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Episodes 2855-2859 --- 19th February - 23rd February 2001

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PART ONE - In the Sugden's kitchen Kathy and the children are sitting down to a special breakfast of Kedgeree as it is the first day of the school holidays. Robert, Andy and Victoria all turn their noses up at the food. Kathy tries to apologize to Robert after their argument about him going to see Richie. Andy ask what is going on and calls Robert a traitor against his father and mother. Robert storms off and Andy leaves to get some work done on the farm; In the Reynolds, Marc is supportive to his mother. He asks her if she would give him a driving lesson, she agrees; In the post office, Chloe introduces herself to Richie and asks him if Scott is always this awkward when it comes to relationships. Richie has to tell her yes. Carol and Viv discuss Carols divorce settlement. Viv is cross with Carol for using her Mrs. Hope mug; Robert calls into see Richie, they talk about Sarah and Richie tells Robert about him being called as a prosecution witness against his dad. Robert realizes it does make him look a like a traitor if he spends times with Richie so he decides to leave; In the stud farm office, Zoe, Chris and Virginia are sitting down to a meeting with Andrew Fraser. Andrew asks if Charity will be joining them. Chris tells him Charity has more than one purpose and the Stud Farm is not her first responsibility. Chris reminds everyone that he is the major share holder and calls the meeting to order; Kathy is showing a land agent around the Sugden farm. He talks to Kathy about selling the farm clean (i.e.; slaughter the animals before they sell) Kathy is unsure and tells Mr. Harper that she has to talk to Jack first. Andy is feeding sheep in the background. Kathy tells Mr. Harper that the children do not know about Jacks intention to sell. Mr. Harper tells Kathy he does know about the circumstances of the sale and where Jack is; Chloe arrives in her car at the garage, she tells Scott the car is making a funny noise. Scott tries the car and it sounds fine. Scott knows that Chloe has only brought the car to him so she can see him, but Chloe denies this, so Scott says he will take another look at the car and Chloe can collect it at 5.30; Marc drives his mums car up to the front of the Reynolds house after his driving lesson. Sean is waiting for them. He says he had come to collect some clothes. Angie tells him they are not in the house. She has boxed his things up and put them in the cellar. Marc goes to get them. Things are very cold between Angie and Sean;

PART TWO - Mr. Harper, the land agent is about to leave the Sugden kitchen after his tour of the farm. He asks Kathy to get back in touch with him after she has spoken to Jack. Robert arrives home and Kathy tells him that Mr. Harper is a friend of hers, Robert is abrupt with Kathy and tells her she does not need to explain what she is doing as he does not have to explain to her what he is doing; At the Reynolds, Marc comes back from the cellar with a box of Sean's clothes. He tells his father he will bring the rest of the boxes round to Annie's cottage later. Angie ask Sean to give her his set of the house keys back, it doesn't feel right him being able to walk into the house after what has happened. Sadly Sean had the keys over. Marc looks on; At the stud farm office, they are all having a break and a bite to eat. Zoe asks Andrew how he feels he is getting on. Andrew asks for some advise on how to handle Chris and what the situation is with Charity. Chris asks Andrew if he is going to be able to turn the business around. Andrew assures him it will not be a problem; Richies arrives at the garage to see Scott. Scott is jubilant as he thinks that he has pulled Chloe, but their games continue. Scott puts his foot in it by saying that Richie hasn't got a love life. He quickly apologizes to his mate as he realizes Richie is worried about the trial; Back in the stud farm office, Virginia leaves with Andrew to show him the surrounding area. Chris tells Zoe he hopes Andrew confidence lives up to his expectations. Zoe question why Chris didn't ask Charity to show Andrew round. Chris tells her that Charity is busy with other business; Viv and Carol are waiting for business in the post office. They discuss the joys of working in a village shop. Carol is her normal damming self. She tells Viv she is going for a bath, Viv reminds Carol that she is the boss and it should be her going for a bath. Carol goes; At the Sugdens, Victoria is watching telly as Robert arrives home and Kathy ask him for an apology over his behavior earlier. They end up having another argument and Robert tells her he has been to see Richie and it probably does make him a traitor, but he need someone to talk to and he can not talk to Kathy; Chloe arrives at the garage to collect her car, Scott is just locking the garage up. He assures her he has solved the problem and it is covered by the warranty. He is playing things very cool. Scott goes to meet someone in the pub, leaving Chloe on her own; Carol finally comes back into the shop after her long bath, she then leaves to meet Terry. Poor Viv is left to look after the post office on her own. No bath for Viv; Kathy is playing with Victoria in the Sugdens sitting room. Andy in and gives Kathy the silent treatment. Kathy tells him she has put his tea in the bin as he couldn't be bothered to come in for it. Kathy is becoming more and more stressed with coping with the boys, she sends Victoria to bed. Andy questions who the man was that Kathy was showing round, he guesses it was a land agent, Kathy tries to deny they are going to sell the farm but the abuse from Andy continues. Robert arrives and joins in the argument. Victoria watches from the stairs. Kathy has no option but to tell the boys that Jack wants to sell the farm. The boys blame Kathy for the breakdown of the family and accuse Kathy of not caring about them. Kathy becomes upset and tries to defend her actions. She tells the boys that she has had enough and is going. She leaves telling them that she is not coming back. Andy then tells Robert he is going too, he is not waiting for a care working to come and split them up. Robert tries to stop him. Little Victoria is left on her own in the dark hall of the farm house;



