Emmerdale Episode Guide For The Year 2003
Episodes #3376-3380 --- 16 - 21 February 2003

Updated: 5th January 2002

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Producer: Steve Frost
Executive Producer: Keith Richardson

This week's episodes were directed by
Alan Wareing

These episodes were written by :-
Karin Young (Sun)
Mark Illis (Mon)
Andrew Kirk (Tue)
Sarah Bagshaw (Thu & Fri?)


Date: Sunday 16 February SUNDAY 16 FEBRUARY 2003 EMMERDALE at 7.00pm (Scotland viewers please check your regional times for this episode)
Subtitled, Widescreen

The village is shocked when Terry brings back a souvenir from Spain. Viv and Chloe are at loggerheads over Scott. Syd takes his first steps towards independence.

Episode 3376

Fresh from a break in Spain, courtesy of Bob's ex-wife - Terry returns to the village with a new romantic interest in tow.

But Louise, who has also returned from her holiday is surprised and uncomfortable to discover that she is half his age!

Gossip of Terry's holiday romance spreads like wildfire - The Woolpack is a hive of activity as the local's make assumptions.

Bob is quick to criticise those who are being judgmental, happy that his pal has met someone special - until he realises that the woman on Terry's arm is a very familiar face.

Viv is far from impressed when she learns Chloe and Scott are back together, branding her a hussy she is quick to remind him of her infidelity. But Chloe is in no mood to suffer Viv's wrath and tells her to stick her job.

Chloe walking out is the least of Viv's problems, as she still hasn't seen any sign of the eternity ring she swallowed, despite eating bucket loads of prunes.

Syd is upbeat about the prospect of starting his own business, while unemployed Mack is quick to put him down, mocking his entrepreneurial efforts.

Eithne's Review Sunday, 16th February 2003

The major storyline was the return of Terry to the village, with a new love interest in tow, who he had brought from Spain with him. Alan was surprised after meeting Dawn and Louise called around to the B&B to greet Terry and was surprised after he introduced Dawn, because Dawn looked about twenty.

Later news quickly spread, via Louise and Alan, of Terry's new love, although certain people were a little judgmental when it came to the girl's age. Bob was the first to put them in their place and was keen to meet his friends new woman. As gossip spread Terry and Dawn both had nerves at different times and tried to put of going into the Woolpack.

As Louise tried to remember the girl's name Dawn walked into the Woolpack, giving Bob a huge surprise. As Bob hugged Dawn, Terry made his entrance. Bob asked Terry where his lady was and Terry shocked Bob by revealing that Dawn was his lady.

Bob was even more surprised when Dawn revealed that she and Terry were engaged. A shocked Viv walked out of the pub as Chloe laughed at the fact that Terry would be Viv's son in law if they got married.

Also in the episode:

Viv sacked Chloe after a row over Chloe and Scott being back together. Viv ended up working with Laurel, who tried to shock Viv.

Mack and Syd talked about working in the village. Mack tried to get rid of the competition by putting down Syd's ideas of starting his own business in the village.

Mack mentioned a job in London, as Alan asked to be paid for the B&B.

Louise talked to her mother in Australia after Rodney informed her that he was considering putting an offer in on Mill Cottage.

Teletext :-

A shell-shocked Bob discovered that his daughter Dawn was Terry's new girlfriend. Viv decided to sack Chloe from the cafe. ITV 1 Sunday

Date: Monday 17 February Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Terry faces fierce opposition to his engagement from an enraged and emotional Bob.

Episode 3377

Bob is struggling to comprehend that Terry has brought his teenage daughter, Dawn, back from Spain as his girlfriend.

Knowing full well that Terry was in love with Louise - he finds it hard to believe that he could change his mind to rapidly!

Naturally protective over his daughter, things go from bad to worse for Bob, when Dawn makes a shock announcement!

Bob is flabbergasted and, not hiding his thoughts, he resolves to put her on the next plane home to her mother. Until, that is, the entrance of another familiar face causes an even bigger stir!

As all hell breaks loose in the Woolpack, Scott tries to disperse the gathering crowds by inviting them back to his.

But nothing could persuade Edna and Nicola to give up their ringside seats as the sparks begin to fly in the pub.

Meanwhile Viv tries to cheer Bob up as she proudly admits she has finally managed to pass her eternity ring - thankfully in pristine condition!

However Bob is far from impressed as he has other more pressing issues on his mind - like running Terry out of town.

