Emmerdale Episode Guide For The Year 2003
Episodes #3351-3355 --- 13th - 17th January 2003

Updated: 19th January 2002

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This week's episodes were directed by
Judith Dine

These episodes were written by :-
Andrew Kirk
Stephen Bennet
Dave Simpson
Tim Dynevor
Lesley-Claire O'Neill


Date: Monday 13 January Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Chris and Jack clash over Wilf as Jack tries to solve his problems for him. Edna tries to stop Jarvis giving up on his dream. Rodney and Steph team up to con Pollard.

Episode 3351:

Chris is growing increasingly annoyed with Jack for being too easy with Wilf – his tenant farmer.

With his patience running out, Chris sends Jack back to the farm with the threat of eviction if Wilf doesn’t pay up.

But Jack is stunned by the squalor that greets him and it soon becomes apparent that Wilf is struggling to keep his head above water. He has been hit hard by the foot and mouth epidemic and his wife has left him.

It comes as some surprise to Chris, then, when Jack returns with a wad of cash from Wilf – but all is not as it seems.

Tension continues to mount between Jarvis and Edna – but does it mask a spark between the couple?

Edna refuses to believe that they are anything but arch enemies and, as if to prove a point, all hell breaks loose when she spies Jarvis lighting another bonfire in his back garden.

But she is more alarmed to see what he is about to torch and rushes round to try and talk some sense into her neighbour.

Elsewhere in the village, Louise is preparing for the ordeal that will be the inquest and relies heavily on support from Diane.

And Ollie is becoming concerned that she may have to withdraw from her A-Levels due to the amount of work she missed as a result of her mum’s death.

Teletext :-

Emmerdale Jack got Wilf a rent extension. Edna stopped Jarvis from burning his records. Eric bought a fake antique from Rodney and Steph. ITV 1 Monday

BBC Puresoap :-

Monday 13th January Chris sent Jack back to Wilf's farm with the threat of eviction if he didn't come up with the rent owed.
But Jack was shocked at what he saw - the farm had suffered badly from foot and mouth and Wilf's wife had left.
Louise prepared for the inquest into Ray's death and relied heavily on Diane for support.
Ollie considered cancelling her exams because she'd missed too much work.


Date: Tuesday 14 January Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

As the inquest into Ray's death opens, Louise's guilt and nerves resurface. Keen to further his own career, Brian lands Jack in hot water. Len struggles with his immobility.

Episode 3352:

Louise is struggling to hide her guilt on the morning of the inquest into the stalker's death.

Paranoid that every one can see through her facade, she tries to pull herself together in front of Diane.

As the court opens, Louise is forced to listen to the gruesome details of the stalker’s death that she already knows so well.

Reliving the moment, she has to stop herself from breaking down as the cold hard facts are read out.

Chris Tate is living up to his reputation and is determined to drive Wilf Butler off his land. When he comes across him on his estate, he gives him a not so friendly warning, that the next late rent payment will see him evicted.

Unaware of Jack's generosity, Wilf is puzzled, as he hasn't settled his debt. He is later angry to find out that Jack has bailed him out.

Later at Home Farm, Brian conveniently lets it slip that Jack paid Wilf's debts out of his own pocket. Chris is furious that Jack has gone behind his back and is determined to get to the bottom of things.

Scott finds himself at a loose end while Syd is away. With no playmate he makes his way to his mothers for his tea!

Teletext :-

Louise grew more agitated at the inquest. Wilf was angry with Jack for paying his rent. Len struggled with his ankle injury.
ITV 1 Tuesday

Date: Wednesday 15 January Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Louise is horrified to realise that DI Dove's investigations are heading in her direction. Jack and Chris clash as Chris discovers Jack's deception. Scott and Chloe's lads' night turns intimate.

Episode 3353:

It is fast becoming apparent that the police aren’t convinced that the stalker’s death was an accident, as it first seemed.

After receiving conflicting reports from Seth and Betty as to Louise’s movements on the Boxing Day, DI Dove makes a beeline for Louise and explains that witness statements aren’t adding up.

Louise grows increasingly paranoid as the questioning gets heavy and the cracks begin to show as Louise tries to explain away the hole in her alibi.

But DI Dove isn’t about to accept her story and explains that she’ll be back the following day.

Meanwhile, plans for the funeral need to be put in place and it is clear that Louise is repulsed by the idea of her stalker being buried close to her in the village.

Chris is still furious with Jack and plays mind games with him – forcing him to confess that it was he who stumped up the cash for Wilf.

Jack is sickened by Chris’s lack of sympathy towards Wilf and tells him that he can stick his job if that is how he wants to deal with his tenants.

