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Episodes 2945-2952 --- 25th June - 4th July 2001

Episode One

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Full details written by Paul Berridge

Original airdate Monday 25th June 2001 
Written by John Chambers 
Eps. #2945 - Zak tells Marlon about his lump. Angie's disturbed by Len befriending Cain.
(Canada Wednesday 7th April 2004)

A desperate Zak turns to Marlon for advice about his health.
  Angie is distraught to find Cain worming his way into
  the Reynolds. Carol has some unwanted guests at the B & B

Danny Daggert's first episode
Zak was a troubled man on June 25th after discovering a lump while taking a bath. After drowning his sorrows he was too hungover to look after Belle and an unimpressed Lisa was forced to take her to work. Marlon was concerned when Zak turns up at Chez Marlon the worse for wear but eventually coaxed the truth out of him. Angie was still on edge and confided in Lisa that she is very scared of Cain. Her fears are confirmed when she arrived home to discover that Cain has befriended Len and is mowing her lawn. Carol wasn’t impressed when Cynthia Daggert and her son Danny arrived to stay at the B&B with their dog in tow. Carol put Viv’s nose out of joint by deciding to enter the Naughty Nylons competition.

Tuesday 26th June 2001     
Written by: Tim Dynevor
Eps. #2946 - Zak humiliates Lisa in the pub. The Daggerts begin to cause a stir.

Lisa shocks Zak with a taste of his own medicine.
Carol's guests cause a stir in the village.
   Richie hatches a plan to double-cross Chris.

On June 26th Lisa was becoming increasingly concerned about Zak’s behaviour but he refused to discuss his problem with her and blocked her out. She tried to make things right between them by arranging a special evening for them together. But her plan backfired and Zak humiliated her in front of a packed Woolpack. Marlon told Zak that he must see a doctor or he will be forced to tell Lisa what is happening. There was friction at the B&B as Carol became convinced that she has trouble on her hands with the Daggerts. Angie was on tenterhooks as Cain continued to play mind games with her. She confronted him after receiving an anonymous phone-call but he turned the tables on her and claimed that it is she who is doing the harassing. Richie was put out when Chris offered him a lowly pay rise and Chloe suggested he should set up his own business
Wednesday 27th June 2001   
Written by: Janys Chambers 
Eps. #2947 - Lisa locks Zak out. Louise and Rodney's flirting reaches new levels.

 Zak is gobsmacked when Lisa leaves him out in the cold.
   Jason attempts to raise Paddy's spirit.
  Jack takes drastic actions to protect his flock.

On June 27th Zak was finding it difficult to cope with all of the problems he is facing and thanks to his inability to tell Lisa about his health fears, things were set to get even worse. At the Dingles, Cain used Zak’s absence to assert his own control over the household. Lisa was heartbroken when he tells her not to make tea for Zak, as he won’t be coming home. Marlon tried to convince Zak to share his problems with Lisa. Irritated by Marlon’s interference, Zak left the Woolpack, and with no where else to go, decided to head home. He arrived and tried to apologise to Lisa through a locked door. Hopeful of reconciliation, she opened the door, but was stunned to find that Zak has suddenly changed his mind. Carol took action when Rodney complained about the behaviour of the Daggert’s dog. She confronted Cynthia and insisted that their pet should stay outside. Danny feared the worst when his dog went missing. But little did he realise that Jack has had to shoot the dog for terrorising the sheep on his farm. Carol was unimpressed when Louise arrived at the Bed and Breakfast and Rodney invited her to spend the night with him. Scott was surprised when Richie announced that he is dissolving his business partnership with Chris so that he can set up his own company away from Emmerdale.

Thursday 28th June 2001
Eps. #2948 - A burglar has ransacked the drug cabinet at the vets

On June 28th The Daggerts dog failed to show, and Danny was desperate to find out what has happened to him. Carol heard Jack talking about the dog that he shot, and realised that he must be talking about Naz. She assured him that she will tell Danny the bad news. Danny rushes in to the vets and is distraught to hear that Paddy has had to put Naz down. Zak tells Marlon that he thinks that Lisa is probably better off without him. Seth offered to let Zak stay at his for a while, but Betty was less than sympathetic towards him and had a go at him for the way he has been treating Lisa. Paddy was furious to find that there has been a break in at the vets and the contents of the drugs cabinet have been stolen. Richie visited the Sugdens to say goodbye and promised that he will never reveal the truth about how Sarah died. Lisa regreted opening her mouth, when she lets it slip to Cain that she knows that he was having a secret relationship with Angie. Carol enlisted Terry’s help to take the photographs for her entry in the ‘Miz Naughty Nylons’ competition.

