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Episodes 2895-2899 --- 16th April - 20th April 2001
Steve Frost's first episodes as producer occurs this week

Episode One

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The following review by Paul Berridge :

A few months earlier Bernice Thomas was the happiest woman in Emmerdale, following her wedding to Reverend Ashley, and then the news that she was expecting his baby. But on April 18th, Bernice's world came crashing down around her when, already reeling from her row with her former best friend Tricia Fisher, she went to hospital for her first scan - only to be told she had lost the baby.

When she and Ashley arrive at the hospital for the scan, they don't even consider the possibility that something could be wrong - they're too busy chatting about how happy they are. But when the nurse performing the scan hurries off to fetch a doctor, Bernice soon realises that something is very wrong, and it's not long before her worst fears are confirmed.

Bernice had what is called a missed miscarriage - she probably miscarried a few days earlier, but the baby hasn't come away properly yet, which is why she hadn't realised. At first she thinks they've made a mistake, and she goes into denial. But when she has to go back to hospital the next day for an operation to remove the baby, it starts to sink in.

While Ashley uses his faith in God to cope with their loss, Bernice completely withdraws into herself, refusing to talk about the experience with anyone - even her husband.

She's completely numb - she can't even cry. Nothing Ashley can say to her is right - she's taking all of her anger out on him. Ashley had his own grief to deal with, but everyone focused on Bernice's pain, and forgots about how it may be affecting the man. If ever Bernice needed a friend, it was then. But when Tricia arrived on her doorstep bearing flowers to make amends - unaware of what's happened - Bernice's father, Rodney, sends her away, assuming she'll cause Bernice more pain. As it is, she doesn't even see it's Tricia at the door - all she sees are the flowers, and she thinks, 'Oh God, someone's bringing me flowers because my baby died.

Tricia left the village and headed for London.

Later Edna Birch visits Bernice and proves to be a surprising comfort in her hour of need. Her wise words seemed to unlock the emotion that Bernice has bottled up since losing the baby.

Thank you to Hannah South from the Emmerdale Press Office for the following

According to the Production Office there were 5 individual episodes this week but only shown over 4 days.

Monday 16th April 2001 Episode: 2895

Written by: Matthew Westwood

Director Tim Dowd
Producer…………………………..….…..Steve Frost - his 1st ever episode on Emmerdale
Executive Producer:…………Keith Richardson

Things go from bad to worse for Tricia when she wades in to defend Turner.

Diane and Rodney’s old bitterness will not be laid to rest.

Rumour is rife about Sean and Kathy’s growing friendship.

Tuesday 17th April 2001
Episode: 2896 & 2897 aired together making it a 1 hour episode

Written by: Matthew Westwood & Janys Chambers

Director Tim Dowd
Producer…………………………..….…..Steve Frost
Executive Producer:…………Keith Richardson

Bernice and Tricia’s friendship suffers a final devastating blow.

A routine hospital visit leads to devastation for Bernice and Ashley.

The final seeds of mistrust are sown between Marlon and Tricia.

Wednesday 18th April 2001

No episode aired in the UK on this day

Thursday 19th April 2001 Episode: 2898

Written by: Janys Chambers

Director Tim Dowd
Producer………………………….……….Steve Frost
Executive Producer:…………Keith Richardson

Bernice and Ashley are left reeling by the news of the miscarriage.

Tricia decides that Marlon would be better off without her.

Charity and Scott are getting cosy.

Friday 20th April 2001 Episode: 2899

Written by: Janys Chambers

Director Tim Dowd
Producer………………………….……….Steve Frost
Executive Producer:…………Keith Richardson

Marlon’s world collapses as he realises that Tricia is really gone.

Heartbroken Ashley is concerned about Bernice’s state of mind.

Carol is taken in by Terry’s ruse.

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