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Previews for Episodes #3432-3436 --- 4 - 9 May 2003

Updated: 30th May 2003

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Producer: Steve Frost
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Channel: ITV1
Date: Sunday 04 May Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Marlon returns to find Paul and Siobhan moved into his home

Subtitled, Widescreen

Louise lies through her teeth to save her affair. Charity is infuriated by
Debbie's attention seeking. A familiar face shows up in the village to the
surprise of Paul and Siobhan.

Cast List includes :-
Emily Symons, Emma Atkins, Charley Webb, Matthew Booth, Abigail Fisher

Episode 3432

The frosty atmosphere in the Woolpack is too much for Diane as she decides to
have it out with Louise over her affair with Ronnie. However, Diane’s stern
words seem to go in one ear and out the other for Louise, as instead of
cooling the relationship, she makes arrangements to see Ronnie later that

Much to Dawn’s relief, Terry is bubbling with excitement, as they go to the
hospital for the first baby scan. Proud to be an expectant father he can’t
wait to take the image to the pub to show all his pals. But his proud moment
is spoiled by some early practice in childcare, when he is summoned to Home
Farm to babysit Debbie. Having spent most of her life in care, you’d think
Debbie would be over the moon to be finally living with her real mum. But all
the riches in the world still don’t buy happiness for Debbie, as she feels
neglected and fed up at Home Farm. With Charity out on business all day,
Debbie has never felt so alone as Chris makes a fuss of Joseph and she is
left with reluctant Terry.

Meanwhile, Marlon has made an unexpected appearance back in the village. Just
days after he left to be with Tricia in India, he is on his way home. Little
does he know Turner has rented out his home, thinking they’ll be away for six
months, and he is in for a nasty surprise when he lets himself into the


Date: Tuesday 06 May Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Ronnie and Louise continue with their affair

Subtitled, Widescreen

Chris wants to adopt Debbie, but elsewhere sparks are flying between Charity
and Cain. Ali's quick thinking gets Andy off the hook with the police.

Cast List includes :-
Peter Amory, Charley Webb, Emma Atkins, Jeff Hordley, Danny Tennant, Kelvin

Episode 3433

Sensing her unhappiness, Emily is concerned about Debbie living up at Home
Farm. To make matters worse Cain is intent on adding fuel to the fire by
filling Debbie’s head with cruel ideas about Charity, escalating her
insecurities. Incensed by his words, Debbie decides to confront her mother
and ask if she is really welcome or just an inconvenience, as Cain described.
Charity can’t believe her ears when a distraught Debbie tells her she has
packed her bags and is leaving Home Farm. Having enjoyed the closeness of the
family unit since Debbie arrived, Chris is forced to think quickly. He makes
Debbie an offer she cannot refuse, leaving Charity flabbergasted at his

Louise continues her affair with Ronnie behind Diane’s back, although her
good friend is suspicious as she suddenly develops a passion for the gym.
Urged on by the increased secrecy of their affair, Louise is wild with
excitement at the thought of being caught out.

Louise and Ronie in the cab of his lorry

Meanwhile, Marlon finds himself homeless and wifeless, having returned from
India on his own. Paddy and Emily worry they have had a bust up, but Marlon
won’t be drawn on the subject, insisting he had visa problems. With his old
home rented out, Marlon asks Paddy and Emily if they’ll let him bunk down for
a couple of days, so they find themselves fostering a grown up!

Elsewhere in the village, Ali, Robert and Stephen fear they are in for some
trouble from the police, after a drink driving incident.

Ali saves Andy from a tricky situation with the police

And Lisa gets an unexpected surprise visit from Shadrach looking for a room
for the night. Taken in by his sob story she finally agrees to let him stay.

Family portrait of Debbie, Charity and Chris

ITV.COM Settling into the home life (re-copied here for archive purposes (as it will be removed from their site after two weeks)

Debbie continues to feel neglected by Chris and Charity up at Home Farm. Fresh from a relaxing holiday with Paddy, Emily soon senses her ex-foster child’s unhappiness, despite Debbie’s convincing cover up.

Debbie confides in Emily

Lisa invites a bored Debbie over to make gingerbread but Cain only makes matters worse by berating Debbie about Charity and Chris packing her off to boarding school, like Joseph.

After confronting Charity to question whether she’s really wanted at Home Farm, Debbie feels fobbed off so packs her bags ready to leave. The extreme behaviour causes Chris to rethink his attitude towards his wife’s child, offering to adopt Debbie as his own in a bid to make her feel part of the family.

Debbie is thrilled by Chris' proposal

Elsewhere Diane starts to get suspicious when Louise suddenly develops a passion for the gym. But the only work out Louise is getting is from married Ronnie in the cab of his truck.

Shadrach is caught red-handed trying to steal Belle’s pony, but after giving his sob story Lisa agrees to let him stay for a couple of nights.

Shadrach is caught red-handed

With his old home rented out, Marlon asks Paddy and Emily if they’ll let him bunk down for a couple of days so they soon find themselves fostering a grown up! They worry that Marlon has had a bust up with Tricia until he finally admits he’s been blacklisted from India after telling immigration that he was carrying a bomb!