PART ONE - In the prison, Jack is in a line of prisoners waiting to use the phone. It is finally his turn. He tries to phone home but there is no answer; In the Sugdens hallway Victoria is on her own, she slowly goes to the phone, but by the time she picks it up Jack has had to stop calling; In the prison the inmates are becoming inpatient with Jack for letting the phone ring out. Jack has to put the phone down and move out of the queue. Harry tells him to try later; In the Reynolds, Angie is by the fire, Marc is leaving for work, she offers to give him a lift to work as she fancy a drink, just to get out of the house; Robert is searching for Andy outside to Sugden farm; Angie and Marc arrive at the pub. Marc gets to work. Bev Mansfield introduces herself to Angie, she tells Angie that Ollie is really trying hard at school at the moment. Bev also introduces herself to Marc and comments on his GCSE protest and question what he is doing now. Marc is embarrassed as he gets back to work in the pub. Bev offers her support to Marc if he ever wants to return to education. Bev apologizes to Angie if she has overstepped the mark, but Angie is grateful for what Bev has said to Marc; Chloe is in the Main Street trying to start her car. Cain passes by and offers to help, Chloe tells him to get lost. Andy runs into the village and tells Cain that he has left home and that Kathy has walked out on them. Andy asks if he can stop with Cain, they leave to go to the churchyard; Virginia is showing Andrew the Woolpack, he asks her about Charity. Nicola comments to Emily on who the good looking man is with Virginia. Kathy arrives at the pub in floods of tears. Diane and Emily rush to her. Kathy tells them she has walked out on the children and now she feels dreadful and doesn't know what to do; In prison Jack has reached the front of the phone queue, he tries the farm again; In the Sugdens farms, Victoria is sat by the phone, this time she answers it. She tells Jack that Kathy has gone and is not coming back and she is on her own; In the pub Kathy is talking to Emily, Emily advises her that she has to go back to the children as they can not be left on their own. Emily offers to go with Kathy; In the prison Jack walks from the phone he doesn't know what to do; Chloe comes into the pub and accuses Scott of not fixing her car properly just so she would come into the pub to find him. Scott denies this and they go to see what is wrong with her car; Robert arrives back at the house, he calls for Victoria and finds her hiding under the table. She is frightened, he tries to explain to his sister about what has happened. Scott is looking at Chloe's car and tells her that her fuel pump has gone, Chloe is annoyed as she is supposed to be meeting friends in Hotten. Scott offers to mend the car now and after some bartering and the offer of a drink tomorrow night he offers to mend it for free. They share a smile; Kathy arrives back at the Sudgens house with Emily. They can't find the children. Then they find Robert under the table with Victoria. Robert tells them about Andy running off and Victoria being left on her own. Emily coaxes Victoria out from under the table and tries to reassure her that everything is going to be OK and she will find Andy. Victoria doesn't want Kathy;

