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#3015-3029 --- 1 - 19 October 2001

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Episode 3015 Monday 1 October 2001 at 7:00pm

(Canada Thursday, August 5, 2004 Eps. #3015 - Ray Mullan impresses the villagers but Cain seems distinctly uneasy about the new arrival.)

Appearances can be deceptive, and that is certainly the case when the new owner of Mill Cottage arrives in the village. Rodney is annoyed to meet the man who gazumped him, but he is quickly won over by his charm.

The Woolpack customers are completely taken with him, when he dips his hand in his pocket and offers to buy everyone a drink. But while Ray Mullan impresses the villagers, local villain Cain seems distinctly uneasy about the new arrival.

Marc is guilt ridden when Betty shows him a newspaper article reporting that a man has been charged with causing Miss Strickland's death.

Marlon and Rhona decide to make her last day in the village a passionate one to remember.

Rodney spots the ideal opportunity to expand his business interests when he notices that the Holiday Village is up for sale.

Bernice and Carlos try to put their affair behind them, and commit themselves to their partners.

Episode 3016 Tuesday 2 October 2001 at 7:00pm

(Canada Monday, August 9, 2004 Eps. #3016 - Nicola's thrilled when her mother arrives to help with the wedding, ex-husband Rodney isn't.)

Nicola is over the moon when her mother arrives to help with her wedding preparations. But there is one person who is less than thrilled to see her - ex-husband, Rodney.

The Blackstocks share a family meal, but Rodney feels increasingly uncomfortable, with Maureen and Diane's bickering.

Andy is terrified when he spots Ray in the village and dashes to tell Cain his news. Cain approaches Ray with the intention of making amends for off-loading counterfeit money on his patch.

Latisha is annoyed when Paul pays her a surprise visit. But her icy demeanour begins to melt when he tells her that he would like to be part of their baby's life.

Chloe is left speechless she accompanies Charity on a house hunting expedition to a property with fifteen bedrooms!

Eve and Marc are terrified when they come across a dead rabbit and a blood- spattered copy of the Hotten Courier with the headline - hit and run man arrested.

Episode 3017 Wednesday 3 October 2001 at 7:00pm

(Canada Tuesday, August 10, 2004 Eps. #3017 - Carlos and Nicola's make the most of their last night together before the wedding.)

Carlos and Nicola's wedding is only a day away and the pair decide to make the most of their last night of freedom. But as the drinks flow, tensions mount, and a secret is revealed which threatens to destroy the happy occasion.

At the hen night, Diane is amazed by Maureen's choice of entertainment - a magician.

Meanwhile at Chez Marlon, the lads prepare themselves for the imminent arrival of their stripper. But, when their stripper walks in to the Woolpack to ask for directions, the women invite her to stay and send the magician in her place - leaving the lads in a state of confusion.

Carlos is rattled when the conversation turns to the subject of affairs, and Terry nearly reveals all about his dalliance with Bernice. Bernice is staggered when Nicola confides that she isn't pregnant and swears her to secrecy.

Andy protests his innocence when Marc accuses him of leaving the dead rabbit.

Episode 3018 Thursday 4 October 2001 at 7:00pm

(Canada Wednesday, August 11, 2004 Eps. #3018 - Many revelations come to light before Carlos and Nicola's wedding. Will the wedding still take place?)

The village prepares for Carlos and Nicola's wedding. But with Nicola's hen night confession still ringing in her ears, will Bernice be able to keep the secret to herself?

Bernice visits Nicola and tries to persuade her to tell Carlos that she isn't pregnant, but is left frustrated when she refuses, still insisting that Bernice should keep their secret.

Unsure as to what to do, Bernice arrives at the church, and makes her way down the aisle to speak to Carlos. But she changes her mind at the last minute and dashes out of the church to await Nicola's arrival.

As the car pulls up Bernice tries one last time to persuade Nicola to tell the truth. But, her words land on deaf ears, and Bernice decides to force the issue by dragging Carlos outside.

