Emmerdale Episode Guide For The Year 2003
Episodes #3366-3370 --- 3 - 7 February 2003

Updated: 5th January 2002

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Current Cast List

Producer: Steve Frost
Executive Producer: Keith Richardson

This week's episodes were directed by :-
John Anderson

These episodes were written by :-
Dave Simpson (Mon)
Andrew Kirk (Tue)
Peter Kerry (Wed)
Mark Illis (Thu)
Margaret Simpson (Fri)


Date: Monday 03 February Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Charity's world is rocked as Cain uses Debbie in a dirty game of blackmail. Ollie faces up to the need for a new beginning. Syd ends up in agony when Nicola knocks him for six. Written by Dave Simpson

EPISODE #3366:

Unable to pay their debt to the Tate’s, the Dingles' fear nothing short of a miracle will help save their home.

Cain’s desperate to stop his family from being evicted and thinks his luck is in when he unearths a skeleton from Charity’s past.

With blackmail in mind, the fact that she’s a Dingle by blood means nothing to Cain who intends taking drastic actions to reclaim the deeds to the house.

Later at Home Farm, Charity can’t believe her ears, when Cain drops the bombshell. With Chris in earshot, she is forced to comply with his demands, hoping he won’t learn her dark secret.

Triumphant Cain leaves, Home Farm issuing Charity with an ultimatum: she has 24 hours to do the right thing. Concealing her horror as her world falls apart, Charity is distraught.

After Angie’s death, Ollie and Len have been rattling round the Reynolds House. With Mark gone, there seems no reason to stay in such a large property.

Having agreed to sell, Ollie prepares to say goodbye to a lot of memories, both good and bad. They pack up their belongings to move to a smaller property in the village.

Stephen steps in to save the day, when Katie fails some of her mock GCSE’s. His photographic talents offer a perfect solution to help her pass her art exam, leaving Andy a little jealous that he can’t be more resourceful.

Much to the relief of everyone at Home Farm, Zoe is discharged from the clinic with positive feedback. Although she was convinced she was having a relapse, the doctors reassure her she is fine.

But the Tates’ are burdened by further bad news, that Zoe’s illness may be hereditary, leaving them fearful for Joseph and baby Jean’s future.

Meanwhile in the village, Emily’s driving skill still aren’t up to scratch as she reverses carelessly into Syd’s ladder and puts him in hospital.


Teletext :-

Emily accidentally knocked Syd off his ladder. Charity was shocked when Cain threatened to expose her as Debbie's mother.
ITV 1 Monday


BBC Puresoap :-

Monday 3rd February: Cain blackmailed Charity about Debbie and told her to give him back the deeds to the Dingle's house.
Ollie and Len decided there was no point rattling around their house so they moved to a smaller property.
Zoe was released from the clinic but was given the bad news that her condition could be hereditary.
Emily reversed her car into Syd's ladder and put him in hospital.

Date: Tuesday 04 February Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Charity resorts to barefaced lies in an attempt to find an answer to her troubles. Syd is surprised to find himself having fun in the care of nurse Nicola. Sam continues the Dingles' self-sufficiency.


Charity confides in Zoe as she tries to make sense of Cain’s revelation. She’s finding it hard to cope with the pressure she’s under.

Unable to believe Cain’s accusation, Zoe tries to brush off Cain’s accusation as scare tactics – but Charity is not so sure.

The more she thinks about it, the more she is convinced Debbie could be the daughter she gave up nearly 13 years ago!

Having built a marriage based on trust, friendship and business, Charity fears it may all come crashing down if Chris learns the truth about Debbie.

Desperate to keep the secret under wraps, she begs Zoe to set aside her family loyalties and not to tell Chris.

Having recently begun proceedings for adoption herself, Zoe understands her predicament and agrees.

Lisa can hardly believe her eyes when Charity visits and gives them back the deeds to the house.

Blissfully unaware of Cain’s blackmail tactics, Lisa thinks Charity has finally come to her senses and is deeply grateful.

With Syd immobile for a while, Nicola is left with baby-sitting duties. She is reluctant at first, as they haven’t seen eye to eye since he did the dirty on her.

But as they settle in for the evening, she is surprised that they are getting on better than expected, and with Syd laid up in bed – there’s no running away!

Sam survey’s his egg empire, having finally encouraged his chicken’s to lay – he has an abundant supply!

But there are only so many eggs one family can eat, so he decides to try out his entrepreneurial skills.

Emily is surprised as Sam proves to be a tough negotiator and she ends up looking forward to the prospect of omelettes for a week!

Teletext :-

Charity returned the house deeds to the Dingles. Zoe told Paddy she had been diagnosed as schizophrenic. Nicola visited Syd.
ITV 1 Tuesday

BBC Puresoap :-

Tuesday 4th February Charity told Zoe about the threats Cain made. Zoe thought he was making it up but Charity wasn't so sure.Lisa could hardly believe it when Charity turned up at the house and handed the deeds back.
Sam ended up with more eggs than his family could eat so he started selling them in the village.
Nicola was enjoying Syd being laid up in bed with no means of escape.

Date: Wednesday 05 February Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Charity's lies return to haunt her when Debbie arrives to see her mother. Syd's fearful as Nicola's care turns to obsession. Edna and Jarvis refuse to revive their dancing partnership.


Lisa is still puzzled and overwhelmed that their financial worries have dramatically disappeared overnight. With the Deeds to their house back in safe hands, things are beginning to look up.