PART TWO - In the pub Nicola asks Alan who the man is with Virginia, he doesn't know. Nicola introduces herself to Andrew. The phone rings, its Jack he wants to know what has happened at the farm. Diane tells him about Kathy walking out on the children. Jack asks Diane to go to the farm to make sure everything is OK. There is still a lot of hurt between Jack and Diane after him walking out on her when she went to see him at prison, but she agrees to go to the farm; Cain has just finished a deal in the graveyard, Andy is with him. He says Andy can come with him for a drink. They realize they have missed the last bus, so Cain says they will nick a car; Diane arrives at the Sudgens, she tells Kathy about Jack calling her, Kathy tries to explain what has happened and tells her everything is fine now. She is annoyed with Diane for her interference and tells her it is a bit late for Diane to start to worrying about the Sugdens now. Diane goes; In the carpark, Cain has started the car, Andy isn't sure what to do. Cain tells him he isn't a kid anymore, Andy gets in the car; In prison Jack has just reached the front of the phone queue again when a guard tells them that time is up. Jack pleads with the guard to let him make one more call. The guard orders Jack back to his cell. Jack tries to explains about Victoria, so the guard allows him to make the call; Cain and Andy drive back towards the village in the stolen car, they abandon the car. Cain tells Andy that Angie will find the car tomorrow and no-one will no they have borrowed it; Jack is on the phone to Kathy. Kathy tries to tell Jack everything is OK. But Jack knows it isn't, he tells her that Victoria told him that she had walked out on them. Kathy tells him that things got a bit desperate for a while but everything is fine now, but she doesn't know where Andy is. She slams the phone down on Jack. Jack is left helpless in the prison; In the pub Diane tells Alan about what happened at the farm, she is furious about Kathy reaction towards her. Scott returns from fixing Chloe's car, he tells Richie there was nothing wrong with it in the first place but his efforts have been worth it as he and Chloe have a date tomorrow night. Angie talks to Bev about what has happened between her and Sean. Bev tells Angie she should have some fun and maybe even an affair. Cain walks towards them. Virginia tells Andrew it is time to go. Andrew has enjoyed his chat with Nicola; Emily catches up with Andy who is waiting for Cain outside the pub. Cain bring Andy a drink. Emily tries to persuade Andy to come home she tells him about Victoria being left on his own. After a lot of persuasion from Emily Andy finally agrees to go home; In prison, Jack is looking at a photo of the children, he talks to Harry about if he can't trust Kathy. What is going to happen to the children if he doesn't get out, he is desperate. He tries to talk to Harry about how much the children are going to be scarred by this experience. Harry falls to sleep. Jack is in tears;



PART ONE - Kathy is at the prison to see Jack. He asks her for an explanation about what happened yesterday. Kathy tries to explain to Jack how difficult the boys have been and tells Jack it is partly because they are confused about what is going to happen to them and the farm; In the post office, Viv is chatting to Betty about how down she is with the constant work from the shop. Gloria and Eric pass their good mornings to each other, he offers her a lift into Hotten to save her the bus fair but she declines. Charity and Chloe in, Chloe tells Charity about her hot date with Scott Windsor this evening. Charity and Gloria have sour words with each other; In the Dingles, Nicola tells Emily that she thinks she is in with a chance with Andrew Fraser. She asks Emily to come to the pub with her later to see if Andrew is in. The girls are going shopping and discuss what they are going to buy. They talk about Emily's fashion style, Emily tries to tell Nicola that she does not follow fashion, most of her clothes come from charity shops, but Nicola believes that they makes Emily's style even more incredible; In the prison visiting room, Kathy talks to Jack about the land agents visit to the farm and how they told her the farm would be easier to sell without the animals. Kathy thinks Jack should hang on until after the trail, but Jack tells her to go ahead, he can not afford to wait any longer; In the Dingles, Angie calls to see Cain about the theft of a car. Cain tells her he was with Andy Sugden. She warns Cain to keep out of trouble; Emily and Nicola are in a charity shop, Emily tries to worn Nicola about getting too swept away by Andrew Fraser. The girls have an idea that they have to buy each other something to ware for under three pounds, their hunting begins; Charity is at home, she puts the phone down , Chloe comes in and Charity tells her that it was Chloe's mother and she is coming for her tea tonight. Chloe is upset as tonight is her date with Scott and she is worried what her mother will think about her living with Charity; In the charity shop, Nicola has on a scarf that Emily has chosen for her, she thinks it will be perfect for when she goes riding with Andrew. Nicola has chosen a cream fluffy coat for Emily. The girls spot Gloria in the shop. Gloria is embarrassed about being there; Angie arrives at the Sugdens to have a chat with Andy about what he was doing with Cain Dingle yesterday. She warns him about the company he is keeping. Andy is defensive; In the Woolpack, Chloe comes in to see Scott she explains about her mother coming tonight. She asks Scott for his help tonight by pretending to be Charity's reliable boyfriend.