Teletext :-

Bob refused to give his blessing to Terry and Dawn's engagement, and was surprised to encounter his ex-wife in the village.
ITV 1 Monday

BBC Puresoap :-

Monday 17th February Terry returned from Spain with a new girlfriend but she was half his age and the gossip spread like wildfire. Bob was quick to criticise those who were being too judgmental - until he saw the girl was his daughter, Dawn.
Chloe walked out of her job when Viv called her a hussy after finding out she was back together with Scott.
Syd was optimistic at the thought of starting his own business.

Eithne's Review Monday, 17th February 2003

Again the major storyline was Dawn and Terry’s relationship and the show began where Sunday’s left off, in the Woolpack where Bob still thought the engagement was some sort of joke. Bob and Dawn went to the café to talk about her and Terry, where Viv followed them. Donna and Dawn met for the first time and were introduced by an angry Bob. Donna was annoyed when asked to go upstairs.

Bob tried to turn Dawn against Terry by telling her about his and Viv’s affair and about Terry’s feelings for Louise, which Dawn already knew about. Dawn walked out as Viv showed Bob her eternity ring, which caused him to storm out of the café. Donna later found him in the shop, eating sweets. Bob felt as though he wanted to leave the village but Donna tried to make him change his mind.

After Dawn returned to Terry, he decided to try and talk with Bob. Terry arrived at the shop and clashed with Bob, with Bob stating that he would never forgive Terry. Meanwhile Dawn had arrived in the pub, followed by Viv and Dawn asked Diane if she had anywhere to freshen up. Diane let her freshen up upstairs and after Dawn had left a woman turned up asking for Bob. Diane told her to try the shop. Bob was throwing Terry out of the shop as Jean, Bob’s first wife, arrived.

Jean and Bob fought over the engagement as Viv arrived back, in the café. Jean claimed that Dawn saw Terry as a father figure that she had never had and later left to look for Dawn. Jean ended up verbally attacking Terry and Dawn in the Woolpack. Viv looked for Bob, hoping that he hadn’t left her. She found him drinking outside. Bob said, breaking down in tears, that he would stop the wedding.

Also in this episode:

Nicola and Diane were gossiping about the fallout from Dawn and Terry’s engagement with Edna also on board.

Date: Tuesday 18 February Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm
Subtitled, Widescreen

Bob attempts to mend a family rift. Mack manipulates an unsuspecting Nicola. Pollard ignores Lisa's words of warning.

Episode 3378

With their relationship under scrutiny Terry and Dawn are determined to show the village how serious they are about one another.

Terry's first port of call is the church, where he asks Ashley to marry them. A little taken aback by his urgency, Ashley suggests they attend pre-marital sessions first.

Deliriously happy, Terry agrees to the sessions as Ashley confirms he can keep his side of the bargain and marry them in three weeks.

Time is now ticking for Bob, and with only weeks to stop the marriage he decides to try another tact. He ditches rage and scare tactics and decides to become the father she never had, hoping he will win her round.

In the meantime, Bob's current wife Viv and ex-wife Jean prepare to do battle as they argue over him.

Egged on by Scott and Syd, Mack decides to have a bit of fun with Nicola in the Woolpack.

Secretly flattered by all the attention, Nicola plays hard-to-get, which encourages Mack to pester her more.

Meanwhile, Chloe and Scott put their relationship troubles behind them and decide to give it another go, as she moves back in to Pear Tree Cottage more permanently.

Teletext :-

Bob told Dawn he wouldn't stop her marrying Terry. Chloe moved back in with Scott. Terry and Dawn set a date for the wedding. ITV 1 Tuesday

BBC Puresoap :-

Wednesday 19th February Terry and Dawn were determined to show the village how serious they were and asked Ashley to marry them. Ashley was shocked and said they ought to attend pre-marital sessions first, and the couple agreed.
With only weeks to go before the wedding, Bob was desperate to think of a way to run Terry out of town.
Chloe agreed to move back in with Scott on a more permanent basis.

Eithne's Review Tuesday, 18th February 2003

The fallout from Terry and Dawn’s engagement continued to be the number one storyline in this episode, as the couple visited Ashley to get him to marry them. Ashley recommended marriage classes although a date was set – March 18th. Dawn was ignoring Bob’s phone calls but eventually she decided to meet with him after some advice from Terry. Bob had been arranging a fifth birthday party for Dawn all morning as he tried to make up missing Dawn’s party. Even Bob pretending to be a clown didn’t seal the cracks and Dawn stormed out after the subject of Terry came up.

Bob blamed himself and Jean also blamed her ex-husband. Bob went to work to try and relax and Viv ended up talking to Jean about Bob. At the Woolpack Bob saw Terry and Dawn and asked Diane to work out the back. Diane advised him to try and be as supportive to Dawn as possible and to put up with her mistakes. Bob left and went for a walk. Bob considered leaving again, but couldn’t. Later he visited Dawn at the B&B and they made up, although it didn’t look like he was pleased about the wedding. Terry was at Home Farm to talk about work and Chris told him that he didn’t regret marrying Charity.

