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Previews for Episodes #3459-3464 --- 8th - 13th June 2003

Updated & Finished: 18 June 2003

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Producer: Steve Frost
Executive Producer: Keith Richardson

This week's episodes were directed by :-

Duncan Foster
Oliver Horsbrugh

These episodes were written by :-

Margaret Simpson
John Chambers
Sarah Bagshaw
Bill Lyons
Lisa Holdsworth


Date: Sunday 08 June  Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Jack is fuming when Andy and Katie put off potential new tenants to the farm by exercising their squatting rights. Zoe talks to Chloe about her new romantic interest.

Cast List Includes :-

Clive Hornby, Kelvin Fletcher, Sammy Winward

Episode 3459

Jack is fuming when Andy and Katie manage to put off potential new tenants to Butlers Farm, by exercising their squatting rights. Unfazed by his father’s disappointment, Andy has bigger fish to fry as he and Katie rehearse for his meeting with Chris Tate about becoming official tenants and managing the farm on their own.

Will Chris (PETER AMORY) (right) have good news for Andy (KELVIN FLETCHER)?

Later at Home Farm, Chris has been preparing for their meeting too and has decided to make Andy an uncharacteristic offer. Jack finds himself unwillingly involved once more, when Andy drops the bombshell and asks him to be a guarantor to the farm.

Will Jack meet Chris Tate's monopolising demands and sign himself up to a potential financial death trap, or will he wash his hands of the matter leaving his son in the lurch?


Missing Tricia dearly, Marlon is knocked for six when he receives some bad news about his visa application. To make matters worse Diane puts her foot in it, as she shows depressed Marlon the postcard she had received from India – leaving Marlon wondering whether his got lost in the post.

Marlon recieves bad news

Back in Emmerdale, Zoe talks to Chloe about her new romantic interest. But her excitement for the blossoming relationship may be short lived when Cally finds out about her schizophrenia.

Cally and Zoe have a heart to heart

Meanwhile, Chloe has been letting her hair down while they were away too. Gossiping with Zoe, she fears Syd has overheard her talking about her holiday fling.

Eithne's Review

Sunday, 8th June 2003

Andy had a meeting with Chris at Home Farm, to persuade Chris to lease the farm to him and Katie. Chris said yes, but that as Andy and Katie were under eighteen they would need a guarantor. Chris told Andy that he would have to sort it out with Jack. Back at the farm Katie and Andy discussed possible guarantor’s. She knew that her father would say no, and that her mother wouldn’t have enough money if it all went wrong.

Later they turned up at the pub and asked Diane to be the guarantor. She told them that they should ask Jack. Andy wasn’t sure and decided against this. When Jack found out he was annoyed, but turned up at the farm and told them that he would be their guarantor.


Marlon and Shadrach were still arguing over Marlon breaking Shadrach’s ribs. Shadrach was planning to sue his nephew and had a meeting with his ‘brief’ to discuss the case. Lisa wasn’t happy about this and tried to stop Shadrach.

Another upset for Marlon came when he discovered that his application for a visa into India had been turned down. He was distraught when he learned this.

Edna was starting to come out of her shell after her experience with Mack. She told Ashley that she would start arranging the church flowers again. She was also back to normal in other ways. She wasn’t happy with Paul as he was late delivering the post. She later asked ‘Sydney’ if he had heard from Mack, but he said he didn’t expect to ever hear from him again.

Zoe’s girlfriend, Cally, arrived to stay at Home Farm for the weekend. After lunch they went for a walk in the gardens where Zoe revealed that she had had schizophrenia and Kelly was shocked. She started to feel differently towards Zoe and even asked Chloe to tag along on their date.


Date: Monday 09 June Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Andy and Katie are beginning to realise they have bitten off more than they can chew. After their evening at the lap dancing bar, Syd has been hotly pursued by Yolanda, one of the strippers. Back at Home Farm, Joseph makes friends with a French boy from school.

Cast List includes

Kelvin Fletcher, Sammy Winward, Nathan Gladwell

Episode 3460

Has Marlon (MARK CHARNOCK) reached the end of his tether.

Marlon’s recent misfortune has taken a turn for the worse, he hasn’t heard from Tricia, has had a complaint about his cooking in the Woolpack and Shadrach is still threatening to sue him. With the weight of the world on his shoulders, Marlon loses the will to go on and climbs on to the roof of the Dingles house! Having been acting out of sorts since he came back from India, Lisa panics as she fears he will do something stupid.

