Newly Located and finished 22nd July 2004

Episodes #2984-2999 --- 16 August - 7 September

Episode One

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Full details written by Paul Berridge unless otherwise stated.

Thursday 16th August 2001

Eps. #2984 - Charity tells Chloe that she is determined to end her affair
with Zoe.
(Canada 14th June 2004)

The following particular Synposis for this date is © Yorkshire Television


In the vicarage, Ashley brings Bernice breakfast in bed. Ashley asks her if she is happy about the baby as he thinks she doesn't look entirely happy. She reassures him she is. He asks her if she is going to give up work; In Charity cottage, Chloe is having her breakfast. Charity comes in. Chloe asks her if she finished with Zoe yet. Charity replies no as she hasn't had the right moment yet; Christopher is in Home Farm he looks worried about something. Zoe in, questioning her brothers thinking. She continued to lay traps about Charity faithfulness. Christopher is becoming increasingly worried. He asks Zoe to tell him if she finds out anything about Charity; Outside Nicola's cottage Emily hangs out the washing as Nicola chats about Carlos. Nicola thinks Carlos is afraid of commitment. She tells Emily she is going to see him one more time. Emily doesn't think it is a very good idea; In the Hope shop, Scott is looking at the pictures of his mother modelling, he is quite shocked. Edna looks on and is her normal damming self. Emily in apologises for being late and takes a look at the transparencies; In the haulage yard office Chris talks to Terry about what Zoe had said to him earlier. Chris decides to go to see Zoe to find out what is going on with Charity; Scott and Chloe arrive in Charity's car at the Reynolds. Mark asks about the car and how much it is selling for. Len tells him he doesn't want a car like that, he should get something else; In the Woolpack back room Diane asks Bernice how she is feeling about her decision. Bernice finally thinks she has done the right thing. She thanks her mother for all the support she has given her; Nicola arrives at Annie's cottage to see Carlos. Carlos becomes upset, Nicola comforts him and gets the wrong end of the stick and believes Carlos wants them to get back together. Carlos backs off and tells her he doesn't want them to get back together. She goes; Chris arrives at the vets to see Zoe he asks her for a word in private. Paddy goes. Chris asks her to tell him the truth about Charity. Zoe tells him Charity is having an affair. Chris wants to know who with but Zoe refuses to tell him. Chris is determined to find out who so Zoe tells him to meet her with Charity in Chez Marlon this evening at 7pm and the truth will be out;


In the Stud farm office Andrew is helping Charity with some work when Terry arrives with a message from Chris to meet him in Chez Marlon this evening for a meeting with some clients; In the main street, Paddy gets out of his car and sees Jason up a ladder. He talks to his cousin about not seeing each other for a long time and invites him for a drink this evening. Jason already has plans with Latisha, so Paddy invites them all round to the cottage for a take-away, Edna walks pass and says hello; In the garage Len is giving some advise to Danny about a car. Edna up and Len teases her about them becoming an item, Scott and Danny share the joke with Len; In the Woolpack, Rodney arrives and talks to Diane about his concerns for Bernice and her pregnancy. They agree to be the best of friends for the duration of the pregnancy. Bernice comes in and both parents fuss over her. Andrew comes in. Nicola follows in floods of tears, she explains to her father about what has just happened with Carlos. Rodney takes her to the backroom; In the Naughty Nylons office Bob Hope arrives to see his boss about the wrong goings on with the Miss naughty Nylons competition; At Chris' cottage Latisha and Kirk arrive early to see Jason. Jason tells Latisha about the arrangements with Paddy. Latisha tells him she can't go as she has been invited to a party in Bradford. She then asks Jason if he would baby sit Kirk for her. Jason agrees; Phil, Bob's boss tells Bob that he knows that Viv is his wife and that contravenes the competition rules with the Miss Naughty Nylons competition and the only way round the situation is for Bob to resign from the company or Viv will b e stripped of her title, Bob is gutted; In Chez Marlon, Charity is waiting for Chris and his guests. She talks to Scott and Chloe about cars. Chris arrives he is in a very bad mood. Charity asks who they are waiting for; Jason and Kirk arrives at Paddy's. Paddy goes to find the baby something to entertain him whilst Jason phones the Woolpack for a take-away; In the Woolpack, Viv shows her transparencies of the lovely legs competition to Terry, Diane and Len. Bob arrives and doesn't look very happy; In Chez Marlon, Rodney fusses over Charity, Chris fumes. Zoe and Andrew Fraser arrive but Andrew leaves Zoe and books a table for tomorrow night. Zoe joins Charity and Chris but tells them there is no one else coming. She suggests they order; In the vets cottage, Kirk is laid on the floor with a scalelctric track around him, Jason and Paddy play with the racing cars, The baby seems happy; In Chez Marlon Chris can not bare to think about food and asks Zoe what is going on. Zoe tells him that she has been having an affair with Charity for the last five months. Charity proclaims she wouldn't dream of getting into bed with a woman. Chris is stunned;

Eps. #2985 - Zoe confides in Paddy that she came clean about the affair. Bob
overhears Cynthia's conversation with Lisa.
(Canada 15th June 2004)

August 17th, Charity was stunned when Zoe confessed their affair to Chris in
Chez Marlon and immediately denied it. Fleeing from the restaurant, Charity
got into her car and disappeared from the village. Chris and Zoe continued to
row in the street, by which time Viv has over heard and spread the gossip around
the Woolpack.

