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Episodes #3391-3395 --- 10 - 14 March 2003

Updated 17th March 2003

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Current Cast List

Producer: Steve Frost
Executive Producer: Keith Richardson

This week's episodes were directed by
Philip Wood

These episodes were written by :-
Karin Young (Mon)
Peter Kerry (Tue & Wed)
Stephen Bennett (Thur & Fri)

Date: Monday 10 March Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

A new family arrives in the village, and hidden tensions come to the fore as the move isn't as straightforward as they'd hoped for.

Cast List
Sandy Walsh, Samantha McCarthy, Abigail Fisher, Matthew Booth

Official Review (which will remain on the official site for only two weeks which is why I'm putting it here)

Rocky Road to Emmerdale

The Marsden’s arrive in Emmerdale, however the road is far from smooth as their removal van becomes ditched in the middle of village.

Ronnie Marsden is forced to abandon his vehicle and transport his family’s belongings on foot, while the villagers start to gather around, intrigued by the newcomers.

With the road blocked Ronnie is quick to make acquaintances and is grateful when Jack arrives on the scene to offer a helping hand.

The Marsdens aarrive with a bumpy start

It is abundantly clear that Ali, his youngest son, is far more interested in the local girls than helping out his dad.

Meanwhile at the Reynolds former old house, Frances Marsden is fuming to find Syd and Mack are still working away on their new house and makes it clear she won’t be letting the matter lie.

As a frantic Frances heads off with her eldest son Paul to track down her possessions and assess the damage, Mack and Syd waste no time trying to charm Frances’s daughter Elaine and Paul’s wife Siobhan.

After an eventful day, Ronnie’s suggestion to go to the pub infuriates Frances as she reminds him it’s their 25th wedding anniversary and she was going to prepare them a meal.

Frances and Paul arrive in the Woolpack

Eithne's Episode Review

Monday, 10th March 2003

The new family, the Marsdens arrived in the village. Frances and her teenage daughter Elaine arrived at the same time as Paul and Siobhan, Frances’s son and his wife. They were puzzled as to where Alistair, Elaine’s twin, and Ronnie, Frances’s husband are.

They were soon greeted by Mack and Syd, still working away on the house. Before Mack and Syd got any ideas, Siobhan showed them her wedding ring. Meanwhile in the village the truck Alistair and Ronnie were arriving in, with the families possessions, got stuck. Soon Jack, Ashley and Andy had been roped into helping, while Ali watched. Ronnie played a trick, letting the villagers believe he and Ali were removal men.

Edna and Betty soon appeared at the Marsden’s home to welcome the new family and to inform them that the truck had broken down. Frances was soon down in the village and in a matter of moments had insulted Ashley and Jack. In the car Frances was panicking, wondering if moving to Emmerdale and selling the house was a mistake. But Ronnie soon calmed her down.

Andy and Danny didn’t like Ali all that much, because of his lazy and smug attitude. After they left Ali and Elaine made a bet that he wouldn’t be able to get a girl by the end of the week. Elsewhere Paul wanted to make one of the sheds into a workshop, but Siobhan wasn’t too sure about him leaving his job as a hospital porter to become a carpenter.

Ronnie persuaded Frances to go to the Woolpack and meet some more people from the village. But they were greeted with an icy reception from Louise, Diane and Jack. But it was all just an act and soon the champagne was out as the village’s newest couple celebrated their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary.

Later at home their kids and Siobhan had prepared a special little party of their own as presents were exchanged. But Frances ran out in a flood of tears and she and Siobhan shared a cigarette as Frances worried. Siobhan and Frances seemed to have something planned for Wednesday, but Frances was icy towards her daughter in law. Ronnie and Frances later talked about their new home and were happy with how well everything was going, despite the few tears from Frances.

Also in this episode:

The only other storyline to be featured was Jack being unhappy about the lack of work Syd and Mack were doing. Later Scott talked to Syd about Mack still living with them.

