Emmerdale Episode Guide For The Year 2003
Episodes #3386-3390 --- 3 - 7 March 2003

Updated: 5th January 2002

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Current Cast List

Producer: Steve Frost
Executive Producer: Keith Richardson

This week's episodes were directed by
Tracey Rooney

These episodes were written by :-

Lesley Clare O'Neill
Tim Dynevor
Mark Illis
Bill Taylor

Date: Monday 03 March Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Zoe's nerve fails when faced with signing the adoption papers for her baby. Tricia's attempts to settle into married life cause ructions. Nicola's new lifestyle philosophy is tested when Steph arrives back.

Cast List
Leah Bracknell, Sheree Murphy, Nicola Wheeler, Lorraine Chase


EMMERDALE at 7.00pm Fully Networked

Zoe is beginning to feel the pressure to finalise the details of giving baby Jean up for adoption.

Determined not to let the proceedings interfere with her day to day life, Zoe requests that adoption agency worker Lila visits her at work with all the documents.

But the prospect of signing away custody suddenly becomes a daunting task as Zoe realises she is not as strong willed as she thought.

Respecting Zoe’s concern for the future of her child and realising that she hasn’t yet come to terms with giving up her baby, the agency offer her the chance to visit baby Jean one last time.

But when Jean begins to cry, Zoe is forced to make the biggest decision of her life - pick her up and soothe her tears or walk away for good.

Meanwhile the path of fostering is not running smoothly for Paddy and Emily either, as they are subject to criticism over their care of Debbie.

To make matters worse, Emily is disheartened to hear that Debbie has not been placed with a family but in a care home.

Tricia’s rose tinted view of married life is quickly tempered as she and Marlon arrive back from honeymoon to return to the grind of everyday life.

And a comment from Viv confirms Tricia’s theory that Marlon’s behaviour isn’t up for scratch for a newly wed – as she expects everything to be extra special.

Meanwhile, Bob is doing his best to bond with Dawn, while secretly trying to sabotage her wedding to Terry.

Lisa is shocked to discover some the truth about Debbie’s relationship with Charity. And she is further annoyed to find out Cain used this knowledge to blackmail Charity.


YoungPassion's Review

Monday, 3rd March 2003

Zoe planned to meet Lila at the surgery, rather than at Home Farm. When Lila arrived that afternoon Zoe didn’t seem very sure about giving Jean up and tried to stall by claiming that she was busy. Lila waited for her. After the two women talked, Lila suggested that Zoe need to see Jean. Zoe made plans to visit her daughter.

After hearing about the planned visit, Chris decided that he wanted to go with Zoe. Charity wasn’t sure about it though. But the visit went okay and Zoe sang “Baa baa black sheep” to Jean, although she was nervous of holding Jean at first. Back at Home Farm Zoe asked Chris if he thought she should keep her. He said he thought she should. Charity was again feeling annoyed.

Elsewhere in the village: Bill visited Paddy and Emily to talk about their reasoning for bringing Debbie up to Home Farm. Paddy started to get angry and said that they didn’t think what Debbie said was true. Bill organised a meeting for Paddy and Emily with his superior that afternoon.

At the surgery Paddy confronted Zoe as to why she hadn’t told him about Debbie and Charity. She explained that Charity had confided in her and that there was nothing she could do. Both were unaware that Nicola was listening in.

Later Paddy and Emily returned and were visited by Lisa, who had heard about Debbie and Charity from Nicola. Paddy talked to social services and found out that he and Emily could keep fostering, provided that they did more training. Emily wasn’t sure about more training.

Steph returned to the village after her holiday to France and was soon clashing with Nicola. Nicola was glad to hear that Steph had gotten her a present, but didn’t get the joke when she found out it was a rather large spoon. Nicola wanted to move in with Rodney when he got Mill Cottage, but Rodney wasn’t too sure.

Also back in the village were Tricia and Marlon, who carried Tricia over the threshold. Later Viv insulted Tricia while gossiping about Charity and Debbie.

Dawn wasn’t too sure about Bob giving her driving lessons but in the end caved in. Bob tried to persuade Dawn to go to university, so she would be away from Terry. Later when Dawn mentioned the idea to Terry, Bob “accidentally” spilled a drink over his son in law to be.

Lisa confronted Cain over his knowledge of Charity being Debbie’s mother.

Date: Tuesday 04 March Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Chris and Charity welcome a new Tate to Home Farm. Emily's attachment to Debbie gives cause for concern. Pancake Day causes mayhem at the Sugdens.