Zoe confided in Paddy that she came clean about the affair in the hope that
she and Charity could be together. Chris on the other hand appears to be a
broken man, shattered that those closest to him may have betrayed him.
Zak was horrified when news reaches him that Chairty has been sleeping with

Nicola explained her frustration to Emily at Carlos  refusal to give their
relationship another chance, when they both seem so miserable apart.
Bob overheard Cynthia commenting to Lisa that the factory hasn t been
running as smoothly since Gloria s departure. Having given up his job at Naughty
Nylons, so that Viv could retain her title, his mind begins to work over-time
could this be the opportunity he needs?


Eps. #2986 - Chris Tate appears out of control.
(Canada 16th June 2004)

It's rare for Chris Tate to lose his head, but on August 20th after drinking
heavily, he went around the village trying to disprove his sister's
devastating revelations. He could barely believe he had been sharing Charity's
affections with his own sister and began to question people at random to see what they
Chloe diplomatically told him whatever he wished to hear, and Terry chooses
the same soft option. Paddy however sent Chris reeling when he admited he knew
there was something going on. He was left open mouthed as Chris denounced him
when he fails to come up with evidence.
Finally a huge rows erupted when Zoe came on the scene and the whole thing
was witnessed by, among others, Viv and Betty.
And Nicola finally realised that it is really over between her and Carlos.


Eps. #2987 - The pain of Zoe's revelations threatens to divide Charity and
her brother for good.
(Canada 17th June 2004)

Charity returned to the village on August 21st as the pain of Zoe's
revelations threatened to divide her and her brother for good. Terry spoted Charity and
reported this to Chris. But he's dealt a crushing blow when she said their
affair was over. Charity meanwhile aims to become self-sufficient by selling
Chris's gifts to her, including the fabulous sports car.
Carlos spills his heart out to Terry, who has realised the predicament his
friend is in over Bernice's pregnancy. Even though her baby might be his, Carlos
realises he must stay silent. What he can do though is attempt to make things
up with Nicola.

And Marlon was stuck for words when Rodney expertly usurps his plans for a
barbecue and passes them off as his own.


Eps. #2988 - Trouble may be a head for Carlos when Nicola reveals her fears.
(Canada 21st June 2004)

Trouble may be ahead for Carlos when on August 22nd Nicola revealed to Emily
that she fears she might be pregnant. He already had deep concerns that
Bernice may also be carrying his child.
Charity dished out the same treatment to Zoe, as she has already to her
brother, and says she wants nothing more to do with her.
Scott was unhappy when Chloe revealed she will be wearing nothing more than a
towel - as a hula girl - for the barbecue.
And Ed helped Emily out in the shop but got his decimal point in the wrong
place when let loose with a pricing gun.


Eps. #2989 - Bernice and Ashley visit the hospital for a scan.
(Canada 22nd June 2004)

August 23rd. Full of trepidation after losing their last child, Bernice and
Ashley visited the hospital for a scan. They were thrilled to be told
everything seemed fine and share their joy with regulars at the Woolpack. Carlos
witnessed their celebration but found it difficult to share in their happiness -
unaware that Nicola may be carrying his baby.

Scott's plans for a day out with Chloe were scuppered when she offered to
help out at the restaurant. He was far from happy and implied that she may want
more than just the food that Marlon serves up.

Cain's return to the village caused concern for Len and Marc when they saw
him chatting to Ollie. Cain asked Ollie if they could still be friends and Ollie
agreed. When Ollie told Cain that she would. "see him around", Cain told her
that she could "count on it."


Eps. #2990 - Marlon is in for a shock. Has Tricia returned to the village?
(Canada 23rd June 2004)

The barbecue went with a swing on August 24th but Marlon was shocked when he
thinks he has spotted a familiar face in the crowd. He thinks it's Tricia, but
it turns out to be a girl who looks just like her. Chloe and Scott's
relationship heads for the rocks when he lets fly with a tirade of abuse at Marlon.
But Marlon hits back with a few home truths that sent Chloe reeling.He told her
that Scott slept with Tricia.

Sean and Angie were getting on famously, while son Marc was firmly in Donna's

Viv pressed for news on the Naughty Nylons catalogue but Bob isn't
forthcoming and was forced to confess to Donna that he has quit.
Carlos thinks of a fresh start away from the village and confided in Terry
that the baby might be his.




Eps. #2991 - Cain drops a bombshell. Viv is in for a shock when the Naughty
Nylons catalogue is published.
(Canada 24th June 2004)

On August 28th, as the Reynolds family plan a celebration with news that Marc
has passed his driving test, Cain planned an announcement of a different

The get-together was in full swing when Cain made a dramatic entrance and
droped a bombshell that stuned Sean and his family into disbelief. He told them
that he and Angie had been sleeping together.