Teletext :-

The Marsden family arrived in the village to a friendly welcome. Ronnie and Frances celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary.
ITV 1 Monday

Ali gets acquainted with Ollie and Danny at Cafe Hope

BBC Puresoap :-

Monday 10th March New arrivals, the Marsdens, had a bad start when their removal van broke down in the middle of the village.

Ronnie Marsden had to carry their belongings on foot and was grateful when Jack turned up to help.

Their youngest son, Ali, was only interested in the girls while Mack and Syd chatted up daughter, Elaine.

Ronnie's wife Frances reminded him it was their 25th wedding anniversary.

Frances Marsden

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Date: Tuesday 11 March Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm
Subtitled, Widescreen

Syd is unaware of Mack's scheme to undermine him. The Marsdens meet their neighbours from hell - the Dingles. Paddy and Emily are concerned as Debbie grieves for Pat.

Cast List includes:-
Nathan Gladwell, Rob Dixon, Danny Tennant, Ray Ashcroft, Samantha McCarthy, Dominic Brunt

The Marsdens meet their new neighbours - The Dingles!

Official Synopsis From ITV.Com - which will only remain online two weeks at that site, which is why I'm archving it here.

Sausage Rolls & Skeletons

Keen to befriend her new neighbours Frances invites the Dingles over for a drink. The atmosphere is tense though and Cain is unnerved by Elaine’s persistent questions about the previous owners to the house.

Getting up for work Scott is annoyed to find the house is littered with the remnants of Mack and Syd’s previous night’s drinking binge.

When Syd emerges with a hangover he is in no mood to battle with Scott so meekly apologises for the mess promising to clean it up at the first opportunity.

When Syd arrives he sees Mack is already at work and berates him for letting him oversleep when they have such a big job to finish.

Even the Woolpack can’t offer a hangover solution for Mack as Turner delivers a sobering blow by collaring him for the rent he owes from his time at the B&B.

Paddy and Emily are getting increasingly worried about Debbie and her growing obsession with Charity. Vowing to offer their unconditional support they hope she isn’t setting herself up for another fall.

Paddy & Emily

Meanwhile Charity is annoyed as social services have asked her to take a DNA test. Chris offers his support, however Charity makes him feel more distant than ever by not letting him get involved.

Eithne's Episode Review

Tuesday, 11th March 2003

Again the Marsden family were the centre of the storylines. Ali was unhappy about the move to the countryside and especially being awoken at five in the morning by the Dingle’s animals. Later in the café he and Donna seemed to be getting on well, but he seemed more interested in Ollie.

At the neighbourly drink between the Dingles and the Marsdens, Lisa talked about the previous residents and about Zak. But Elaine’s persistent questions about Ollie’s mother caused Cain to get angry. Lisa soon knew it was time to leave.

Elsewhere in the village:

Scott was again annoyed by Mack still being under the same roof as him. This time Scott was annoyed as he discovered the mess which Mack and Syd had created the previous night. At the Marsden’s Syd talked to Frances. She assumed that Syd and Mack were father and son. Syd explained that Mack had been one of his mother’s boyfriends.

The B&B rent saga continued again, with Alan still on Mack’s back over the money he owes, although Mack was able to afford a visit to the Woolpack again. But Mack showed his conniving and underhand side when he tried to persuade Jack into letting him take over from Syd on the Marsden job. Jack didn’t want to do this, but Scott overheard the conversation. He later told Syd, who thought that it was a mistake.

Betty upset Seth as she talked about Australia rather a lot. He feared that she wanted to move out there, but later she reassured him that she was happy in Emmerdale.

Paddy and Emily were unsure how to help Debbie with her grief over Pat’s death. Debbie seemed to be down and they tried to talk to her about the planned meeting between Charity and Debbie which was happening the following day. Paddy had an idea about how to cheer her up. He and Emily bought Little Cain, the pig, for her.

At Home Farm Charity wasn’t pleased when she discovered that she would have to have a DNA test to prove that she was Debbie’s mother. Chris told her that it was the only option that she really had.

At the Hope residence, Viv wasn’t happy that Bob was spending the day with Dawn rather than with her. He and Dawn were planning to visit the zoo. After they got back Dawn asked her father if he would walk her down the aisle. Bob said yes.

