Newly Located and finished 15th April 2004

Episodes #2953-2971 --- 5th July - 31st July 2001

Episode One

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Full details written by Paul Berridge

Events From
5 - 31 July 2001

Thursday 5th July 2001
Eps. #2953 - Sam sets out to find his father. Bernice and Carlos share a passionate kiss.
(Canada - 20th April 2004)

On July 5th Sam set out to find his father after learning from Marlon of his troubles.
And while Sam isn t always the sharpest Tool in the box he suddenly realised why Zak has allowed Cain to virtually do as he pleases recently.
After much searching he found Zak in the church and moved his father to seek medical advice with his directness.

Bernice and Carlos give way to temptation and share a passionate kiss. She then lied to her mother and says she s managing to resist Carlos.

Ollie wis delighted when Cain takes her on a picnic and continued his flirtation with her.

Bob took some photos of Viv to enter into the Miss Naughty Nylons competition.

Friday 6th July 2001
Eps. #2954 - Zak sees his doctor. Pollard jumps at the chance to hire Ollie. Bernice hides her feelings.
(Canada - 21st April 2004)

Zak, encouraged by his son Sam and nephew Marlon finally sees his doctor on July 6th about the lump he's discovered.
He is congratulated by the doctor for being prompt in having it checked but told he must visit hospital for tests to determine exactly what is wrong.

Pollard jumps at the chance of hiring Ollie Reynolds at the tat factory low wages and long hours. Meanwhile Cain continues to flirt with her.

Bernice is forced to hide her feelings when Nicola announces she ll be going on holiday with Carlos.

And Terry and Bob hope and pray the photographic competition will not lead to another rift between their respective partners.

Monday 9th July 2001
Eps. #2955
(Canada - 22nd April 2004)

Latisha Daggert

On July 9th Latisha Daggert arrived in the village and delivers a surprise a bouncing baby boy!
Jason was knocked for six when he stoped to give her a lift and discovered that she has gone into labour. With the contractions growing ever closer, he sped along, desperate to get her to the hospital. But he was petrified when it became clear that time had run out and he is going to have to deliver the baby on his own.

Ollie was excited at the prospect of seeing Cain on her first day at work and made an extra special effort to impress. But, before she can even leave the house, Angie, shocked by her daughter s attire, asked her to change into something a little less revealing.
At work, Ollie was thrilled when she bumped into Cain outside of the factory, and he began to flirt with her. During their lunch break, Cynthia light-heartedly questions Ollie about her love life, but she refused to divulge any information.

Sam was relieved to hear that his father has booked an appointment with a specialist at the hospital. Concerned by Zak and Lisa s marriage problems, he considered telling Lisa about his father s health fears.

Danny was annoyed when Cynthia ordered him to get a part-time job. Convinced that no-one will employ him, he casually asked Bernice for a job at the Woolpack, and he was frustrated when she offers him work.

Tuesday 10th July 2001
Eps. #2956 - Latisha names her son Kirk. Ollie makes a big effort for Cain and dresses to the nines.
(Canada - 26th April 2004)

July 10th. Fresh from the roadside birth of her baby, Latisha names her son Kirk after Jason - who helped deliver him. Her mum, Cynthia, arranges to wet the baby's head in the Woolpack - not realising that Bernice is still getting over her miscarriage.

Latisha reveals the reason she is there is because her partner was prone to hitting her and she has left him.

Ollie makes a big effort for Cain and gets dressed up to the nines. Much to Ollie's excitement, Cain arrives and takes her for a spin in the country in his car.

Sam and Marlon join forces to get Zak to the pub where they tell him that he must put things right with Lisa and Belle. But Zak's attempts to apologise go wrong.

Wednesday 11th July 2001
Eps. #2957 - Cynthia and Danny head for their new home. Carol is becoming jealous of Terry’s time with Cynthia.
(Canada - 27th April 2004)

Not wanting to outstay their welcome at the vicarage, so on July 11th Cynthia pressed the housing department to find them a new home but all to no avail. Danny had his own ideas on where they could live and suggests squatting in an empty house he has discovered in the village.

Cynthia is forced to agree that they have little choice and they head for their new home.

Carol was becoming jealous of the amount of time Terry was spending with Cynthia and decided to put a stop to it. She called the police and told them of the Daggert's plan to squat.

Lady Tara's nephew, Julian, arrived and it would seem she is desperate to keep him out of mischief by putting him to work at the stud.

Thursday 12th April 2001
Eps. #2958 - Cynthia is on the warpath. There is more trouble in store for Terry. Zak fakes a visit to the doctor's.(Canada - 28th April 2004)

Cynthia is on the warpath on July12th - determined to find out who shopped them to the police for squatting. After first accusing Edna, Cynthia discovers that Carol was responsible and the two come to blows. Terry is outraged and stands firmly behind Cynthia.