Also in this episode:

Jack offered Syd the chance to convert the Reynolds house and he accepted. Chris didn’t want to spend too much money on unnecessary work however.

Scott tried to persuade Chloe to return to work at the café, but she seemed to be liking the lazy lifestyle and he suggested she move in. Later he visited his mother, but Viv wouldn’t listen despite the fact she was run off her feet looking after the café and the shop. Chloe was worried how Syd would feel about her moving in and Scott brought up the subject. Syd said he didn’t mind and Chloe accepted Scott’s offer. But Scott later threatened Syd about Chloe.

Alan wanted his rent from Mack, but Mack was flirting with Nicola, much to Syd, Chloe and Scott’s amusement.

No episode scheduled on Wednesday 19th February at this present time (due to one airing on Sunday 16th, see previous post).

Date: Thursday 20 February Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Mack is triumphant as his scheme to seduce Nicola succeeds. Syd worries about his lack of business acumen. Lisa feels the strain as Pollard cracks the whip at the factory.


Episode 3379

When Mack asks Nicola out on a date, she has high hopes that her disastrous love life is set to change!

But when Turner collars Mack and cleans him out of cash for rent arrears at the B&B - suddenly the prospect of a date look slim to none.

However Nicola is determined not to let this penniless builder get away and offers to pay for the date - to which Mack gratefully obliges.

With the aid of several vodka's, she begins to see womanising Mack in a whole new light, despite Rodney's warnings to stay away.

It doesn't take long for Mack to persuade Nicola to take him home - but will she still see him as prince charming in the morning?

Jean takes her daughter aside for a heart to heart. But Dawn isn't for listening and makes her intentions clear, insisting she wants to make a new life with Terry in Emmerdale.

Secretly plotting to sabotage the wedding, Bob is later annoyed when it appears his only ally Jean has accepted the marriage.

Convinced that all their plans are falling into place, Terry and Dawn are upbeat as they make their wedding plans, but it is all too much for Bob when Terry asks him to be the best man!

Lisa and Laurel are working themselves to the bone in Pollard's factory - but have hardly made a dent in the huge workload.

But despite Lisa's protests, Pollard's refuses to consider taking on extra staff - more concerned with deadlines and huge profit.

Teletext :-

Bob turned down Terry's offer to be his best man, so he asked Alan instead. Mack and Nicola shared a few drinks in the Woolpack. ITV 1 Thursday

BBC Puresoap :-

Thursday 20th February Nicola was thrilled when Mack asked her out on a date, unaware he was only having a bit of fun.
Jean tried to talk some sense into Dawn but it was obvious she wanted to start a new life with Terry.
Bob was furious when he found out Jean had given Dawn her blessing, and then Terry asked him to be best man.
Pollard refused to take on any extra staff, despite the huge workload.

Eithne's Review Thursday, 20th February 2003

A pretty dull episode tonight, with Mack notching up another conquest on his bedpost. The episode began with Mack trying to avoid Alan, looking for his rent. After hearing Alan, Mack quickly disappeared into Café Hope with Syd, so he could help Syd with the Reynolds quote. Once Nicola appeared though Mack started singing about her beauty, much to Nicola’s annoyance.

Later Mack joined Nicola in the Woolpack, but true to form Alan turned up and Mack was forced to hand over the contents of his wallet, meaning that he could not take Nicola out to an Italian restaurant in Hotten. Nicola offered to pay though and soon they were enjoying each other’s company, much to Rodney’s annoyance. Despite her father’s warnings Nicola proceeded with her night with Mack. Rather than going to the restaurant, Nicola brought Mack back to her house and he told her that he thought he loved her. One thing led to another and soon they were kissing…

Also in the episode:

The Dawn and Terry saga continued with Bob still feeling very unhappy about the upcoming nuptials. Dawn and Jean met to plan the wedding, before Jean left for Spain that night. Dawn turned down Jean’s offer to return to Spain with her and opted instead to stay with Terry in the village. Bob tried to avoid Terry once the latter arrived in the Woolpack, but Terry had something to ask his future father in law. Terry asked Bob to be his best man, but Bob turned him down claiming he would be too busy walking Dawn down the aisle.

Bob was angry that Jean was leaving and tried to persuade her to stay to help break up the wedding. Jean left however to look after Jamie. Later at the B&B Dawn and Terry asked Alan if he would be their best man at the wedding. Alan accepted.

