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#3030-3039 --- 22 October - 2 November 2001

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Episode 3030 Monday 22 October

Latisha's dream of future happiness with Paul is destroyed when he shows his true colours. Paul warns Jason that he will have to get any ideas of visiting Latisha in Bradford out of his head. Undeterred, Jason asks Latisha if he will be able to visit. Paul is furious when she agrees, and he makes his displeasure known when he lays Jason out with a punch.

Zak is shocked to discover that his friend Les has died. Convinced that he was on the mend, he is surprised when Jenny tells him that Les' health had been deteriorating for some time. On returning home, Cain suggests that keeping two women on the go seems to be tiring Zak out. He is taken aback when Zak admits that he and Lisa have been experiencing some problems in the bedroom department.

Zoe announces to Paddy that she is intending to move back to Home Farm even though Charity and Chris are still living there.

Carlos visits Ashley to apologise for the pain he has caused. But Ashley refuses to listen and throws him out of his house.

Emily turns down a date with Paddy to spend the evening trying to cheer up Nicola.

And Sean and Tara share a drink in the Woolpack and reminisce about their past relationship.

Episode 3031 Tuesday 23 October

Zak visits Jenny and offers her a shoulder to cry on following Les' death. They crack open a bottle of whiskey to numb the pain of her loss, but as the evening draws on, they find comfort in each others arms and end up in bed together.

Latisha admits to Jason that she fancies him and dreams of them being a proper couple. Seizing the moment, she kisses him and takes him upstairs, but she is left disappointed when he tells her that it isn't going to work.

Charity and Chris are stunned when Zoe informs them that she is moving back to Home Farm. They are further surprised when Zoe tells Chris that she lied about having an affair with Charity.

Tara joins Sean for a drink in the Woolpack and it's not long before their evening turns to passion.

And Nicola lets Carlos know exactly what she thinks of him

Episode 3032 Wednesday 24 October

Zak is wracked with guilt following his impromptu night of passion with Jenny. With Cain still sniffing around his business, Zak becomes increasingly desperate to unburden his conscience and feels the need to confess all to a shocked Marlon. But will Zak heed Marlon's wise words and set about putting his relationship with Lisa back on track?

Jason has his own problems after spending the night with Latisha. He is convinced that he has ruined their friendship because he cannot offer her anything more than a platonic relationship - but will that be enough for Latisha?

Zoe's erratic behaviour concerns Chris in the build up to their wedding, while Charity is flummoxed as to why she denied their affair to Chris

Episode 3033 Thursday 25 October

Charity is convinced that Zoe is up to something. She tells Chris of her concerns, but he simply puts it down to Zoe trying to make amends for her past behaviour. Chris is surprised when Zoe admits that she is proud of him. But as their conversation continues, he becomes troubled by the effect that his wedding preparations are having on her. He suggests to Charity that they should postpone their wedding - an idea that leaves her horrified.

Ollie and Marc become concerned that someone knows that they were responsible for the hit and run which killed Miss Strickland. Andy is furious when Ollie approaches him and demands to know if he is the one behind all the tricks.

Paddy decides to organise a surprise weekend for Emily in Paris. He enlists Nicola's help. But a problem arises when Nicola fails to find Emily's passport.

Zak and Lisa's enjoy a romantic evening.

And Rodney enthusiastically tells Louise about his plans for the Holiday Village

Episode 3034 Friday 26 October

Zoe has a plan which could prove to Chris once and for all, that she and Charity had an affair. Charity is wary when she finds Zoe alone at Home Farm. With Chris nowhere to be seen, Charity agrees to discuss their affair - unaware that Zoe is recording their conversation.

Edna is horrified when she overhears Jack talking to Diane about having a mobile phone mast erected on his property.

Louise is gobsmacked when she receives a surprise visit from a face from her past - her ex-boyfriend Paul.

Paddy's plan to whisk Emily off on a romantic weekend in Paris is destroyed when she tells him that she doesn't have a passport.

