Emmerdale Episode Guide For The Year 2003
Episodes #3356-3360 --- 20th - 24th January 2003

Updated: 3rd February 2003

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This week's episodes were directed by :-
Tracey Rooney

These episodes were written by :-
Mark Illis (mon)
Margaret Simpson (Tue & Wed)
Janys Chambers (Thu & Fri)

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Date: Monday 20 January Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

An eventful day for Zoe brings about a shock confession from Charity. Louise is taken aback by the unexpected arrival of Ray's brother. Katie flares up as Brian and Andy argue about her future.

Episode 3356:

At Home Farm, Chloe is on labour watch - but heavily pregnant Zoe can’t stand being mollycoddled.

But when the expectant mum doubles up in pain with back spasms, she fears the contractions may have started early.

Having avoided contact with Zoe as much as possible, Scott is suitably annoyed when Chloe instructs him to deliver Zoe to hospital. But drawn by curiosity about his unborn child, he reluctantly agrees.

But the contractions prove to be nothing more than a false alarm and an embarrassed Zoe is left to explain as much to Chris and Charity who race to see her.

Charity seizes the moment, however, and reveals a few painful truths about her own experiences with motherhood.

As Ray’s funeral arrangements are finalised, Louise is forced to face her stalker’s family when his brother, David, turns up in Emmerdale.

She finally realises how little she knew about Ray, as he never spoke of family. And David has a surprise in store for Louise when he reveals details of his dead brother’s will.

Getting into mischief, Debbie makes a beeline for the Dingles and takes a shine to a runt piglet.

And Katie gets some shocking news that her father’s career plans do not involve staying in Emmerdale. Devastated, she tells Andy they may be leaving the village for pastures new.

Date: Tuesday 21 January Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Ray's funeral pushes Louise to the brink. Paddy and Emily have their work cut out nursing a sick pig and caring for their wayward foster child. Jack's left feeling like he sold out when he returns to work for Chris.

Episode 3357:

On the morning of Ray’s funeral, Louise is struggling to cope as the village prepares to pay their respects.

Following the funeral procession into the church, Louise is tries to remain calm, there is an eerie silence as only three people have turned up to pay their respects – was she the only person that couldn’t see through him?

Paranoid her darkest secret is becoming transparent, Louise struggles to keep up the pretence. The funeral finally tips her over the edge and, unable to suppress her guilt any longer, she prepares to confess all to the police.

Zoe is still embarrassed about her false alarm and feels guilty that Charity and Chris have put their business on hold in anticipation of the birth. She persuades them to take a short break.

Before they leave, however, they must try to convince Jack to return to his job as estate manager.

Brian tells Katie he has taken the job offer in Newcastle. She is forced to make the choice between her father and Andy.

Debbie has been getting into mischief again, as Emily finds her out of school, playing truant.

Paddy and Emily have unknowingly extended their fostering services - Debbie has smuggled the baby runt into the house.

Date: Wednesday 22 January Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Louise hopes for closure as she disposes of Ray's ashes. Chloe is exasperated by Zoe's demands. Debbie's tall tale is revealed to be a lie.

Episode 3358:

With Ray laid to rest, Louise is desperate to put her nightmare behind her and move on.

But that is easier said than done with the newly inherited Mill Cottage serving as a permanent reminder of the hell she shared with Ray.

Desperate to cleanse herself of any reminders of him, Louise decides to sign the house over to his family and eagerly accepts Diane’s offer for her to move back to the Woolpack.

At Home Farm, it is clear that Zoe and Chloe are driving each other round the bend. Neither of them want to be in each other’s company and Zoe is sick of all the fussing.

She is convinced that everyone is trying to change her mind about the adoption, and when the midwife asks if she has bought anything for the baby, her thoughts are confirmed.

Tricia’s hints to set another date for a second attempt to tie the knot fall on deaf ears. Although Marlon has a holiday in mind, it isn’t a honeymoon.

Paranoid that Marlon has gone off the idea entirely – she decides to take matters into her own hands.

Debbie’s white lies are catching up with her as she relays outlandish stories to a disbelieving audience.

When Paddy and Emily tell Debbie the piglet has to go, she is quick to turn on the waterworks and begs for the runt to be allowed to stay.

Meanwhile, Katie is determined to stay in Emmerdale despite the fact that Brian has accepted the job offer in Newcastle.

Seeing a possible way forward and the chance for them to stay together, Andy tentatively broaches the subject of her moving in to their home.

Date: Thursday 23 January Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Zoe goes into labour, but Scott refuses her call for help. Terry is devastated as Louise rejects his love. Emily worries as Debbie's lies take a more serious tone.

Episode 3359:

Zoe is determined to prove to everyone that she can prepare for the baby’s arrival without becoming attached to it.

She recruits a reluctant Scott to drive her to town so that she can buy some baby clothes. Feeling in control, she goes out of her way to buy more than she’ll ever need for the child.

But after a heavy day shopping and with Scott having made himself scarce, Zoe heads back to Home Farm – only to quickly go into labour for real!

With Chris and Charity away, Chloe is forced to call on Scott to act as chauffeur once again, but not wanting to be part of the birth he deliberately stalls for time and they are forced to take a taxi.

But there is bad news for Zoe on her arrival at hospital, it is too late to have her planned caesarean and she will be forced to deliver naturally.

Since Ray’s death, Louise has depended heavily on Terry for strength and support.

The more time he spends with her, however, the more he struggles to hide his true feelings for her. But he mistakes her need for him as affection and misreading the signals and moves in to kiss her.

Will she rebuff his advances or take advantage or his comforting arms?

Brian bids a sad farewell to his daughter and the Sugdens. Having helped Katie move into her new home, he finds it hard to walk away, but having burnt his bridges with the Tates he has no option but to follow an offer of work away from the area.

Date: Friday 24 January Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Zoe sticks to her decision to give up her baby. Emily bonds with Debbie, though struggles to accept her confession about her mother.

Episode 3360:

With no help from Scott, Zoe has made it to the hospital and is heavily in the throes of labour.

With Chris and Charity on their way, Chloe berates Scott for letting them down. Not wanting to raise suspicion he agrees to come to the hospital straight away.

In the delivery room the midwives check Zoe’s records noting her schizophrenia with some caution.

As the baby is born, Zoe tries to stay detached from it but can’t help feeling some anxiety as it struggles to breath.

And when the midwife suddenly thrusts in to her arms and asks Zoe what the baby is called, she finds herself naming her daughter Jean after her mother.

Back in the village, Emily is forced to have serious words with Debbie as she finds the piglet hidden in her bedroom. As they are airing a few home truths Emily decides to bring up the lies Debbie has been telling about her mother being dead.

Tearful at being caught out, Debbie admits that Pat isn’t her real mother and she was actually given up for adoption. Emily is cautious at first, as Debbie has lied about so many things – until Debbie produces photo of her real mother.


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