Emmerdale Episode Guide For The Year 2003
Episodes #3406-3410 --- 31 March - 4 April 2003

Created: 5th April 2003
Updated 18th April 2003

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Current Cast List

Producer: Steve Frost
Executive Producer: Keith Richardson

This week's episodes were directed by Alan Wareing

These episodes were written by :-
Peter Kerry (Monday)
Paul Quiney (Tuesday)
Stephen Bennett (Wednesday and Thursday)
Fintan O' Higgins (Friday)

This Week's Notable Guest Stars :-
Claire Beck as Heather Lovejoy, the leader of the self help group Viv visited. Appeared Monday and Tuesday.

Maria Gough as Selina Brown, one of the people at the self help group Viv visted. She has a problem with
watching her husband eat. Appeared Monday and Tuesday.

Erica Rodgers as Jane Parker, the medic who was looking after Donna Windsor following her claim of an

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Date: Monday 31 March Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Viv takes drastic action to regain Bob's trust. Charity's attempts to see Debbie are thwarted by Emily's meddling. Edna becomes ensnared in the secret of Jarvis's shed.

Cast List includes
Deena Payne, Antony Audenshaw, Emma Atkins, Kate McGregor, Shirley Stelfox, Richard Moore

Eitnne's Review Monday, 31st March 2003

Viv attended a self help course to improve her personality and to win Bob back. Despite being late and making a fool of herself, it wasn’t long until Viv was really opening up to the others about herself and her friend Carol, as well as her rocky marriage with Bob.

Viv with Heather the leader of the group

Donna wasn’t impressed though, when she had to play the part of Carol as part of Viv’s therapy. And Bob was angry when he discovered that Viv had spoken about their problems in front of a group of strangers. He said no when she asked him to join her for the second day of the course, but he later agreed to go.

Viv persuades Bob to join her at the therapy session

It was Victoria’s birthday, but she wasn’t sure about her new doll, as it wasn’t the one she wanted. Walter Cunningham, her imaginary(?) friend, was also back on the scene, in a big way much to Jack’s annoyance. Robert, Katie and Andy weren’t all that sure about helping out at the party.

Jack’s ideas weren’t really meeting the approval of the hoard of ten year old girls, until Diane arrived and saved the day by turning Victoria into Britney Spears and handing out a couple of t-shirts.

Jack and Diane at Victoria's party

Edna was still being left out of Jarvis’ mysterious shed of wonders. At first she wouldn’t take Mack’s advice to go over and join in, but eventually temptation got the better of her and she joined in.


Edna found out that Jarvis had his own home brewing system going on, but she wouldn’t drink any. Jarvis managed to change her opinion by getting her a ginger ale (which happened to contain some alcohol). It wasn’t long before Edna was joining in the sing song with the rest of her friends.

Edna joins in the fun

Charity was happy following her new found relationship with her daughter. She wanted to fix up the tennis courts so she and Debbie could play more often, much to Chris’ amusement. Whilst she was down in the shop, Charity tried to organise another meeting with Debbie.

Charity could only fit Debbie in when the teenager was in school, so much to Emily’s surprise, Charity changed her schedule so Debbie could visit Home Farm.

Marlon and Tricia were tired as their neighbours, Dawn and Terry, were keeping them awake all night. But there seemed to be something else with Tricia, as she was moody. Later she confided in Dawn that she might be pregnant.

Date: Tuesday 01 April Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Viv and Bob's counselling ends in disaster, leaving Bob unsure of their future together. Marlon is stunned to learn that Tricia has been keeping a huge secret. Jack and Diane struggle to express their feelings for each other after spending a night together.

Cast List includes
Deena Payne, Antony Audenshaw, Mark Charnock, Sheree Murphy, Clive Hornby, Elizabeth Estensen


Eitne's Review Tuesday, April 1st 2003

April Fools Day, and Tricia was still worried about her possible pregnancy. She snapped at Viv, but later got a visit from Dawn. But Tricia was so nervous she ended up dropping her test down the toilet.