Marlon looses his balence

But before he can jump, gravity gives him a helping hand. Everyone is gobsmacked to see Marlon lose his footing and fall!

Meanwhile at Butlers Farm, Andy and Katie are beginning to realise they have bitten off more than they can chew. They are forced to withdraw their wedding savings to pay their monthly rent. With their entire savings accounts emptied and not a job between them, Jack worries how they will meet the next payment. He is beginning to regret signing up as guarantor. However, Andy and Katie are desperate to stay optimistic and revel in the delight of running their own farm.

After their evening at the lap dancing bar, Syd has been hotly pursued by Yolanda – one of the strippers. Robert takes delight in pointing her towards Home Farm where Syd is working – knowing full well, Syd has already lost interest. But when Chloe answers the door to the unlikely guest, she gets a frosty warning from Yolanda that she should keen her hands firmly off Syd. Chloe is shocked by her forceful attitude - annoyed that she unwillingly feels a pang of jealousy. But she takes Yolanda to the reluctant builder, who is taken aback by her entrance.

Elsewhere at Home Farm, Joseph has a new playmate – a French boy from school called Anton.

Teletext :-

Marlon climbed onto a roof and threatened to jump. Cally and Zoe shared a passionate kiss. Yolanda paid a visit to see Syd.
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Eithne's Review

Monday, 9th June 2003

Marlon and Shadrach were still arguing at the Dingle house, with Marlon watching Bollywood videos in an effort to feel close to Tricia. Lisa was stuck in the middle and wasn’t happy about this. She tried to persuade Shadrach to drop his legal action, but Shadrach refused.

Another blow came for Marlon when Alan was critical over his cooking. Marlon stormed out of work and after a clash with the “three idiots” (Cain, Shadrach and Sam) he stormed out of the Dingle home. Lisa and Pollard were shocked when they spotted him on the roof, considering jumping.

Cain, Shadrach and Sam soon set up ringside seats, as Lisa tried to stop Marlon. Alan and Paddy were called but they didn’t seem to be helping either. Even Cain bringing out a gun to scare him didn’t work. As Lisa prepared to go up and talk to Marlon he slipped and fell off the roof. Everyone rushed around to see if he was okay and discovered him to be lying in a pile of pig muck.

Marlon lands in the pig dung

Lisa took hold of the gun and made Cain, Shadrach and Sam promise to be nice to Marlon. Lisa and Marlon talked and he revealed how upset he was. He said that he’d always thought he was better than the other Dingles, reading books when he was young just to show that he wasn’t like all the other Dingles.


Chloe was annoyed as Scott couldn’t understand why Syd wasn’t sleeping with Yolanda, the lap dancer. She was also jealous when Yolanda turned up at Home Farm looking for Syd. They shared a passionate kiss, much to Chloe’s annoyance.

Zoe was unhappy and told Kelly that she’d noticed the change in their relationship following her revelation of the schizophrenia. Kelly left Home Farm. Later Zoe cheered up when she saw Joseph and his friend Anton. Later Terry and Dawn talked about decorating as he looked after Jean, Anton and Joseph.

Katie and Andy were happy as they settled into life on their farm.


Tuesday 10 June Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Syd's seeking something more than a liaison with a lap-dancer, but who is the woman on his mind? A health scare for Dawn could have implications for her pregnancy.

Cast List includes :-
Nathan Gladwell, Julia Mallam

Episode 3461

The novelty of having a lap dancing girlfriend has certainly worn off quickly for Syd, as Yolanda makes herself at home, oblivious to Scott and Chloe who all live under the same roof. However, Scott takes great pleasure in Syd’s discomfort as the dancer wont take no for an answer providing a permanent floor-show.

Chloe (AMY NUTTALL) looks on jealously as Yolanda (CHARLOTTE SABER-SCOTT) makes a play for Syd (NATHAN GLADWELL).

Meanwhile, Chloe can’t help feeling a little bit jealous as she feels neglected. Scott seems to be more interested in Yolanda’s antics than her. After making an embarrassing entrance into the Woolpack, Syd tries to let Yolanda down gently. However, the sparks certainly fly, as does a vase aimed straight at Syd’s head.

Syd and Ollie

As if Syd hasn’t got enough on his plate, he later finds a tearful Ollie at Angie’s graveside. They share a tender moment, both realising they are still grieving for her.

