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Episodes #3411-3415 --- 7 April - 11 April 2003

Uploaded 18th April 2003

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Current Cast List

Producer: Steve Frost
Executive Producer: Keith Richardson

This week's episodes were directed by: Tim O'Mara

These episodes were written by :-

Sarah Bagshaw
Bill Lyons
Ian Fenton
Janys Chambers

Date: Monday 07 April  Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm       

Subtitled, Widescreen

Edna appears to be in danger as Mack abuses her trust. Viv and Bob try to recreate the magic of their first date. Roles are reversed as Jack asks his children for their approval of his love life.

Cast includes
Shirley Stelfox, Rob Dixon, Deena Payne, Antony Audenshaw, Clive Hornby

Episode 3411 MONDAY 07 APRIL 2003

EMMERDALE at 7.00pm Fully Networked

Times are tough for Mack and he feels he’s carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders. Having burnt his bridges and fallen out with close friends, work has dried up in the village and he is financially strapped.

Mack finds a friend in Edna

But that doesn’t stop Turner from trying to reclaim the unpaid debts from the reluctant builder, leaving Mack in a financial dilemma and nowhere to turn.

Edna takes Mack's part with Turner

With a contract for work on the village hall roof up for grabs, Mack is despondent as he is convinced his lack of friends in the village won’t do him any favours in winning the bid.

Alone at Edna’s house, Mack stumbles across a short-term solution – unaware that he is about to bite the hand that feeds him.

Make makes himself comfortable at Edna's

Elsewhere in the village, Bob has decided to try and bury the hatchet with Viv - deciding they need to wipe the slate clean and start afresh.

Viv and Bob

He tentatively plucks up the courage to ask her out on a date and is relieved when she excitedly agrees.

Jack is chuffed that he and Diane are finally an item, but he is keen to make sure the boys don’t feel put out.

Andy is quick to try and take advantage of his father’s new found romance, insisting Katie should be allowed to say in his room if Diane is allowed to stay in Jack’s.

But his efforts fall on deaf ears as Jack insists they will stick to the original rules - Katie will continue sharing with Victoria!

Date: Tuesday 08 April  Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm       

Subtitled, Widescreen

Edna breaks the rules to help out a deceitful Mack. Emily feels sidelined as Charity grows closer to Debbie. Bob tries to recapture the romance of his early days with Viv.

Cast includes
Shirley Stelfox, Rob Dixon, Kate McGregor, Emma Atkins, Antony Audenshaw, Deena Payne  

Episode 3412 TUESDAY 8 APRIL 2003

EMMERDALE @ 7pm Fully Networked

Despite Edna’s efforts to boost Mack’s low morale, he has convinced himself that he has little chance of winning the contract for the village hall roof.

Tossing aside her usual moral stance, Edna decides to take matters into her own hands and uses her position on the parish committee to give him in unfair advantage.


Mack can’t believe his luck when he realises Edna has given him a head start on his competitors and, smug in the knowledge his bid can’t be beaten, he hands in his quote.

Edna, meanwhile, is riddled with guilt by her underhand behaviour but tries to justify it to herself in the name of compassion.

Debbie and Charity

Elsewhere in the village Emily is getting Debbie ready for a day with Charity. Excited at the prospect of spending the whole day with her real mum, Debbie nearly forgets her new coat given to her by Emily.

On arrival at Home Farm, Charity is quick to mock Debbie’s new clothes, insisting she will buy her a designer coat instead. Debbie happily discards the cheaper version and delights in Charity’s generosity.

Charity decides to give Debbie a new set of clothes.

After a fabulous day Debbie is full of beans as she returns home to Paddy and Emily - blissfully unaware of the hurt she is causing parading round in her new designer look.

Keen to rekindle the passion of their relationship, Bob tries to re-enact his first ever meeting with Viv. But will his efforts to re-ignite their sparkle prove to be a roaring success or put a damper on the situation as he tries to sell her tights?

 Ronnie and Frances

Elsewhere in the village Ronnie has arrived back from France safely. Pollard is eager to get his hands on his delivery – but is far from impressed when he finds some stock missing.

Laurel may know more about the missing stock, though, than she wants to let on.

Date: Wednesday 09 April  Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm       

Subtitled, Widescreen

Charity, Chris and Debbie spend a cosy evening together, much to Emily's horror. Edna is disturbed by her own crime. Ronnie's attempt to save the factory workers from Pollard's wrath is met with admiration. Steph makes contact with the outside world.

Cast includes
Emma Atkins, Peter Amory, Kate McGregor, Shirley Stelfox, Ray Ashcroft, Lorraine Chase

Episode 3413 WEDNESDAY 9 APRIL 2003

EMMERDALE at 7.00pm Fully Networked

Paddy is keen to take an anxious Emily out for a meal, hoping to take her mind off the increasingly tense situation with Debbie.