Marlon arrived home and discovered the pregnancy test box, but thought it was a joke by Terry. But Terry revealed that it wasn’t him.

Marlon and Terry

Later Tricia told Marlon that she wasn’t pregnant.

Marlon is secretly disappointed

Elsewhere in the village:


Bob was unhappy about going to Viv’s self help group, but was forced into going. When he got there he was again forced into doing something he didn’t want – listening to Selina, one of the people at the course, talk about her phobia of her husband eating in front of her. Eventually Bob reached breaking point and, after blowing his top, stormed out of the meeting.

Bob reaches breaking point with Selina

Back in the village Elaine egged on Donna to change her look, and Donna did.

Donna with blue hair and pierced lip

Donna arrived back to find Viv and Bob fighting, now with a lip ring as well as her blue streaks. Viv wasn’t impressed.

Donna is caught between the crossfire of Viv and Bob

Both Jack and Diane were confused as to what they were feeling for one another, with Jack talking to Robert and Diane to Louise. Jack plucked up the courage to ask out his local publican, but Bob interrupted at the crucial moment.

Jack & Diane

Wild woman Edna had a hangover following her drinking session with Jarvis, Betty, Seth and Len. Her ever caring lodger, Mack, berated Jarvis for leading Edna into bad habits. Soon it was around the village that Edna had a hangover. Jack later asked her to chair the parish meeting in Ashley’s absence, but she wasn’t sure. But as Jack started to ask Jarvis she jumped at the chance.

Paddy wanted to take Emily and Debbie away for an exciting adventure weekend, but Emily wasn’t too sure. She agreed, but the weekend was already booked up. As she noticed Debbie’s increasing bond with Charity, Emily decided that a fortnight away would be a good idea. But Paddy was unable to get off work at the surgery.

Charity and Debbie are getting closer

Date: Wednesday 02 April Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Bob tackles his problem head on by accosting the man with whom Viv had a fling. Turner threatens Mack with court action if he doesn't pay his debts. Marlon and Tricia reflect with disappointment on Tricia's news.

Cast List
Antony Audenshaw, Richard Thorp, Rob Dixon, Mark Charnock, Sheree Murphy

Eithne's Reviews Wednesday, April 2nd 2003

Bob has it out with Matti

Bob was upset following his argument with Viv. Terry and Dawn somehow put the idea in his head that he should talk to the limo driver, Matti, about the one night stand. Bob booked the limo and Terry decided that he needed to go with Bob.

Bob, mattie and terry in the back of the limo

Later that day the limo pulled up and Matti was surprised at who he was chauffeuring. Bob and a very threatening Terry forced him to drive, as Bob questioned him. But all the answers Matti gave were not what Bob wanted to hear. Bob started drinking heavily on the way back and got another one of his bad ideas as he decided that he should make Viv’s adultery even – by sleeping with another woman. He decided to shout this out, while standing up through the sunroof of the limo.

Diane and Jack were still not really talking very much. Diane dropped some things around for Victoria. Later in the Woolpack Bob, on his quest to commit adultery, interrupted once again. Jack wasn’t pleased when Diane offered to sleep with Bob.

Bob and Diane

Elsewhere Donna and Viv were arguing over Donna’s latest piercing, the lip ring. But Donna cheered up after Elaine and Katie organised a night out in the cricket pavilion. Ali was persuaded to come, as were Stephen, Andy and Robert.

Steph was still locked in her room. Rodney discovered the block which she had been planning to leave him, and this made him even more determined to get Steph out of her room, so he could kick her out of his house.

Mack still hadn’t been paid by Syd and had no work. He and Edna talked about family in the Woolpack.

Marlon and Tricia talked about children. Both were relieved as well as disappointed that Tricia wasn’t pregnant. But they sorted out their differences.

Tricia and Marlon

Date: Thursday 03 April Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Bob finally walks out on a devastated Viv. Ollie's attention seeking reaches new heights when an apparent overdose results in hospital treatment. Jack and Diane can no longer deny their feelings for each other.

