Emmerdale Episode Guide For The Year 2003
Episodes #3401-3405 --- 24 - 28 March 2003

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Current Cast List

Producer: Steve Frost
Executive Producer: Keith Richardson

This week's episodes were directed by: Pip Short

These episodes were written by :-
Paul Guiney (Monday)
Fintan O’ Higgins (Tuesday)
Bill Taylor (Wednesday)
Chris Tompson (Thursday & Friday)


Date: Monday 24 March

Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Steph prepares to leave the village in a blaze of glory. Debbie is intrigued to find out more about her family history. Viv struggles to come to terms with her public image.

Cast includes: Lorraine Chase, Charley Webb, Deena Payne

Eithne's Review Monday, 24th March 2003

Steph was planning to leave the village, to go to her villa in France. She said her goodbyes to Tricia and Alan, but was forced into having dinner with Rodney, so she could get her hands on the mermaid. In the Woolpack she insulted Laurel, Diane and other people, thinking that she would never see them again.

At Mill Cottage, Steph revealed how much the mermaid really was worth and bargained with Rodney, telling him that they could split the profits 50:50. He wasn’t sure at first, but accepted once she volunteered herself, as well as her case of antique figurines. But unbeknownst to Rodney, Steph switched her case and one with only a brick inside.

Elsewhere in the village:


Paddy was wondering about how Emily was coping, with it being the anniversary of Butch’s death, but she was more worried about Debbie and Cain. Paddy was talking to Marlon about how he would approach Cain. Later Debbie visited the Dingle house and learned about her large family, as well as clashing with Cain. On the way home she asked some awkward questions about what Charity did after leaving home.


Laurel was tired after rising very early to clean in Hotten. She was angry to discover that Nicola had taken on Robert without asking her, but soon Nicola talked her way out of the situation.


Viv was curious as to what people really thought of her. She asked Emily for an honest opinion, and Emily gave her the truth. Bob visited the shop to get some things and Viv tried to be civil to him. Later Jarvis bought tights, and Viv was her usual self. Jarvis was annoyed by her nosiness and caused Viv to come close to tears. He suggested a self help book.

Donna was depressed as she listened to Viv going on and on about Bob and all her problems.

Date: Tuesday 25 March

Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Rodney uncovers Steph's deception as her dreams literally shatter before her eyes. Pollard sets his sights on becoming employer of the year. Viv decides it's time for an image makeover.

Cast includes: Patrick Mower, Lorraine Chase, Christopher Chittell, Deena Payne

Eithne's Review Tuesday, 25th March 2003

Nicola had a hangover following her night out with her friends (she has some!) and wasn’t pleased to see that Steph had spent the night with Rodney. Nicola and Steph clashed over this, and when Nicola lost the argument she decided to help Steph out, by giving all her luggage to Jarvis and Sam.

Steph realised what Nicola was doing, but too late. Nicola threw the final bag into the truck, just as Steph and Rodney arrived on the scene. Steph climbed into the truck, but was devastated to discover that her mermaid had shattered. Steph was heartbroken as she realised that all her dreams had went with the statue. Rodney was forced to let her stay with him, much to Nicola’s disapproval. 

Elsewhere in the village:

Viv’s new approach to living seemed to be working as she was being nice to everyone. But Viv couldn’t face it when Donna arrived back to café, complete with blue hair, and had to leave. Donna had cheered up and was talking to Elaine about Ali and thought that he liked her.


Charity again upset her daughter by breaking off a planned meeting. Debbie was upset by this, but instead decided to visit the Dingle’s. She found Cain there, and told him that he shouldn’t have used her. He revealed that Charity had been a prostitute after having Debbie.

Later Debbie told Paddy and Emily, and Paddy was forced to confront Cain. He did this in the Woolpack, but Cain didn’t seem to be listening to what paddy had to say.

Pollard was wanting to win the Hotten Employer of the Year award and hired Danny to join the team so that he would appear to be an equal and fair employer because he took on people from different backgrounds.

Date: Wednesday 26 March

Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Pollard pulls off a masterly plan to convince the world he's a model employer. Steph retires to her room in a fit of rage. Sam is devastated to lose his treasured friend Stella. Charity furious as Chris gets to know Debbie a little better.

Cast includes: Christopher Chittell, James Hooton, Emma Atkins, Peter Amory

Eithne's Review Wednesday, 26th March 2003

It was the day of the visit by the judges of the Employer of the Year competition. Pollard was again plotting to win, with Danny on board. The everyday staff Laurel, Betty and Lisa weren’t happy about this and Lisa was sent in to talk to pollard. She discovered a list of his staff, with included herself as a housewife deserted by her husband, and Laurel as a lesbian.

