Updated 24th July 2004

Emmerdale Episode Guide - #3005-3014 --- 17th September - 28th September 2004

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Episode 3005 Monday 17 September 2001

(Canada 20th July 2004 Eps. #3005 - The kids guilty secret is weighing heavily on their minds. Emily is frustrated with Ed.)

The kids' guilty secret is weighing heavily on their minds. With the police investigation gaining pace, nerves are becoming fraught, but will they be able to keep up the pretence? Marc is terrified when he sees the police coming out of Eve's house. He decides to do a runner, but his plans are scuppered when he finds the police waiting for him on his doorstep. His resolve is tested to the full when he is told that there is a small discrepancy between his and Eve's stories.

Angie is surprised by Sean's reaction when she tells him that she is thinking of selling up and moving away from the village. She is furious to discover that he has spoken to a solicitor about a divorce and as far as he is concerned the house would have to be sold anyway.

Emily is frustrated by the lack of passion in her relationship with Ed. Viv suggests that she should take the initiative and Emily wastes no time in arranging a rendezvous for the next night.

Rodney tries to make amends with Louise for his recent behaviour.

And Marlon is smitten when Paddy introduces him to Rhona, the new locum vet

Episode 3006 Tuesday 18 September 2001

(Canada 21st July 2004)

Ed and Emily prepare themselves for their night of passion, but their evening is destined to end in disaster. Over dinner, Emily realises that there is no spark of physical attraction between them, and is panic stricken when he makes a move on her. She dashes out of the house and ends up on Paddy's doorstep. Concerned by her emotional state, Paddy offers her a shoulder to cry on, and it isn't long before their friendship becomes more than platonic.

Bob is shocked to discover that he owes nearly a £1,000 in maintenance to his ex-wife. He approaches Pollard for a sub on his wages, but is left deflated when he refuses.

Paddy and Emily conspire to get Marlon and Rhona together by arranging for them to meet in the Woolpack.

Marlon is put out to discover that he has been set up, but is thrilled when Rhona agrees to have dinner with him the following night.

Angie receives a letter from Sean's solicitor about their divorce and tactfully tells Ollie and Marc that she is thinking of moving away from the village.

Emily realises there's no physical attraction between her and Ed, and ends up kissing Paddy!

Latisha resolves to have Kirk christened.

Episode 3007 Wednesday 19 September 2001

(Canada 22nd July 2004)

Emily and Paddy wake up in each other's arms, blissfully happy after the night before. But Emily's thoughts soon turn to Ed and she realises that she will have to sort things out with him. Ed has his own plans, however, and they could well solve Emily's dilemma.

Rodney and Louise are trying to make the most of their time together before she goes back to Oz. But she is far from pleased when Rodney accepts an invitation on their behalf without consulting with her first.

Viv's excitement about her forthcoming break is dented when Bob reveals that he is having financial problems and suggests they sell the holiday.

Wedding plans continue for Carlos and Nicola but they struggle to find a suitable date.

There are child problems elsewhere in Emmerdale as Angie prepares to take the children away from Sean, and Latisha tries to juggle motherhood and work.

Episode 3008 Thursday 20 September 2001

(Canada Monday, July 26, 2004 Eps. #3008 - Emily's relationship with Paddy continues to blossom, but there is one dark cloud on the horizon.)

Emily's relationship with Paddy continues to blossom, but there is one dark cloud on the horizon - telling Ed what has happened. Emily asks Nicola's advice about her situation, but is horrified to discover that Ed already knows. She visits Ed and tries to explain about her feelings for Paddy.

With his dreams in tatters, Ed resolves to leave the village.

Viv is disappointed when Bob sells their dream holiday to pay off his debts. He offers to book a holiday with the remainder of the money, but she is less than thrilled at the prospect of going on a cheap package deal.

Rodney is disappointed when Louise refuses to accompany him to the party at Home Farm. After a heart to heart with Bernice, she decides to go to the party in the hope that Rodney might ask her to stay in the village.

Cynthia is put out when Latisha tells her that she has asked Jason to be Kirk's godfather rather than Danny

Episode 3009 Friday 21 September 2001 at 7pm

(Canada Tuesday, July 27, 2004 Eps. #3009 - Time is running out for Rodney and Louise.)

Time is running out for Rodney and Louise. It's her last day in the village, and the pair stubbornly refuse to admit their feelings for each other. She is touched to discover that the village has organised a surprise farewell party, but is left disappointed when she says her goodbyes and Rodney fails to ask her to stay. With Louise gone, Rodney finally realises how strong his feelings are for her and is stunned when she suddenly walks in to Chez Marlon. With their future happiness in his hands, will Rodney admit that he would like her to stay?

The kids are anxious about attending Miss Strickland's funeral. They hold a meeting to discuss the subject and eventually agree to attend.

llie is horrified to learn that the school would like her to do a reading at Miss Strickland's funeral.

Bernice is uncomfortable when Nicola asks her to be her matron of honour.

Betty is thrilled to hear that Paddy and Emily have started seeing each other and duly goes to find Seth to claim the winnings of their bet.

Emily is surprised to hear that Ed has left the village.

And Cain is gobsmacked when he returns home to find the place has been ransacked.

