Emmerdale Episode Guide For The Year 2003
Episodes #3381-3385 --- 24 - 28 February 2003

Updated: 5th January 2002

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These synopsis are based on those released by YTV

Current Cast List

Producer: Steve Frost
Executive Producer: Keith Richardson

This week's episodes were directed by
Tim Dowd

These episodes were written by :-
Andrew Kirk
Stephen Bennett
Paul Quiney
Margaret Simpson
Peter Kerry

Date: Monday 24 February Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm
Subtitled, Widescreen

Lisa finds the time has come to assert herself. Emily is concerned for Debbie as her mother's condition worsens. Nicola puts on a brave face after being manipulated by Mack.

Cast List includes
Jane Cox, Kate McGregor, Charley Webb, Nicola Wheeler, Rob Dixon

Episode 3381 MONDAY 24 FEBRUARY 2003

EMMERDALE at 7.00pm Fully Networked

Lisa and Laurel are relieved as they see new troops arriving to help with the huge workload at Pollard's factory.

And there's an added bonus too for Laurel as she gets all in a fluster about one of the new recruits and Lisa plays cupid.

But the excitement surrounding the new arrivals soon wears off when Lisa finds out they are on a far higher wage than everyone else!

Her angry tones fall on deaf ears, however, and Pollard tells her to get on with her job - while she still has one!

But Lisa isn't about to let him ride roughshod over her workforce and decides to hit Pollard where it hurts.Emily is concerned for Debbie, as her adoptive mother Pat has taken a turn for the worseand may not make it through the night.

Debbie is distraught, having convinced herself that she has made matters worse by lying about Pat dying of cancer.Meanwhile things are getting back to normal for Zoe at the surgery. She finds a strangedelight in doing things that have been off limits for a while, due to her pregnancy.
Syd finally convinces Mack to join him in working on the contract for the Reynolds conversion - though Mack isn't too chuffed about taking orders from his protégé'.

Nicola is down in the dumps over her men problems. Sick of everyone taking advantage of her, she finally decides she is off blokes' altogether!


Young Passion's Episode Review

Monday, 24th February 2003

New staff from an agency started at Pollard’s factory. Laurel liked one of them, Tim, and soon was comparing him to a young Cary Grant. She and Tim went to the café for lunch, although newly celibate Nicola did interrupt them. All was calm at the factory until Lisa found out that the agency staff were getting much more per hour than she and Laurel. Lisa complained to Pollard, but he said no to any increase.

Soon Lisa was preparing to go on strike, which annoyed Pollard. Laurel, Lisa, Sam and Cain protested, with placards. The agency staff were forced to wait outside all afternoon and, after an attempt to sneak in a back door being thwarted by Cain, Pollard sent them home. He eventually decided that he would have to complete the order himself and sacked Lisa, before making a start on the task.

Also in this episode:

Emily was at Leeds Hospital with Debbie, as they watched Pat get weaker, although we didn’t get to see Pat. Emily told Debbie about Butch. Debbie blamed herself for Pat’s illness, wishing she hadn’t told Ollie the story about her mother dying. Emily confided in Debbie about how, when she was younger, used to have imaginary friends over for tea. Later at home, Emily told Paddy that she wanted to foster Debbie long term. Paddy was unsure about this.

Zoe was back at the vets and was glad to be back. She wound up Nicola by telling her that the voices had always said that she was quite attractive. Nicola was snapping at people over the phone. Later Paddy asked if the voices had ever said anything about him and Zoe playfully responded saying “What do you think?” Soon the conversation turned to kids.

Elsewhere Jack kept checking up on Mack and Syd at the Reynolds place. Mack was skiving, but Syd covered for him. Later Jack was looking for them both.

Nicola saw Mack in the Woolpack and Rodney thanked Diane after she stood up for his daughter.

Date: Tuesday 25 February Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Lisa triumphs over Pollard and proves herself to be Zak's worthy successor. Emily considers adopting Debbie but Paddy is unsure. Laurel agrees to let Nicola manage her cleaning business.

Cast List
Jane Cox, Christopher Chittell, Kate McGregor, Dominic Brunt, Charlotte Bellamy, Nicola Wheeler

Episode 3382 TUESDAY 25 FEBRUARY 2003

EMMERDALE @ 7pm Fully Networked

With his staff on strike, Pollard's attempt to meet the huge order deadline single handedly is doomed to fail.