Scott is loosing patiences with Mack

Teletext :-

Social services told Charity she must have a DNA test. The Dingle and Marsden families met. Scott told Syd that Mack had to leave. ITV 1 Tuesday

BBC Puresoap :-

Tuesday 11th March Frances was pressurising Mack and Syd to get the house finished quickly, in spite of their awful hangovers.

She invited her new neighbours, the Dingles, over but Cain was unnerved by Elaine's probing questions.

Paddy and Emily were worried about Debbie and her growing obsession with Charity, but offered their support.

Social Services angered Charity when they asked her to take a DNA test.

Date: Wednesday 12 March Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm
Subtitled, Widescreen

Syd sees Mack's true colours and confronts him. Ollie is unimpressed by Ali's unique chat-up technique. Against his better judgement, Bob agrees to give Dawn away.

Cast List includes
Nathan Gladwell, Rob Dixon, Vicky Binns, Danny Tennant, Antony Audenshaw, Julia Mallam

Official Synopsis From ITV.Com - which will only remain online two weeks at that site, which is why I'm archving it here.

Out on Yer Ear

Living conditions aren’t getting any better at Pear Tree Cottage making Scott livid. To make matters worse Mack makes a suggestive comment about Chloe, which pushes Scott over the edge.

He is quickly tiring of Mack treating the place like a doss house and is angry with Syd for not throwing him out like he’d promised. But when Syd finds out where Mack’s loyalties really lie he takes swift action and his building buddy soon finds himself between a rock and a hard place.

Frances asks Viv about work going in Emmerdale.  She directs her to Pollard's factory.

Frances is keen to find a job in Emmerdale but she soon finds out there are little or no vacancies to choose from. Viv points her in the direction of Pollard’s factory in the hope that Lisa is feeling in a charitable mood.

Having waged a bet with his twin sister Elaine, Ali is keen to convince Ollie to come on a date with him. But when she declines his offer he decides to try for the sympathy vote telling her he could drop dead any minute.

Bob’s efforts to sabotage his daughter’s wedding to Terry are getting nowhere and still hasn’t managed to convince her to call it off.

Debbie sits ackwardly on the sofa at Home Farm while Paddy and Emily try and offer moral support

Meanwhile at Home Farm Debbie’s meeting with Charity is a huge let down as her real mother remains defiantly cold towards her leaving her heartbroken.

The End - Syd finally throws Mack out

Eithne's Episode Review

Wednesday, 12th March 2003

Frances was looking for work in the village and wasn’t happy at the little selection in the post office. Viv suggested she try Pollard’s factory. Lisa later interviewed her and gave her the job. Ollie was giving Ali the tour of the village. He later tried to get her to go out with him by telling her that he had a heart defect. She didn’t believe him and walked out.

Also in this episode:

Scott was again annoyed to find that the cottage was getting messy. He wanted Mack out. At work Syd confronted Mack about Scott’s allegations and Mack said that they were true. He was later sacked and kicked out by Syd. Mack hit the bottle in the Woolpack and Edna was worried about him.

At Home Farm the meeting with Charity, Debbie, Paddy, Emily and social worker Colin started. It was uncomfortable for all and didn’t last too long. Later at dinner Charity didn’t want to talk to Chris about it and at Paddy and Emily’s Debbie got ready to start back at school.

Viv was annoyed by the lack of attention she was getting from Bob. She later fell out with Steph because of her constant complaining.

Terry and Dawn were planning their upcoming wedding. Dawn was talking to Bob and telling him how glad she was that he would be walking her down the aisle. Ollie was puzzled as to why Dawn was marrying Terry who was so much older than her.

Ashley met Dawn and Terry at his house. He set them homework – each had to write a page on why they wanted to get married.

Teletext :-

Syd threw Mack out for trying to steal his job. Ali asked Ollie to go on a date. Charity acted coldly towards Debbie at a meeting.
ITV 1 Wednesday

BBC Puresoap :-

Wednesday 12th March Frances was keen to find a job so Viv sent her to Pollard's factory in the hope Lisa would offer her something.