Pollard told Lisa how much the competition meant to him, now that his days as mayor were coming to an end. She forced him into a bonus for the staff though. But Pollard wanted Sam back working for him also and Lisa agreed. Later Sam had an idea about how to make Pollard look like a better employer – a wheelchair bound worker.

But pollard wasn’t pleased, but the judges arrived and Laurel was forced to play the part of a dancer who had been involved in an accident. After all their hard work, the factory came second. Pollard was disappointed, but the staff were happy.

Elsewhere in the village:

A mix up at the factory led to Stella the tortoise being put in with an order. Sam was upset by his loss.

Charity was attending a business seminar in Leeds. Chris was annoyed at the little time she was leaving for Debbie. While he was at Home Farm, Debbie dropped by looking for Charity. The two of them talked and he started to like his wife’s daughter. She asked him not to tell Charity, but Chris did tell Charity who was angry about this.

Debbie lied to Emily and Paddy about where she had been, but they already knew that she had been skipping school.

Elaine missed her bus again and decided to ask Pollard for a job at the factory. He gave her a trial, but Frances wasn’t too happy about her daughter’s career change.

Steph was locked in her room at Mill Cottage. Nicola felt guilty over her actions.

Date: Thursday 27 March

Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Emily is heartened as Debbie appears to settle with them. Pollard is heads for a crisis of confidence as his mayoral perks approach expiry. Edna is intrigued by the goings-on in Jarvis' shed.

Cast includes: Kate McGregor, Charley Webb, Christopher Chittell, Shirley Stelfox

Eithne's Review Thursday, 27th March 2003


Chris bought Charity a necklace to apologise for being too pushy the previous day. After more persuasion from Chris, she decided to meet Debbie Sunday (Mother’s Day), as a shopping trip to Leeds couldn’t be changed.

Siobhan and Paul dropped by to visit his family. Frances wanted Paul to become the village postman, but Siobhan wasn’t too sure. At the factory Lisa and Frances talked and Frances told Lisa about Ali’s heart condition. This got Pollard interested and he was wondering if there was anything he could do to help – fundraise etc. But Frances said that there was nothing he could do because Ali’s defect was incurable.

Still at the factory, pollard was snapping at his staff, especially Laurel who was a little late for work. He was later forced to apologise and tell the staff how well they were doing by Lisa.

Edna was puzzled by Jarvis and the amount of tights he seemed to be getting through. She got Len to go into Jarvis’ shed, where he seemed to be using the tights. But Len didn’t return.

Steph was still in her room, despite Alan’s best attempts to get her out.

Viv was still being nice to everyone. Diane tried to talk to Bob about Viv’s new attitude but he wasn’t interested.

Date: Friday 28 March

Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Emily is fearful when her maternal bond with Debbie is threatened. Edna's worries about the shed antics are redoubled when Betty disappears inside. Paul wants to move to the village, but parochial life holds no thrill for Siobhan.

Cast includes: Kate McGregor, Charley Webb, Shirley Stelfox, Abigail Fisher, Matthew Booth

Eithne's Review Friday, 28th March 2003

It was Mother’s Day in the village and Debbie and Emily turned up at Home Farm after Debbie put some flowers on Pat’s grave. Charity was worried about the meeting, but Zoe tried to reassure her. Debbie also had flowers for Charity, as well as a card. Charity asked Debbie not to call her mum.

Charity and Debbie went for a walk around Home Farm, but Emily was left to stay with Chris inside. The mother and daughter started to play tennis and Emily was upset after seeing how happy they were together.

Elsewhere in the village:

Eric asked Ashley if he could help out at the church, and if there was anyone in the parish he could help, using his authority. Later in the Woolpack, Ledbetter was there and taunted Eric. He considered trying to stay in office. Also Pollard was considering submitting himself to be in a Who’s who book.

Edna was talking to Len, who she hadn’t seen since he disappeared into Jarvis’ shed. At church she told Betty about the situation and they decided to bribe Seth into going in. He again disappeared, and after he didn’t return Betty went in, leaving Edna wondering what was going on.

Frances got a visit from Paul and Siobhan. Paul went to church with his mother, but they got some looks from Edna and Betty. Later Siobhan got her belated birthday presents from the family. She told Paul that he should apply for the postman’s job as the village was starting to grow on her.

Scott was uncomfortable around Chloe and Jean.

Zoe went to church with Jean.

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