Viv got the shock of her life when the Naughty Nylons catalogue was published
- with another model's head on her body! She forced Bob to ring and complain
to the M.D, but he soon regrets his actions.

Diane goes down ill at the Woolpack and Louise steps in to cover. Diane
offers her a permanent job, much to the displeasure of Rodney.


Eps. #2992 - Cain's news wreaks havoc on the Reynolds family. Angie tries to
restrain an outraged Sean to no avail.
(Canada 28th June 2004)

Cain's news wreaks havoc on the Reynolds family and on August 29th
accusations flew from all sides. Angie tried to restrain an outraged Sean who was
desperate to get even with Cain for destroying his family. Cain laughed in Sean's
face and wound him up further by comparing Angie and Ollie. Sean's blood boiled
and he eventually snaped, lunging out of control at Cain. Cain offered no
resistance as Sean beats him to a pulp, simply encouraging bystanders to witness
what was happening. Sean had fallen into Cain's trap, the police were called
and Sean was arrested for assault.

A devastated Ollie turned to Danny for comfort


Eps. #2993 - Angie is alienated by her family. Sean is released by the police.
(Canada 29th June 2004)

On August 30th Angie was feeling the backlash of Cain's handywork and she was
alienated by her family who ignore her. Ollie hasn't returned home and Len
refuses to listen to her excuses. Sean is released by the police - but only
after he has been charged. He makes it clear to Angie that they are through once
and for all. Cain's interview with the police brought about a shocking
revelation that could well ruin Angie. He told them that Angie had been sleeping with
him while she was on duty, and he also he said that he saw her hit Tara at the
Woolpack in January.

Bob was upbeat in his hunt for a new job and a lucky encounter with Pollard
brings new hope and Charity continued to miss Chris, but it would seem that Zoe
isn't prepared to let her go easily.


Eps. #2994 - Cain's allegations to the police leave Angie shattered.
(Canada 30th June 2004)

August 31st. Cain's allegations to the police leave Angie shattered and
facing an uncertain future in the job. Police bigwigs are called in to look into
the claims and Angie is suspended pending investigation. Fired by anger and
desperation, she tries to appeal to Cain's better nature - but her best efforts
are wasted.

Sean and Ollie are relieved to be on speaking terms and take comfort in being
there for each other.
Zoe's frustration grows as Charity refuses to give her a second chance and
Chris is heartened when he hears that Charity has been speaking fondly of him.
Eve Birch, the granddaughter of Edna turns up in the village.


Eps. #2995 - Chris is not the only one desperate to win Charity over. Angie
breaks down in front of Len.
(Canada 1st July 2004)

On September 3rd Chris refused to admit that his relationship with Charity
was over and made a last ditch effort to get her back. But he was not the only
one desperate to win her over.

Zoe found Charity in the Woolpack and tried to rebuild their relationship.
But she is mortified when Charity lets rip in front of everyone. On hearing that
Charity and Zoe have been rowing in public, Chris assumes that his sister
must have been lying about having an affair with Charity. He wastes no time in
paying Charity a visit, but couldn't persuade her that they should get back

Angie was hurt when she was forced to admit to Viv that she has been
suspended from her job, and her pain grows when Ollie snubed her. Unable to cope with
the pressure, Angie returned home and breaks down in front of Len.

Eve caused a stir on her first day at school, but Donna was annoyed when she
took an interest in Marc. Pollard was furious to find that Bob had given his
work force the afternoon off and Andy agreed to help Cain with his counterfeit
money scam.


Eps. #2996 - Chris is determined to make Charity see sense. Andy uses some of
the counterfeit money.
(Canada 5th July 2004)