Cast List
Peter Amory, Emma Atkins, Kate McGregor, Clive Hornby, Hannah Midgley, Karl Davies


EMMERDALE @ 7pm Fully Networked

Unable to give up her own flesh and blood, Zoe is excited as she plans the homecoming of baby Jean.

Secretly relieved at Zoe’s decision, Chris welcomes the baby into the family fold - keen to help Zoe make plans for her future.

Although they may never know the identity of her father, they both agree that Jean is a Tate and should never be treated any differently.

However, still troubled by Debbie, Charity is riled by the new arrival in the Tate dynasty.

News of the new Tate addition soon spreads to the village and Scott is terrified that Zoe’s change of heart will serve as a permanent reminder that he is the father of her child.

Having remained anonymous thus far, Scott grows increasingly convinced that Jean’s constant presence will ultimately trigger Zoe’s memory of that fateful day.

Emily is still struggling to come to terms with Debbie's absence. Despite warnings by social services, she is desperately keen to go to Pat’s funeral to lend her support to Debbie.

Marlon is troubled by Tricia’s strange behaviour since returning from their honeymoon. And he is even more confused when he stumbles across something in Tricia’s magazines - leading him to believe they are incompatible.

Elsewhere in the village Rodney becomes the proud new owner of Mill Cottage, while Nicola is quick to try to manipulate her father into allowing her to move in.

YoungPassion's Episode Review

Tuesday, March 4th 2003

Zoe was eager to pick up Jean as Chris planned to go shopping, so he could get things for Jean such as toys. Charity wasn’t impressed by the plans and went to the Woolpack to get away. She told Chloe and Scott about Jean staying with Zoe after all. Scott was shocked.

Zoe visited the new church to tell Ashley about her keeping Jean. He went with her to the home where she had been staying. Lila was also there and Jenny, the foster carer, talked Zoe through the routine. Chris was happy when Zoe arrived back with Jean and welcomed the new Tate to its home.

Also in this episode:

Emily wanted to go to Pat’s funeral, to help Debbie. Paddy wasn’t sure though. Later he talked to Jack, who had heard about Charity and Debbie being mother and daughter. Emily tried to persuade Charity to go to Pat’s funeral.

There was chaos at the Sugden’s as Victoria wanted pancakes, but was late for school. Andy, Katie and Robert all had to make some with her after school. When Jack got home he found quite a mess and a sick Victoria.

Tricia and Marlon were having teething problems. Tricia didn’t feel married and felt that she and Marlon should be doing things like home improvement. Marlon had the morning off and discovered a magazine with a test inside. He thought that it was Tricia’s and that she wanted to dump him. Marlon asked Paddy’s advise but Paddy had other things on his mind. Later in the Woolpack Danny helped Marlon, telling him that he should get fit.

And finally Rodney visited Nicola and Steph. Steph was thinking of buying a villa in France for her to retire to, but Steph’s retirement couldn’t come quick enough for Nicola, who wanted to move in with Rodney, now the official owner of Mill Cottage. When Nicola was out, Steph started to unpack one of her suitcases and we saw that she had picked up another one of her ornaments.


Date: Wednesday 05 March Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Zoe looks back with relief on the past fraught year. Charity rejects her daughter in no uncertain terms. Marlon struggles to fit the mould of Mr Right.

Cast List
Leah Bracknell, Emma Atkins, Mark Charnock


EMMERDALE at 7.00pm Fully Networked

Despite a troubled night with her baby daughter, Zoe grows increasingly comfortable with Jean as the bonding process begins.

Not everyone is as comfortable, however, and things gets awkward for Scott when he and Chloe bump into Zoe and Chris out walking the baby.

Despite his fear of being revealed as the father, Scott feels compelled to look at Jean to test if he has any paternal feelings towards her.

He is relieved when he feels nothing, but that is more than can be said when he discovers that Chloe is considering applying for the job of nanny – looking after Jean!

With her adoptive mother gone, Debbie again finds herself drawn to Home Farm in a desperate bid to search answers from Charity.

Although alarmed by Debbie’s arrival, Charity manages to remain composed and tries to set Debbie straight – forcing herself to be blunt to the point of being cruel in order to get the message over.

Charity tries to convince Debbie that she has misconstrued ideas about their relationship and it is going nowhere.

Dishevelled and distraught, Debbie fleas from Home Farm, filled with self-loath as the sounds of Charity’s voice rings in her ears.