Ali manages to emerge as the hero when Andy gets pulled over by the police for running a red light. The lads have all been drinking except Ali so to be safe he pretends he was driving the vehicle.


Date: Wednesday 07 May Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Charity knows that it's time to tell Chris the truth about Cain. Marlon is
driven to distraction by insomnia. Andy is agitated by Katie's appreciation.

Cast List includes:
Emma Atkins, Peter Amory, Jeff Hordley, Mark Charnock, Kelvin Fletcher, Sammy

Episode 3434

Chris’s new philosophy on Debbie has left both Charity and Zoe bemused. But
they both agree adoption would be the perfect option, to give her a proper
place within the Tate home. Alone, Zoe takes Charity aside and questions
whether she is going to tell Chris who the real father is, but her request
falls on deaf ears. Meanwhile, Chris is convinced that her real father is
dead, and Charity can’t bring herself to drop another bombshell by exposing a
further skeleton from her closet.

At the Dingles, Shadrach insists he stay for dinner much to the annoyance of
Cain, as they don’t see eye to eye. Little did he realise how profitable it
would be when he meets Debbie for the first time and notices an unusual
familiarity. Quick to detect the secret that has been under everybody’s nose,
Shadrach makes his excuses and leaves for Home Farm with his revelation. Once
again, as her world falls apart, Charity wonders how she is going to cover
her exposed secret from Chris as she is forced to offer Shadrach money to
keep quiet.

Charity offers Shadrach a bribe

Marlon isn’t having much luck getting back to India, with the visa office
closed due to the bank holiday, he is frustrated as he misses Tricia. To
makes matters worse, Paddy and Emily are like love struck teenagers again
after their weekend away, and Marlon isn’t getting any sleep.

Elsewhere in the village, Katie is struggling with her maths assignment, Andy
does his best to be of help but ends up hindering her. He is later
disgruntled when Ali saves the day.

ITV.COM Zoe Tate's action (copied here for archive purposes as it will be removed from their site after two weeks)


Despite Chris declaring his intent to adopt Debbie the dust is still settling at Home Farm. Zoe takes Charity aside to question whether she’s going to tell Chris who Debbie’s father is.

Meanwhile Shadrack (sp?) is settling into life at the Dingles, and is keen to help out with the arrangements for the special Dingle dinner with Debbie and Charity.

Shadrach works out Charity's secret

Not surprisingly Charity makes her excuses to Lisa and drops Debbie off on her own. During the meal Shadrach is quick to pick up on the resemblance between Cain and Debbie, leading him to detect the secret that has been under everyone’s noses.

Certain to make a buck out of this knowledge Shadrach approaches a shocked Charity with the revelation. Once again, as her world falls apart, Charity wonders how she is going to cover her exposed secret from Chris as she is forced to offer Shadrach money to keep quiet.

Elsewhere Marlon is feeling down in the dumps as he misses Tricia and just can’t seem to get any quality sleep, even at Paddy and Emily’s place.

Since the couple returned from their holiday they are acting like love struck teenagers, and they aren’t impressed when they return home to find Marlon in their bed asleep.

Emily and Paddy catch Marlon in their bed

Ali is not making himself very popular with Andy and Stephen. The lads discuss how Ali manages to wind them both up, in particular Stephen who seems to be suffering an identity crisis.

Date: Thursday 08 May Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm
Subtitled, Widescreen

Chris hears the truth about Cain and Charity. Stephen gets together with Donna to prove that he isn't gay. Shadrach is ousted from the crowded Dingle house, but refuses to go quietly.

Cast List includes
Peter Amory, Emma Atkins, Jeff Hordley, William Snape, Verity Rushworth, Andy Devine

Episode 3435

Charity is well aware it won’t take long before her secret is out - her
financial offer to Shadrach will have only bought her some time. Zoe
reinforces her fears and insists that she come clean to Chris, before he
finds out from others. Charity braces herself as she knows what she must do.
Meanwhile, Chris is bonding with Debbie. Having her around has brought him
and Charity together and he has grown very fond of having her around. At Home
Farm, Chris sees Debbie feeding the horses, touched by how well she has
fitted in, he offers to buy her a pony and riding lessons. She is thrilled.
Little does she realise how things are about to change, nothing could prepare
Chris for the revelation that Cain is Debbie’s father – a Dingle through and
through and a name he has grown to despise.

Donna is sick of fancying Stephen from afar, she decides it is time to let
him know how she feels. Poor Stephen doesn’t know what’s hit him when Donna
moves in for the kill. But Donna is the least of Stephen’s problems as Ali
has started a rumour that he is gay.

Sam is over the moon when an email from the far east informs him that Stella
the tortoise is alive and well and now has a new playmate in Japan.

Elsewhere in the village, Shadrach is flush from his trip to see Charity at
Home Farm. He offers to take Cain out for a drink, as he has something
interesting to tell him about Debbie.