The following particular Synposis for this date is © Yorkshire Television


In the B & B, Alan knocks on Charity's bedroom door to tell her that breakfast is ready, she shouts to him that she doesn't feel like any breakfast this morning; In Home farm sitting room, Terry tells Chris that he heard from Viv that Zoe and Charity have had another fight in the Woolpack. Chris thinks this is good news and would explain Charity's behaviour to him last night. He asks Terry if he thinks he should go and see Charity but Terry doesn't know. Chris thinks he has finally worked out what Charity wants. Terry is confused; Andy and Robert walk toward the bus stop. Robert torments Andy about Katie. Andy thinks Robert couldn't get a girlfriend at all. Robert tells him he would be surprised who he could get to go out with him. Marc goes into the shop as Donna, Eve and Ollie walk out. Marc doesn't speak to Donna. Ollie tells Donna that Marc has other more important things on his mind. Ollie walks ahead. Donna tries to apologise. Eve asks Donna what is happening with the Reynolds family. Donna tells her that Sean and Angie are getting a divorce and Marc and Ollie are having a bad time at home; In Cain's room at the Dingles, Sam lifts one of the floorboards and takes out three large bundles of £20 notes. Zak enters as Sam puts the money in his bag. Zak asks what Sam is doing on his hands and knees. Sam tells him he is praying; Slightly worried by this Zak tells him that Lisa has cooked them a fried breakfast; At school, Robert tries to make things difficult for Andy with Katie and arranges a meal out for them at Chez Marlon. Robert thinks Andy hasn't got any money. Andy assures them he can pay for the meal and tells Katie they will go tonight; At Home Farm, Zoe is taking her cases out to the car and tells Chris she is going on a business trip for a few days. Zoe tells him she doesn't want to talk about Charity. The sibling discuses their hatred for each other. Zoe accuses Chris of buying his relationship. She goes as Chris shouts after her that he loves Charity; In the Woolpack, Charity is sitting alone, Lisa joins her and offers to cheer her up, Charity wants to be alone. Alan and Kathy disuse the break up of Chris and Charity's relationship and Angie and Sean's marriage. Sean shows Len a letter from the court with the date for his hearing. Lisa tries to apologise to Sean about Cain's behaviour. Sean doesn't want to talk to another Dingle; Cain is in the street, Sam runs after him and tells him about his find under the floorboards. Cain tells him to leave well alone. Cain threatens Sam that if he tells Zak there will be trouble coming his way. Cain goes towards the pub as Sean and Len walk out, nothing is said and Len ushers Sean home. In the Woolpack, Cain apologises to Lisa that he can't buy her a drink, as he is a bit short of money today. Cain ask Lisa what is wrong with Charity, Lisa advises him to leave her alone but Cain walks over to Charity to congratulate her for kicking Chris Tate. Harsh words are spoken between Charity and Cain about their relationships; At Home Farm, Chris takes the car keys from the table and goes towards the door. Terry questions where he is going as he has an appointment at 2pm with the accountant. Chris isn't stopping; Charity and Chloe stare out of the cottage window. Charity tells Chloe she is leaving the village. Chloe tries to persuade her to stay but Charity has made up her mind. She walks out of the cottage; Chris drives into the village and sees Charity leaving her cottage. He asks to talk to her again and sort things out. Charity tells him she is leaving. Once again they argue and Charity storms off toward the B & B. Chris continues to shout after her, eventually shouting a proposal of marriage


Charity walks into her cottage, Chloe is sat and the sofa and thinks that she has come to say goodbye. Charity tells her that Chris has just proposed to her. Chloe is gobsmaked; In Home Farm, Chris has just told Terry about his proposal. Chris is now waiting for her answer; At the Dingle, Lisa is serving dinner. Zak and Lisa tell Sam and Cain they want them to get on with each other. Cain compares his relationship with Sam to that of Cain and Able. Lisa tells them that Cain killed Able. Cain didn't know that. Sam looks worried; In the garden at Charity's Cottage, Chloe and Charity have a glass of wine and discuss the proposal. Chloe tries to point out what life would be life in years to come with a disabled husband. She questions if Charity wants children; In Home Farm Chris waits with Terry for Charity's decision. The phone rings, they think it might be her but are disappointed when the call is for Zoe; In Charity's cottage, Charity is changing her mind every second. She decides to open another bottle of wine to help her decide; In the village, Andy waits outside Chez Marlon for Katie. Eve, Donna and Ollie pass by and joke to Andy that she has stood him up. Katie arrives and they go into the restaurant; Robert is waiting tables inside Chez Marlon to Andy's surprise. Kathy shows Andy and Katie to a table. Robert offers to take the menus over to Andy's table. Robert complements Katie and mocks Andy about which cutlery to use; In Home Farm, Chris asks Terry to have another drink with him but Terry has other plans to meet Bob. Chris suggests he go to the village with Terry and calls in to see Charity. Terry advises against this and Chris takes his advice; Kathy serves Katie and Andy their meal in Chez Marlon. Robert comes over to their table and questions how Andy to going to pay for the meal as they have ordered the most expensive dish. Andy is confident that he has enough money to pay; In Charity's cottage, Charity talks to Chloe about her life on the game. She assures Chloe she could marry Chris and love him. Chloe asks her if she is marring Chris for his money, Charity replies with a no; In the Chez Marlon. Katie thanks Andy for a wonderful meal. Robert tells Kathy he will take the bill over to Andy. Kathy is concerned the meal will be too expensive for Andys budget. Andy pays for the meal and gives Robert a tip. Robert is gutted; Charity arrives at Home Farm with a suitcase. Chris asks her if this means she is leaving. Charity tells him that there are two conditions to her excepting his proposal. One, that she keeps her name as Dingle and two, he take her name, so becoming Chris Dingle. She tells him she is joking and if he still wants to marry her she will not change. Charity asks Chris to ask her again to be his wife. Chris asks and Charity says yes. They kiss and Chris shows a tear;

Chris Tate proposes to Charity Dingle.