Ali asked Ollie out on a date but when she turned him down he warned her he could drop dead any minute.

Scott was finding it very difficult living with both Mack and Syd and vowed to get Mack out.

Bob's efforts to sabotage his daughter's wedding continued to fail.

Date: Thursday 13 March Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Secrets abound as the Marsdens make a rocky start to life in Emmerdale. The Hope household is thrown into turmoil by the arrival of the original Mrs Hope. Syd rejects Mack's attempt at reconciliation.

Cast List includes
Samantha McCarthy, Sandy Walsh, Ray Ashcroft, Antony Audenshaw, Julie Higginson, Nathan Gladwell

Official Synopsis From ITV.Com - which will only remain online two weeks at that site, which is why I'm archving it here.

Danny punches Ali

Heart breaker

Jealous of all the male attention Ollie has been getting recently Donna decides to stir up a bit of trouble by telling Danny that new boy Ali has been after his girl. Danny doesn’t take kindly to the news so, unaware of his heart condition, gets physical with Ali.

Ali takes a punch from Danny

But when Ali hits the floor, motionless, panic spreads as Elaine confirms that he has a heart complaint.

Ali is knocked to the ground

Frances has been on edge for a couple of days but Ronnie just puts her anxiety down to starting a new job at the factory. Little does he know she is expecting test results from the hospital at any time after a health scare.

At work Frances’ worry is evident, but she feels relived when Lisa offers a sympathetic ear, telling her about her experiences with Zak’s cancer battle. Touched by Lisa’s story, Frances agrees to pluck up the courage to tell Ronnie the results of her test.

Lisa and new friend Frances working at the factory.

Jean has returned to Emmerdale for Dawn’s wedding with nowhere to stay. But when Bob offers to do the decent thing by putting her up for the night Viv is outraged by the idea of sharing the same roof as his ex wife!

Jean, Viv and Bob

Still desperate to stop the wedding Jean and Bob put their heads together in an attempt to throw a spanner in the works.

Having been thrown out on his ear by Syd and Scott, Mack has spent the night in the back of his van. When Diane refuses his plea to stay at the pub it soon becomes clear that he has burnt his bridges in the village.

Eithne's Episode Review

Thursday, 13th March 2003

Frances was later for her first day of work at Pollards factory. She confided in Lisa that she had been at the doctor’s to pick up the results of a mammogram that was negative. Lisa told Frances about Zak’s testicular cancer and soon they were friends.

Back at the Marsden home, Frances told Ronnie about her tests. He was angry but was glad that she had told him. Soon they were interrupted by Ali and Elaine.

Syd felt guilty after kicking Mack out, but Scott told him that what he had done was the right thing to do. Mack was down in the dumps after spending the night in the van and again turned towards drink.

Dawn persuaded Bob into letting Jean stay with him, Viv and Donna above the café. But Viv wasn’t happy when she found out. Jean and Bob were plotting to try and stop the wedding, but any comment Viv had was immediately shot down by Jean. Jean eventually suggested that they use Louise to prove that Terry was still in love with her.

Terry and Dawn read out their page of ‘homework’ to each other. Ashley was pleased at the response. In the Woolpack though Scott was hoping that Dawn and Terry’s marriage would last more than six months, although Nicola and Chloe weren’t too sure.

Danny planned to punch Ali after Donna told him about Ali’s unusual chat up line. In the café Danny did punch Ali, who pretended his heart defect had kicked in. Elaine was worried as were Donna, Danny and Ollie until Ali got up and admitted it was a trick.

Betty wasn’t pleased when she learned of Laurel and Nicola going into business together.

Teletext :-

Danny punched Ali for trying to get a date with Ollie. Viv was furious that Bob allowed Jean to stay. Mack felt sorry for himself. ITV 1 Thursday

BBC Puresoap :-

Thursday 13th March Frances was on edge and confided in Lisa that she was expecting test results after a serious health scare.

