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Updated & Finished 19th February 2004

Episode (#3644) --- 25th January 2004

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I'd Like to Thank Karen Illingsworth from Yorkshire Telvision with help with the Production Credits:-

Production Credits :-

Director Philip Wood
Series Producer Steve Frost
Executive Producer: Keith Richardson

Sunday 25th January 2004

Main title

Episode: 3644
Written by: Andrew Kirk



Darren Eden Luke Tittensor
Andy Sugden Kelvin Fletcher
3ack Sugden Clive Hornby
Diane Blackstock Elizabeth Estensen
Katie Addyman Sammy Winward
Nicola Blackstock Nicola Wheeler
Bernice Thomas Samantha Giles
Rodney Blackstock Patrick Mower
Zoe Tate Leah Bracknell
Scott Windsor Ben Freeman
Ethan Blake Liam O'Brien
Dave Spencer Denton Brown
Lisa Dingle Jane Cox
Debbie .1ones Charley Webb
Chas Dingle Lucy Pargeter
Louise Appleton Emily Symons
Sydney Woolfe Nathan Gladwell
Marion Dingle Mark Charnock
Laurel Ports Charlotte Bellamy
Emily Kirk Kate McGregor
Ashley Thomas .lohn Middleton
Robert Sugden Karl Davies
Viv Hope Deena Payne


Things hot up for Robert and Katie as Daz fires up their relationship.

Bernice is back with a glint in her eye and news of her new man.

A visit to Charity in prison brings litte joy for Debbie.


Date: Sunday 25 January Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen, Audio-described

Things hot up for Robert and Katie as Daz fires up their relationship. Bernice is back with a glint in her eye and news of her new man. A visit to Charity in prison brings little joy for Debbie.

Cast List includes :-
Karl Davies, Sammy Winward, Luke Tittensor, Samantha Giles, Charley Webb, Emma Atkins

Airing on ITV1

Daz is forced to stand in front of a community panel to determine his punishment for stealing cars. After he promises to keep on the straight and narrow, the remorseful delinquent is given community service instead of being placed in a young offender’s institute, on the condition Scott will take him on at the garage.

However, Scott isn’t feeling as forgiving and refuses to let Daz near his business, which leaves the panel with no option but to send the tearaway to attend a young offender’s scheme in Manchester.

Furious, Daz steals a lighter from the village shop and in a moment of anger and revenge against Scott he starts a fire at the garage and the flames quickly get out of control.

From YTV EMMERDALE Sunday 25 January 2004 at 7.00pm on ITV1 Network Daz (LUKE TITENSER) sets fire to the garage.

Unaware that Robert and Katie are inside, Daz watches as the garage quickly becomes a blazing inferno. Suddenly aware of some commotion inside, he is shocked when he sees Katie and Robert kissing through a window.

From YTV EMMERDALE Sunday 25 January 2004 at 7.00pm on ITV1 Network Daz is stopped dead in his tracks when he sees Katie (SAMMY WINWARD) and Robert (KARL DAVIES) kissing.

Mid passionate clinch, Robert and Katie fear for their lives as the garage quickly fills with smoke and toxic fumes. Having locked the doors for some privacy, they fear they may never escape as the temperature rises.

From YTV EMMERDALE Sunday 25 January 2004 at 7.00pm on ITV1 Network Robert (KARL DAVIES) threatens Daz (LUKE TITENSER).

Elsewhere in the village, Bernice admits she is not surprised Ashley and Louise have split up, leaving Laurel certain that Ashley’s ex-wife has got something to do with their split.

However, Diane is happy for her daughter as she admits she has finally found happiness with her new man and is determined to move in with him in Brighton.

But having formed a proper bond with Gabby for the first time, will Bernice be able to leave her daughter behind as she makes a new life for herself?


ITV.COM Daz is Betrayed Sunday 25.01.04
It's the day the panel meet to discuss Daz's future - will he have to go back to Manchester? Daz is understandably terrified, but Andy is sure he can protect his brother. Thankfully, Rodney seems determined to be fair, but Jack can't resist needling panel member Scott. Darren pleads his case well, without help, and promises it won't happen again. Everyone is optimistic when the panel breaks for discussion, but Daz reacts badly outside to being asked by Katie and Robert in short succession how it went. Robert and Katie secretly agree to meet later on at the garage.
Viv picks on Daz in the shop so he steals a lighter
Elswhere, Louise and Diane are worried about how Marlon will cope once the pub is working again. Bernice's talk of new man Charlie, with whom she is moving in, is infuriating Nicola, but her foul mood is lifted when she hears Simon has a date planned for her.

In the panel, everyone is impressed - except Scott, who takes great pleasure in refusing to help. They then awkwardly have to break the news to Daz that Manchester may be calling. Daz feels betrayed by the grownups - playing along with the system hasn't helped him. Later, in Viv's shop, Scott shows his mother's blood and coldly waves Daz goodbye. He later tells Andy, who's searching for his missing brother, it's his revenge for their father, and Rodney and Jack have to hold them apart.
Andy and Katie kiss
Looking for revenge, Daz uses a lighter stolen from Viv's shop to set fire to rubbish outside Scott's garage. It catches quickly, briefly distracting Robert and Katie - who have locked themselves inside - from their passion. Shocked by the speed the flames are growing, Daz is aghast to hear noises from inside. He goes round the back to investigate, and through the window he meets the horrified eyes of a semi-undressed Robert and Katie.


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