Emmerdale Episode Guide For The Year 2003
Episodes #3346-3350 --- 6th - 10th January 2003

Updated:13th January 2002

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This week's episodes were directed by
Alan Wareing.

These episodes were written by :-
Sarah Bagshaw
Chris Thompson
Peter Kerry
Ian Fenton
Karin Young

Cast List

Episode 3346

Time - 19:00 to 19:30 (30 minutes long).
When - Monday 6th January on ITV1
Rodney makes a brave stand against Steph when she threatens to take over his business. Jarvis attempts to save Len from further humiliation on the dance floor. Lisa offers to take on striking dockers. Louise moves out of Mill Cottage

The cracks are starting to appear, as Louise is under immense pressure from the police. They suspect murder and begin to look for a motive.

Louise is terrified as they ask her to meet them at Mill cottage for further questioning. But just the thought of returning the scene of the murder is enough to make her physically sick.

As the police remove the cordon, the cottage is exactly how they left it and bitterly cold.

Blood is still on the stairs, and in her mind's eye the body is still in a dishevelled heap at the bottom - will she ever be free of his haunting image?

As Rodney opens the Antiques Barn for the first time in the New Year, he is determined to turn over a new leaf - one that doesn't includes Steph's bric-a-brac along side his quality merchandise!

But it appears Steph doesn't have the same New Years resolutions, as she has already set up a stall - selling leftover Christmas tat!

The knock-off Christmas decorations are hardly attracting the clientele that Rodney favour, leaving him determined to have her moved on! But his subtle words fall on deaf ears - forcing him to take drastic action!

With the dance competition looming, Len's two left feet haven't improved and Edna is far from happy at the prospects of coming last!

Outside the hall, Jarvis hears the music and can't help but take a peak, he winces when he sees Len's lack of grace and decides to lend a hand.

Meanwhile Laurel is sick of being single - she has a big night out in mind and has her lucky pants on in anticipation, as she goes off clubbing!

Teletext :-

Viv apologised to Terry for questioning his integrity. Jarvis taught Len how to dance. Rodney evicted Steph from the Antiques Barn. ITV 1 Monday

BBC Puresoap :-

Monday 6th January Louise was under immense pressure from the police who guessed Ray had been murdered and wanted a suspect.

Rodney was furious when he opened his shop to find Steph selling leftover Christmas tat alongside him.

Jarvis decided to give Len a few dancing lessons to try and help him win the competition with Edna.

Laurel was sick of being single and decided to find herself a new bloke.

Episode 3347

Time - 19:00 to 19:30 (30 minutes long).
When - Tuesday 7th January on ITV1
Edna's dispute with Jarvis hots up as Len wows her on the dancefloor. Rodney takes matters into his own hands in a bid to rid himself of Steph. Lisa betrays her principles.

Busybody Viv tries to pull a fast one on Len, convincing him it would be better to drop out of the dance competition, rather than to let Edna down.

Although Jarvis and Edna don't see eye to eye, he isn't prepared to stand back and let Len be bullied.

He offers more dance lessons, determined to get him into shape before the competition - little does he know Len is a hopeless case!

Rivalry is fierce at dance practice. Viv is so determined that she is going to win, she is prepared to put money on it! Not to be outdone or made a fool of, Edna accepts her challenge and a wager is soon in place!

Steph can't believe her eyes when she sees that Rodney has carried out his promise and all of her stock has been thrown out of the antique barn!

For once, her girlish charms have no effect as her appeal falls on deaf ears. But her eviction brings worse news for Nicola - as Dale View is now home to a stack of outdated Christmas decorations.

Laurel's bed hasn't been slept in all night!

And things still aren't looking up for the Dingles who lurch from one financial struggle after another. It doesn't help matters when Cain hands Lisa the TV licence fine!

Teletext :-

Lisa was forced to ask Charity for a loan as the Dingles' debts mounted. Viv and Edna had a bet on the result of the dance contest. ITV 1 Tuesday

BBC Puresoap :-

Tuesday 7th January Rivalry was fierce at dance practice. Viv tried to convince Len he should drop out but Jarvis wouldn't let him.

Viv was so sure she would win she challenged Edna to a bet, who quickly accepted and agreed an amount.

Steph was stunned when she saw Rodney had thrown all her stock out of the Antique Barn.

Episode 3348

Time - 19:00 to 19:30 (30 minutes long).
When - Wednesday 8th January on ITV1

Len's new dance moves land him in bother. Jarvis gets an offer that he desperately wants to refuse. Lisa declares a Dingle self-sufficiency drive

Betty is intrigued by her Edna's stubborn enthusiasm for the dance contest and it is clear she is more determined than ever to win it.

Finally admitting her reputation, and money, is on the line, Edna is even prepared to put her strong morals aside to get the better of Viv Hope - putting Len under more pressure than ever!

Len thinks all the extra tuition has paid off until his confidence gets the better of him as he tries a tricky move and his ankle buckles - throwing them both to the floor!