PART TWO - Len, Sean's dad arrives at the Reynolds to a warm greeting from Marc and Ollie and an awkward hello from Angie; Charity comes into the sitting room at the cottage warring a tight red leather outfit, Chloe begs her to ware something more conservative. The door bell rings. Charity goes upstairs to change. Chloe opens the door to her mother; Angie shows Len into her room and tells him she will sleep in the attic. He is concerned about what has happened between Sean and her. Angie tells Len to talk to his son as she does not want to tell tales on him; In Charity's cottage, Chloe tells her mother that Charity's long term boyfriend will be joining them this evening. Scott arrives at the cottage and begins the pretense with Margaret Atkinson. Charity comes from downstairs warring a slightly tamer outfit; In the pub, Pollard asks Gloria about her shopping trip, Gloria lies about her purchases. Nicola and Emily arrive with their new clothes. Betty and Viv comment on Emily's coat and Nicola tells them that Emily is always ahead of the fashions. Nicola passes comment about seeing Gloria in the charity shop. Nicola asks Alan if Andrew Fraser has been in yet but Alan hasn't seen him. Len finds Sean drinking in the pub, Sean is surprised to see him. Len wants to know exactly what is going on with Angie and his son; Charity, Scott, Chloe and Margaret are sat down to dinner. The pretense continues about Scott and Charity's relationship and Margaret is impressed that Chloe has made such lovely friends in Emmerdale. Until Chris Tate arrives and is annoyed that Charity is entertaining in his cottage. Charity introduces him to Margaret as their landlord. Thankfully he understands the game that is being played and thanks the girls for paying their rent on time, he goes; In the pub Sean is telling his dad all about his relationship with Tara. Len calls Sean a prat and asks what he is going to do about his marriage. Alan, Betty, Gloria and Viv talk about Bernice and Tricia's disagreement. Nicola is still waiting for Andrew. Sean tells Len he wants Angie back but Angie can not forgive him. Len advises his son he has to try and work things out; Margaret is about to leave Charity's cottage, she tells them she has had a wonderful evening and thanks Charity for letting Chloe move in with her; Margaret goes, Chloe thanks Scott and Charity for their help. Charity can not believe that Chris did not blow their cover. Scott leaves telling Chloe he thinks he has had a lucky escape with her, if she is to embarrassed by him to introduce him to her mother. He is better off with out her;



