Emmerdale Episode Guide For The Year 2003
Episodes #3421-3425 --- 21 April - 25 April 2003

Updated: 5th January 2002

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Current Cast List

Producer: Steve Frost
Executive Producer: Keith Richardson

This week's episodes were directed by
Philip Wood

These episodes were written by :-
Bill Taylor (Mon)
Tim Dynevor (Tue & Wed)
Andrew Kirk (Thur)
Mark Illis (Fri)

Date: Monday 21 April Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm
Subtitled, Widescreen

Ronnie and Louise steal a dangerous kiss as the village revels in the football tournament. Tricia and Marlon prepare to make sacrifices for their future together. Ashley worries about Edna's retreat from village life.

Cast List includes :-
Ray Ashcroft, Emily Symons, Sheree Murphy, Mark Charnock, John Middleton, Shirley Stelfox

A new romance is in the air for Louise

ITV.COM Opposites attract (being put here for archive purposes as it will disappear from the www.itv.com site in two weeks).

Competition is fierce at the charity footy tournament as the teams eagerly limber up on the lawn. But certain team members are banking on scoring off the pitch as well as on.
The heat’s on with the crunch game set between the Marsdens and the Woolpack but when Louise takes a tumble Ronnie seems a bit too eager in offering a helping hand to the rival team member. Meanwhile wife Frances is getting into the spirit of things on the sidelines with Diane, who’s bought along some booze.

Ronnie and Louise

In the last minute of the game, and with an equal score line, Ali gets awarded a crucial penalty for a rough tackle against him. With baited breath both teams and spectators look on as Ali boots the ball into the back of the net, past an exasperated Bob.

Louise, Ali and others play football

Louise takes defeat gracefully, immediately offering Ronnie the 100 pounds lost in the bet. She leads him off the pitch and into the clubhouse to write a cheque, but the temptation of being along together is too much as they share a passionate kiss.

Ronnie and Louise kiss

Dawn is shocked to see how unfit Terry is as he struggles to perform his job as referee so decides it’s time for him to take some positive action. But her exhausted hubby seems more interested in flexing his muscles in the pub than in a gym!

Betty is shunned by Edna when she tries to pay her a consoling visit. Later on the guilt drives Edna to take drastic action by insisting on resigning her position at the village committee.

Edna insists to Ashley that she must resign

Marlon’s in the doghouse after going against Tricia’s wishes by applying for the job on the oilrig in the North Sea. But when he justifies his actions in wanting to be able to support another addition to the family Tricia softens and accepts his heartfelt decision even though it would mean separation.

Ronnie and Louise kiss

Teletext :-

Tricia agreed to let Marlon work away. Louise and Ronnie shared a kiss. Edna resigned from her seat on the parish committee. ITV 1 Monday

Diane as usual is behind the bar to cheer the troops on and su;;oy refreshment

Date: Tuesday 22 April Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Louise throws herself into a risky affair with Ronnie. Tricia lands a Bollywood role, while Marlon's plans come to nothing. Ashley tries hard to restore Edna's faith.

Cast List includes
Emily Symons, Ray Ashcroft, Sheree Murphy, Mark Charnock, John Middleton, Shirley Stelfox

ITV.COM Bollywood hits Emmerdale (being put here for archive purposes as it will disappear from the www.itv.com site in two weeks).

Its a big week for Tricia as a Bollywood film crew arrive in Emmerdale

The Bollywood film crew set up in the village, much to the amusement of the residents. Inspired by the glamour, Tricia sets about finding a way to muscle on to the set. So while hubby Marlon is failing to impress at his job interview, Tricia manages to get invited to audition as an extra in the film.

Elsewhere Edna is still beating herself up about Mack taking the village hall money, despite Ashley insisting that she acted like a good Christian by taking Mack in when all others had rejected him.

Danny is driving Ollie up the wall as she tries to concentrate on finishing off her important homework. Just when Ollie starts to see a light at the end of the tunnel Danny inadvertently crashes the computer, which loses all her valuable work.