Eps. #2997 - Chris is on cloud nine. Zak is furious to hear about Chris and
(Canada 6th July 2004)

The following particular Synposis for this date is © Yorkshire Television


Chris and Charity enjoy breakfast together at Home Farm as an engaged couple; Robert and Andy walk towards the village bus stop. Robert asks Andy where he got the money from to pay for the meal last night. Andy tells him that he earned the cash and is happy he spoilt Robert's game to ruin things between him and Kate; In the Hope's back room, Donna is about to leave for school, she collects her bag from the sofa and goes into the shop. Viv is telling Emily that she and Bob are going out for the evening tomorrow to celebrate Bob's new job. Viv tells Donna not to wait up as she expects to be back late. Donna looks happy; In the Dingles, Zak is about to leave for a check up at the hospital and Lisa wishes him good luck. Zak tells her if he gets the all clear that he will take her on holiday to thank her for all her help over the last few weeks. Sam comes in insisting he talk to Zak about something. Zak is in a rush. Sam is finding it difficult to find the right words to tell his dad about Cain. Cain comes downstairs and overhears Sam talking about him. Sam is silences when Cain appears. Cain puts his arm around Sam and tells Zak that what Sam is trying to say is good luck at the hospital. Sam looks worried as Cain glares at him. Zak leaves; The school bus is at the bus stop. Donna asks Ollie if Marc has been asking about her. Ollie doesn't care. Eve advises Donna to play hard to get with men. The bus drives off; Terry passes Chloe in the Main Street. Chloe ask him if if he knows where Charity is as she didn't stay at the B & B last night. Terry assumes that this must mean that Charity has excepted Chris's proposal last night. Chloe thinks she wouldn't be so stupid but Terry tells her that Chris can be very persuasive; Charity is arranging flowers in the sitting room at Home Farm, Chris comes in and talks about what Zoe's reaction will be on her return. One last time Chris asks Charity if anything went on between her and Zoe. Charity denies everything. Chris suggests they have friends to dinner this evening to celebrate their engagement. Charity would like Chloe and Scott but Chris wants a sophisticated evening with Rodney and Louise; In the Woolpack, Bernice is setting up the bar, Ashley is on the phone arranging cover for his time away at the retreat. He is concerned about leaving Bernice alone but she assures him she will be fine; Charity is in the Hope's shop she asks Emily for some black olives but has to settle for green ones. Viv has finished serving Kathy at the post office counter and crosses to the shop counter. Charity hands a £20 note over to Viv to pay for the goods and flashes her huge engagement ring off. Viv notices it straight away. Kathy over and is shocked to hear of her ex-husbands plans. She warns Charity that Chris can be a very difficult man. Charity goes; Outside the shop Charity is about to get in her car, Emily comes from the shop to talk to her. She asks Charity to tell Zak before anyone else does. She then tells her she does not approve of her marring a Tate but wishes her luck; At Home Farm, Chris has just told Terry his news. Terry congratulates him. Chris asks Terry to find Charity's sports car that she sold and buy it back for her as a engagement present. He asks Terry to invite Rodney and Louise for dinner this evening at Home Farm. Terry asks if Chris has told Zoe yet; Zak's van drives into the Dingle yard, Lisa, Sam and Betty rush down from the factory to find out Zak's news. Zak tells Sam and Lisa he doesn't have to return to the hospital for three months so Lisa should start packing for their holiday. Charity arrives in the yard. She tells them she has some news to tell them.