Tricia is still frustrated with married life. And as she sets about changing the utility bills into her married name, she can’t help but notice that she doesn’t feel any different to when she was single.

Marlon’s bizarre behaviour can’t be helping, though, as he seems to be suffering from post honeymoon paranoia - convinced that Tricia has already gone off him.


YoungPassion's Episode Review

Wednesday, March 5th 2003

Debbie arrived at Home Farm, rather than going to the funeral, and saw Charity with Jean. Later Debbie made her presence known after Zoe and Chris had left. Charity told her daughter that she was the one who called social services, not Paddy and Emily. Debbie and Charity clashed and Debbie ran out. She later turned up at Paddy and Emily’s. Paddy tried to comfort her.

He later called social services and Colin arrived. He took Debbie with him as Emily got back from the funeral. She was angry.

Elsewhere in Emmerdale:

Tricia dreamed of being Mrs. Beckham or Mrs. Clooney rather than being Mrs. Dingle. Marlon pulled something while trying to get fit. Later in the Woolpack’s kitchen Marlon tried, rather unsuccessfully to do press ups, much to Diane’s amusement. At home again Marlon confronted Tricia about the magazine. She told him that it was Ollie who had filled it in.

Zoe showed Jean off in the village, with Chris playing the role of proud uncle. Scott wasn’t best pleased however when Chloe pulled him over to see Jean. Later when Zoe mentioned that she would have to get a nanny, Chloe seemed interested.

As Scott and Chloe talked about babies, Ollie played a little trick on Danny, asking how he would feel if she were ‘late’. He was surprised but she said that she wasn’t pregnant.

Turner talked to Syd about the £400 Mack still had to pay for the B&B. Jack visited the Reynolds and discovered that Mack didn’t seem to be doing much at all. Jack told him that the Marsdens were moving in on Monday, two days early.

Zoe was a little frustrated with Jean’s crying, but another song relaxed her. Chris confided in Zoe, telling her about Charity’s admission on their wedding day that she didn’t love him. Zoe tried to comfort him, telling him that they were much closer now than they were then.


Date: Thursday 06 March Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Debbie goes on the run, throwing Emily and Charity into panic. Chloe wants to be nanny to Zoe (and Scott's) baby. A surprise package arrives for the Dingles.

Cast List
Kate McGregor, Dominic Brunt, Amy Nuttall, Leah Bracknell, Jane Cox


EMMERDALE at 7.00pm Fully Networked

As Emily grows frustrated over Charity having the final word on where Debbie will live, Paddy delivers the troubling news that Debbie has run away again.

Desperate to help the troubled teenager, Emily makes an emotional plea to Charity, begging her to let Debbie stay in the village.

The guilt is unbearable for Charity, who struggles to get the image of Debbie’s tear stained face out of her mind.

Realising the hurt she has caused having rejected her, Charity starts to face up to some painful truths.

Meanwhile Viv and Steph arrive at Home Farm on the pretext of congratulating Zoe on the baby.

But it soon becomes apparent that they are just there to pry as they try to establish who the father is.

Zoe has more pressing matters to deal with, however, and surprised to learn Chloe has applied for the position of nanny.

She agrees to interview her but strongly doubts she will be the best candidate – given the time they previously spent together.

Mack does a spot of DIY for Edna, but all doesn’t go as planned and Mack soon becomes a cropper.

With his wrist out of action from the fall, Mack is quick to tell Syd he’ll have to put his feet up for the afternoon and makes his way back to the pub.

Scott is quick to accuse Mack of being a fraud as he knocks back the pints, but Syd won’t hear a bad word said against his friend.

Young Passion's Episode Review

Thursday, March 6th 2003

Charity was in a bad mood and ended up shouting at Zoe over breakfast. Zoe was later annoyed by the arrival of Viv and Steph on her doorstep. She managed to get rid of them though. Charity went to the shop and talked to Emily, who was trying to persuade her in letting Debbie stay with her and Paddy. Paddy interrupted as he announced that Debbie had run away again.

Paddy and Emily searched, but didn’t find her by the end of the episode. Charity told Chris and Zoe about Emily’s proposal. Chris talked to her and said that he wouldn’t mind Debbie being in the village.

Also in this episode:

Zak sent a package from Argentina to the Dingles, with presents for Belle, Sam, Cain and body lotion for Lisa. But Lisa was annoyed that he didn’t write a letter to them.