Having spent the entire night in the factory, yet barely making a dent in the order, he feels deflated and defeated.

Lisa, however, is doing a stern job at the front of the picket line, making sure no one backs down.

Time is ticking away and Pollard is all too aware that the time has come for some tough negotiations.

Lisa holds her head up high as she leaves the picket line for a showdown with the boss - determined not to let her troops down.

Meanwhile, Debbie's adoptive mother Pat is weakening in hospital and has been given only weeks to live.

Concerned for Debbie's future, Emily discusses with Paddy the idea of fostering her on a more permanent basis. Zoe is taken aback at the speed in which the adoption agency have found a home for baby Jean.

She enquires about the prospective parents, trying to hide her natural concern for her baby's future.

After the care worker's call, Zoe struggles to convince herself that she has done the right thing in giving Jean up but throws herself into her work in a bid to take her mind off the baby.

Andy struggles to deal with his jealousy when Katie raves she has passed her art exam with flying colours thanks to Stephen.

And Nicola takes advantage of Laurel's naïve outlook on life as she offers to manage hercleaning business.

Little does she know that Nicola is after the main chance - drawing up a contract to seal their deal and take a share of the takings.

Young Passion's Episode Review

Tuesday 25th February 2003

Sam, Lisa and Laurel were still on strike, even though Cain wasn’t. Inside the factory Pollard, complete with green transfer, was woken up by the striking staff outside. He realised that none of the agency staff had turned up. Eventually he had to agree to talk to Lisa about increasing the wages. She sent Sam and Laurel away, while she talked to Pollard. He raised the wages by 40p, but Lisa also insisted a bonus.

Soon Sam was searching for temporary staff and recruited Ollie, Danny, Jarvis and Len. He and Laurel also returned to try and complete the order. Pollard was forced to admit how impressed he was by Lisa.

Also in this episode:

Zoe had a visit from Lila Griffith, the social worker who was now over Jean’s adoption. Zoe found out that a couple wanted to adopt Jean. Also we saw a rare appearance from Joseph, who was on midterm.

Emily was in the village. Paddy was again unsure about fostering Debbie long term and got angry when Emily brought up the subject. He tried to get Emily to have a night in with him, as he was annoyed by the little he was seeing of her. Later Paddy tried to persuade Zoe not to be doing too much. He told her to have a night out.

Katie told Andy that she had gotten on very well in her art project. She was grateful to Steven and considered getting him a present. Andy seemed to be suffering from the green eyed monster.

Nicola proposed that she become Laurel’s manager after seeing how bad Laurel was at keeping track of her hours at the pub. Laurel was unsure. Later Nicola asked a surprised Rodney for advice about keeping time sheets and managing a business.


Date: Wednesday 26 February Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Paddy and Emily are sceptical when Debbie declares she has found her real mother. Lisa's management skills ensure Pollard's order is completed on time. Andy is uncertain of Katie's intentions towards Stephen.

Cast List
Dominic Brunt, Kate McGregor, Jane Cox, Christopher Chittell, Kelvin Fletcher, Sammy Winward


Episode 3383 WEDNESDAY 26 FEBRUARY 2003

EMMERDALE at 7.00pm Fully Networked

Pat hasn't made it through the night and Emily fears the worst when she gets a call from the hospital telling her Debbie disappeared shortly after Pat passed away.

Distraught, Debbie is struggling to deal with her grief and doesn't know who to turn to. Alone and with tears streaming down her face, she finds herself drawn to Home Farm.

Charity is late for a meeting and rushes out the door, the last thing she expects is to be confronted by a desperate Debbie. The pain in Debbie's eyes is excruciating for Charity - but she refuses to be emotionally drawn.

Debbie decides to share the secret of her mother's identity with Paddy and Emily but they are quick to put her wild tale down to shock.

At Pollard's factory, the troops are flagging as they have been working through the night to complete the order. The sleep deprivation is taking its toll as Lisa does her best to keep spirits high.

As the production pace slows, Pollard becomes more irritable and threatens to sack everyone if they don't speed up.

It's once again down to Lisa to try and save the day and stop the angry workers from downing tools.