Nicola is incensed with Bernice for putting her in such a difficult position, and reluctantly tells him that she is not pregnant. Carlos is astounded that she could tell such a lie, and in a moment of fury, admits that he has been having an affair with Bernice.

The wedding is cancelled.


Nicola Blackstock jilts Carlos Diaz at the altar


In the vicarage it is the morning of Nicola's wedding and Bernice lays awake in bed. Ashley wakes and ask how the hen night went. He gets up straight away as there is alot to do before the ceremony; In Chez Marlon Rodney is shouting orders out to Marlon, Kathy and Chloe as they prepare the restaurant for the reception. Chloe shouts her mouth off about young women falling for older men. Rodney makes a quick exit. Chloe is left looking like a fool; In the Woolpack backroom Louise and Emily are fussing around Nicola as she starts to get ready for the wedding. Maureen continues to criticise everything. Bernice arrives and asks Nicola to come upstairs with her to look at something. Nicola is aware that Bernice wants to talk to her about what she told her last night but she refuses to leave the others as they are doing her nails; In Annie's cottage, Carlos is sat at the table with a hang over cure in a glass. A hung over Terry and Sean come downstairs; In the Woolpack backroom Louise is doing Nicola's hair. Bernice asks again for Nicola to come upstairs with her as they need to talk but Nicola refuses. Diane comes in looking a little worse for the drink last night, Bernice puts the kettle on. Emily gives Nicola a present. It is a bracelet. Maureen gives her a necklace as something old. Louise gives her a hair slide as something borrowed and Bernice gives her a blue garter for something blue; Terry, Paddy, Sean and Rodney all joke about the magician who came to the stag party last night. They are putting on waistcoats and button holes. Carlos comes in dressed in his morning suit. Rodney questions why he is looking so nerves; In the Woolpack backroom Maureen and Diane bitch about each others outfits. Bernice is still trying to get to talk to Nicola alone. Louise brings Nicola in, in her wedding dress and Emily follows. She looks beautiful and Maureen begins to cry. Nicola comments about the dress begin a little tight but in another few weeks she wouldn't be able to get it on. Bernice looks on in horror; Terry and Carlos come out of Annie's cottage and for one last time Terry asks Carlos if he is doing the right thing marrying Nicola. Carlos insists he loves her and can make the marriage work; In the Woolpack backroom Diane pours out some champagne for everyone insisting that Maureen has some to loosen up. Maureen asks why Bernice is so quiet today. Diane asks Bernice to make a toast to her sister. Reluctantly Bernice raise a toast to her sister; Outside the church Ashley reminds Paddy to signal to him when Nicola arrives. Betty and Seth arrive, Betty is still giving Seth a hard time over going to the stage party last night. Kathy, Alan, Chloe and Scott arrive; In the Woolpack Diane, Maureen, Emily and Louise kiss Nicola and tell her they will see her at the church. Bernice is finally on her own with Nicola she shouts at her sister to try and stop her from tricking Carlos into the marriage. Nicola asks Bernice as her sister to keep the news to herself so that the wedding can take place. Rodney arrives and is astonished at how wonderful Nicola looks;


