Meredith Dale Meeks
Nicola Blackstock Nicola Wheeler

Thursday 1 July 7 - 7.30pm ITV1.

Review :-

Charity is stunned when Tom sweeps her off her feet with the ultimate offer of commitment.

is left angry by Shelly’s change of heart about a life abroad.

Chas follows Charity’s lead and falls for a King.

Tom proposes to Charity

Tom proposes to Charity

Sick of Charity’s (Emma Atkins) attempts to make him jealous, Tom (Ken Farrington) irritably tells her to stop playing games, stating that he wants to be with her and she obviously feels the same.

Tom proposes to Charity

Charity worries that she has blown it after she tells him she wants to be with someone who will trust her above their family. However, her fears are soon put to rest when Tom produces a ring and asks for her hand in marriage. Charity is over the moon.

Charity accepts!

Turner is angry when Shelly has a change of heart about a life abroad....

Shelly (Carolyn Pickles) decides to stand her ground after Steph’s (Lorraine Chase) threatening behaviour the previous day. However, Steph manipulates her into believing she is being unfair to Turner (Richard Thorp) and so Shelly tearfully tells him she cannot go to Spain after all.

Elsewhere in the village, Danny (Cleveland Campbell) is annoyed when Chas (Lucy Pargeter) and Carl (Tom Lister) take his Polaroid camera without asking, especially when they come downstairs giggling, obviously up to no good.

ITV.COM Jealous Guy Thursday 01.07.04
Charity turns down Tom’s offer of lunch in Hotton and takes off with Syd instead, making sure that Tom sees the big kiss she gives Syd as she gets into the van. When Charity returns from lunch Tom tells her he’s too old to play games and he wants to be with her. Charity tells Tom that she wants to be with someone who trusts her implicitly and she doesn’t think he does because he’ll always believe his family before her. Tom drives off in a hurry and Charity thinks she’s blown it until Tom returns with an engagement ring and a marriage proposal.
When Shelly turns up late for work Steph takes her into her office and warns her not to back out of her promise not to move to Spain. Later on Shelly stands up to Steph and tells her that she won’t be bullied and she’s off to Spain with Alan. However, her resolve crumbles when Alan tells her he is planning to book a flight and she tells him that she can’t go to Spain. Alan immediately spots Steph’s handiwork in Shelly’s sudden change of heart, but Shelly insists that she has genuine reservations about moving abroad.
Scott returns his car keys to Zoe and reacts angrily when she says that she would like him to keep it so that he can take Jean out in it. Scott asks her why everything has to be about what she wants? Later, Zoe tracks miserable Scott down in Café Hope and tells him that there will always be a home for him at Home Farm if he wants it.
The tension between Diane and Val reaches boiling point when Val discovers that her sister has tried to offload her onto Alan by asking him whether he would take Val on at the B&B. As the two sisters square up in the backroom at the Woolpack the customers hear the sound of smashing crockery!
Chas sets out to impress Carl by offering to cook him his favourite meal. Only snag is she’s never made a chilli before and wonders whether baked beans would do instead of kidney beans… Danny is less impressed with Chas and Carl when they borrow his Polaroid camera to take some naughty snaps of one another.

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