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#3050-3059 --- 19 - 30 November 2001

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Episode 3050 Monday 19 November 2001 at 7pm

Poor Emily is beside herself with worry when Paddy meets Mandy to sort out the future. It's enough that the estranged couple are meeting at the vet's surgery, where Emily is made to feel like a spare part. But when she later walks into the Woolpack and finds them continuing their conversation - she suspects Mandy has designs on rekindling her relationship with Paddy.

Away from Emily's ears, Mandy confesses she still loves Paddy and wants to get back together.

Scott is upset when Chloe tells him living together might spoil their relationship.

Maggie impresses Rodney by suggesting they open the holiday village for Xmas. And newly appointed bar manager Nicola lets her heart rule her head when she asks Craig to work behind the bar.

Episode 3051 Tuesday 20 November 2001 at 7pm

Mandy deliberately spoils Emily's evening when she reveals that contrary to what Paddy had said about needing to work, she has in fact been with him to see a marriage guidance counsellor.

Poor Pollard soon comes up against his old foe next who, not for the first time, punches him, following a row.

Louise and Tricia compete with one another to flirt with customers in the pub for tips.

Maggie is annoyed that Nicola employed Craig without telling her and exacts revenge immediately by signing up Chloe to work behind the bar with the blessing of Rodney.

Episode 3052 Wednesday 21 November 2001

Mandy manages to drive a wedge between Paddy and Emily, then skilfully moves in for the kill. Emily decides to visit Paddy to try and make things up after a row about the previous evening. But she is crestfallen as she arrives to see Paddy and Mandy kissing, through the window.

Nicola and Chloe clash as she starts her new job.

Chris is stunned to learn that Charity has invited a society magazine to cover the wedding.

And Rodney feels the strain caused by the age difference with Louise.

Episode 3053

Thursday 22 November 2001


Mandy gloats to Lisa and then cruelly visits Emily to tell her that she and Paddy are an item following their night of passion. But Paddy has the final laugh on Mandy - even though it proves painful. He decides it's Emily he really wants and when she refuses to listen, he carries her from the house and to the Woolpack.

As Paddy reveals his shocking decision to Mandy, she sees red and knocks him over with a punch.

Craig upsets Nicola when he lies that he's got plans for lunch then goes out with Chloe.

Chris becomes more concerned about the wedding when Charity reveals she'd like to arrive in a pink Cadillac and eat burgers and chips for breakfast.

Jess makes an effort to get on with Lucy.

Terry rehearses his best man's speech, even though he's not been asked.

Marlon is put out at Tricia's flirty ways to try and get more tips from customers.

Episode 3054 Friday 23 November 2001

Nicola has the knives out for Chloe, convinced she's trying to seduce Craig. She even warns Scott about his girlfriend in an attempt to stir things up. And when Chloe confronts her she tells her aggressively that it's pointless going to her dad, because he will always believe his daughter.

Terry is mightily let down when Chris announces that Rodney will be his best man.

Phil and Maggie clash over the way their daughters are dressed.

Paddy reassures Emily about their relationship.

Zak's efforts to resolve his differences with Cain fail.

Episode 3055 Monday 26 November 2001

Chris and Charity's wedding plans are forging ahead, but with the feud between the Tates and Dingles bubbling under the surface, it is going to be anything but a happy family occasion.

Charity is shaken when Cain confronts her and threatens to destroy her big day. She visits the Dingles and tries to defuse the situation by inviting them to her wedding.

Seth spots Chris at his father's grave and suggests that he should try and patch things up with Zoe. He approaches Zoe and tries to persuade her to attend his wedding.

Terry is taken aback when Chris asks him if he thinks he is making a mistake marrying Charity.

Mandy's hopes of getting back together with Paddy are in tatters and with no other reason to stay in the village, she decides to return to Southampton.

After his recent infidelity, Emily quizzes Paddy to see if he is over Mandy once and for all.

Maggie is furious when Nicola tries to undermine her authority at the Holiday Village.

Episode 3056 Thesday 27 November 2001

Chris and Charity's wedding day is finally upon them, but while Chris nervously awaits the arrival of his bride to be, there are certain people who are avoiding the occasion like the plague.

Zak and Zoe share their concerns over the wedding.

Aware that the gulf between Charity and the Dingles is growing, Lisa reminds Zak of his recent cancer scare, and tells him that life is too short to waste on feuding. With her words of wisdom ringing in his ears, Zak eventually relents and agrees to attend.

Charity fears the worst when the Dingles arrive at the reception and Zak demands to speak to Chris alone. But is he there to start trouble or call an end to their feud?

Zoe follows Zak's lead and decides to attend the reception, but drunkenly announces what she thinks of their marriage.

Despite the happy occasion, Charity has a few choice words for Chris that leave him feeling hurt.

Episode 3057










































Wednesday 28 November 2001










































[Alice Bates returns]

Andrew is surprised to discover that Kathy has cut short her holiday. But he is in for an even bigger shock when Alice walks in to the room. Kathy confesses that she was concerned for her niece's safety and has brought her back without Elsa's knowledge.