The Dingle's financial problems are escalating and Charity continues to hold the deeds to their house to cover the debts they owe her.

Lisa swallows her pride and accepts another loan from Charity, much to the rest of the family's distaste. Cain is furious and decides to take matters into his own hand and pays her a visit at Home Farm.

Laurel is worried her mobile is on the blink when she hasn't had a call from her new man, Paul. Betty is worried she is setting herself up for a fall after their one-night-stand.

Meanwhile Emmerdale hasn't seen the last of Steph's Christmas tat as she decides to rival Rodney's trade in the form of a car boot sale!


Teletext :-

Len fell and injured his ankle whilst dancing with Edna. Laurel started to spread rumours about Ray being Louise's stalker. ITV 1 Wednesday

BBC Puresoap :-

Wednesday 8th January The Dingle's financial problems escalated. Lisa had to swallow her pride and accept a loan from Charity.

Laurel was worried her mobile must have broken when she didn't receive any calls from her new man.

Steph decided to rival Rodney by setting up a car boot sale so she could sell her Christmas tat.

Edna was piling the pressure on Len to perform well at the dance contest.

Episode 3349

Time - 19:00 to 19:30 (30 minutes long).
When - Thursday 9th January on ITV1

Edna saves the last dance for Jarvis. Sam's contribution to the Dingle pot is a shock to the family. Andy and Kate begin saving for their future

Len hasn't got the heart to tell Edna he won't be competing in the dance competition and her archenemy, Jarvis, will be taking his place!

He tentatively tries to broach the subject, but at the first mention of Jarvis's name Edna begins spitting feathers!

Cowardly assuring Edna he is fine to compete, Len tells her to get changed as they are going to the competition after all!

Len fears for his life, as he anticipates the wrath of Edna, when she claps eyes on Jarvis with his dancing shoes on.

Will Edna go through with the competition, or will her stubborn streak prevail and let Viv win the competition?

Sam has been trying his best come up with some cash to save the Dingle clan from financial ruin. But betting tips from Seth has lost him practically his entire life savings!

With his last few pennies Sam decides to try his luck again in the bookies and his luck finally changes for the better and he lands a big winner.

News quickly spreads of Sam's win at the bookies and the Dingles' all gather eagerly to see the colour of his money! But they are in for a shock…

Times are tough at the Antiques Barn as the customers seem to have disappeared since Steph left. With no cash flowing through the tills, Rodney is forced to lay Danny off.

Later in the village, entrepreneur Steph takes Danny on as a new recruit with the intention of setting up stalls for an Emmerdale car-boot sale the following day.

Teletext :-

Jarvis and Edna claimed first place in the dancing competition. Sam won £50 on a horse, then spent the money buying a goat. ITV 1 Thursday

BBC Puresoap :-

Thursday 9th January A desperate, penniless Sam tried one last bet at the bookies and actually landed a big winner.

Times had become tough at the Antique Barn since Steph left, so Rodney had to lay Danny off.

Len dropped out of the dance competition at the last minute and insisted Jarvis take his place.

Edna was furious but reluctantly agreed to be his partner.

Episode 3350

Time - 19:00 to 19:30 (30 minutes long).
When - Friday 10th January on ITV1

Rodney realises that Steph might be worth more to him than he thought. Chris forces Jack to use strong-arm tactics with a tenant farmer. Jarvis is upset to learn that Len and Seth have betted on the dance competition

Steph's car boot sale is a roaring success while Rodney's antiques barn is empty. He is miffed as there isn't a soul about, compared to the hustle and bustle that is gathering around the stalls in the street.

Danny and Steph are having great fun parting people with their cash, they agree to bury the hatchet and let bygones be bygones.

Rodney is forced to swallow his pride and accept that Steph did enhance his profit margins. They come to an agreement to work with each other again - with Danny in tow.

Being Farm Manager, Jack has been given the gruelling task of debt collecting on the Tate's behalf. Wilf Butler is three months behind with his rent and Chris is in no mood to be charitable.

Brian also gets a shock when he experiences Chris's mood first hand. He finds himself jobless after an attempt to negotiate a better salary!

Cain thinks he has the answers to the Dingle's prayers. Having stolen a van full of hens destined for a battery farm - he reckons that they will provide more income than Sam's offering!

The dance competition saga is still strong in the memory of Len, while Edna is forced to see Javis in a new light.


Teletext :-

Emmerdale Jarvis was upset that Len bet on the dance competition. Steph was caught out after pretending her car boot sale was for charity.ITV 1 Friday

BBC Puresoap :-

Friday 10th January Steph's car boot sale was a roaring success and Rodney reluctantly agreed he needed her to work alongside him.

Jack was given the grueling task of debt collecting on the Tate's behalf and had to see Wilf Butler for rent.

Cain stole a van full of hens headed for the battery farm and reckoned he could make some good money from them.

Edna was forced to see Jarvis in a new light after the competition.


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