In the Dingles Homestead, Zak begins to explode about the news from Charity. Lisa tries to calm Zak down. He asks Charity if she is marring Chris for his money. Charity tells Zak and Lisa she likes the money but she is marring Chris because she likes him and he loves her. Zak calls Chris a cripple. Charity has a go back at Zak, telling him what is the point of having no money, as he chooses to live. She isn't going to let this opportunity pass her by. Charity leaves; Rodney and Louise are outside Mill Cottage with an estate agent. Louise tells Rodney it is a beautiful property and is please he has bought it. Terry drives up and Rodney tells him he has just bought Mill Cottage. Terry invites them to dinner with Chris and Charity this evening as Chris also has some news that needs celebrating. Charity arrives outside her cottage in her car. Chloe opens the door to her and ask her where she has been. Charity shows Chloe the engagement ring. Chloe hopes Charity knows what she is doing; In the Post Office, Viv has just told Betty the news about Charity and Chris as she collects her pension. Paddy overhears and asks Emily if it is true. Paddy asks if they know if Zoe has been told: Outside, Terry is about to go into the Hope's shop Paddy comes out and asks Terry about Charity and Chris. Terry tells him to keep his voice down as it is supposed to be a secret. Paddy asks if Zoe has been told. Terry doesn't think so. Paddy thinks that someone should tell her before she finds out; Kathy arrives at Home Farm to see Chris, he thinks she is going to congratulate him but instead she asks him if Charity is really the one he wants to spend the rest of her life with. Chris thanks her for her concern but he really does want to marry Charity; Outside the Woolpack, Danny, Ollie, Eve, Donna, Robert, Andy and Katie are wasting some time. Danny asks who is up for going into the pub to get some drinks. Robert asks if Andy could pay. Andy tells them no problem. Marc comes out of the pub and tells them not to sit on the benches and there is no way they will get served. Eve flirts with Marc. Donna tries to get Marc's attention but he doesn't want to know; Marc comes back inside the pub and Bernice asks who is making all the noise outside? Ashley asks Rodney if he has heard from Nicola. Carlos asks when she will be back. Rodney is harsh in his reply. Terry comes in to collect Rodney and Louise for their dinner invitation to Home Farm. Rodney tells Bernice about putting a bid in on the Mill Cottage. Viv asks Rodney if he is going to Home Farm for an engagement party. Rodney is stunned but tells everyone he did know about the engagement but choose not to gossip about it. The noise is getting louder from the kids outside. Marc tells Bernice he will sort it out; Outside the pub the gang are messing about with a ball. Marc tells them all to move on. Ollie tells Marc to chill out. Eve thinks Marc is masterful. The group starts to move away and Donna invites Marc round to her house tomorrow evening, as she will be home alone. Eve hears this and tells everyone the parties at Donna's tomorrow night. Donna isn't happy; Louise and Rodney arrive at Home Farm and congratulate Chris and Charity on their engagement. Chris flatters Louise. Charity offers to show Louise around the house; In the Dingles, Zak, Lisa, Cain and Sam are eating they talk about Charity's marriage plans. Cain and Sam bicker. Cain thinks they could profit from a Dingle marring a Tate especially a man in his condition. Lisa tells them all to shut up about Charity as she wants to celebrate Zak's good news. Zak tells them that his and Lisa's is a real marriage; At Home Farm, Charity has just finished giving Louise the guided tour, Louise and Charity make amends with each other after their slight fracas on their first meeting. They rejoin Chris and Rodney and the four toast the future with Champagne; In the Woolpack Paddy asks Terry if he has manage to get hold of Zoe as Paddy hasn't had any luck. Betty, Bob and Viv discuss if Charity is marring Chris for money or love. Zoe walks into the pub, the conversations stop. Paddy tries to pull Zoe to one side to tell her the news but Viv take great pride in being the one to say the words. Paddy tells her they are at Home Farm celebrating. Zoe leaves immediately. Terry stops Paddy going after her, telling him that Zoe will have to sort this one out on her own;


Eps. #2998 - Carlos decides to try and sort things out with Nicola.
(Canada 7th July 2004)

The following particular Synposis for this date is © Yorkshire Television


In the Dingles, Sam sits on the sofa with Belle. Zak is on the phone. Lisa gives Sam a sandwich, Cain takes it out of Sam's hand and eats it. Zak is trying to arrange the holiday on the phone. Zak finishes his call and Lisa tells him she will not fly anywhere. But Zak is convinced he can find them the perfect holiday, it just finding one at the right price; Charity and Chris are eating lunch at Home Farm. Zoe arrives home with shopping. She bickers with the happy couple. Charity insists money is not the reason for the marriage. Zoe tells them that even Chris is not stupid enough to enter into this without a prenuptial agreement; Zak is reading to Belle in the Dingles. Sam tries to talk to Zak about Cain hassling him but Zak thinks it brotherly love. The phone rings and Zak has an irate conversation with someone as he can not raise anymore cash for the holiday. Cain talks to Sam on the sofa and ask him if he was about to tell Zak their little secrete. Zak overhears and asks what going on? Sam tells him that Cain has money. Cain bluffs a reply about having some money and Zak asks to borrow some for the holiday. Cain obliges. It looks like Zak, Lisa and Belle are going on holiday after all. Cain puts his arm around Sam telling Lisa that they are going enjoy spending sometime together. Sam looks worried; At Hotten Comprehensive, Miss Strickland tears down a notice about a party at Donna Windsor's house. She sees Donna and tells her off for advertising the party, especially as it is on a school night. Donna denies putting the poster up. Eve passes Donna and tells her it was her that put up the poster but she didn't mean to get her in trouble. Donna invites Eve to the party; In Home Farm, Charity tells Chris he is going to move back in with Chloe until the wedding as she wants to do things right. Chris is surprised, as he doesn't want them to live apart. Charity tells him to hurry up and set a date and then he will not be waiting too long; In the Woolpack, Ashley is trying to persuade Bernice to come home and eat a proper supper but she doesn't want to. Rodney, Diane and Louise all talk about what is best of Bernice and the baby. Bernice is fed up with all the interfering and goes into the backroom. Terry takes a pint over to Carlos. Carlos talks about making things up with Nicola but Terry advise him that it is not a good idea to raise Nicola's hopes again if she is not the sister he really wants; Bob lets Ollie into the Hope's backroom, Viv is getting ready for their night out. The girls pretend to be doing homework this evening. Bob and Viv leave. The girls jump into action to get ready for the party; Lisa finds Sam upstairs at the Dingles. She tells him not to worry about Cain as he is only jealous about Sam relationship with Zak. She thinks Cain is trying to prove himself to Zak and he will not bother with Sam once Zak and Lisa are away. Sam isn't sure and asks Lisa if he can go with them on holiday. Lisa explains she and Zak need time alone together and they will be back soon. She asks Sam if he has seen the passports anywhere. Sam replies no. Lisa goes. Sam reveals the passports hidden in a book under the duvet; In Home Farm, Zoe asks Chris where Charity is. Chris tells her that Charity is going to live at the cottage until their wedding. Zoe is surprised and tells Chris that Charity will take him for all he is worth. Zoe informs Chris that she is going away for a while and isn't sure when she will be back. Chris asks if she can be contacted about the wedding and jokes about Zoe being the maid of honour. Zoe goes; Donna and Ollie are changed into their party clothes and full make up. Donna asks Ollie if Marc is defiantly coming, Ollie assures her he is. Donna puts the music on as Ollie lets Danny, Robert, Andy and Katie in; In the Dingles, Sam burns Lisa and Zak's passports on the fire;