Chloe is upset when Nicola gives her a written warning, after she turns up late for work. Maggie is furious to hear what has happened and warns Nicola not to issue any warnings without her permission.

Zoe apologises to Chris for her drunken behaviour at his wedding reception. But will he be able to forgive her after all that has happened?

Lisa prepares a surprise meal for Zak to celebrate the end of the feud between the Dingles and the Tates. But Zak is in no mood for celebrations as he is upset that his relationship with Cain is at an all time low.

Jack is concerned by Andy and Robert's behaviour when they receive a visit from the Youth Offending Officer. And Emily turns down Paddy's offer to move in with him.



Charity begins to clear up the mess from the party at Home Farm. Chris tells her to leave it, as Terry will get the cleaner in when they are on honeymoon. Charity asks if Chris is brooding over what was said last night as she is having a ball; Andy comes down for breakfast in the Sugden's. Jack is looking at the cash flow situation. He is going to see the bank manager today. Robert talks about the bailiffs coming and Jack tells him that he and Andy must get on especially in front of the youth offending officer who is coming this afternoon. They promise to be on their best behaviour; In the Hope's shop Terry tells Emily all about the wedding and the funfair. Zoe in to buy aspirin. Zoe can't remember what she said or did at the reception. Terry thinks she should apologise; Nicola is inspecting the bar at the holiday village. Chloe enters and gets a telling off about being late for work and then is ordered to clear a blocked sink; Chris is playing with Joseph. Rodney in and congratulates Chris on a great party. Chris is sombre but tells Rodney everything is fine; Chloe is unblocking the sink at the holiday village. Maggie in and thanks Chloe for all her hard work. She tells Chloe she is going to tell Rodney how hard she is working; Paddy and Emily are having lunch in the Woolpack. Paddy thinks Emily is being formal. Tricia interrupts them and fusses about. Paddy still thinks they are meant to be together and ask if she will move in with him. Emily doesn't think it is the right time; Terry shows Zoe into the kitchen at Home Farm. She apologises to Chris for what she said at the wedding reception. She notices Chris is not himself and asks what is wrong. Charity enters and Zoe exits wishing them a happy holiday. Charity tells him to stop worrying about Zoe; Chloe is having her lunch by the pool at the holiday village. Nicola approaches and gives her a warning letter about her late arrival at work. She warns her that two more means instant dismissal; Robert and Andy get off the school bus in the village. Marc approaches wanting to talk about what is going to happen to them. They invite him to the farm to find out what the youth offending officer says to them. The Sugden boys talk about the farm; Chloe shows Maggie the warning letter. Maggie tells her she will sort it out; Jack talks to the youth offending officer and tries to defend the boys. The officer tells them he wants to talk to them individually and takes Robert into the sitting room. Andy asks Jack what happened at the bank?; The youth offending offer and Robert are in the sitting room at the farm. He talks to him about his plea. Jack enters and Robert continues his defence. He blames his brother for Miss Strickland's death.


In the holiday village Maggie confronts Nicola about her behaviour towards Chloe; Andy is with the youth offending officer in the sitting room the Sugdens. He admits his part in what happened. He knows what he did was wrong. Andy thinks that Robert is trying to blame him; Andy runs into the kitchen and confronts Robert. He blurts out that Robert blames him for what happened (meaning the death of his mother) The officer questions what the boys are talking about. He leaves telling them he has enough information; Lisa arrives outside the Dingles. She shouts Sam over and asks where Zak is. She is making a special tea for Zak because of what he did at Charity's wedding; In the Sugden's kitchen Jack shouts at the boys for their behaviour in front of the officer. Jack tries to understand the boy's behaviour. He tells them he has had an extension from the bank on the overdraft and the mobile phone company are coming to look at the land tomorrow, things don't look so bleak. He asks them stop the fighting as things will not get easier when they are in court. The boys agree; Lisa serves her special hotpot in the Dingles. Zak isn't in the mood for a party. Lisa is disappointed; Marc arrives at the Sugdens and asks how the meeting went. Jack advises him to tell the truth. Marc asks Jack what it is like in prison. Jack tells Marc to go home and talk to his mother; Tara and Andrew come out of the pub and notice there is a light on at Kathy's cottage. Andrew goes over to investigate. He finds the door opens and enters; Kathy is there. Andrew questions what is wrong and why she is home so soon. Alice comes downstairs; Zak is asleep in the chair at the Dingles. Lisa asks if he is waiting up for Cain?; In Kathy's cottage. Andrew chats to Alice. She goes to bed and Andrew asks what is going on? Kathy tells him she has bought Alice back to this country without Elsa's knowing. She tells him she had to do it for Alice's safety.

Episode 3058 Thursday 29 November 2001 In the cold light of day, Kathy begins to realise the serious consequences of bringing her niece back to Britain without her mother's permission. Kathy seeks advice from a solicitor. She admits that she suspected that Alice was being mistreated, but her hopes are dealt a massive blow when the solicitor tells her that without proof of abuse, Kathy could face charges of child abduction. The situation becomes even more volatile when Turner tells Kathy that he has received a telephone call from Elsa and she will be arriving in the village tomorrow.