Everyone is arriving at church. Paddy is handing out the order of service. Emily arrives and Paddy tells her she looks wonderful. Diane and Maureen are still exchanging insults. Diane asks Louise who is winning; The bridal car is outside the pub Rodney helps Nicola in. Nicola ask her father if he thinks Carlos may have changed his mind, Rodney assures her he left ages ago; outside the church the guests are still arriving. Bernice arrives and pushes past Emily and Paddy and goes into the church. Inside the church Terry is stood at the front with Carlos. Bernice comes into the aisle and makes eye contacted with Carlos. Her eyes fill up with tears. Terry turns Carlos away. Bernice runs back out of the church; Outside the church Bernice asks Paddy and Emily to wait inside and she will tell them when Nicola arrive. Nicola's car arrives. Bernice runs to meet her sister. She asks Rodney to wait inside, as she wants to talk to Nicola alone. He does so. Once again Bernice pleads with her sister not to trick Carlos; Inside the church the congregation are sitting down. The insults still fly between Diane, Maureen and Louise. Betty asks where Carlos' parents are?; Outside the church Bernice can not get Nicola to change her mind. Bernice storms past her father, Paddy and Emily and into the church; Inside the church Seth begins to play the bridle march but is stopped by Betty. Bernice goes to Carlos and asks him to come outside as Nicola needs to talk to him. Terry asks if she has changed her mind. Everyone is left wondering what is going on; Outside the church Nicola persuades her father to go and tell Ashley they will be inside in a minute; Carlos comes outside, he kisses Nicola and asks what is wrong; Inside Ashley asks Diane is he should go and see what the problem is. Diane advises him not to. Kathy asks Terry what is wrong. Rodney tells Maureen, Louise, Diane and Ashley it is just a few last minute nerves; Outside Nicola question why Bernice is doing this. Bernice insists her sister tells Carlos that she has lied to him. Nicola finally tells Carlos that she is not pregnant. Carlos is very angry. Nicola tries to explain. Carlos tells Nicola he gave up the idea of one baby so he could have another. Nicola questions this strange statement and works out that Bernice's baby is Carlos' and Carlos and Bernice must have been having an affair. Bernice is worried that Ashley is going to find out. Nicola calls her sister a cow; Inside the church Rodney is becoming worried and wants to go outside. Emily tries to persuade him not to; Outside the church Nicola and Bernice are now fighting. Bernice is trying to protect Ashley. Carlos goes into the church to tell Ashley that the wedding is off. Rodney and Emily come out of the church and see the two sisters fighting. He asks what is going on. Nicola quickly composes herself and tells her father he is walking her down the aisle. Bernice tells Emily go on in and she will follow on; Ashley is stood at the alter, Carlos approaches him, Rodney and Nicola walk into church and Betty shouts to Seth to start the organ. Nicola darts down the aisle to the altar. She stands by Ashley and makes an announcement that Carlos and Bernice are in love and have been having an affair. Ashley stands behind her in horror. Nicola runs to her father in tears. Bernice looks to the ground as Ashley stares at her unable to take the news in;

Episode 3019 Friday 5 October 2001 at 7:00pm

(Canada Thursday, August 12, 2004 Eps. #3019 - Will Emmerdale ever be the same following the shocking revelations?)

Can Emmerdale ever be the same following the shocking revelations that finally surfaced about Bernice and Carlos - and Nicola feigning pregnancy? And scarcely could they have found a more inappropriate place to vent their feelings about one another.

Even the unannounced arrival back in the village of Tricia Fisher fails to lift the general mood. And it's not a racing certainty that Marlon, who spent so long searching for his missing loved-one, will be too enamoured at her reappearance after so long.



