Emmerdale Episode Guide For The Year 2003
Episodes #3361-3365 --- 27th - 31th January 2003

Updated: 5th January 2002

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This week's episodes were directed by :-

Oliver Horsbrugh

These episodes were written by :-

Lesley Clare O'Neil
Paul Quiney
Fintan O'Higgins
Tim Dynevor
Stephen Bennett

Date: Monday 27 January Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Tricia hatches a plan to give Marlon the surprise of his life. Zoe's struggle to come to terms with the birth causes friction between Charity and Chris. Andy is thrown off-guard when he receives some unexpected mail.

Episode 3361:

After their last wedding fiasco, Tricia is more motivated than ever to tie the knot with Marlon - and she’s not going to let his ideas for a holiday stand in her way!

But after the expense of their last non-starter, Marlon is convinced it will take them an eternity of saving up to meet Tricia’s expectations.

Tricia is annoyed that all he seems more bothered about finding them a holiday - so she decides to turn it in to their surprise honeymoon!

But with a deadline on the horizon, she’s got a lot on her plate if she is to single-handedly arrange a surprise wedding.

At the Sugdens', Andy is shocked to receive a letter from his real father. But having previously broken off all contact, he is not interested in anything he has to say.

More interesting is the idea of going clubbing with his friends the following night for his birthday – and Stephen is invited along to join them.

The registering of baby Jean proves anything but straightforward for Zoe as she is hit with a barrage of questions about the identity of the father.

She is forced to explain to the clerk that she doesn’t remember who the father is, and is unnerved by their reaction as they are forced to leave his name off the records.

With the baby in temporary foster care while a family is found, Zoe is emotionally drained. That evening, she finds herself alone and fears she is having a relapse when she hears the sound of a baby crying in her head.

With Debbie tales getting more outlandish by the day, Paddy and Emily are finding it difficult to believe any thing she says.

But when she turns up at Smithy Cottage covered in mud, they are not in the mood for her story about wrestling with hens!

Date: Tuesday 28 January Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

A night out goes badly wrong when Katie is attacked in the street. Marlon is thrown off the scent as Tricia continues to plan their secret wedding. Zoe takes action as her mental health deteriorates.

Episode 3362:

On the morning of Andy’s birthday, Robert finds an unopened card from Andy’s real father, discarded in the bin.

Having opened all his presents, Andy is chuffed when Jack reveals that he has bought him some driving lessons and has organised his theory test for that same day.

Robert puts his foot in it by asking Andy to open the card from his father - Andy obliges but throws it straight in the bin.

Later that evening they all prepare to go clubbing. Katie falls behind the others on the way to the club as she tries to call Andy to see if he passed his test.

Suddenly alone as all the others race off, Katie is horrified when she is mugged for her mobile phone by a gang of youths. But she is more horrified to discover that Stephen seemingly knows them.

As the gang runs off, Stephen is quick to step in to see if Katie is all right, she flinches for a second realising he was with the gang. She is cautious as he explains he was helpless to intervene and promises to get her phone back.

Zoe is still tormented by the sounds of a baby crying in her head. Struggling to cope, she tries to drown out the sounds by listening to her Walkman full blast.

But when Ashley calls round to see her she finds it difficult to hide her emotions and breaks down, explaining she thinks she is having a relapse.

Ashley is stunned when she reveals she is thinking of admitting herself back into the clinic and goes to pack. But Chris is less than sympathetic to her cause and is visibly angry at the thought of Zoe needing treatment again.

Marlon is suspicious, as Tricia has gone quiet on the wedding front. Little does he know that her sudden interest in their holiday, however, is with good reason.

Spotting that Tricia is clearly up to something, Steph quizzes her daughter as to why she’s letting Marlon have his way all of a sudden.

Bubbling with excitement, she struggles to keep the secret from her mother, admitting she is planning a secret wedding for Valentine’s Day.

Date: Wednesday 29 January Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Andy and Katie's revelations threaten their relationship. Lisa struggles to keep afloat as her debts spiral out of control. Steph rejoices as her wickedness ruins Nicola's day.

Episode 3363:

Katie is still shaken after being mugged and to make matters worse, tension is building between her and Andy as the idea of living together is taking some getting used to.

Their latest argument is interrupted by a knock at the door and Andy is stunned to see Stephen has retrieved Katie’s mobile from the gang, explaining he knew the lads who stole it.

But Andy is furious to discover that Katie lied to him and knew all along that Stephen was involved in the mugging.

As a few home truths are aired it becomes apparent that, although they are engaged and living together, there is a lot they don’t know about each other. They resolve to sort out their differences and make their relationship work.