Episode 3010 Monday 24 September 2001

(Canada Wednesday, July 28, 2004 Eps. #3010 - It's Miss Strickland's funeral and the teenagers are having trouble.)

It's the day of Miss Strickland's funeral and the teenagers are having trouble coming to terms with their involvement in her death. Ollie visits Donna and tries to talk to her about how guilty she feels. But she is left frustrated when Emily interrupts their conversation. Ollie turns to Marc and admits that she doesn't think she can attend the funeral. But she is relieved when he agrees to go as well. As they all walk in to the church, the enormity of what they have done hits them like a brick. Ollie is terrified when the time arrives for her to do a reading, but she manages to struggle through. As they walk outside, Ollie is overcome by emotion and flees the cemetary. Danny follows and is stunned to discover the reason as to why she is so upset.

Bernice admits to Diane that she is finding it difficult coping with the fact that Carlos is going to marry Nicola.

Zak and Lisa return from holiday and are delighted to hear that Paddy and Emily have started seeing each other.

Cain is forced to do some quick thinking when Lisa and Zak question him about Sam's sudden disappearance.

And Louise is thrilled when Diane offers her a permanent job at the Woolpack.

Episode 3011 Tuesday 25 September

(Canada Thursday, July 29, 2004 Eps. #3011 - Will the teenagers listen to Danny'ss advice? Cain and Andy try their luck at the bookies.)

Marc, Robert, Donna, Katie and Eve are furious to discover that Ollie has told Danny about their involvement in Miss Strickland's death.

Danny tries to persuade them to give themselves up to the police, but will they listen to his advice?

Cain and Andy try their luck at the bookies using counterfeit money. But while they are thrilled by their luck, little do they realise that their scam has already been discovered.

Zak is upset to learn that Nellie has moved without his knowledge, and he has no way of finding out if Sam is visiting her in Ireland. Diane is annoyed to discover that Rodney had his feet planted firmly under the table in the Woolpack, while she was away on holiday. Marlon can barely believe his luck when Rhona invites him to spend the afternoon with her. And Chris and Charity await Zoe's return to Home Farm.

Episode 3012 Wednesday 26 September 2001

(Canada Monday, August 2, 2004 Eps. #3012 - Zak is concerned when he spots two men surveying the Dingles house.)

Zak is concerned when he spots two men surveying the Dingle's house. He tackles Cain and demands to know what is going on. But Cain simply pleads his innocence.

Cain and Andy decide to get rid of the rest of the counterfeit money by buying a car. But their plans are thrown in to chaos when a van screeches to an halt beside them and they are bundled into the back. They are terrified when they are driven to a dis-used warehouse, where they come face to face with local gangster Ray - demanding to know why they are off loading dodgy money on his doorstep.

Marc is petrified when he overhears Angie telling Len that the police are close to arresting someone for the hit and run that killed Miss Strickland.

Latisha is shocked when her ex-boyfriend Paul gatecrashes Kirk's christening party and demands to know why he wasn't invited.

Zoe agrees to move out of Home Farm until Chris and Charity can find somewhere else to live.

And Lisa confides to Angie that she hasn't slept with Zak since his operation.

Episode 3013 Thursday 27 September 2001

(Canada Tuesday, August 3, 2004 Eps. #3013 - Marc assumes Danny has betrayed the group's confidence.)

Marc panics when he learns the police could make an arrest fo the hit and run that day after following up a fresh lead. He immediately assumes Danny has betrayed the group's confidence. Their anxiety is further heightened when they see Andy in a police car and Eve suggests that they should say Andy is lying if they are questioned.

The Dingles throw a party to celebrate Paddy and Emily's blossoming relationship.

Paul is taken aback when he realises Jason delivered his son. Feeling a little put out he begins to question the amount of time Jason is spending with Latisha and his son. Jason retaliates, and asks Paul if hitting a woman would make him a real man.

Danny is furious to discover that Paul has been hitting his sister and tries to attack him.

Zoe is feeling hurt and lonely and, at Paddy's insistence, she moves into the vets until Charity and Chris can move out of Home Farm.

Episode 3014 Friday 28 September 2001

(Canada Wednesday, August 4, 2004 Eps. #3014 - Tensions are mounting as the teenagers discover that an innocent man has been arrested over the hit and run.)

Tensions are mounting as the teenagers discover that an innocent man - the owner of the car they stole, has been arrested over the hit and run. Andy is horrified at the prospect of someone taking the blame for their crime and Marc begins to wonder whether keeping quiet is the right thing to do.

The reality of Nicola and Carlos' impending nuptials become clear when Bernice sees Nicola in her wedding dress at a fitting. Bernice later admits to Diane that she wonders whether she has missed the opportunity to be with the man she was meant to be with. A stern Diane orders Bernice to start appreciating what's she's got instead of wondering what she could have lost.

Paul visits Latisha at work in an attempt to reconcile, but she is reluctant to speak to him. After urging him to leave, she becomes aware of how menacing he could be when he insists that they will talk again

A saddened Zoe confronts Charity in the street and demands that she admit to once caring about her. Charity is unmoved and declares that their affair was just experimentation. Zoe is hurt.