PART ONE - Kathy calls into her cottage to find it in a complete mess. She is annoyed with Tricia and Marlon not looking after the place. She tells them to get the place tided up she has enough on her plate at the Sugdens; Scott is just leaving his cottage on his way to work. Chloe calls in, Scott is still annoyed with her about not being straight to her mother about him. Chloe talks Scott round and they agree to take her car for a test drive at lunch time; Tricia and Marlon arrive at Chez Marlon to find the place in a mess, a cat rushes past them and realize that Pollard must of left the door open. Marlon tells Tricia he will sort it out with him; At the Reynolds, Len is making lunch, Angie tells them she is going for a walk, they are all fussing round her. Angie needs some space; Emily and Nicola are in Chez Marlon, Emily tells her that Viv thinks her coat looks like one of Jack's sheep. Nicola talks Emily into going shopping with her later so she can find something for her to ware for her next meeting with Andrew. Tricia asks Marlon if he has spoken to Pollard yet about him interfering with the restaurant. Tricia suggest that they should be the ones living above the restaurant. The two of them try to work out how they could get Pollard to move out of the flat; Chloe calls at the cottage for Scott for their test drive, they leave together; Kathy is trying to get the boys out of the house to go and see Jack. Andy arrives home and tells them he isn't going. Kathy sends Robert and Victoria out to the car and tries to persuade Andy to come with them. Andy is upset about Kathy interfering with his friendship with Cain. Kathy tells him she isn't going to tell Jack about what Andy has been up to but she will if he doesn't start to behave himself; In the village, Cain helps himself to Gloria's bike which is outside the shop. Angie comes out of the pub and Cain tries to impresses her with his bike stunts. He ends up falling off much to Angies amusement. Angie tells him to return to bike to its rightful owner. Their flirting continues; Scott is test driving Chloe car down a country lane, a tractor pulls out on them and Scott does an emergency stop. They both come clean about the games they have been playing, Chloe orders Scott out of the car. Scott thinks she is going to make him walk, but instead she tells him she has a picnic lunch for them but she will drive from here; In the prison visiting room, Jack asks Kathy and the boys if things have calmed down between them. He asks Andy why he is so quiet and where he disappeared to the other day. Robert asks if Jack is really going to sell the farm. Kathy brings up the subject of Jacks alibi about where he was when the fire was started. She goes to get some drinks so Jack can talk to the boys. Jack explains to Robert and Andy how he doesn't want them to be witnesses in court for him and no-one can force them to do it but his barrister thinks it is the only way he might be acquitted. He asks the boys to think about it;

PART TWO - Len is playing cards with Ollie, Marc and Donna, Angie returns from her walk and apologizes for missing dinner but she just needed to get out and see people. Ollie asks if it was anyone inparticular but Angie says no. Angie goes for some sleep before her shift at work; Kathy, Robert and Andy are back at the farm house they talk about being asked to be witnesses for Jack. They are both reluctant after what they have seen on the TV about courts. Kathy does her best to persuade them and tells them all they have to do is tell the truth; Emily and Nicola are in Hotten shopping Nicola has bought a waistcoat similar to Emily coat. They walk past a Spiritualist Church and Emily says she has always wondered what went on in places like that. Nicola tells her now is the time to find out and drags her in. They join the congregation. Nicola finds it all very funny as Emily is completely serious. A young man turns round and catches Emily's eye; Scott and Chloe have stopped on a country lane for their picnic lunch. They have both enjoyed themselves this afternoon and now all the games have stopped the finally kiss. Scott asks if her mother would approve of them as a couple, jokingly Chloe tells him she hopes not. They decide to go back to Scott's cottage. Scott tries to start the car up but it will not turn over. Chloe thinks it is another wind up, Scott assures her it isn't; The service continues in the spiritualist church, Nicola and Emily wonder what is going on. The young man stands up and speaks. He tells them that he does not know if he is speaking out of turn but he has a message for someone at the meeting. The man has had a message from someone warring green, like a solider but gentler. The message is that he did not complete his journey but this person should continue theirs. Emily believes it is a message for her from Butch; Scott is still trying to fix the car, Chloe is worried about being late for work. Scott tries to phone for help but his phone is out of credit. They decide to wait for someone to drive past. Chloe is really mad at Scott and the car; At the church Emily thanks the young man for the message. She tells him about her husband Butch and how he died in a bus crash. Emily questions if he will speak with Butch again. Emily and the man loosely arrange to meet at the next meeting; Scott and Chloe are sat in the car in the dark, no-one has driven past them yet. Chloe is worried about being stuck out all night. Scott puts his arm round her. They end up kissing, at least it will take their minds off being stuck in the middle of nowhere;