Meanwhile Nicola is busy trying to get Laurel to sign her life away. Having drawn up a contract to become her new business manager, Laurel is unsuspecting as Nicola asks her to sign on the dotted line.

Zoe receives some further upsetting news from the adoption agency. She can't help feel rejected when she hears the new couple have decided to change Jean's name.

Young Passion's Episode Review

Wednesday 26th February 2003

Paddy got a phone call from Bill, the social worker, to say that Pat had died during the night and that Debbie had run away. Emily was worried and felt guilty. Later Debbie turned up at Home Farm and told Charity the news about Pat. Charity offered her a cup of tea and some chocolate, but later brought Debbie back to Paddy and Emily, claiming that she had seen Debbie thumbing a lift.

Later Charity was down, drinking by herself. She told Chris about Debbie’s visit and Pat’s death. He didn’t believe that she had no feelings for her daughter. They played Call My Bluff and Chris said that he had insecurities because he didn’t know everything about Charity’s past. She told him a little, but nothing that he hadn’t heard before. Paddy told Emily that he wanted to foster Debbie long term.

Debbie told Emily about Pat’s death and later she told Paddy and Emily that Charity was her real mother. They didn’t believe her and thought it was a cry for help.

Also in this episode:

There was tension at the factory after Pollard was pushing the staff to get the order finished. But Lisa persuaded him to buy a round of drinks, to show his appreciation. Later Sam played a trick on everyone by throwing an empty box down the steps. Pollard thought it was full though. In the Woolpack there was a relaxed atmosphere as a sleepy Danny slept and the rest of the temporary staff celebrated.

Zoe pulled as Nicola put it. Gina, Zoe’s one night stand, turned up after Zoe left her phone behind, at the same as Lila, the social worker. Lila told Zoe that Jean’s possible parents wanted to change her name. Lila advised that Zoe write a letter to her daughter. Whilst Lila was taking a phone call, Zoe took a quick peek at a photo of Jean.

Andy was jealous again as Katie wrote a thank you card to Steven. Donna wanted to go on a double date with herself, Katie, Andy and Steven but Katie was unsure. Later Katie asked Andy and he agreed to ask Steven.

Jack asked Diane if she would like to go to the cinema with him the following night and she said yes. And Nicola and Laurel signed a contract, with Nicola getting a 15% share in profits.


Date: Thursday 27 February Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Paddy and Emily's worst fears are confirmed as the identity of Debbie's mother emerges. Donna is determined to get her claws into Stephen. Lisa finds herself in a management role.

Cast List
Dominic Brunt, Kate McGregor, Verity Rushworth, William Snape, Jane Cox

Episode 3384 THURSDAY 27 FEBRUARY 2003

EMMERDALE at 7.00pm Fully Networked

Emily is still deeply confused about Debbie's belief that Charity is her mother.
But when Debbie confesses Cain has been encouraging her, Emily is outraged that he could fill her with such false hopes.

Determined to confront Cain, Emily goes to the Dingles' to shed some light on the matter.

But the last thing she expects to uncover is the truth and Emily and Paddy are left reeling with the news.

As they head to Home Farm for a showdown, Charity braces herself as she realises she can no longer remain anonymous in Debbie's life.

Donna has taken a shine to Stephen and begs Katie to organise a night out so she can get to know him a little better.

Andy is keen to build bridges with Stephen as they got off on the wrong foot and agrees to Katie's idea of a get-together. But Stephen feels the pressure when he sees Donna is dressed up to the nines and realises he has been set up.

Things just get better and better at Pollard's factory for Lisa and her boss is so taken with her supervisory skill in the factory, he makes her a management offer she can't afford to refuse.

Young Passion's Episode Review

Thursday 27th February 2003

Emily talked to Debbie, who revealed that Cain had helped her find Charity. Emily blamed Cain for filling Debbie’s head with these stories. But Cain told Emily that Charity was Debbie’s mother and that she should look at the picture Debbie carried around with her. After looking at the picture, Emily decided that she, Debbie and Paddy should visit Charity, although Paddy wanted to call social services first.