In the church Rodney and Maureen console Nicola as she sobs into their arms. Everyone is silent. Bernice runs towards Ashley asking to explain. He turns his back on her and walks away. Diane tries to get Bernice to leave. But she wants to talk to Ashley. Carlos has go at Nicola asking why she had to do this so publicly. Rodney defends her. Maureen punches Carlos to the ground. Everyone gasps. Maureen shouts at Carlos about his behaviour. Maureen and Diane start to argue defending their daughters. Maureen calls Bernice a slut. Diane goes to Ashley, he says nothing and then asks Diane if she knew about it and then tells her to get out of the church. Bernice tries to explain telling Nicola it was a fling and they ended it. Maureen usher Nicola out of the church, Emily follows. Rodney is angry with Bernice and questions how she could do such a thing. Rodney apologise to Ashley for what has happened and then leaves with Louise; Chloe, Marlon, Kathy and the guests arrive at Chez Marlon. Sean, Paddy, Scott and Alan all discuss what has happened. Betty tells Seth she must go and tells Edna what has happened; Ashley and Bernice are alone in the church. She begs him to talk to her and apologises for what was a stupid mistake. Ashley is silent; Nicola, Emily and Maureen arrive back at Nicola's cottage. Maureen talks to her daughter about what has happened. Nicola sobs. In Annie's cottage, Terry gives Carlos a stiff drink. Carlos tells him that Nicola had lied to him and she isn't pregnant. Terry asks how the affair had come out. The situation is a terrible mess; Diane is alone in the Woolpack bar. She serves herself a whiskey and is torn apart with the destruction that has just happened; In the church Bernice asks Ashley what he wants her to do. Ashley begins to shout and asks Bernice to tell him the whole truth about what has gone on with her and Carlos. Bernice tries to spare Ashley's feeling but it is a bit late for that. He insists on the whole truth and questions why the truth had to come out today in church on her sisters wedding day. Ashley works out for himself that Bernice's baby might not be his, it may be Carlos'; In Chez Marlon Scott asks Kathy if she thinks it is true. Betty arrives back from telling Edna the news. Rodney and Louise come in. Rodney makes a speech and asks people to try and enjoy the meal without speculating too much about the events of today; In the church Ashley waits for Bernice to confirm who the baby's father is. She doesn't know. Ashley is devastated and begins to cry asking why she couldn't of lost this baby. He tells her to leaves. She tells him she loves him. They are both sobbing hysterically. She runs out of the church. Ashley falls to his knees at the altar;


Bernice is outside the church she tries to compose herself and walks away; Inside the church Ashley is sat on the altar alone; In Annie's cottage, Carlos question himself on how he could do this. He tells Terry he thinks he will have to move away as Rodney will want him dead. Terry tries to assure him thing will calm down; In Chez Marlon Alan, Paddy and Sean sit at a table eating they talk about the events of today. Louise asks Rodney if he is OK. Rodney thinks he will go and see Nicola later but not Bernice he will leave that task to Diane as she knew all about it. Betty asks Kathy who is the father of Nicola's baby if it is not Carlos. Rodney overhears this and shouts at Betty for enjoying the downfall of his family. She leaves followed by Seth; In Nicola cottage, Nicola is still protesting about Carlos and Bernice's behaviour. Emily asks why Carlos had said he was not the father of Nicola's baby when they were in the church. Nicola tells Emily and her mother that she is not pregnant and had made the story up to get Carlos to marry her; Bernice is sat alone in the graveyard; Ashley is alone in the church. A cab arrives in Main Street and Tricia gets out. She sees Louise in the street and asks if Marlon is still at the restaurant. Louise tells Tricia he is and all about the jilted wedding of Carlos and Nicola and how Bernice was having an affair with Carlos. Tricia is stunned to hear the news; In Nicola's cottage they talk about Nicola's lie. Nicola blames Bernice for everything; Tricia finds Bernice in the graveyard and consoles her; Louise is with Diane in the pub, she asks if Diane thinks Bernice and Ashley will be OK. Diane doesn't think their marriage will survive this. Diane leaves to find Bernice; Rodney arrives to see Nicola at the cottage. Nicola sobs into her father's arms; Ashley arrives home and takes a long hard look at himself in the mirror; Bernice talks to Tricia in the graveyard. Tricia tells Bernice she has really missed her. Tricia asks who the babies father is. Diane arrives and takes Bernice and Tricia back to the Woolpack;

Episode 3020 Monday 8 October 2001 at 7:00pm

Turner and Marlon are united in shock when Tricia walks back in to their lives. Both are initially frosty towards her, but Turner soon shows his true delight and welcomes his granddaughter back in to the family fold.

Marlon isn't so instantly forgiving and is forced to confess that he isn't sure whether he is pleased to see her.

Fresh from the farce of the wedding, Rodney is furious to see Bernice and Carlos embracing - but has he misread the situation or are they really a couple once again?

Chris is intrigued to discover that the holiday village is for sale - but he is not the only one interested.