Meanwhile at Home Farm, Chris is none the wiser as Charity does a great job of concealing her turmoil. He’s furious, though, when he learns she’s given the Dingles back their land.

Chris’s attempt to intimidate the Dingles backfires on Charity, when Cain decides to tell Debbie her real mother is closer than she thinks.

Debbie arrives at Home Farm in a desperate bid to meet her real mother. Just when Charity thinks the ordeal is over – she comes face to face with the girl who could be her daughter.

Having spent a few cosy evenings in with Syd, Nicola hopes they can rekindle their passion. But she mistakes Syd’s inability to move as him wanting to cuddle up to her on the sofa! How wrong she is.

When Syd suggests he’s feeling better and fancies an evening out with the lads, Nicola has other plans.

Unsteady on his feet, Syd tries to make a sharp exit. But when Nicola offers a helping hand he finds himself in a heap on the floor. He quickly realises resistance is futile!

Meanwhile, Tricia is busy rounding up the troops as she plans to pull off her surprise wedding.

Diane sneakily asks Marlon to do the catering for a Valentines Day party in the Woolpack. Little does he know he will be cooking for guests at his own wedding reception!

Teletext :-

Diane, Steph and Tricia began organising the wedding. Chris was furious when Zoe told Debbie that Charity was her real mother. ITV 1 Wednesday

BBC Puresoap :-

Wednesday 5th February Chris was furious when he found out Charity had gone behind his back and returned the Dingle's deeds to them. He took his anger out on Cain who then penalised Charity by telling Debbie he knew where her mother was.
Just as Charity started to believe her ordeal was over, she came face to face with Debbie at Home Farm.
Tricia was busy planning her and Marlon's surprise wedding.

Date: Thursday 06 February Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Charity is under fire as Debbie and Cain demand some answers. Nicola's bedside manner becomes too intimate for Syd. Jarvis and Edna are goaded into one last dance.


While Chris and Charity tear each other to shreds, Zoe sits with Debbie in the next room at Home Farm.

Zoe does her best to cover for Charity and diplomatically answers questions about why Charity might have lied. Debbie’s world has just fallen apart and Zoe is left trying to pick up the pieces.

Charity finally comes to her senses and realises she can’t just throw Debbie out – she deserves an explanation.

But when Debbie asks questions about her father, it is all too much for Charity and she quickly tells her he is dead.

Charity is keen to keep the truth about Debbie from the village, and takes her aside insisting this is their little secret – not even Paddy and Emily must find out.

Chris feels betrayed when he realises Zoe knew Charity had given up a baby, when she was a teenager.

Troubled, he sees his wife in a new light. He realises she’s a good liar and wonders what other skeletons she has in her closet.

With Valentine’s Day looming, Nicola is convinced she can persuade Syd to be her date.

Syd’s worried as his injuries mean he’s a sitting duck who is helpless to Nicola’s advances.

Edna decides she’ll no longer bear grudges and finally agrees to dance in the National finals, although she doubts they’ll get through the first round because she thinks Jarvis lacks grace!

Teletext :-

Charity admitted to Debbie she was her real mother, but swore her to secrecy. Edna and Jarvis agreed to enter the dance contest. ITV 1 Thursday

BBC Puresoap :-

Thursday 6th February Chris and Charity argued about Debbie while Zoe was left to look after the distraught girl in the next room. Charity knew Debbie deserved an explanation but she could not bring herself to reveal who the father was.
Chris felt betrayed and wondered what other skeletons might be lingering in his lying wife's cupboard.
Edna finally agreed to dance in the National Finals with Jarvis.

Date: Friday 07 February Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Charity is intent on damage limitation, and tries to rid herself of Debbie and the past. Confusion abounds as Tricia continues to plan her secret wedding. Nicola is left fuming as Syd turns his back on her.


As the dust settles at Home Farm, Chris panics, convinced Debbie won’t keep Charity’s secret.

Determined not to let the revelations of the past days rock his world, he demands to know what Charity is going to do about the situation.

But Charity is determined to get Debbie out of her life as quickly as possible as she has no maternal feelings what so ever. She knows she will have to tread carefully or the whole village could find out!

Having agreed to meet Debbie and take her out for a drive, Charity puts on a brave face, as she prepares to let Debbie down gently.

Meanwhile Debbie’s adoptive mother, Pat has taken a turn for the worse in hospital and is asking to see her daughter.

Having bunked off school to spend the day with Charity, Debbie receives further bad news.

Social services have called to request she move closer to her adoptive mother – meaning she must leave Emmerdale.

Debbie fears she is losing her adoptive mother, but has just found Charity and is now being forced to move away. Emily mistakes her tears for remorse over Pat’s illness.

Meanwhile in the pub, Marlon is more confused than ever as he sees Diane giving Bob a Valentine’s card, and urges him to keep the contents a secret!

Having reluctantly agreed to take part in the regional dance final with Jarvis, Edna is nervous about the prospect of staying away from home, on the first anniversary of Batley’s death.

Teletext :-

Edna commemorated Batley's death. Marlon was confused by Diane's odd behaviour. Debbie's mother took a turn for the worse. ITV 1 Friday

BBC Puresoap :-

Friday 7th February Desperate not to let anyone else know about her secret, Charity told Debbie she was not welcome in Emmerdale. Debbie had more bad news when her adoptive mother's condition worsened and she was told to move nearer her. It meant leaving Emmerdale to stay with other foster parents just as she had finally found her real mother.
Edna was worried about spending time away from home with Jarvis.

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