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Episodes #3416-3420 --- 14 April - 18 April 2003

Updated: 22nd April 2003

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Current Cast List

Producer: Steve Frost
Executive Producer: Keith Richardson

This week's episodes were directed by
Daniel Wilson

These episodes were written by :-
Chris Thompson
Margaret Simpson
Bill Taylor


Channel: ITV1
Date: Monday 14 April Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Emily makes a monumental decision, driving Debbie to despair. Concern grows about Steph's welfare. Viv's attempts to revive her marriage escalate.

Cast List
Kate McGregor, Charley Webb, Lorraine Chase, Deena Payne


EMMERDALE at 7.00pm Fully Networked

Emily stands firm by her decision that Debbie would be better off with another care family.

Sure that she has let Debbie down and unable to withstand the pressure of competing with Charity for her affection - giving her up seems the only option.

But Emily still dreads her reaction when she tells her the heartfelt truth about her future - convinced her departure will ultimately lead Charity to loose interest as well.

Meanwhile Debbie is upbeat telling Paddy and Emily how much she enjoys spending time with her real mother. Unable to prolong the inevitable, they brace them selves as they tell her she is to leave Emmerdale for good.

Debbie can't believe she is being taken away from her real mother again.

The feeling of rejection is all too familiar for Debbie as she breaks down begging them to reconsider. But will her desperate pleas fall on deaf ears as Emily tries to justify their actions?

When Ashley implies Edna must be very proud that Mack won the contract for the village hall roof, she immediately suspects he knows that she gave him a helping hand.

With her reputation at stake she is quick to deny she had anything to do with it, leaving Ashley puzzled by her defensive tone.

Bob and Viv take the first steps to patching up their marriage.

Viv and Bob set off on a cosy rural retreat as they pack up a picnic and head out for the afternoon. The fresh Yorkshire air seems to do them the world of good as they put their world to right.

Things are not so rosy at Mill Cottage, however, where Turner has been called into coax Steph out of her exile. But his fatherly attempts don’t make the slightest bit of difference and he suggests they resort to force.


Date: Tuesday 15 April Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Discovering Emily's decision, Charity decides to take Debbie in. Steph emerges from her room reborn but her sincerity is questioned. Edna opens up to an unlikely confidant.

Cast List
Emma Atkins, Kate McGregor, Lorraine Chase, Shirley Stelfox

TUESDAY 15 APRIL 2003 EMMERDALE @ 7pm Fully Networked

Bad news travels fast in Emmerdale and it doesn’t take long for Debbie’s departure to reach Charity at Home Farm.

She berates Emily for her action demanding to know why she let Debbie go back to a care home. Emily is distraught as she admits the situation became unbearable and care was the only option.

Although Charity has never wanted to play happy families, she is furious that the decision has been made without her consent and sets about taking the issue up with social services.

After a bitter row with Paddy and Emily, Charity has some life changing decisions to make - will she allow Debbie to be taken away or decide she has some maternal feelings to offer after all?

Charity is delighted when Chris supports her decision to have Debbie come and live with them

Steph has finally emerged from her self-inflicted exile and apologises to Nicola and Rodney for her immature behaviour.

However Rodney is not falling for her humble pie routine – knowing full well Steph isn’t the type to grovel. Now seeing through her sham, he quickly puts two and two together and realises she is after something!

Steph seduces Rodney - again!

Viv and Bob’s recently rekindled relationship is getting off to a slow start. Although they have been dating, Viv is confused as to why Bob hasn’t’ moved back in.

Viv and Bob

Not wanting to rush into things, Bob insists they should take their time, leaving Viv frustrated as she is fed up of playing hard to get!

Pollard has some exciting news for the village and announces a film company is due to come to Emmerdale to shoot a movie!

Edna is still intent on taking penniless Mack under her wing. With no money for a drink she offers to pay his way again, hoping the roof contract will be the answer to his prayers.

Mack thinks about stealing from the hand that feeds him.

Date: Wednesday 16 April Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Edna is confident Mack can be trusted despite Syd's warning. Debbie looks forward to a new start, but Emily's heart is breaking. Romance may be in the air for Zoe.

Cast List
Shirley Stelfox, Rob Dixon, Nathan Gladwell, Charley Webb, Kate McGregor, Leah Bracknell

WEDNESDAY 16 APRIL 2003 EMMERDALE at 7.00pm Fully Networked

Its the end for Mack and Edna

It’s pay-day for Mack as the cheque for the funds for the village roof has cleared and he intends to finally get his hands on the money – all £8,000 of it!

Mack gets ready to leave Emmerdale as Viv un-suspectingly hands over the money.
Viv jokes that he’ll have to watch his back and make sure he doesn’t get mugged before he buys the materials - but he has a better use for the money in mind.

Diane and Viv

Syd is confused by his Mack’s almost nostalgic manner towards him, but brushes it off as a patronising comment.

But when he later sees his old friend packing up his van he becomes suspicious that his pal may be doing a runner with the village roof funds.