Elsewhere in the village, Joseph’s friend has been rushed to the hospital with suspected German measles. News of his condition travels fast and Dawn fears for her baby as Diane informs her measles are particularly dangerous for pregnant women. Dawn and Terry fear the worst as Dawn realises she has not been immunised. They book an emergency appointment with their GP.

Meanwhile at Home Farm, Scott finds himself holding the baby once more as Chloe nips to the loo. But the blood quickly drains from his face when Zoe enters telling him how paternal he looks.

Andy and Katie are struggling with the pressures of farm life on their own. Without a helping hand, the workload seems impossible as they agree they must get some help. But they are still blissfully happy with their independence, even if it means their home is more like a campsite that a farm cottage!

Things are looking up at the Dingles. Luckily for Marlon they’re an organic family and his fall from the roof was cushioned big a big pile of steaming horse manure!

Eithne's Review

Tuesday, 10th June 2003

Anton was getting on everyone’s nerves at Home Farm. He later turned out to have German measles, or rubella. Chris sent him home. Debbie was worried that she might have it and mightn’t look good in the christening photographs. She was also wanting the christening to be a big affair, with a professional photographer and a marquee.

But Dawn and Terry were worried when she discovered that she’d never been given the MMR jab and that she’d been near Anton. She asked Siobhan about what could happen to the baby and Siobhan revealed that if Dawn had rubella then the worst case scenario was that the baby could be damaged. Dawn and Terry rushed to the doctors.

Dawn and Terry

Elsewhere in the village:

Chloe was jealous of Syd and Yolanda. She claimed to be annoyed at being put out of her own home, but Scott knew what it was. But Syd was finding Yolanda a little too much to handle as she came into the pub wearing barely anything and gave him a private showing of how little she was wearing.

Syd was finding Yolanda a little too much to handle as she came into the pub wearing barely anything and gave him a private showing of how little she was wearing.

Syd later told her that it wasn’t working and that it was over. Yolanda went crazy saying that he “couldn’t handle a red blooded female with needs” and that he was scared of her. She grabbed a vase and threw it at him. Chloe was happy to see Yolanda leaving.

Scott was uncomfortable when Chloe asked him to hold Jean. Zoe said he was a natural as she walked in.

Marlon’s Bollywood films were getting on Shadrach’s nerves. Lisa threatened to kick him out unless he stopped annoying Marlon and dropped the case. Shadrach had to agree.

Ollie was nervous about her A levels and was in a bad mood with Danny. Later Len revealed that she was like that because it was Angie’s birthday. Ollie visited her mother’s grave and Syd also arrived. They talked about Angie and Ollie gave him a picture of her. Later Danny and Ollie made up.

Katie and Andy were still settling in at the farm and getting on well.

Date: Wednesday 11 June Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Scott's timely arrival prevents Syd and Chloe from doing something they might regret. Lisa remains unaware that Shadrach is keeping important secrets.

Cast List Includes :-
Ben Freeman, Nathan Gladwell, Amy Nuttall, Jane Cox, Andy Devine

Episode 3462

After a sleepless night, Terry and Dawn make their way to the doctor’s surgery. The thought that pregnant Dawn may have contracted rubella is weighing heavily on their minds as they wait in silence. At the surgery, the atmosphere is tense as the doctor calls them in for a test that could determine the health of their unborn child… The idea that their child could be born deaf is terrifying, as they anxiously await the results. Will their worst fears come true or will Dawn be in the clear?

Chloe is growing tired of Scott’s behaviour, having had to put up with him drooling over Yolanda for the last couple of days - he is now spending every spare minute at the garage. Meanwhile, Scott seems more interested in Robert than Chloe, leaving her frustrated – how long will it take for her boredom to get the better of her?

Is Scott interrupting something? ............ Pictured: (L-R) Syd (NATHAN GLADWELL), Chloe (AMY NUTTALL) and Scott (BEN FREEMAN).

Later that evening Chloe finds herself coming to Syd’s defence when Scott teases him about Yolanda. Alone, they later have a heart to heart about the ups and downs in their relationships - and Syd tells Chloe a few home truths.