Friday 29th June 2001
Eps. #2949 - Ashley is furious at the village turning on the Daggerts. Carlos tells Diane he’s resolved to the affair being over.

On June 29th After all their recent problems, things were destined to get even worse for the Daggerts. When Angie investigated the break in at the vets, Danny became number one suspect. His reputation was dealt a further blow when Rodney’s wallet went missing. At the Bed and Breakfast, Carol demanded that the Daggerts leave and fed up by her treatment, they decided to pack their bags. Gloria and Edna tried to convince Ashley that the Daggerts are responsible for the recent crime wave. Upset by their attitude, Ashley offered to let them stay at the vicarage. Richie admited to Scott that he has no intention of telling Chris that he is leaving Beckindale to set up his own business. At work, he told Chris that they have lost a client to a competitor but he neglected to tell him that he has stolen the business for himself. With his bags backed, Richie joined his friends for a farewell drink. But the fireworks flew when Chris discovered what Richie had really been up to. Now he had upset Chris, Richie could leave the village a happy man Diane was concerned to learn that Bernice will be returning to the village next week. She visited Carlos with the news and was relieved when he promised that his affair with Bernice is over. Nicola and Diane are unhappy to discover that Louise has spent the night with Rodney. Annoyed by his behaviour, they decide to confront him about the affair.

Monday 2nd July 2001
Eps. #2950 - Bernice arrives back from holiday determined to get her marriage back on track


On July 2nd Bernice arrived back from holiday determined to get her marriage back on track. She s delighted her mum is talking to her and thankful Carlos was out of the way on a picnic with Nicola.

And when she discovered the Daggerts at the vicarage and hears the passion in Ashley s voice as he explains why they are there, she recognises again the qualities that made her fall for him.

Jason was in hot water when it was revealed his friend Greg is the culprit in the burglary at the vets. Zoe demanded he pack his bags and moves out of her property. Meanwhile Cynthia demanded an apology on behalf of her son Danny.

Tuesday 3rd July 2001
Eps. #2951 - Bernice is facing a huge test when Diane is forced to leave her and Carlos alone.

She'd only been back a day, and on July 3rd Bernice was facing a huge test when Diane was forced to leave her and Carlos alone. There wqas high tension and a sense that both are deliberately hiding their feelings. But how long can they keep it going?As if Bernice's life wasn't complicated enough, she now has to deal with the fact that her father Rodney is going out with Louise, the barmaid employed to help out while she was away. She turns to Diane but her mum is contemptuous of her former husband s antics.

Jack upset Diane by taking her wig off as a joke and Lisa became increasingly frustrated by her inability to stand up to Cain's bullying.

Ben McCarthy told Danny that he has a £10 with with Jonny Bradley that he can bed Ollie Reynolds.

And while Chloe worked out a deal for Jason to move in with Scott, Jack gave Diane moral support over her daughter's reckless affair.

Wednesday 4th July 2004
Eps. #2952 - Bernice and Carlos are thrown together in an awkward situation.

(Canada - 19th April 2004)

On July 4th Bernice and Carlos were thrown together in an awkward situation when they were forced to dance at the Woolpack theme night.

Zak 's irrational behaviour continued when he lost his temper in the Woolpack and then left, embarrassed.

Diane ditched her wig, dyes her hair blond and comes clean about her affair with Jack.

Spurned lover Cain Dingle seemed set on destroying the Reynolds family when he turned his attentions from terrorising Angie to making a play for her teenage daughter, Ollie. During a game of truth or dare with her friends, Ollie got upset when Jonny asked her if she was still a virgin. A shocked Ollie ran out of the house and straight into Cain who was lurking outside. Cain wins Ollie's confidence by giving her some advice and soon there's a distinctly flirtatious atmosphere between the pair...

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