Scott realises that his social life is on the slippery slope when he is reduced to joining his mum for a drink in the Woolpack.

And his embarrassment only deepens when Chloe starts making jibes about him still being a mummy’s boy.

Scott admits that he hasn’t any other friends to join – but is surprised when Chloe suggests that they are still friends despite everything that happens.

And it seems that they could even be more than friends again as they leave the pub together and head back home for a cosy night in!

Date: Thursday 16 January Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

As DI Dove questions Louise, Terry turns to Charity for help. Brian's scheming finally reaps dividends - at Jack's expense. Scott is confused when Chloe maintains her distance. Danny realises that housekeeping is not one of his

Episode 3354:

Louise is starting to sweat as the police seem to be closing in on the truth about the stalker’s death.

She is convinced that DI Dove already knows that she is guilty and it is only a matter of time before she worms the truth out of her.

And when Dove arrives at Mill Cottage and implies that the stalker may have been hit on the head as he stood on the stairs, Louise realises that her worst fears are being confirmed.

But just as Louise is about to crack under the pressure of the questioning, a surprise and unlikely visitor arrives to provide her with an unexpected alibi.

As Jack tells Brian that he is welcome to his job, Charity is furious with Chris for letting Jack go – insisting that he was an excellent estate manager and asset to the Tate's.

And despite her going cap-in-hand to Jack to plead with him to return to work, Jack angrily shows her the door when she implies that he should move on from his working class roots.

Brian, meanwhile, is thrilled to step into Jack’s shoes when Chris offers him the job on a temporary basis.

Ashley offers to join Zoe at her anti-natal class but is stunned when she reveals that she has no intention of going through with the birth naturally.

Zoe explains that she has booked a caesarean section and has no interest in keeping the baby and Ashley’s words aren’t about to change her mind.

Scott and Chloe are awkward with each the morning after the night before and Scott even lies to Viv to cover up the fact that he and Chloe spent the night together.

And there is surprise news for Paddy and Emily who are told to expect Debbie again because her mum has had a relapse.


Teletext :-

Charity lied to put Louise in the clear over Ray's death. Brian asked Chris for Jack's job. Emily allowed Debbie to stay.
ITV 1 Thursday

BBC Puresoap :-

Thursday 16th January Louise thought the net was closing in around her and the police would soon be arresting her for Ray's murder.

Charity was furious with Chris for letting Jack go and tried to coax him back but Jack wouldn't have it.

Scott and Chloe felt very awkward around each other after their night of passion.

Ashley was stunned when Zoe told him she had booked a caesarean section.

Date: Friday 17 January Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Jack fails to protect Wilf from the worst of Chris's tyranny. Louise finds a new owner for Bolan, much to Ollie's annoyance. Zoe feels awkward as she explains her decision to give up her child to Debbie.

Episode 3355:

Having weaseled his way into Jack’s job, Brain sets out on his first day as Home Farm Estate Manager.

Debt collecting is his first call, and he relishes the task - determined not to be as understanding as Jack.

Wasting no time, he demands Wilf pay up or be evicted. Wilf is flabbergasted as he is given only 24 hours to settle his debt.

Meanwhile Andy is furious at the way his father has been treated and is determined to give the Tate’s a piece of him mind.

At Home Farm, Charity takes pleasure in telling Andy that Brian had backstabbed his father and inadvertently caused him to loose him job - he can't believe Katie's father would be so callus.

As word gets back, Jack is quick to confront Brian about his actions but their row is interrupted by Wilf's son, Stephen, who breathlessly tells them his father has attempted suicide.

Louise is still coming to terms with the verdict of the inquest. Although the Coroner is satisfied that the stalker’s death was accidental, Louise can't get the image of the night out of her head. Everywhere she looks she is haunted by his image.

Debbie has taken a shine to the Dingle’s pigs. Cain is annoyed by her over enthusiastic behavior and tries to get rid of her, but she will not be dissuaded.

Her quirky questions also strike a chord with Zoe when she probes her motives for giving the baby up for adoption.

Teletext :-

Wilf tried to kill himself after a visit from Brian. Louise gave away her dog. Chris told Charity that he couldn't trust Brian.
ITV 1 Friday

BBC Puresoap :-

Friday 17th January Louise was stunned when the coroner announced at the inquest that he was satisfied Ray's death was accidental.

Brian took over Jack's job and told Wilf he had twenty-four hours to pay his rent or he would be evicted.

Jack was furious when he found out but then Wilf's son burst in and said his dad had tried to kill himself.

Debbie returned to stay with Paddy and Emily when her mum had a relapse.


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