Elsewhere in the village, Lisa is furious with Shadrach for driving Marlon mad. She tells him if he doesn’t drop the changes she’ll throw him out. Disgruntled he agrees not to sue Marlon, in return for a roof over his head. Safely back in Lisa’s good books Shadrach is determined to weave his way into her affections – much to the annoyance of Sam who thinks he’s slime!

Paul Marsden has had a rough ride since becoming the village postie. Luckily Marlon comes to his rescue and tries to teach him a few tips on how to stop being savaged by dogs on his round.

It tickles Marlon (MARK CHARNOCK) that Paul (MATTHEW BOOTH) can be scared of a dog

At Home Farm the final preparations for Jean’s christening are underway. Debbie is thrilled when Zoe asks her to be godmother, although Charity is worried how Chris will react.

Eithne's Review

Wednesday, 11th June 2003

Terry and Dawn were worried about their baby’s health as the doctors tested Dawn to see if she had contracted rubella. She was worried that the baby could have learning difficulties or be deaf. Later the doctors revealed that Dawn had contracted rubella and that the baby could be damaged.

Terry (BILLY HARTMAN) and Dawn's (JULIA MALLAM) fears are confirmed when they visit the doctor

Elsewhere in the village:

Syd was unhappy, as Scott mocked him for dumping Yolanda. But a put down from Chloe soon stopped Scott. But Chloe was still unhappy and talked to Syd. They almost kissed, but Scott interrupted them.

Edna was still in a bad mood when it came to the new postman. But she was cheered up when Paul made her a frame to display a picture of Tootsie in.

Shadrach started to notice the amount of time Pollard and Lisa were spending together, now that Gloria was in Westminster and Zak was in Chile. He decided to keep Lisa’s honour by stopping her and Pollard from becoming an item. Shadrach quizzed Sam on what Lisa liked to do and Sam suggested cooking and cleaning, so Shadrach soon found an interest in them.

Debbie wanted to be christened so she could be welcomed into the Tate family as well. Charity, Chris and Zoe weren’t too sure about this and, to please Debbie, Zoe asked her to be a second godmother for Jean. Debbie was delighted by this.

Marlon helped Paul, who was having trouble with dogs on his round. Marlon seemed to be in a much better mood and helped Paul out when it came to Edna also.

It was Ollie’s first exam and Danny was being nice to her. She was nervous, but wanted to do better than Marc.

Date: Thursday 12 June Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Chloe enjoys baiting Syd, knowing that he is longing to bite. Mixed feelings towards her pregnancy mean that Dawn faces a difficult decision. Frances and Siobhan lock horns as the cracks appear in the Marsden family.

Cast List includesn :-
Amy Nuttall, Nathan Gladwell, Julia Mallam, Sandy Walsh, Abigail Fisher

Episode 3463

It is the morning after the night before, and exhausted Dawn and Terry are devastated. The test result confirmed their worst nightmare - that Dawn has contracted rubella. Speechless, they find it difficult to console each other – both are shell-shocked that their child may be born deaf.

After their heartfelt discussion the day before, there is an unusual tension between Chloe and Syd. Chloe is desperate to get a reaction out Syd and asks him suggestively what he thinks of her outfit for the christening. However, Syd will not be drawn by her flirtatious manner. He has had his fingers burnt once before and doesn’t want to end up homeless again. But when Chloe asks him to give her a hand zipping up her dress he finds it difficult to say no.

Syd (NATHAN GLADWELL) struggles to resist Chloe's (AMY NUTTALL) tempting.

Elsewhere in the village, Andy and Katie have received their tenants’ contract for Butlers Farm. Despite their big ideas for the farm Chris is just keen to keep the rent flowing. There is a frosty atmosphere between Jack and Andy as the last of his stuff is moved out. Andy feels let down as Jack makes it pretty clear he thinks they’ll fail.

Rev. Ashley Thomas celebrates Baby Jean's Christening with the Tate family. Pictured: (L-R) (Back row) Ashley (JOHN MIDDLETON), Zoe (LEAH BRACKNELL), Debbie (CHARLEY WEBB) and Charity (EMMA ATKINS). (Front row) Joseph (OLIVER YOUNG) and Chris (PETER AMORY).

Meanwhile, Jean’s christening is a roaring success and the villagers continue to celebrate the new Tate addition in the Woolpack.

Scott and Chloe with baby Jean

However, nanny Chloe has other priorities, but is frustrated when Syd does not return her interest – she decides it is time to change her tactics.

an uncomfortable Scott (BEN FREEMAN) is left holding the baby .........