When Debbie suggests they ask Charity to baby-sit, however, Emily can’t help but feel jealous but knows she is in no position to object.

Paddy takes Emily out for a meal

Debbie is elated when Charity agrees to come over for the evening - bringing along Chris who is warming to the idea of family life.

Chris and Debbie

But how will Emily react after returning from her evening out to discover the cosy Tate family scene in her own living room?

Mack is thrilled when he is awarded the tender for the work on the village hall roof. Edna tries to hide her guilt as she congratulates her lodger – knowing that she was the one who put him on the winning track.

Rodney is becoming increasing worried, as Steph still hasn’t shown her face since she barricaded herself in a bedroom in Mill cottage without food and water.

Nicola isn’t convinced by Steph’s so-called stand, though, as she spies Danny making suspicious food purchases. Sure that the two are in collaboration, she sets out to investigate.

As Pollard starts to investigate the missing stock, Ronnie does the gentlemanly thing and covers for a relieved Laurel by claiming that he accidentally left it in Calais.

Laurel, Ronnie and Lousie

The Marsden kids are keen to make their mark in the village by having a house warming party. Although Frances is dead against the idea, Ali and Elaine manage to get round her by persuading their father to agree!

Ali pleads with Frances to have the party.

Date: Thursday 10 April  Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm       
Subtitled, Widescreen

Cain comes to Debbie's rescue when her party plans land her in danger. Ali's party exceeds everyone's expectations - especially his parents'. Danny's food aid is gratefully received by Steph.

Cast includes
Jeff Hordley, Charley Webb, Danny Tennant, Ray Ashcroft, Cleveland Campbell, Lorraine Chase    

Episode 3414 THURSDAY 10 APRIL 2003

EMMERDALE at 7.00pm Fully Networked

Emily feels guilty for taking out her frustration on Debbie the previous evening but realises that she’ll never be able to compete with Charity for Debbie’s affection.

To make matters worse, Debbie has got wind there is going to be a party at the Marsden’s and is desperate to go.

However, Emily is keen to hold onto whatever control she has left and tells her she is too young to go. Debbie has other ideas and starts making plans to be there on the big night.

Over at the Marsden’s, Ronnie and Frances have made themselves scarce – but the party is off to a slow start. Ali claims to have a master plan, though, and promises everyone that the house is about to get a lot busier.

Elaine starts to worry as the party gets out of control.

Ali is good to his word and the party is soon bursting at the seams – but there is barely a familiar face in sight. And when Ollie learns that most of the guests have gate-crashed after learning of it on the Internet, Elaine begins to worry.

Frances, Ronnie, Siobhan and Paul arrive to see the party out of control and Ali with a girl

Debbie has managed to sneak out from under the noses of Paddy and Emily but is soon in trouble at the hands of an uninvited party guest who tries to take advantage of her .

Things start to spiral out of control as her cries for help are stifled by party noise and then the police are called...

ain comes to Debbie's rescue and frightens the boy off.

Down in the village, Nicola catches Danny red-handed passing Steph food supplies. After reading him the riot act, Danny is forced to let Steph know he can no longer be of service.

Nicola is delighted, sure that she can now finally drive out Steph from her bolthole!

Debbie turns to Charity for support begging her to take her back to Home Farm and not leave her with Emily and Paddy.

Date: Friday 11 April  Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm       
Subtitled, Widescreen

Emily gives up the fight to foster Debbie. Edna is relying on Mack to do a good job to salve her conscience. Elaine begrudgingly deals with the fallout from the party.

Cast List
Kate McGregor, Charley Webb, Shirley Stelfox, Rob Dixon, Samantha McCarthy

While Elaine is left to clean up after the party, she later delivers a smug Ali with an ultatum.

Episode 3415 FRIDAY 11 APRIL 2003

EMMERDALE @ 7pm Fully Networked

Although Emily is relieved that Debbie is returns safely from her ordeal, she is furious that she sneaked out to the party in the first place.


Emily points out that if she hadn’t been rescued when she was, anything could have happened. Worried that Debbie is out of control, she grounds her for her stupidity.

Concerned about the events of the night before, Charity calls round to see Debbie. But with tensions high she and Emily are soon at loggerheads as to the punishment that should be doled out to Debbie.

Paddy is confused by Emily’s harsh actions, questioning whether she grounded Debbie deliberately to stop her seeing Charity.

Finding themselves in emotional turmoil, Paddy and Emily discuss their relationship wonder whether it may be better if Debbie was to live somewhere else.

Despite his early delight at having won the contract for repairs to the village hall roof, Mack is strangely reluctant to start work.


Edna and Mack

But with Edna and Jarvis breathing down his neck, he is forced to cover his duplicity and pick up his tools.

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