Danny tried to fight Ali for chatting up Ollie, but when Ali collapsed it transpired he had a heart complaint.

Jean arrived for Dawn's wedding but had nowhere to stay so Bob offered to put her up for the night.

Mack spent the night in his van after being evicted by Syd and Scott.

Date: Friday 14 March Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Bob makes an indecent proposal to Louise. Edna plays the good samaritan and gives Mack a roof over his head. Ali brushes off concerns about his illness.

Cast List includes
Antony Audenshaw, Emily Symons, Shirley Stelfox, Rob Dixon, Danny Tennant

Bob and Jean are still busy masterminding their plan to stop Dawn from walking down the aisle with Terry.

Viv, Jean & Bob

Stag In The Back

They are convinced that if they can make it obvious that Terry is still in love with Louise, Dawn will be sure to call the whole thing off.

Louise is disgusted to learn of Bob’s underhand plan but, to prove a point, she reluctantly agrees to play along.

Bob tries to persuade Louise to join in his plot to bring down the marriage.

Meanwhile, Terry heads out to celebrate his stag night, while Dawn marks her last few nights of freedom with the girls.

Meanwhile Jean and Steph get well aquatinted over a few bottles of wine. As they gossip, Steph lets slip that Viv had a one-night stand with a limo driver!
Jean revels with delight as she realises she has some dirt on Viv.

Jean & Steph share the gossip

Edna finds a homeless Mack alone in the church. Sensing her concern he tells her he came in to find sanctuary from the cold.

Edna finds Mack down and out

Unable to watch him suffer, she offers him her spare room for a couple of nights and Mack is quick to accept her gracious offer.

Paul calls round to check on his mum after her health scare and berates her for bottling up her problems. He insists that Frances shouldn’t shy away from relying on support from her family.

Ali apologises to Donna and Ollie for frightening them the previous day. Donna is intrigued to hear more about his illness but Ollie demands that he doesn’t ever scare them again.

Eithne's Episode Review

Friday, 14th March 2003

Mack was still sleeping in the van. Later when Edna was visiting the church she discovered him lying up against the radiators. They talked. In the Woolpack Mack asked Diane if she would take him in, but she said no and got given out to by Edna for her unchristian attitude. Nicola suggested that Edna take Mack in. Edna didn’t like the idea but that night did take him in.

The other major storyline was the Dawn and Terry wedding one. Bob was in the middle between Viv and Jean above the café. At the Woolpack Bob asked Louise and she said that nothing happened between her and Terry and that he was happy with Dawn. But Bob kept pleading with her and eventually Louise proved her point. She marched over to where Terry was sitting and asked him if he would sleep with her. He said that at one time he would but not now. Later he figured out what Bob was up to and they nearly fought outside.

Elsewhere in Emmerdale:

Ali apologised to Donna and Ollie for his trick earlier that day. He explained that he really did have a heart condition. The muscle around his heart was much thicker than it should normally be.

Frances was happy to see Paul, who was curios to find out the results of her tests for breast cancer. She tried to persuade him that he and Siobhan should move to the village, but he didn’t think that Siobhan would like it.

Steph was trying to sell her collection of antiques but wasn’t getting enough from Tommy, the dealer she was trying to sell them to. Later in the shop Steph was introduced to Jean and they talked about buying property abroad. After a few drinks though the subject turned to Viv and Steph, still not getting on with Viv, blurted out that Viv had slept with a limo driver.

Terry’s stag night wasn’t getting off to the best start with Alan having back pains. Could this be leading somewhere?

Teletext :-

Steph told Jean about Viv's infidelity. Edna gave Mack a place to stay. Louise proved to Bob that Terry wasn't in love with her.
ITV 1 Friday

BBC Puresoap :-

Friday 14th March Bob and Jean decided to prove Terry was still in love with Louise, and hopefully put Dawn off marrying him.

Louise was disgusted by the underhand plan but, to prove a point, she reluctantly agreed to play along.

Edna found Mack in the church and when he told her he was homeless she offered him a room for a few nights.

Ali apologised to Ollie and Donna for frightening them the previous


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