Edna is quick to defend her trusted lodger, however, and defends Mack – telling a suspicious Syd that he is merely spending the evening away with friends. Syd think otherwise.

Syd tries to warn Edna as he suspects the upcoming betrayel

The last couple of days have been a turbulent time for Debbie, but she can’t believe her ears when Charity says she is willing to take her in. At long last she will be coming home to her real mother.

The news breaks Emily’s heart, she gave Debbie up because she loved her too much and could not bring herself to compromise. Now she is reduced to tears as she realises she has pushed Debbie closer to her real mother and being offered visiting rights as a consolation.

Debbie settles into life at Home Farm

Meanwhile it’s good news all round at the Tates’, as Zoe proudly shows off her reinstated driving licence – chuffed to bits she has her own baby transport now.

Later at work Zoe takes a shine to the new veterinary drug rep Kate, and is even more please when she invites her out for a drink!

So its goodbye Mack

Date: Thursday 17 April Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Edna is devastated by Mack's betrayal and blames herself for instigating a chain of dishonesty. Zoe gets the hard sell from her date. Preparations for the football tournament get underway whilst Louise eyes up Ronnie.

Cast List
Shirley Stelfox, Rob Dixon, Leah Bracknell, Emily Symons, Ray Ashcroft


EMMERDALE at 7.00pm Fully Networked

Edna is devastated to learn that Mack has done a runner after playing her for a fool! She is forced to admit to herself that, despite her benevolence toward him - she always feared he was capable of this.

As word starts to spread of his disappearing, people start to ask questions – but Edna still can’t bring herself to face the truth after becoming so attached to her friend and lodger.

It isn’t long before the police arrive, intent of gathering evidence, but Edna is still in denial and refuses to say a bad word against Mack.

Edna confides her shame in Len

Unable to contain her guilt, Edna later decides to ease her conscience as she tells Len how she helped Mack win the bid for the work on the village roof.

Keen to make the right impression as she prepares to go on her date with Kate, Zoe is grateful when Chloe gives her a few tips on what to wear.

But their date doesn’t go according to plan when Kate reveals something unexpected to Zoe!

Kate reveals to Zoe that she is married with children.

Sam’s worries for Stella are over when he learns she has landed safely in Japan at one of Pollard’s client’s.

Sam receives good news over the telephone

To add to his excitement, Zak phones from South America out of the blue. Sam is enthralled to hear his father has posted him a surprise and to watch out for it in the coming days.

After finally surfacing from her bolthole, Steph has discarded her old image in favour of a new, more demure character. But the new Steph is raising more than a few eyebrows in the village.

Rodney is still convinced it is all a façade and waits patiently for her to slip back into her old ways!

Date: Friday 18 April Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Louise and Ronnie square up in anticipation of the five-a-side tournament. Sam excitedly anticipates Zak's homecoming despite Lisa's secret misgivings. Edna insists on taking full responsibility for the village hall roof.

Cast List
Emily Symons, Ray Ashcroft, James Hooton, Jane Cox, Shirley Stelfox

FRIDAY 18 APRIL 2003 EMMERDALE @ 7pm Fully Networked

Football fever is set to take Emmerdale by storm as the residents decide to compete in a village tournament.

Ollie, Dawn and Louise get ready for the match

But the friendly competition soon turns sour as they scramble to assemble the best possible teams.

With good sportsmen in short supply, though, the Woolpack and Marsden teams grapple to ensure they secure the best players.

Terry trains his Woolpack  team of Dawn, Dannie, Ollie and Louise

Ronnie is keen to do a last minute bit of training and goes for a jog around the village. But when he hears a familiar voice behind him he stops in his tracks and turns round.

Face to face, Louise and Ronnie share some flirtatious banter over the football competition before she warns him she likes to play dirty – a twinkle in his eyes tells her he is keen to know more!

Louise and Ronnie get chatting, is this the start of something?

Sam is delighted when he gets a parcel through the post from Zak. As he unravels the surprise he finds a tiny golden nugget falls out.

Zak has sent a letter to accompany the surprise explaining the nugget is the first of many – he has struck gold!

Lisa, Sam and Cain look with interest

Meanwhile Marlon gets some ambitious ideas about getting a second job. But Tricia is far from happy when he explains he is applying to work on an oil rig for six months!

Elsewhere in the village Edna is still feeling desperately guilty about Mack’s disappearance with the committee funds.

In a bid to cleanse her conscience, she decides to make a radial offer to cover his debts.

Teletext :-

Edna offered her savings as compensation for the church roof. Zak sent Lisa a nugget of gold. Louise showed her fondness for Ronnie.
ITV 1 Friday

Pure Soap :-

Friday 18th March The villagers decided to hold a football competition so everyone scrambled to be on the best teams. Sam was delighted when Zak's parcel arrived containing a small gold nugget. Zak promised more to come. Tricia was not impressed when Marlon applied to work on an oil rig for six months to get more money.
Edna offered to cover Mack's debts to try and clear her own conscience.


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