Scott finds himself holding the baby once again and when no one is around he takes pleasure in holding her gaze.

Eithne's Review

Thursday, 12th June 2003

Thursday 12 June 2003:  Baby Jean's Christening. Pictured: (L-R) Paddy (DOMINIC BRUNT), Chris (PETER AMORY), Jack (CLIVE HORNBY), Zoe (LEAH BRACKNELL), Joseph (OLIVER YOUNG), Debbie (CHARLEY WEBB), Rev Ashley (JOHN MIDDLETON), Charity (EMMA ATKINS), Chloe (AMY NUTTALL) and Scott (BEN FREEMAN).

It was the day of the christening and everything went well. Zoe and Jean were happy as were the rest of the Tate’s, with Debbie getting her wish to be the centre of attention. But Scott wasn’t too pleased when he and Chloe had to look after Jean.

Baby Jean's Christening. Pictured: Chloe (AMY NUTTALL) and an awkward Scott (BEN FREEMAN).

Chloe made a big effort for the christening, getting a lot of male attention. She was being seductive around Syd, asking him to help her choose her outfit and then flirting with him. But Syd felt uncomfortable and didn’t want to repeat mistakes he’d made in the past.

Syd and Chloe


Chris handed Andy and Katie the lease papers. They were delighted and officially moved into their new home, getting the rest of their things from Annie’s cottage. Jack wasn’t happy and neither was Victoria who spent the day sulking.

Frances and Ronnie were back from their trip to Paris and handed everyone their presents. But later an argument broke out over what Dawn should do, between Siobhan and Frances. Siobhan thought it should be the mother’s choice whether she kept the baby or not, while Frances thought that abortion was wrong. Frances drew Ali into the argument also.

Viv thought that Dawn was preparing to have an abortion, which worried Bob. He went over to Dawn and Terry’s and told her that she should keep the baby. Dawn didn’t want any extra pressure and was annoyed by this.

Bob was concerned that Dawn may have an abortion

Date: Friday 13 June  Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Bob regrets putting pressure on Dawn as she flees the country. Danny voices his concern over Ollie's dramatic mood swings. Sam is determined that Lisa won't forget Zak.

Cast List includes :-
Tony Audenshaw, Julia Mallam, Cleveland Campbell, Vicky Binns, James Hooton, Jane Cox

Episode 3464

Unable to talk freely about the future of their baby, Terry tiptoes round Dawn not knowing what to say. His continuous fussing irritates her and she vents her frustration on him. Trying desperately to support Dawn, Terry tells her he will stand by her no matter what she decides to do. Dawn’s crushed at being expected to make a decision all by herself and is secretly alarmed, fearing that Terry would prefer an abortion.

A distressed Dawn

Chloe is determined not to be given the brush-off by Syd. She takes great pleasure in watching him squirm as he tries to resist her seductive ways. Later, Syd has a heart to heart with Scott and questions his relationship with Chloe. He is left confused by Scott’s take it or leave it attitude towards his girlfriend.

Chloe is determined to capture Syd

Bob does his best to comfort Dawn when he hears she has Rubella. She is determined to face her options and decides to talk to Siobhan about an abortion.

Elsewhere in the village, Ollie has been up all night cramming for her exams and is feeling confident as she sets off on her way to college.

Eithne's Review

Friday, 13th June 2003

Syd was uncomfortable with Chloe’s seductive behaviour towards him. He and Scott talked about where they’d be in ten years time. Syd dreamed of being on a tropical island with beautiful women, having retired from working at his building company. Later Syd told Chloe that nothing was going to happen between them, but she wasn’t so sure.

Elsewhere in the village:

Sam was worried about the men queuing up to take Zak’s place in Lisa’s affections – Jarvis and Pollard. He was annoyed at Jarvis for making Lisa laugh and at pollard for taking Lisa out to lunch at the Woolpack. But Shadrach was still plotting to “defend Lisa Dingle’s honour”.


Ollie was happy with her exams. She thought that she would do well in certain subjects. She received a card from her dad and Marc, wishing her well. Later she met Siobhan in the café and considered being a nurse.

Bob piled more pressure on Dawn. She kicked him out and talked to Siobhan about her options and how Terry felt. When Bob called around to make amends, Dawn and Terry were gone. Bob was worried and thought that they might be in Spain with Jean.

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