PART ONE - A recovery vehicle has just dropped Chloe's car back at the garage, Scott and Chloe look weary after their night stranded on a country lane. They discuss when they can next go out and Scott promises Chloe that he will make it up to her. Jason arrives and asks why they look so rough; Pollards come down from his flat into Chez Marlon, Marlon and Tricia are waiting for him. They show him the damage that the cat had done on the previous day. Pollard tells them he is terribly sorry for leaving the door open. Marlon and Tricia ask him about moving out of the flat. Pollard does not want to listen to them and leaves annoyed; Angie arrives home from her night shift. Len has made her a cooked breakfast and tells her it will make her feel much better. Len tells her a long story about him and his wife and their early life together. Angie can not see the point in his story and tells Len she just needs some time alone to get her head together; At the Sugdens farm Andy watches as the land agents erectsa "For Sale" sign outside Emmerdale Farm; Henry Sherwin is at the Dingles, he has a contract for Zak to sign for the sale of the barn. Zak is reluctant to sign anything official but Lisa make him sign it. Henry gives him a copy and the £1800 he owes to Zak. Henry is pleased with the deal and goes; In Chez Marlon's kitchen Tricia and Marlon are still trying to work out how to get rid of Pollard. Chloe arrives and receives an ear bashing from Tricia about her absense from work last night. Marlon is sympathetic and tells her to work the afternoon and then have the evening off. Tricia is annoyed with Marlon for being soft, but Marlon has a plan about closing earlier this evening which might help them get rid of Pollard. Tricia is confused; At the Dingles, Zak comes downstairs and panics as the money is not on the table where he left it. Lisa in and assures him she has hidden it somewhere safe. They discuss how the money is to be used, but Zak thinks a drink is in order to celebrate their good fortune; Cain finds Andy on the footbridge in the village. He asks Andy why he has a long face. Andy tells him about Jack selling the farm and being a witness at Jacks trail. Cain tells him to lie in court if that is the only way he can get Jack out of trouble; Angie drives though the stream towards the village. She stops to ask Bev for a drink. They arrange to meet in the pub later. Cain walks past, he and Angie have eye contact;

PART TWO - Scott calls into Chez Marlon to tell Chloe her car is ready. Scott tells her he doesn't want paying for the work as he feels it was his fault that it broke down. Chloe tells him she will collect it later and as Marlon has given her the evening off she will take him up on his offer of a drink tonight; Cain is in the Woolpack. He watches Angie as she chats to Bev. Bev talks to Angie about her faithfulness to Sean and tells her now is her chance to try out other men; Emily is just about to leave the Dingles on her way to see Nicola. Zak and Lisa tell her about their party on Monday evening to celebrate the sale of the barn. Emily tells them she has a prior engagement on Monday evening so she might be a bit late; Chloe and Scott are in the pub. They talk about their night in the car and Scott tells her he thinks they have a future together. Bev leaves Angie so Cain goes to Angie and offers to buy her a drink, she excepts. Marlon and Tricia call in to tell Pollard they have closed the restaurant this evening so things will be nice and quiet for him in the flat. Emily tells Nicola about the Dingle party on Monday evening, Nicola tells her to stuff the party she has a date with Ed. Emily doesn't see her meeting with Ed as a date and she feels she is expected to be at the Dingle party. Emily says she will meet Ed on Monday to tell him she can not spend the evening at the meeting and then she will go to the party. Emily changes the subject and asks Nicola about how things are with her and Andrew Fraser; Pollard is trying to get into Chez Marlon but for some reason his keys will not work. He is frustrated; Back in the pub, Emily is about to go as she thinks Nicola has a date arranged with Andrew Fraser. She make sure Nicola doesn't mind being in the pub on her own and then goes. Nicola looks down as she has no fixed date with Andrew. Cain and Angie are having a drink. Cain compares their chat with being held in the nick but this time it is Angie that wants to tell him something. Their flirting continues and Cain tells her he wants to get her alone somewhere. Angie comes to her senses and hurriedly leaves the pub; Outside the pub Cain catches up with Angie, Angie tell him it is all a game between them and nothing is going to happen, she goes, he calls after her; Inside the pub, Jason talks to Nicola about being stood up. Chloe is about to leave as she wants an early night. Scott wants to go with her but she tell him no she really does want an early night; Cain catches up with Angie at the cricket pavilion. He put his coat round her. They finally kiss, but Angie brakes away, fighting Cain off and telling him she can not do this. Cain fights back at first, but as Angie cries he softens and comforts her.




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