Meanwhile up at Pollard’s factory Lisa and Laurel were annoyed at the lack of work, having to repaint items. But their workload soon increased once a load of ashtray’s appeared, from a contract which Gloria had won. There were hundreds of ashtrays which needed to be done by Wednesday. Lisa and Laurel were unhappy as things didn’t seem to be going too well as they tried to get the ashtrays done.

Date: Friday 21 February Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm
Subtitled, Widescreen

A humiliated Nicola has a shocking moment of revelation with Laurel. Emily is troubled as she receives bad news for Debbie. Lisa's stand against Pollard reaps rewards.

Episode 3380

At Home Farm Chris' insecurities about Charity are fuelled, as he realises that Zoe knew that Debbie was Charity's child and didn't tell him.

Meanwhile Charity's concerns are elsewhere, as she can't wait for Pat to recover and be released from hospital so that Debbie will be out of her life forever.

Pat, however, is seemingly getting worse, not better, and Emily wonders whether they should prepare Debbie for the worst case scenario.

The path of love never runs smoothly for Nicola as she wakes up in bed alone. With Mack long gone, she feels deflated as she has been taken for granted again.

To make matters worse she has a hangover, late for work, and is going to have to face public humiliation, not to mention the wrath of Zoe!

Scott is impressed by Mack but Syd is concerned that he may not have let her down gently, remembering the right hook she delivered to him at the end of their brief relationship.

Syd soon has other matters to think about, though, when Jack tells him he has won the contract for the building work at the Reynolds house.

Being in-charge of his first building project is suddenly a daunting task for Syd and he realises he will need to recruit some staff fast!

Hoping Mack will jump at the chance, Syd is stunned when his work-mate decides to play hard-to-get.

Lisa finally gets her way and convinces Pollard they are run off their feet in the factory. They are relieved when he agrees employ some extra staff.

And Louise is determined to put the horrific stalking ordeal behind her, as the coroner's court finally declare an open verdict on Ray's death.

Teletext :-

Terry rented a cottage for him and Dawn. Lisa forced Eric into taking on more staff. Nicola decided that she'd had enough of men. ITV 1 Friday

BBC Puresoap :-

Friday 21st February Charity became concerned when it looked like Debbie's adoptive mum, Pat, might never leave hospital.
Nicola felt depressed and taken for granted after she slept with Mack and then woke up to find he had gone.
Louise vowed to put her ordeal behind her when the coroner declared an open verdict on Ray's death.
Syd was thrilled when Jack told him he had won the building contract.

Eithne's Review Friday, 21st February 2003

Mack left Nicola after their one night stand. She was depressed after realising that he only wanted her for one thing. Mack was later told by Alan that he had missed an important phone call, which meant that he hadn’t got the job in London. Alan told Mack what he thought of his ungentlemanly behaviour. Later Mack was approached by Syd, who needed help after winning the Reynolds contract from Jack and Chris.

Nicola was comforted by Laurel following the one night stand with Mack and went home sick from work at the vets. Later she talked to Louise, Diane and Laurel in the Woolpack as they complained about men. Louise and Diane tried to cheer Nicola up and Nicola ended by making a resolution that she was going to find a man who loved her, even if it took her all her life. That was the end of the episode. That really wants to make me watch next week!

Meanwhile in the village:

The Dawn/Terry/Bob story continued. Can we have a break already? Dawn and Bob spent time together playing football as Bob tried to catch up on the fourteen years he missed with his daughter and break up the wedding. Tonight he tried to persuade Dawn that Emmerdale was too cold and that Spain would be much sunnier as well as much nicer. Dawn wasn’t happy having to creep around in the B&B with Alan there and wanted to get somewhere of their own. Terry later surprised her having rented out one of the houses in the village from Chris.

Pollard was annoyed by the lack of progress being made with the ashtrays. Later he was interviewed by a reporter wanting his view following the rejection of the landfill site. Laurel and Lisa tried to use this to their advantage by complaining to the reporter about the heavy workload. Pollard was forced into announcing that the workforce would be doubled.

Emily returned to the village for a short visit. Despite telling Paddy over the phone that pat was getting better, Emily revealed that she had lied and Pat was dying. Emily had to return to Debbie that night, much to Paddy’s annoyance. He tried to persuade her to stay and she told him about how lonely she had been following her mother’s death. At Home Farm Chris, Charity and Zoe talked about Debbie and Pat, not knowing that Pat was dying.

As mentioned previously the landfill site was rejected. Elsewhere Louise thanked Terry for his support following Ray’s death. The court had returned an open verdict on Ray’s death.


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