Viv wanted to see Jean, so she could figure out who her father was. Steph wound her up saying that some of Jean’s features were like Bob’s.

Edna was searching for Syd, to get him to fix some tiles on her roof. Mack took over the job, although she wasn’t sure about it. At lunchtime Mack was in the pub, after lying to Syd. Alan was again wanting his money. (This is getting slightly boring now) Mack turned up at Edna’s and ended up falling after Tootsie getting in the way. He sprained his arm, but again lied to Syd, this time about his whereabouts.

Zoe was talking to people over the phone about nanny’s for Jean. Charity was forced to look after Jean, but when she made a mess of it, Zoe put her foot in it. Chloe turned up at Home Farm looking to work as a nanny. Chloe gave Zoe a reference from when she worked as an au pair, but Zoe didn’t think that Chloe had enough qualifications. Chloe snapped and was rather rude. Later Scott tried to persuade her out of working for Zoe.




EMMERDALE @ 7pm Fully Networked

Feeling as though she is carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders, Charity is wracked with guilt as Debbie is still missing.

Chris is quick to reassure Charity that if Debbie is any thing like her mother she will be fine – she is a survivor. The words of comfort help, but Charity simply worries more and resolves to help Emily look for Debbie.

Their search for takes Charity back down memory lane to a time she’d rather forget as they visit the council house – once the home to Charity and also where Debbie had lived until Pat became ill.

As the memories come flooding back, Charity becomes more moved by Debbie’s plight.

Meanwhile at the Dingles, Cain is annoyed to find Debbie hanging around the animals. Not wanting to entertain her, he offers to give her a lift home.

But Debbie tearfully admits she has no where to go - with Pat dead and social services taking her away from the village – not even her real mother wants her.

Cain insist she returns to the village – but how will Charity react to her daughter now?

Betty is back from Australia, having been to visit Kathy and is keen to catch up on all the gossip.

Seth is determined to make a fuss and attempts to cook a welcome home meal. But as Betty recounts her travels in Oz, Seth worries that she hasn’t missed him much and may be considering moving to Australia!

Sick of chasing Mack for the rent arrears, Turner’s patience has finally run out – and so has Mack’s time at the B&B!

Meanwhile Zoe’s search for a nanny is proving tougher than she thought as her illness becomes an issue yet again.

YoungPassion's Episode Review

Friday, March 7th 2003

Emily and Charity searched for Debbie at Pat’s old house. Charity saw a prostitute getting out of a car and felt uncomfortable. Debbie wasn’t at the house though, as Charity remembered when she was pregnant. After more badgering from Emily, Charity caved in and agreed to let Debbie stay with Paddy and Emily.

Cain found Debbie walking on the road and forced her into getting into the car. He dropped her off in the village. She turned up on Paddy’s doorstep. Colin turned up and after talking to Debbie agreed that she should stay with Paddy and Emily.

Elsewhere in the village:

Zoe interviewed people for the nanny job. One of them, Jo, seemed quite put off when Zoe mentioned her schizophrenia and said that she had other offers to consider. Zoe ended up giving the job to Chloe.

Lisa confided in Marlon that she was worried about Zak not sending a letter. Viv wound her up, saying it was carnival time in South America. Later though Zak called – from China.

Mack was trying to get sympathy from Syd (or at least that is the way it would seem to a viewer). Later Mack called around to Edna’s to pick up one of his tools. He told her that she was the only person willing to give him a chance in the village. (Might be jumping the gun a bit, but does Mack have a new lady in his sights?!)

Syd, Chloe and Scott talked about having Syd move in with them. Scott wasn’t sure but Chloe said only for the weekend. Mack made a scene while checking out of the B&B or rather being kicked out. (But there was a bit of a surprise. The B&B had guests.)

Betty returned to find Seth in an apron. She got a warm welcome from Seth and Laurel, who filled her in on all the gossip.

Teletext :-

Emmerdale Charity agreed to let Debbie stay with the Kirks. Zoe hired Chloe to be her baby's nanny. Betty returned from Australia.
ITV 1 Friday

Pure Soap :-

Friday 7th March Charity was wracked with guilt over Debbie's disappearance and began to have strong feelings for her.

When Cain found Debbie hanging around the animals he insisted she return to the village and see Charity again.

Betty returned from Australia but Seth was worried she hadn't missed him and she might even move there.

Turner evicted Mack from the B and B after his patience finally ran out.

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