There is more trouble in store for Terry when Gordon - Carol's ex - arrives and asks for a room at the B&B. His reason for being there isn't obvious but Terry is less than impressed when he discovers who he is.

Zak fakes a visit to the doctor's and tells Marlon he has been given the okay. Marlon quickly sees through Zak and Seth tells him he must make him see sense quickly.

Charity starts work at the haulage yard but Sean is less than impressed to see her there.

Tara s nephew Julian causes a smash at Oakwell when he breaks an expensive ornament while playing football with Danny.

Friday 13th July 2001
Eps. #2959 - Terry is furious to discover that Gordon is Carol's ex-husband. Betty gives Zak a piece of her mind.
(Canada - 29th April 2004)

On July 13th Terry was furious to discover that Gordon is Carol s ex husband. Convinced that he was trying to win Carol back, Terry told her that he wants Gordon gone by the time he returns from work.

Carol was surprised when Gordon admits that he is in trouble with the taxman and the police. He asks her if he can borrow £10,000 so that he can escape abroad and she is taken aback when he suggested that she could join him.

Terry was furious to hear of their plans, and he was further enraged when Turner suggested that he could manage the B&B for her.

Betty gave Zak a peace of her mind over his behaviour as a guest in her home. Furious at her outburst, Seth confided to her that Zak has found a lump on his testicle. Betty was concerned to hear that Zak s is too frightened to go to a doctor or tell Lisa and decided to take action. She enlisted Sam and Marlon s help and they decided to try and trick him into seeing a specialist.

Viv was over the moon to discover that she has won the Miz Naughty  Nylons competition. She excitedly told the whole the village of her success. Betty was outraged to hear of her win and Lady Tara queried whether there was an age limit on the competition.

Monday 16th July 2001
Eps. #2960 - Lisa is horrified when Betty reveals why Zak has been acting strangley.
(Canada - 3rd May 2004)

On July 16th Zak was disappointed when Marlon, Seth and Sam arranged to go fishing without him, but little did he know that it is all a carefully arranged charade for his benefit. He was pleased when they agree to let him accompany them on their trip, but his excitement turns to panic when they arrive at the hospital and he learned that an appointment has been made for him to see an urologist.

Lisa was horrified when Betty revealed why Zak has been acting so strangely and rushed off to see her husband. With their relationship back on track, Lisa and Zak await the results of the ultrasound. They were terrified when the doctor revealed that the news is not good - the lump is likely to be cancer, and they will need to operate.

Zoe was annoyed when Charity turned down her invitation to spend the evening with her, in favour of going out to dinner with Chris.

Latisha enlisted Terry's help to persuade Turner to employ her at the Bed and Breakfast.

And Ollie told Cain that she doesn't want him near her house in case their relationship is discovered by her parents.

Tuesday 17th July 2001
Eps. #2961 - Zak tries to conceal his fear about his operation. Charity tries to repair her relationship with her uncle.
(Canada - 4th May 2004)

On July 17th Zak tried to conceal his fear about his upcoming operation. Cain was angry to discover that he was the last person to know about his father's illness. Zak was left dejected when he failed to offer any sympathy and simply asks him if the condition is hereditary.

Lisa confided to Angie that she cannot understand why he couldn't tell her about his health fears. Seth tried to take Zak's mind off his problems and suggested that they could place a bet on the horses. But even a £500 win failed to pull him from his depression.

Charity was stunned to hear that Zak may have cancer and tried to repair her relationship with her uncle, much to Cain's fury. Sean was annoyed to discover that Charity has made a mistake in the appointment book, and an important client visited while he was out of the office. He was irritated further when she informed him that there is no need to re-arrange the meeting as she has successfully negotiated the contract.

And Turner was not convinced that Latisha will be able to juggle motherhood and working at the Bed and Breakfast. But he was pleasantly surprised to find just how hard a worker she really is.

Wednesday 18th July 2001
Eps. #2962 - It's the day of Zak's operation. Chris agrees to take Zoe away on a holiday.
(Canada - 5th May 2004)

July 18th, It's the day of Zak's operation and the Dingles rally round him to offer support. Sam is touched when Zak tells him that if it wasn't for him he would still be trying to ignore the lump. At the hospital, the doctor tries to allay his fears by telling him that it is a simple operation, but Zak is less than convinced. When he comes round from the operation, Zak is relieved when the doctor tells him that his chances are good.

Charity becomes increasingly irritated by Zoe's surprise visits to see her at work. Feeling smothered, Charity sees a way of escaping Zoe's possessiveness when Chris agrees to take her away on holiday.

Andy gets himself in hot water when he is caught selling cigarettes in school. But the prospect of detention becomes more pleasant when he discovers that Katie will be joining him.

And Ollie gets defensive when Angie quizzes her about her boyfriend and suggests that she could bring him round for tea.