Cast List
Antony Audenshaw, Deena Payne, Vicky Binns, Clive Hornby, Elizabeth Estensen

Eithne's Review Thursday, April 3rd 2003

The teenagers were playing spin the bottle at the cricket pavilion as the show picked up from where the previous one left off. Donna and Katie went to steal from Viv’s shop, but Donna was even more depressed when she heard Viv and Bob arguing in the café. Back at the pavilion she started to drink heavily.

As she got up, Donna claimed that she had taken pills before passing out.

Donna passes out

Elaine went in search of Viv and got help from Jack and Diane. Viv was shocked and ran down the stairs (very quickly I might add) to Elaine. At the pavilion a crowd gathered as Donna was taken away on a stretcher.

Donna taken away to hospital

The event had brought Viv and Bob back together for a short time at least, and they followed Donna on the way to the hospital.

Donna drinking water

Elsewhere in the village:

Nicola and Rodney were planning to get rid of Steph, by not feeding her. Nicola snuck back to Mill Cottage to turn on the TV and to make it sound like she and Rodney were downstairs. But when they got home, Nicola and Rodney discovered that Steph must have seen Nicola leave.

The parish meeting took place, but Edna discovered that the roof of the hall needed to be repaired. She saw a job her Mack, but Jarvis was opposed to the idea. Following the meeting, Mack was making tea for himself and Edna, although she wasn’t sure about his change to her menu. Later Mack asked Syd for his money, but to no avail.

Tricia and Marlon realised that if they were going to have children, then they would need to be more financially stable, so a pay rise for Marlon would be needed. He asked Diane, who said she needed to ask Louise. Later they had the idea for Marlon to apply for the postman’s job. Looks like Paul Marsden will have competition to be the new postie for the village.

Jack and Diane at last managed to get it together.

Before she got interrupted by Elaine, Viv cut up Bob’s wedding suit after having a drink.

Date: Friday 04 April Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Bob can't bring himself to return to his family. Edna attempts to abuse her position by securing some work for Mack. Debbie is excited and nervous at the prospect of another visit to see Charity.

Cast List
Verity Rushworth, Anthony Audenshaw, Deena Payne, Shirley Stelfox, Charley Webb, Emma Atkins

Eithne's Review Friday, April 4th 2003

Viv and Bob arrived back in the village with Donna. They were angry with her because she had lied about the pills, especially as it brought back memories of Kelly taking an overdose at the cricket pavilion for Viv.

Donna, Viv and Bob return to face the gossips

Above the shop Bob discovered his wedding suit and wasn’t too annoyed as he realised that it didn’t really matter.

As he spoke to Donna, Bob realised how badly he had treated her since Dawn had turned up on his doorstep. The rest of the teenagers were angry with Donna for scaring them, except for Robert who was very cold towards Donna.

Betty gets a dressing down from Bob

In the Woolpack Viv walked in on Bob standing up for her after Betty had made ignorant comments about Viv and her parenting skills. But Viv’s hopes for a reconciliation with Bob were once again dashed as he said no.

Viv and Bob

Elsewhere in Emmerdale:

Jack was angry at the kids over their lack of care for Donna the previous day. He was preparing for a big date with Diane, but seemed to be going overboard. But Diane did turn up and they spent the evening reminiscing about many different things, including life, love and youth.

Diane and Jack

Emily was still worried about new found Charity’s relationship with Debbie. Emily was delighted to see a nice stained glass bowl that Debbie had made for her in school. But Emily realised that it was for Charity rather than herself and was upset.

Edna was disgruntled after seeing Jack and Diane kissing in the Woolpack, and later because things didn’t go her way at the parish meeting, as Jarvis continued to oppose her suggestion for Mack to repair the hall’s roof.

Jack and Diane kiss

Mack got his money from Syd, and seemed to be going to pay Turner, but we didn’t find out if he did or not.

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