Ollie is horrified as she sees all her work gone after Danny crashes the computer

Meanwhile Louise is titillated by the prospect of a fling with a married man, giving her an obvious spring in her tail. But her unusual behaviour hasn’t gone unnoticed and Diane is keen to know why she is looking so smug. A cautious Louise plays her cards close to her chest, admitting to her friend that she’s met a man, but remaining tight-lipped about his identity.

Ronnie and Louise continue their affair

When Ronnie visits the pub Louise is surprised by his unusually cool manner. However his tune soon changes when he spots Louise at the bus stop and is rather quick to offer her a ride. Ronnie and Louise don’t travel far though, as they soon find themselves starting where they left off after the football tournament.

Louise and Ronnie kiss

After missing his lunch date with his wife, smooth talking Ronnie later settles down to a night in with his unsuspecting family.

Bollywood comes to Emmerdale

Teletext :-

Ashley paid Edna a visit. A Bollywood film crew visited the village. Ollie's coursework was lost when Danny crashed her computer. ITV 1 Tuesday

BBC Puresoap :-

Tuesday 22nd April A Bollywood film crew turned up in the village and Tricia set about finding a way of sneaking onto set. Louise was thrilled at the prospect of having an affair with a married man but Ronnie was feeling guilty. Jarvis began to worry about Edna who seemed to have isolated herself from the outside world, ashamed and upset. Ollie struggled with her college work as Danny and Bolan distracted her.

Date: Wednesday 23 April Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Diane is dismayed when she discovers Louise's affair. A conflict of interests causes tensions between Ollie and Danny. Pollard works harder to reaffirm his status in the community.

Cast List includes :-
Elizabeth Estensen, Emily Symons, Vicky Binns, Cleveland Campbell, Christopher Chittell

ITV.COM Ronnie's easy affair (being put here for archive purposes as it will disappear from the www.itv.com site in two weeks).

Louise finds herself in a sticky situation at the Marsden’s while running an errand for Diane. Uncomfortable at interrupting a cosy marital scene Louise is quick to make her excuse to leave. Having had his offer of a lift back to the Woolpack declined by a nervous Louise, Ronnie catches her up in the car to offer his services once again.

Louise and Frances

The reality of the situation brings Louise back down to earth with a bump when they both arrive back at the pub to find Frances waiting at the bar. Adversely Ronnie is as cool as a cucumber as he offers to buy his wife lunch to make up for the previous day.

Diane is shocked to hear of Louise's affair

When Diane misidentifies Louise’s new love interest Louise is forced to spill the beans telling her shocked friend the truth. Diane can’t believe that Louise is capable of having an affair with a married man especially one with a doting wife and kids.

Elsewhere Tricia and Dawn both land parts in the Bollywood film, although Tricia takes the opportunity rather more seriously, even attempting to speak Hindu at the audition.

Ollie manages to re-do her lost work by staying up all night, but once again Danny stuffs up by accidentally throwing away the floppy disc containing the finished work.

Seth and Robert look on as Len scours the computer magazines.

Len doesn’t show up at the garage so an overworked Scott goes to track him down, only to find Danny and Len glued to the wrestling game. It doesn’t take long before Scott is also sucked into the addiction, eagerly encouraging the lads to set up a proper tournament.
With both reputation and a tenner at stake Len turns to the computer magazines to get some hints on how to improve his play.

Tricia prepares for movie stardom

Teletext :-

Danny lost Ollie's coursework for a second time. Diane disapproved of Louise's affair with Ronnie. Tricia got a part in the film. ITV 1 Wednesday

BBC Puresoap :-

Wednesday 23rd April Diane was utterly shocked when Louise finally revealed that her mystery man was none other than Ronnie Marsden. Ollie finished her essay having sat up all night to re-type it on the computer, but then Danny lost it all. Dawn continued to badger Terry into taking more exercise and even tried to make him give up smoking.
Tricia managed to land a role as an extra in the Bollywood movie.

Date: Thursday 24 April Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Tricia is made an offer she can't refuse, though it jeopardises her marriage to Marlon. Louise and Diane's friendship is put to the test. Len's dexterity and deception reap rewards.

Cast List includes
Sheree Murphy, Mark Charnock, Emily Symons, Elizabeth Estensen, Peter Martin


ITV.COM Tricia the star (being put here for archive purposes as it will disappear from the www.itv.com site in two weeks).