The teenagers hatch a plan to catch their pursuer.

And Zak takes Lisa on a romantic picnic.

Episode 3035 Monday 29 October

Increasingly concerned that someone is on to their dark secret, the troubled teenagers are determined to discover who is stalking them. But things take a sinister turn when Eve is grabbed by a shadowy figure outside the chalet. Marc and Danny hear her screams and rush to try and free her from the clutches of the attacker. As they grapple with the assailant they are stunned to discover his identity.

Blissfully unaware of Zoe's plans to put a spanner in the works, Chris gives in to Charity and their wedding plans get firmly back on schedule.

Village battleaxe Edna Birch revels in telling Diane of her plans to thwart Jack's hopes for a mobile phone mast on his land.

Episode 3036 Tuesday 30 October

Shocked to learn that it is Sam who knows their secret, he explains that he has been living rough in the wood in a bid to escape from Cain. He reveals that he has found it lonely and has been listening in on their conversations but assures them that he won't say a word to anyone.

Eve worries that the group will be found out but Marc insists that Sam is harmless.

As Chris and Charity continue to make grand plans for their wedding, Zoe makes it clear to Terry that she is plotting their downfall but refuses to be drawn on her scheming.

Jack is furious at the backlash to his plans for a phone mast as Edna demands that Pollard takes action in his role as councillor.

Rodney finds the going tough with Louise's former boyfriend hanging around pressing for a reconciliation.

Episode 3037 Wednesday 31 Octobe

With the chalet now out of bounds, the teenagers continue to air their angst at the Reynolds' house. As the rest of the group indulges in Halloween films, Eve and Marc sneak upstairs for some time alone.

Their plans for intimacy are shattered, however, when they discover that someone has daubed harrowing and incriminating graffiti on his bedroom wall. Marc assumes that Sam is responsible but is horrified when he discovers the identity of the true culprit......Ollie!

Chris is unnerved when Zoe urges him to make Charity sign a pre-nuptial agreement. Is she just trying to safeguard his fortune or suggesting that his wife-to-be may not remain faithful?

As the village enjoys a Halloween night at the Woolpack, Ashley and Carlos both decide it would be best if they showed their faces.

Meanwhile, a tarot card reading leaves Angie suitably worried.

Episode 3038 Thursday 1 November

Charity is appalled to learn that Chris is drawing up a pre-nuptial agreement and it doesn't take her long to realise that Zoe is behind it. Zoe explains that she is trying to safeguard Joseph's inheritance in the event of Charity cheating again on Chris. Charity is further mortified when Zoe tells her that she has a taped confession of the affair. Charity is then delivered a crushing ultimatum - sign the agreement or risk losing Chris when Zoe tells him everything.

Marc is unforgiving when Ollie explains that she wrote on his bedroom wall because he has become pre-occupied with Eve and is brushing the death of Miss Strickland under the carpet. Eve is busy trying to cover their tracks and persuades Andy and Robert to find Sam and convince him that the previous evening's antics were nothing more than a Halloween joke.

Nicola challenges Carlos about the way he has treated her but isn't prepared for the home truths that he serves up.

Episode 3039 Friday 2 November

Charity is feeling the pressure as Zoe insists that she must sign the pre-nuptial agreement and she can barely believe her ears when Zoe plays her the recording of the confession. Her aversion to signing the agreement causes friction with Chris - much to Zoe's delight.

Marc starts to crack under the pressure of the dark secret he shares with the other youngsters and he confides to Ollie that the guilt he feels is all consuming. He contemplates confessing but Eve urges him to think of the others.

Ashley takes Nicola under his wing and invites her to help organise the village bonfire.

Carlos, meanwhile, approaches Diane for a reference and, thinking he is leaving the village, she is only too happy to help. She is shocked when he reveals he is staying for the sake of the baby and can't walk out of the child's life as Rodney did to Bernice.

Joe returns to Emmerdale and, on Jason's insistence, agrees to meet Tricia to discuss a divorce.