At Home Farm, Charity admitted that she was Debbie’s mother. Zoe brought Debbie into the living room and talked to her. After a long time Charity, Paddy and Emily decided that it would be best if Debbie were to return to Paddy’s and Emily’s. Debbie wasn’t happy. Charity was later upset. Chris pointed out that she had two options. Either build a relationship with Debbie or call social services and have her moved away. Charity did the latter and waited for social services to arrive.

Also in this episode:

Zoe found out that she wouldn’t be able to drive for a while yet, a setback to her work at the vets. She would have to fill in a questionnaire because of her schizophrenia. Chris asked her later what was wrong and she admitted that she had felt uncomfortable the pervious day with Lila and Gina.

Pollard asked Lisa to do timesheets and other work around the office, but he didn’t want to have to increase her pay. But she said that as she would be doing managerial work, that she should get paid extra.

Andy and Steven were up at the farm. Andy asked Steven if he would go out that night with him and Katie. Steven said yes. At the café that night Steven was surprised to see Donna was going out with them also. But in the end it was decided that they would stay at the café.


Date: Friday 28 February Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Emily is distraught as Debbie is removed from her care. Zoe begins to wonder if she has made the right decision about Jean. Donna deludes herself into thinking Stephen is interested in her.

Cast List
Kate McGregor, Charley Webb, Leah Bracknell, Verity Rushworth, William Snape

Episode 3385 FRIDAY 28 FEBRUARY 2003

EMMERDALE @ 7pm Fully Networked

Debbie is heartbroken after yet another rejection from Charity, while Paddy and Emily are left to pick up the pieces.

Still holding a glimmer of hope for their relationship, Debbie hopes that Charity may change her mind, given time. Paddy and Emily have bigger worries on their mind, though. With Debbie's real mother being so close to home, they are sure that social services will move her away.

Torn as to whether or not to call social services, they are dealt a massive blow when Charity beats them to the punch. They are left devastated when a phone call comes to tell them the worst - Debbie has to go.

As the dust settles at Home Farm, Chris is taken aback by Charity's coldness when she assures him she wants Debbie out of her life as quickly as possible. The day's events have taken their toll on Zoe too, she reflects on her own personal dilemma and wonders what long-term damage adoption will have on Jean.

Having witnessed first hand the trauma that Debbie has suffered, Zoe fears she is all set to put her daughter through the same thing on day. Burdened by her guilt, Zoe goes to see Ashley but struggles to hold herself togetheremotionally when she sees him affectionately playing with Gabby. Meanwhile, Donna is determined to brush up on her farming skills in order to impress Stephen.

Young Passion's Episode Review

Friday 28th February 2003

The episode picked up where it left off the pervious night, with Charity after calling social services. Even Chris was surprised by her decision. The social worker, Colin, talked to Charity about Debbie. She said she didn’t want any contact with her daughter. Later Colin arrived at Emily and Paddy’s, as did Bill. He told them that he thought it would be best if Debbie were moved.

Debbie started packing and soon the time came for her to leave. She didn’t say goodbye to Paddy or Emily and just left. Paddy and Emily were upset over her leaving and wondered if they would be able to foster again.


Also in this episode:

Andy and Steven were talking about farming, much to Katie and Donna’s annoyance. Donna tried to learn more about farming from Steven, but her plan didn’t work. She wondered whether or not to ask him on a date. Katie didn’t think that she should.

Zoe visited Ashley and Gabby at her old home. They talked about Jean’s adoption as she wondered whether she should write the letter or not. She told Ashley that she had tried to but couldn’t put down her feelings on paper. Later in the church she confided in him about Charity’s situation with Debbie.


Mack was skiving off work again, spending the day in the pub rather than working. When he went to Syd’s, Mack told his employer that he had been at the bank, trying to get a loan. Syd gave Mack £50.

Dawn and Terry were unpacking at their new home, after a busy day shopping. They were looking over some photos, one of Britt which Dawn wanted to put on the mantelpiece. Terry wasn’t sure and in the end they decided to put a picture of the two of them in Spain on the mantelpiece.

Diane called around to the Sugden’s and she watched a video with Jack and Victoria. Victoria choose to watch the Wizard of Oz. After Victoria left for bed, Jack told Diane that he was worried about Victoria getting older and how much she idolises Katie. Soon Victoria was back though, as she had had a bad nightmare about the wicked with from the Wizard of Oz.


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