Thursday 19th July 2001
Eps. #2963 - Zoe is furious. Ollie is forced to do some smart thinking.
(Canada - 6th May 2004)

Zoe was furious on July 19th when her plans to take Charity on holiday to Venice blow up in her face. Paddy warned her as much, but the thought that Charity has chosen instead to go to Monte Carlo with Chris is almost too much to bear. In a fit of pique she contemplates telling Chris all about the affair.

Ollie is forced to do some smart thinking to cover up for meeting with Cain when her mother realises she couldn't possibly have been with Donna.

Lisa is annoyed when Zak returns home from hospital in a taxi. And when Sam makes it public knowledge after a drink in the Woolpack he leads a delegation, including Seth and Ashley, back to the Dingles with some celebratory drinks. Lisa wonders if their visit is too soon but is pleased when Zak rallies to the occasion.

And Andy is clearly quite happy to be stuck in detention with Katie.

Friday 20th July 2001
Eps. #2964 - Chris and Charity race against time to make their flight. Zak puts Cain in his place.
(Canada - 10 May 2004)

On July 20th Chris and Charity race against time to make their flight to Monte Carlo, thanks to Zoe's games. Chris announces Zoe will be there to wave them off, and Charity rushes off to see her expecting to get a lift. But it becomes obvious she has no intention of going and Charity is left hitchin' a ride.

Zak very quickly puts Cain in his place when Sam tells him how he's been strutting about, issuing orders to him and Lisa. Cain realises his dad isn't joking and high-tails it.

Angie faces double trouble. First she wants to know why Ollie lied about being with Donna and then is taken aback when Sean mentions the subject of divorce. Ollie meanwhile is getting caught in Cain's web as she enjoys a passionate kiss with him.

And while Scott celebrates his 21st, Andy gets Katie's mobile number.

Monday 23rd July 2001
Eps. #2965 - Angie is concerned about Ollie's recent behaviour. Scott's rent is going up and he's annoyed.
(Canada - 11th May 2004)

On July 23rd Angie was concerned about Ollieís recent behaviour - sheíd be apoplectic if she knew who was leading her daughter astray. Ollie stormed out of the house straight into Cainís clutches when Angie offended her after interrogating her about her social life. Aware of her vulnerable state, Cain put the next part of his plan into action and told her that it is time they came clean to her parents about their relationship. Zak was on tenterhooks when he visited the hospital for more tests. He was relieved when he is told that the results are good, but he will have to undergo radiotherapy. Scott was annoyed to receive a letter informing him that his rent is going to be increased. Jason suggested that their money problems would be solved if Ed moved in with them. Angie and Sean decided to give their marriage a second chance and Bernice and Carlos live dangerously when they arranged a clandestine meeting.

Tuesday 24th July 2001
Eps. #2966 - Angie visits Cain and is sickened when he delivers an ultimatum.
(Canada - 12 May 2004)

On July 24th Cainís carefully laid plan of revenge against Angie came to fruition, but even she is unprepared for the depths to which he will sink to hurt his ex-lover. Angie was stunned when Ollie introduced Cain as her boyfriend and promptly threw him out of the house. She tried to reason with her tearful daughter and tells her that Cain is not a suitable boyfriend, but Ollie refused to listen to her warnings. Angie visited Cain and is sickened when he delivered an ultimatum; it is either her or her daughter! Diane is concerned by Berniceís whereabouts when Ashley visits the Woolpack looking for his wife, unaware that she has booked the morning off. On her return, Diane quizzes Bernice as to whether she has spent the morning with Carlos. Bernice denies that she has been seeing him, but is she telling the truth? Zak tried to reassure himself that his course of radiotherapy will not be too bad. Marc and Ollie are excited to hear that their parents are going to get back together. And Diane threw Julian out of the Woolpack for being under age.


Thursday 26th July 2001
Eps. #2967 - Angie is having problems and her problems will increase tenfold by the end of the day.
(Canada - 13 May 2004)

On July 26th Angie was having problems coming to terms with the identity of Ollieís boyfriend. But before the day was out her problems were going to increase tenfold. With Cainís blackmail threat ringing in her ears, Angie agreed to meet him, but their rendezvous was put in jeopardy when Sean arrived to see her. Believing that he has been stood up, Cain decided to make her pay and headed off in search of Ollie. Angie arrived at the meeting place to find no sign of Cain. She was terrified when she received a call from him on her mobile phone and heard Ollieís voice in the background. Angie raced home, but even she is unprepared for the scene, which awaits her, Len is lying unconscious at the bottom of the stairs. Diane confided to Jack that she is worried that Bernice may have restarted her affair with Carlos. Taking the bull by the horns, she confronted Carlos and told him that he has a choice, either finish their affair once and for all or come clean to everyone. Julian and Danny were up to no good when they borrowed Turnerís motorbike without his permission. And Marlon was in a flap, trying to finish the preparations for Taraís charity event.