Donna's interview with the army is scheduled just as Bob and Viv return from their holiday.

Episode 3021 Tuesday 9 October 2001 at 7:00pm

Bernice finally brings herself to admit that she is happy that she and Carlos are making a go of it together. And while Rodney isn't thrilled at how she has upset Nicola, he does find it in his heart to give her a second chance.

Nicola isn't feeling quite so benevolent, however, and she is furious when she sees her father coming out of the Woolpack. Her anger turns to outright rage when she learns that Bernice and Carlos are inside and she stones the pub's windows.

Marlon decides to confess to Tricia about what happened with Rhona but she finds it hard to handle the truth. She hands him a bundle of letters that she didn't dare post for fear of rejection.

Zak's attempts to open up to Lisa seem doomed to failure when he feels that she is patronising him, so he clams up again.

Rodney joins forces with Chris to discuss their ideas for the holiday village.

Episode 3022 Wed 10 October 2001 at 7:00pm

Tricia finds an upset Marlon reading her letters, spelling out how much she was missing him and how she feared that he would spurn her if she returned to the village. It is soon clear that they both still feel strongly for each other and put their relationship back on track with a tender embrace.

Nicola's mum leaves the village safe in the knowledge that Rodney has assured her he will be there to support Nicola in her hour of need.

Ashley, meanwhile, discovers from Terry, that he knew all about the affair and hopes that he can forgive him.

Chris and Rodney forge ahead with their plans for the holiday village, but a rival is intrigued to overhear their idle banter and plans to profit from it.

Life in the Dingle household doesn't get any easier as Lisa tries a new approach with Zak.

Episode 3023 Thursday 11 October 2001 at 7:00pm

Eve, Donna and Ollie rally around Marc, who is becoming increasingly nervous about the repercussions of the hit and run.

Rodney is unnerved to discover from the estate agent that he and Chris have a local rival in the holiday village - none other than Emmerdale's new "Mr Big", Ray Mullins. Ray invites Rodney and Chris out for a meal, but does he intend to play them for a fool or play it straight?

Ashley finds the courage to deliver his first service since the wedding that wasn't and is shaken to see such a large congregation.

Marlon tells Tricia that the restaurant doesn't fulfil his dream as he expected and they torch the menus to signal its end and the start of a new future together.

Zak finds that he can open up to Les and Jenny and discusses his intimacy problems with Lisa.

Episode 3024 Friday 12 October 2001 at 7:00pm

Bernice is desperate to bury the hatchet with Nicola, but her younger sister is not in forgiving mood and sends her packing. Carlos tries to reassure Bernice that Nicola will come round with time and that the worst is over. But Bernice isn't convinced and takes decisive action, delivering a shocking blow to Carlos out of the blue.

Rodney and Chris meet with Ray for dinner at Home Farm. Ray takes the opportunity to dig deep and discover more about their plans for the holiday village. Shocked that he knows about their venture, Rodney and Chris resolve to find out more about Ray and his interest in the site.

The pressure is becoming too much for Marc and he is on the verge of cracking. His state of mind isn't helped when strange things start happening at the chalet.

Kathy seeks help from Pollard in selling the restaurant. He takes great delight in giving Tricia and Marlon notice on the flat.

Episode 3025 Monday 15 October 2002

Chris is prepared to break the bank to ensure that he is successful in buying the Holiday Village, however Rodney, does not agree with his plan.

Rodney is intrigued when Ray suggests that he may be able to help by getting some inside information on the other sealed bids - at a price.

Chris refuses to involve Ray in their business dealings. But Rodney, determined not to pay above the odds, goes behind his back and enlists Ray's help.

Bernice grows increasingly frustrated by Carlos's refusal to accept that their relationship is over. She is delighted when Ashley arrives with a letter from the hospital notifying her of the date of her scan. She tentatively asks him to go with her, but her hopes are dashed when Carlos interrupts their conversation, and Ashley suggests that they can cope without him. Carlos pleads with her to be given a second chance, but he is devastated when she demands that he stays out of her life.