Angie is consumed by guilt when Marc tells the Youth Offending Officer that his parents marriage break up has deeply affected him. Len reassures Angie that she isn't a bad parent, but his words are unable to soothe her pain.

Jack is left frustrated when he is unable to get a verbal decision from the Mobile phone representative, as to whether they are going to put a mast on his farm. Andy is upset to hear the news and accuses Robert of giving Jack false hope.

Zak and Cain bump into each other and attempt to build some bridges, after their recent falling out.

Episode 3059











































Friday 30 November 2001










































[Elsa Feldmann returns to the village.]

There is trouble brewing when Elsa arrives in the village with one intention - to get her daughter Alice back. Alice is excited to see her mother, but Kathy is irritated by her sudden arrival. Elsa demands to know why she took her daughter without her permission, but is stunned when Kathy says Alice was mistreated. Kathy isn't about to give Alice up without a fight, though, and disappears with her again.

Jack's financial problems seem to be a distant memory when he receives a phone call from the mobile phone company, confirming that they would like to put a mast on his farm. But, Edna is not best pleased to hear the news.

Angie is furious to discover that Sean has organised for Marc and Ollie to see a solicitor and Tara will be paying the bill.

Ashley offers to let Cynthia and her family move in to the vicarage after they have been evicted from their home. And Sam manages to persuade Cain to move back home.



Jack and Victoria call in to see Alice at Kathy's cottage. Andrew puts the kettle on. Jack asks why Kathy has bought Alice back?; Sean calls in at the Reynolds. He tells Angie he has set up a meeting for the kids with the solicitor; In Kathy's cottage they talk about Kathy's legal position in taking Alice. Jack thinks Kathy has been too hasty. Jack offers Kathy his support; In the Reynolds Len makes the tea whilst Sean tells Ollie and Marc about the meeting with the solicitor. Angie isn't happy about Tara paying the bill for the solicitor; In Main Street a taxis pulls up outside the B & B. Alan comes out to meet Elsa. Elsa wants to go and see Alice straight away. Viv watches her arrival from the shop; Jack and Victoria are about to leave Kathy's cottage. Elsa arrives and hugs Alice. Alan comes in and Jack offers to take the girls to the playground; Jack walks past the Hopes shop and Viv asks Jack what is going on at Kathy's; In Kathy's cottage Elsa is very angry with Kathy and they argues about Alice's welfare. Elsa insists Kathy brings Alice to the B & B when Jack brings her home; Viv is still outside the shop and asks Elsa and Alan what is going on. Elsa tells Viv to get stuffed; In the Reynolds Kitchen Len tells Angie that Sean is only trying to do his best. Angie thinks the kids hate her; In the Dingles Sam enters to find Zak looking at a wrapped birthday present that has arrived for Cain from his mother. He bites Sam's head off. Sam asks Lisa what is wrong with Zak?; Elsa marching back to Kathy's cottage to collect Alice. Alan tries to calm her down. They knock on the door but there is no answer. Viv tells them Kathy and Alice left half an hour ago.


In the B & B Alan is making phone calls to try and locate Kathy and Alice. Elsa is worried; Marc is in his bedroom. Len enters he talks about his attitude towards Angie. Len tells Marc to take more responsibility for what has happened and to talk to Angie; Andy, Robert and Victoria are watching TV in the Sugden's The phone rings. Jack answers it. He tells the family the mobile phone company has said yes to the phone mast site being on their land; Alan and Elsa have called into the Woolpack. They ask Bernice if she has seen Kathy. Elsa wants to call the police. Alan persuades her to wait a little longer. Elsa goes back to the B & B. Sam approaches Cain and tries to persuade him to come home to the Dingles. Sam tells Cain he has bought him a birthday present. Cain tells him he will think about it; In the Daggert's Cynthia tells Latisha and Danny she has called the housing department but has no good news for them; In the Hopes shop Edna complains to Ashley about the mobile phone mast. Viv supports Edna. Cynthia comes in and Ashley offers his support for the eviction hearing next week; Jack, Victoria, Robert and Andy come into the Woolpack to celebrate the sale of the land. He buys the drinks for all the regulars; Sam arrives home with Cain. Zak and Lisa are surprised. Zak and Cain make amends; In the Woolpack Viv and Edna talks about Jacks sale. Alan, Ashley, Cynthia and Bernice wish Jack well; In the Dingles Zak toast Cain's return. Sam ask Lisa why his father does treat him like he does Cain?; In the Woolpack Alan talks to the others about Kathy and Alice. Edna and Jack argue about the phone mast. Ashley offers Cynthia and family a home at the vicarage; A taxi drops Jack and the children off at the farm. Jack asks who had left the lights on in the house; In the Dingles Zak talks to Cain about finding each other as father and son. He asks him to go easy on Sam and reminds him he is his brother; Jack enters the sitting room at the Sugdens and finds Kathy their with Alice. She tells him she had nowhere else to go.