Tricia and Dawn can’t believe their luck after getting parts as milkmaids in the Bollywood film. But the novelty soon wears off as the scene is repeatedly filmed over and over again. To make matters worse, Tricia grows frustrated to learn the lead lady hasn’t turned up for filming, which can only mean more hanging around.

Tricia is all set to be the starTricia to become a star
But when the director sees Tricia he decides that she’s ideal for the dream bride. Star struck Tricia quickly steps into the breach also agreeing to travel to India for six months with the film crew. But when Marlon returns home to excitedly tell his wife that he has secured a meeting with a small business adviser to discuss his ambitions to start a mobile caterers business Tricia bottles out of telling Marlon her news.

Tricia as an Indian bride

With the Mayoral elections looming, Pollard is still determined not to stand down. He puts his thinking cap on, desperate to come up with some ideas to hold on to his title. Alone at home he wishes Gloria could be there to offer her support, but is disheartened when he only gets her answering machine.

Pollard is still determined not to stand down

Elsewhere Terry is exasperated by Dawn's attempts to get him into shape so secretly buys a packet of fags and full fat cola from Viv at the first opportunity.

Len beats Danny, Terry, Robert and Seth at the computer game

Len thrashes the lads in the computer wrestling tournament after deciding to teach Danny a lesson to dampen his arrogance. While Seth deals with the bookmaking side of things, Len concentrates on beating the other players using the special ‘invincible’ cheat buttons Robert helped him learn.

There’s a bad atmosphere behind the bar at the Woolpack, and the friction isn’t going unnoticed by Marlon and Bob. It worsens when Diane finds out that Ronnie has visited Louise in their house. She’s absolutely appalled, but her house mate soon points out that she owns half therefore is entitled to do as she pleases.

Tricia acts out the role of an Indian bride


Date: Friday 25 April Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Marlon is disbelieving when Tricia's Bollywood stardom leads her to a different continent. Pollard is dismayed when his hopes of clinging on to power are dashed. Len's cheating ways are discovered.

Cast List includes :-
Mark Charnock, Sheree Murphy, Christopher Chittell, Peter Martin

Marlon is disbelieving as he hears of Tricia's dreams.

ITV.COM Emmerdale to Bollywood (being put here for archive purposes as it will disappear from the www.itv.com site in two weeks).

It’s Tricia’s big day on the film set playing the lead role as bride, but Marlon is still unaware that his wife has agreed to jet off to India for six months. Marlon proudly looks on as a stunning Tricia plays her part and is pampered by the film crew. But when Dawn realises he still doesn’t know the truth she takes Tricia aside to talk some sense into her.
Realising she can’t put it off any longer Tricia decides to confront Marlon however he flatly refuses to even entertain the idea, telling his wife that it just isn’t going to happen. After Tricia insists she’s going to follow her dreams Marlon offers up an ultimatum to choose between her marriage and the film.

Terry starts to worry he will never be the man Dawn wants him to be. When he confronts her to ask whether she’d be happier with a younger, more agile man Dawn confirms that she loves him for whom he is.

Dawn shows her love for Terry

Elsewhere Pollard loses out to Ledbetter in the Mayoral elections and to make matters worse his replacement is hovering in the wings of the Woolpack afterwards to rub Eric’s nose in it.

Ronnie arrives home, seen here with Frances

Ronnie returns from Belgium bearing gifts for his wife but is all too keen to get to the Woolpack.

Meanwhile the frostiness behind the bar has worsened with Diane telling Louise that their friendship is on hold. When Terry notices the atmosphere Diane covers for Louise by explaining that she fears Louise may not yet be over Ray’s death.

Teletext :-

Marlon told Tricia their marriage was over if she went to India. Eric lost the mayoral election. Diane argued with Louise over Ronnie. ITV 1 Friday

BBC Puresoap :-

Friday 25th April Tricia felt awful as she hadn't told Marlon about accepting the lead role, which involved going to India. She was expected to leave the next day and realised she would have to let him know immediately. Diane and Louise were still not talking following their argument about Louise's affair with Ronnie. Pollard was saddened when he lost the mayoral election.

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