Marlon is delighted when Diane offers him a job as the Woolpack's chef.

Danny is curious when Latisha receives a number of mystery phone calls.

And Kathy agrees to go for a drink with Andrew.

Episode 3026 Tuesday 16 October 2001

Chris eagerly awaits news as to whether his bid for the Holiday Village has been successful. But his suspicions are aroused by Rodney's increasingly nervous behaviour. Chris is furious to learn that Rodney has enlisted Ray's help and warns him of the consequences of going behind his back.

Bernice decides to face the world and goes back to work behind the bar in the Woolpack. Viv seizes the opportunity and lets Bernice know what she thinks of her recent behaviour. But her tirade is stopped in its tracks when Bernice reminds Viv of her own past indiscretions.

Marc doesn't know which way to turn when Angie offers to lend him and his friends her car for the evening to go to the cinema. He accepts her offer to avoid arousing her suspicions. But the experience awakens too many bad memories and Danny offers to drive home.

Tara is annoyed when Andrew asks Kathy to accompany him to a dinner party being held by one of the Stud Farm's clients.

Episode 3027 Wednesday 17 October 2001

No news certainly isn't good news for Chris and Rodney. Their efforts to contact the agents who are handling the Holiday Village deal have come to nothing, and Chris is beginning to regret going into business with Rodney. Rodney confronts Ray and accuses him of trying to sabotage his bid for the Holiday Village, so that he could buy it himself. Ray assures him he's wrong and suggests that he should wait until he knows the outcome of the auction before making any such allegations. Rodney is thrilled when he receives a call from Chris informing him that their bid has been successful.

Ashley is enraged when Terry tells him that Bernice has finished things with Carlos. He cannot understand why she has thrown their marriage away for a fling. But Ashley is in for a further shock when Terry admits that he has let Carlos move in with him.

Jason offers to babysit for Latisha so that she can go out for the day. But he is stunned when she returns and admits that she has been to see Paul and has decided to give him another chance.

Diane suggests to Bernice that she should go away for a while to escape her problems.

Episode 3028 Thursday 18 October 2001

Bernice is thrilled when she returns from her scan to hear that Ashley has been enquiring about her. She arranges to see him on the pretence that she will collect some of her things, but thoughts of reconciliation are certainly on her mind. But Bernice is left deflated when she arrives at the vicarage to find that he has already packed all of her belongings, and has no intention of trying to repair their marriage.

Cain overhears Zak and gets the wrong idea.

Cynthia is horrified when Jason tells her that Latisha has started seeing Paul again. She confronts her daughter, but Latisha refuses to listen to sense and begins making plans to return to Bradford to be with Paul.

Kathy comes clean to Andrew and tells him that she is flying out to Australia tomorrow to see Alice. He is disappointed to hear that she will not be back for six weeks.

Scott is delighted when Rodney offers him a job overseeing the renovation of the Holiday Village.

Zak is frustrated when his attempts to talk to Lisa about his feelings go wrong.

And Marc, Ollie and Eve attend the court hearing of the man arrested for the hit and run, which killed Miss Strickland.

Episode 3029 Friday 19 October 2001

Bernice decides to escape her problems in the village by going away to Sorrento, but there is one person who is unhappy about her departure.

Carlos is incensed when he sees her putting her bags into a taxi. He pins her to the side of the car and demands to know if she is planing on coming back. Ashley witnesses the scene and screams at Carlos to lets her go. As the car drives off,

Ashley furiously tells Carlos what he thinks of his behaviour.

After seeing Bernice's scan pic, Kathy says her goodbyes and sets off for her holiday in Australia.

Cain's curiosity is aroused when Zak refuses to tell him where he is going. He decides to follow and is intrigued when he stops at a house and is invited in by an attractive woman.

Danny tries to persuade Latisha not to move back in with Paul, but his efforts are futile. Cynthia tells her daughter that if things go wrong she will always have a home with them.