At Home Farm, Chris contemplates whether the clinic is the best place for Zoe as she could just be suffering with postnatal depression. Charity assures him she will be fine.

Changing the subject, Chris puts the pressure on Charity to re-claim the Dingles debt to them. His sudden interest in her family’s finances annoys her as he accuses Lisa of bleeding them dry.

But Charity resolves to get call in their debts, regardless of her family ties. Unfortunately things are looking grim on the financial front at the Dingles and Lisa is forced to eat humble pie and ask Charity for more time.

Debbie is inquisitive to know why Cain hates Charity so much and becomes intrigued when he calls her a traitor.

Sam has struck gold with his chickens, who have laid an abundance of egg’s. The only problem being that he has to sleep in the hen house to encourage them to lay!

Date: Thursday 30 January Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Lisa and Cain are horrified to learn of Chris's plans for their home. Andy and Stephen forge an uneasy partnership. A generous offer causes tension between Len and Ollie.

Episode 3364:

Lisa doesn’t thank Cain for reminding her that they could lose their house if they don’t keep up their mortgage repayments. But the bank aren’t the only ones who have got their eyes on their land.

Chris is secretly hoping the Dingles can’t repay their debts as he has plans to develop their land, along with Pollard’s factory and the Reynolds House.

Lisa is forced to go on a begging mission to Home Farm. She pleads for extra time to settle their debts, leaving Charity frustrated as the pressure mounts from Chris.

Expecting the third degree from Chris, Charity is surprised when he seems quite glad the Dingles are unable to repay their debt.

When he unveils his plans to develop the land, though, Charity is furious – not least because he is doing it behind her back.

But when Chris offers her an ultimatum asking her to choose between the Dingles or the Tates, she is forced to get tough and tells Lisa they are soon to be evicted for defaulting on their mortgage payments.

Katie’s move into the Sugdens’ has been far from smooth and she is growing increasingly frustrated as her belongings are seemingly going walkabout.

Sharing a room with Victoria is enough to try anybody’s patience and she soon finds the entire contents of her makeup bag plastered all over Victoria’s face.

Jack makes a suggestion that Stephen should take Andy on as an apprentice while his father is ill. But neither boy is happy with the idea as they clearly don’t see eye to eye.

With her mother sadly long gone, Ollie cares little when she receives a letter detailing her substantial inheritance.

And Len receives some shock news via the post too - a letter from an estate agent offering them £250,000 to sell their house to a mystery, anonymous buyer.

Teletext :-

Charity told Lisa and Cain about Chris's plans to evict them. Len had an offer for his house. Andy reluctantly worked with Stephen. ITV 1 Thursday

BBC Puresoap :-

Thursday 30th January 2003 :Chris demanded the Dingles repay their debt to him and planned to take their land if they couldn't.

Katie was finding it increasingly difficult living with the Sugdens, especially sharing with Victoria.

With her mother long gone, Olli cared little when she received a letter detailing a substantial inheritance.

Len was shocked when a mystery buyer offered £250,000 for their house.

Date: Friday 31 January Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Cain's fight against the Tates is aided by an unexpected face from the past. Jack is uncomfortable as he faces up to Victoria's imminent adolescence. Ollie considers a life outside Emmerdale.

Episode 3365:

Cain is furious after Charity serves the eviction notice on the family and vows to sort their debt to the Tate’s out once and for all – without handing over a single penny.

Having been betrayed by his own blood, he decides to pay Charity a call intent on getting back the deeds back to the Dingles home.

But when Cain barges in, throwing his weight around, Charity is in no mood to be threatened. Playing him at his own game, she suggests he keep his mouth shut - unless he wants his involvement with Angie’s death to be common knowledge.

Cain is forced to back-down, knowing full well that Charity could have him arrested at a moment’s notice. Back to square one, he is forced to come up with another tactic to save the house.

Later at the Dingles, Cain is stunned to be gifted revenge - in the form of a photograph and some shocking news that Debbie presents him!

Meanwhile, as Nicola fears that she’ll be facing another dateless Valentine’s Day – she decides to try her luck with the lonely-hearts adverts on the Internet.

Teletext :-

Ollie decided to sell her house. Terry went on holiday. Charity argued with Chris about evicting her family from their home.ITV 1 Friday

BBC Puresoap :-

Friday 31st January Cain was furious with Charity and went to see her, intent on getting the deeds to their house back.
But she told him she would reveal his involvement in Angie's death to everyone if he tried to interfere.
Cain backed down but was later handed a powerful weapon when he discovered Charity was Debbie's real mother.
Nicola decided to try her luck with a lonely hearts advert on the internet.

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