In the Dingles, Cain is trying to watch TV and Lisa is desperately looking for the passports. She is now worried what she is going to tell Zak. She asks Cain and Sam if they have seen the passports. Zak arrives home, Lisa tells him the bad news about the passports but Zak says they don't need passports. He tells them all to come outside with him; Outside the Dingles there is a camper van, Lisa is trilled and thinks it's wonderful. He has bought the camper from Ezra. Zak tells Lisa they are going on a tour of the British Isles. Lisa rushes in to get Belle ready and make some sandwiches. Cain tells Sam he was unlucky that his plan didn't work; At the Hopes, the party is in full swing, Donna is worried the alcohol is running out. Eve and Marc arrive and look very much together. Donna explains about the lack of drink and Eve suggest they take some from the shop. Reluctantly Donna opens the shop up and takes a bottle, Eve and Marc help themselves to much more. Andy has had a few to drinks and Robert ply's him with more. Robert points out to Katie that Andy can't handle his drink. Andy rushes upstairs and into the bathroom to be sick; In the Woolpack Viv asks for information about Zoe and Charity and the goings on at Home Farm. Terry says nothing. Bob and Viv leave the pub for their evening out. Ed talks to Emily about coming back to his cottage as no-one else is there. Emily is quite shocked at Ed's proposal and is grateful when Carlos interrupts them. Ed goes to the gents. Carlos asks Emily about Nicola's whereabouts. Emily tries to protect her friend, Carlos is hassling her and Emily blurts out that Nicola is pregnant. Carlos is stunned. Emily and Ed leave the pub; Danny calls to Andy through the bathroom door to see if he is OK. Robert dances with Katie and tells her Andy has gone home. Danny comes back downstairs and tells Donna about Andy being sick. Ollie goes upstairs to see if he's OK. Donna is concern about how close Eve and Marc are on the sofa. Eve tells Donna that she is having a word with Marc for her and thinks it might work out for Donna. Donna is pleased and grateful and goes to sit with Marc; Ashley says goodbye to Bernice in the Woolpack, he asks Bernice to join him for supper but Bernice insists she is fine at work. Louise talks to Diane about livening the pub up and suggests another theme night. Diane OK the idea and Louise thinks a 'flight night' would be good as she used to be a air hostess; At the party Eve and Marc leave together, Donna's sees them. Robert and Katie are dancing. Ollie comes in from upstairs and tells them that Andy is unconscious upstairs. Katie rushes upstairs to see if he is OK. Ollie tells Robert he should take his brother home. Donna calls the party to an end. Ollie comforts Donna, as she is upset about Marc leaving with Eve; Ed and Emily are sat on the sofa watching TV in Scott and Ed's cottage. Ed tries to make a move on Emily but she is very jumpy, so he offers her some cheese biscuits to go with her wine; At the Dingles, Cain helps with the suitcases and takes them out to the camper. Lisa goes upstairs to collect Belles blanket. Zak offers some advise on his problems with Cain and tells Sam to stand up to Cain as he is a bully. Zak promises to sort him out if anything happens. Zak and Lisa go. Sam looks terrified of being alone with Cain. Cain tells him it will be good fun!


Eps. #2999 - Cain goes after Sam. Viv is up in arms. Did Carlos get both
sister's pregnant?
(Canada 8th July 2004