Friday 27th July 2001 - one hour episode

Eps. #2968 - Angie is staggered by the scene of devastation she has walked into. Sean arrives at the hospital.
(Canada - 17th May 2004)

Eps. #2969 - Len takes a turn for the worse. Carlos drops a bombshell on Bernice. Pollard is impressed by Gloria's networking.
(Canada - 18th May 2004)

In a one hour episode on July 27th Diane confides to Jack that she is worried that Bernice may have restarted her affair with Carlos. Taking the bull by the horns, she confronts Carlos and tells him that he has a choice, either finish their affair once and for all or come clean to everyone. Julian and Danny are up to no good when they borrow Turnerís motorbike without his permission. And Marlon is in a flap, trying to finish the preparations for Taraís charity event. Angie is staggered by the scene of devastation she has walked in to. With Len lying unconscious at the bottom of the stairs and Ollie in hysterics, she makes a desperate call for an ambulance. Sean arrives at the hospital and quizzes Ollie about how Len fell down the stairs. He can barely believe what he is hearing when she tells him that Cain was in the house when Len had his accident. The situation grows worse when the doctor tells them that they have found a blood clot and will need to operate immediately. When the police arrive, Sean points the finger of suspicion firmly in Cainís direction. With Dianeís ultimatum ringing in his ears Carlos drops the bombshell on Bernice that he is finishing their affair once and for all. Pollard is impressed by Gloriaís networking at Taraís charity event, while she is thrilled when he doesn't deny that she might be the next Mrs Pollard. But the evening turns in to a farce when Scott confronts Julian after seeing him making a pass at Chloe and Danny and Julian rue their actions when they scratch Turnerís motorbike. The police investigation into how Len sustained his injuries begins, but with so many secrets will they ever get to the bottom of things? The police visit Cain to question him about the incident and are surprised by his cocky attitude. Ollie is anxious when they arrive to question her, but will they believe her version of events? Sean is alarmed when Len takes a turn for the worse and is rushed into theatre for another operation. Bernice tries to persuade Carlos to change his mind about ending their affair. But he is adamant that their relationship is over. Incensed by his rejection, Bernice fires him, much to Nicolaís horror. Gloria is intrigued when Pollard tells her that he is organising a little scheme that will be beneficial to them both. Ed moves in with Scott and Jason. And Tara is furious with Julian for his behaviour at her charity event.

Monday 30th July 2001
Eps. #2970 - Angie is shocked when Len regains consciousness and whispers one word.
(Canada - 19th May 2004)

On July 30th Cain warned Angie that if she is unable to convince Len to lie to the police, he will reveal all about their affair. Angie is shocked when Len regains consciousness and whispers one word - Cain. She quickly sends Sean off to speak to the doctor then tells Len the truth about her relationship with Cain and asks him to lie to the police. But will he agree? Ashley tries to persuade Bernice to reinstate Carlos as chef at the Woolpack. But Bernice insists the subject is closed - she will never employ him again. She confides to Diane that she is at a loss as to why Carlos suddenly called off their affair, and is furious to discover that her mother was behind his decision. Gloria is excited when Pollard tells her that he has something important to ask her. She books a table at Chez Marlon, convinced that he is about to propose. Ed makes it clear to Scott and Jason that he is not going to be their domestic servant when he deliberately cooks them extra hot chilli. And Danny becomes increasingly concerned at the prospect of Turner discovering that his prized vintage motorbike is scratched

Tuesday 31st July 2001
Eps. #2971 - Angie becomes concerned about her colleagues questioning Len.
(Canada - 20th May 2004)

Angie became increasingly concerned on July 31st about her colleagues questioning Len and the prospect of her affair with Cain being uncovered. Whilst at the hospital, Ollie makes an emotional apology to Len for Cain's behaviour, stressing that people have got him all wrong, but admits that they are no longer seeing each other. Following Len's interview with the police, Sean fails to understand why Cain is not going to be charged over Len's assault. Angie decides it's time to come clean about the reason Cain was in the house. She admits that Ollie invited Cain in, and that he was the boyfriend Ollie wouldn't tell them about. Sean is furious and is desperate to confront Cain. Angie pleads for him to stay away; stressing that Ollie and Cain's relationship is over. Gloria decides she doesn't want to look after £30,000 of Pollard's money in a bank account bearing her name, even when he offers her 50% of the interest. But after consulting Ashley, she realises Eric's feelings may be honourable after all. Bernice makes a bid to patch things up with Nicola, but bumps into Carlos. A confrontation ensues and they admit they can't control their feelings for each other and kiss. Marc and Diane are having problems with the food at the Woolpack following Bernice's sacking of Carlos.

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