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Updated & Finished 3rd March 2004

Episode (#3651) --- 2nd February 2004

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I'd Like to Thank Karen Illingsworth from Yorkshire Telvision with help with the Production Credits:-

Production Credits :-

Director Pip Short
Series Producer Steve Frost
Executive Producer: Keith Richardson

Monday 2nd February 2004

Main title

Episode: 3651
Written by: Karin Young



Chas Dingle Lucy Pargeter
Bob Hope Tony Audenshaw
]ack Sugden Clive Hornby
Viv Hope Deena Payne
Marion Dingle Mark Charnock
Louise Appleton Emily Symons
Chloe Atkinson Amy Nuttall
Sydney Woolfe Nathan Gladwell
Diane Black, stock Elizabeth Estensen
Val Lambert Charlie Hardwick
Robert Sugden Karl Davies
Katie Addyman Sammy Winward
Paul Marsden Matthew Booth
Siobhan Marsden Abigail Fisher
Rodney Blackstock Patrick Mower
Emily Kirk Kate McGregor
Simon Meredith Dale Meeks
Pearl Ladderbanks Meg Johnson
Len Reynolds Peter Martin
.larvis Skelton Richard Moore
Victoria Sugden Hannah lVlidgley
Andy Sugden Kelvin Fletcher
Nicola Blackstock Nicola Wheeler
Donna Windsor Verity Rushworth
Danny Daggert Cleveland Campbell


Date: Monday 02 February Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen, Audio-described

Diane refuses to take her sister at face value as Val tries to steal the limelight. Andy agrees to a week of dares from Robert, unaware of his continued betrayal. Simon wines and dines Nicola on their first official date.

Cast List includes :-
Elizabeth Estensen, Charlie Hardwick, Kelvin Fletcher, Karl Davies, Dale Meeks, Nicola Wheeler

Airing on ITV1

The new face at the Woolpack has caused quite a stir as the local’s gossip about Val. Val leads Diane to believe she has been beaten up by an old boyfriend and is clearly in a bit of trouble. But Diane has seen it all before and is unsympathetic towards her sister.

As the crowds gather downstairs for the engagement party, Jack goes to see what is keeping his bride-to-be. Sensing an atmosphere, Jack is curious as to why the two sisters don’t get on, but wants to concentrate on enjoying Diane’s evening ahead

From YTV EMMERDALE Monday 2 February 2004 at 7.00pm on ITV1 Network Diane (ELIZABETH ESTENSEN) and Jack (CLIVE HORNBY) celebrate their engagement.

He puts the ring on Diane’s finger and leads her towards the party. Later Diane reluctantly agrees that Val can stay for a while. Bemused by their relationship, Jack wonders whether Diane might be jealous of Val, Diane tells him not to be fooled by her charm.

From YTV EMMERDALE Monday 2 February 2004 at 7.00pm on ITV1 Network Diane (ELIZABETH ESTENSEN) and Jack (CLIVE HORNBY) celebrate their engagement.

Robert agrees that he should be heavily involved in the arrangements for Andy’s stag week. Little does the grateful groom-to-be realize that his brother has been heavily involved with his fiancee too!

The high jinks begin with a dare for Andy to chat up Viv Hope. Heavily laced, Andy makes a fool of himself as he falls over and ends up looking up Viv’s skirt.

Elsewhere in the village, unlucky in love Nicola is keen to make the right impression as she cooks dinner for Simon on their first official date. But her efforts in the kitchen end in disaster and her culinary skills leave a lot to be desired.

Monday 02.02.04 ITV.COM Sister, Dear Sister
Val makes her entrance Knowing the pub is discussing Val's arrival, Diane wants to get away to her engagement celebration without bringing her sister. They jostle for the initiative, trading digs about looks, status and past. Diane hasn't come down when Jack returns, so he heads up to get her, leaving Victoria to expertly handle Viv's bitchiness. Val agrees to stay upstairs, and a relieved Diane heads down for the toast - which Val ruins by appearing during on a flimsy excuse. Diane now can't stop her sister joining the celebration - settling in for a gossip with Viv and Pearl at Diane's expense. She knows Val has nowhere to go, so even more reluctantly Diane lets her stay just one night.
Simon and Nicola Simon has had a tip off from Rodney that he'd better like his duck crispy, and saves the day when he greets Nicola, by now very wobbly, with a backup takeaway. She gets even more drunk as they watch a film, and she wakes a few hours later to find he has cleaned up, leaving a note asking her out again tomorrow.
Andy lays on the floor at Viv's feet Katie and Robert have been testing their new love nest so thoroughly that they lose track of time and she has to dash off to see Andy. Robert expected more reward for all of his efforts, but when he drops Katie back he realises he has forgotten to buy his own father an engagement present. Andy shows the first signs of suspicion about his brother's movements, and in order to distract him Robert has to get him blind drunk and dare him to chat up Viv. However, the best Andy can manage is to complement her leopard skin knickers from his position lying slumped on the floor. Viv isn't impressed, and neither is Katie - perhaps Robert isn't quite as charming as she once thought.


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