ITV.COM Troubles come home to roost (copied here for archive purposes as it will be removed from their site after two weeks)

Chris shows his affection towards Debbie by offering to buy her a horse. The thirteen-year-old is thrilled by the news, unaware of how things are about to change at home.

Realising that her secret is not safe with Shadrach, Charity knows she must tell Chris the truth before he finds out from others. Zoe reinforces these fears after Charity confides in her about Shadrach managing to put two and two together.

Debbie feeds a horse and Chris asks her if she wants her own

So Charity braces herself, finally coming clean about Debbie’s father being alive and actually living in the village. The news hits Chris like a tonne of bricks, with the final blow to the head being that it’s arch rival Cain Dingle. Having built their relationship up over the past few months Chris is crushed by the revelation.

Not fit for the Dingle bathroom, Shadrach is forced to take a bath in an old portable tin thing outside

Meanwhile Shadrach’s personal hygiene isn’t up to standard so Lisa forces him into an al fresco bath before sending him off packing. But later on he sneaks back to the Dingles place to kip down in the stables.


Elsewhere poor Stephen doesn’t know what’s hit him when Donna moves in for the kill. But Donna is the least of Stephen’s problems as Ali has started a rumour that he is gay.

Donna kisses Stephen

Sam is concerned for Stella’s safety so is relieved when he receives news from Japan that she’s settled into her new home and has even found a playmate.

Marlon continues to have problems with trying to organise a visa allowing him to return to his wife in India.

Date: Friday 09 May Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm
Subtitled, Widescreen

Cain can't cope with the news that he is Debbie's father. Donna is left reeling at Stephen's blunt rejection. Marlon is gutted when his plans for a reunion with Tricia are scuppered.

Cast List includes :-
Jeff Hordley, Charley Webb, Verity Rushworth, William Snape, Mark Charnock

How will it end for this mis-matched family as Charity's secret finally comes out for Cain and Debbie

Episode 3436

Chris is furious with Charity, every time she regains his trust another
bombshell drops. But the revelation that Cain is Debbie father, is the final
nail in the coffin, he can’t believe the lies and deceit he has been
subjected to. Having begun the adoption arrangements, Chris now has other
things on his mind. Desperate to salvage what is left of his family and
distance himself from the Dingles he wonders how much money it will take to
pay Cain off….

Chris offers Cain a pay off


At the Dingles, Cain is confused, but intrigued as to why he has been invited
to Home Farm. But his curiosity gets the better of him and he agrees to go.
Debbie senses the uneasiness in the air and worries that they are going to
tell her has to go. But Charity takes her aside knowing what she is about to
tell her will have a huge effect on her life. In a separate room, a solemn
Chris greets a nervous Cain, who has no idea what to expect from the meeting.
Cain is convinced it is some kind of sick joke at first, but realises he is
serious as Chris puts the money on the table and waits for his decision. Will
Cain take the money and run, or develop some paternal feelings for Debbie or
more true to form, will he act against their will to spite the Tates?

Debbie faces Charity and Cain together for the first time in the knowledge that both are her parents.

Elsewhere in the village, Donna is excited about her date with Stephen, but
her over-enthusiasm get the better of her as she scares him off for being to

Meanwhile, with all the commotion going on at the Tates, Lisa has taken pity
on Shadrach and agrees to let him stay with the Dingles for a while. But her
pity won’t last, as it isn’t too long before he’s causing trouble as a
tearful Charity later catches him stealing CD’s from her car.

Cain confronts Charity


ITV.COM Cain learns the truth (copied here for archive purposes as it will be removed from their site after two weeks)

It’s an emotional time for the Tate’s after the revelation that Cain is Debbie’s dad. Particularly for Chris who can’t believe the lies and deceit he has been subjected to by Charity. Having begun the adoption arrangements Chris now has other things on his mind, making the decision to be the first to tell Cain.

Cain is intrigued by the invitation to Home Farm but never in his wildest dreams expects to be told he is a father. At first he’s convinced that it’s some kind of sick joke, but soon realises Chris is deadly serious as serious money is put on the table as a bribe for him to stay away.

Meanwhile Debbie is confused as to reason she’s been kept home from school, wrongly presuming that she’s going to be sent away again.

Knowing what she is about to tell Debbie will have a huge effect on her life Charity struggles to come to the point, eventually blurting out the identity of her dad. Debbie is left to deal with yet more emotional turmoil, also the fact she named a pig after him!

Chris breaks the news to Cain that he is Debbie's fatherWhile Charity breaks the news to Debbie

Alone Cain and Charity re-visit their relationship having a candid and fiery discussion, revealing the strong bond they shared despite their young ages. It comes to light that Cain never knew about the baby because Charity’s father took her away when she fell pregnant. A heartbroken Cain was left with the story that she had run away with another man.

Cain is very angry at charity

Cain is furious with Charity at the news that Debbie is his daughter

Meanwhile Shadrach begs Lisa to give him another break by letting him stay for a few more days. But it isn’t too long before he’s causing trouble as a tearful Charity later catches him stealing CD’s from her car.

Elsewhere Stephen reluctantly agrees to go on a date with Donna, but is soon frightened off when she goes totally over the top.


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