The following particular Synposis for this date is © Yorkshire Television


In the Dingles Cain is sat at the table counting out his money. Sam passes through on his way to work. Cain calls him over and shows him the money. Cain tells Sam he is not going to work as he has to earn the £200 back that Cain gave to Zak. Cain orders Sam back upstairs and tells him to wait there until he calls for him; Jack is making butties for breakfast, he shouts for Robert and Andy as they are going to be late for school. Robert comes in and tells Jack that Andy has a hangover. Andy in, looking very rough he asks Jack if he can stay off sick. Jack will not hear of it and shouts at the boys about underage drinking. Jack reminds the lads that there is a career fair at school today; In the Hope's backroom, Bob is discovering the evidence from last night's party. He shouts at Donna as to what Ollie and her were up to last night. Donna escapes to school. Viv shouts Bob to come into the shop. Viv shows Bob the spaces on the shelves. She thinks they had been burgled. Bob thinks that Donna must have had a party whist they were out. Viv shouts for Donna but she has left for school. Viv charges out of the shop after her; Viv marches up the street to the bus stop, but she is too late the bus has pulled away; Emily and Ed emerge from their cottages. Ed wants to talk about last night but Carlos calls to Emily. Emily arranges to meet Ed in the Woolpack at lunch time. Carlos asks Emily if it is true what she told him about Nicola. Carlos begs Emily to tell him more but she can't tell him anything else. She goes into work at the shop; In the Woolpack, Bernice comes into work. Diane is surprised to see her as she wasn't due in today. Diane suggests Bernice should be spending some time with Ashley before he goes away but Bernice wants to work. Pollard asks Terry if he has seen Sam today. Rodney in, he tells Louise, Diane and Bernice that he is the new owner of Mill cottage and it drinks all round to celebrate. He tells them the cottage is big enough for visitor, short or long term (meaning Louise); Sam drops a rope of tied sheets down from his bedroom window at the Dingles, but Cain is outside. Cain runs indoors and stops him. Sam tells Cain he only wants to tell Mr Pollard that he won't be in for work today. Cain is horrible to Sam and tells him no one cares about him. Sam tells Cain what Zak had told him about him being a bully. But Cain begins to push Sam around, Sam is really frightened and Cain tells him that when it gets dark he will put Sam out of his misery. He orders Sam downstairs; Diane is in the backroom at the Woolpack with Louise. Louise thinks she wants to talk about the theme night but Diane warns Louise that earlier Rodney was actually trying to suggest he and Louise move in together; Diane is concern that Louise still hasn't told him she has a return ticket to Australia; In the Woolpack, Bernice chats to Terry. She sees Ashley comes in and tries to escape to the backroom, but Diane stops her. Ashley passes Bernice a packed lunch over the bar, Bernice is not impressed. Ed tells Emily she is a very attractive woman. Emily is very uncomfortable about talking about their relationship and feelings; Outside the pub, Carlos tells Terry about Emily telling him that Nicola is pregnant. Bernice comes to the table and collects some empties. They say a polite hello. Terry asks what on earth Carlos is going to do if both babies are his; Ollie and Donna have just been to the careers fair at school. Ollie is unsure about her future. Viv is in the corridor waiting for Donna. She shouts at her about the party and taking the bottles from the shop. Miss Strickland approaches and congratulates Viv on Donna getting an interview with the Army. Viv is astonished. In the Dingles, Cain is pushing Sam round and tells him he is useless. Cain threatens to kill Sam. Sam is frightened and in tears. There is a knock at the door. Cain tells Sam to be quiet. It Mr Pollard looking for Sam, Cain tells him he doesn't know where Sam is;


In the Woolpack Diane says her goodbyes as she leaves for her holiday; The kids are all at the swings near the village hall. Katie walks towards the group, Robert catches her up and asks her if they could go out sometime. Katie agrees. They join Eve, Donna, Andy, Ollie and Marc at the swings. Eve thinks it is boring in Emmerdale. Katie tells them that Robert has suggested they go out somewhere (Robert indicates he didn't mean as a group) Marc suggests the student night in Hotten. They make a date of it; Rodney is outside the cottage, Louise approaches wanting to talk. Rodney talks about his plans for the cottage and how he wants Louise to be involved in them. Louise tells him she is going back to Australia. Rodney is gutted and asks why? Rodney decides to make the best of their time left together and continues to talk about his plans; In the Dingles, Sam begs Cain to let him go to the toilet. Cain tells him to shut up. Sam sobs; Eve and Edna come into the shop. Edna tells Eve she can have anything she wants. Viv in and refuses to serve Eve as she was at the party last night. Eve tells her she wasn't even invited. Viv apologises, it has been a very difficult day; In the backroom Bob is telling Donna off about her attempts to join the army. Donna asks why it is Bob giving her the lecture and not her mother, Donna finds it difficult to take Bob serious. She explains her reasons for wanting to join up. There is a knock at the door, it is Ollie, they go upstairs; Ollie and Donna go upstairs to DonnaÕs bedroom. Donna talks about Eve and how she thinks she is a cow for steeling Marc. Ollie talks about the plans to go into Hotten on Monday. Ollie suggests they cook up an idea to make Marc see what a cow Eve is; In the Dingles, Sam is alone downstairs, he takes a piece of wood from the fireplace and goes to the door; There is a knock on the door at Annie's cottage, Carlos answers it and it is Bernice. She tells he she can not continue pretending things don't matter between them and thinks they shouldn't worry about other people and simply think about themselves. Carlos tells her that is not possible as Nicola is pregnant; Sam creeps into Cain's room with the wood. he thinks Cain is asleep in his bed, he raises the wood into the air and starts to beat the body. Feathers begin to fly up from the bed. Sam turns and Cain is behind him. Cain tells him he is now in really big trouble;

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