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#3034-3049 --- 5 - 16 November 2001

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Episode 3040

Monday 5 November

Miss Strickland's death is weighing heavily on Marc's mind. Unable to cope with the guilt any longer, he decides on a course of action, which will change his life forever. At the bonfire party, the teenagers grow increasingly concerned by Marc's erratic behaviour. Eve is horrified when Marc drives off with the intention of confessing to the police that he was responsible for causing Miss Strickland's death. Marc walks in to the police station and confesses that he was solely responsible for the accident, which killed Miss Strickland. But his attempt to protect his friends is destroyed when Eve arrives and admits that he was not the only one involved.

Marlon is relieved when Tricia tells him that she will be able to divorce Joe without any problems. But he is knocked for six when she asks him to marry her.

Zoe is stunned to learn that Charity is prepared to sign Chris's pre-nuptial agreement on condition that she receives a lump sum up front.

Latisha is pleased to hear that Jason and Joe are ancient history.

And Bernice returns to the village to face the music.

Episode 3041

Tuesday 6 November

The teenagers who were involved in the hit and run that killed Miss Strickland are in for a rude awakening. Jack is stunned when the police arrive at his farm and tell him that they need to bring Robert and Andy in for questioning. Jack can barely believe what is happening, when Andy admits his part in the hit and run.

Ollie is overwhelmed with relief when a detective arrives to question her. Unable to cope with the lies any longer, she confesses her part in the tragedy.

Chris grows increasingly frustrated when Charity refuses to discuss their wedding plans unless he agrees to pay her a lump sum. Charity's anger towards Zoe reaches new heights when she opens a package addressed to Chris and finds a copy of the confession tape.

Donna is horrified when she returns from her army interview to find a detective waiting for her. Edna and Viv can not believe what has happened and apportion blame firmly on Marc's shoulders, for leading Eve and Donna astray.

Marc is charged with death by dangerous driving. The enormity of what he has done hits him like a tonne of bricks and he breaks down in his mother's arms.

Tricia and Joe go to court to start divorce proceedings. On returning home, Tricia is upset when Marlon confesses that he is not ready for marriage.

And Scott does his best to impress Rodney with his management skills. But he is annoyed to discover that Nicola has been appointed bar manager at the Holiday Village without his knowledge.

Episode 3042

Wednesday 7 November 2001 at 7pm

One Hour Special
A mix of the scheduled episode along with the background to Soapstars


[foreign viewers will probably only get the standard 30 minute episode]




































The arrival of the soapstars family

A new family lands in Emmerdale and prove themselves a smash from the outset. As Phil arrives with Jess, he crashes into Maggie, Lucy and Craig (Soapstars) and Scott is forced to come to their rescue, But their prang proves unfortunate for Rodney who is forced to introduce them as the new management at the holiday village. Scott is flabbergasted and tells Rodney what he can do with his job.

Charity can't escape Zoe's wicked ways in the Woolpack and she insinuates that her refusal to sign the prenuptial agreement is proof that she only wanted Chris for his money.

With Ashley's 40th on the horizon and Bernice not around to arrange anything, it is left to Emily and Nicola to plan a surprise birthday bash.

The families of the teenagers struggle to come to terms with the truth behind Miss Strickland's death.



In the Reynolds Len asks Angie if Marc and Ollie are up yet. Angie feels responsible for what has happened. Marc comes in and asks if they have spoken to his dad yet; Ollie is in her bedroom she stares at the ceiling; In the Hope's backroom Viv rants at Donna about what has happened. Bob tries to calm Viv down. Donna runs upstairs and Viv breaks down and cries; Two cars drive into the village. They stop. In the first car a mother argues with her two teenage children as to the direction for the holiday village. The children continue to argue as they drive off. The mother slams on the breaks and the car behind goes straight into the back of her. They all get out of the car. The man and teenage girl all get out of the car behind. The teenagers all argue. The two families know each other. Scott approaches and offers to help. The mother introduces them a Maggie and Phil and tells Scott they are looking for the holiday village. Scott tells them to go and get a bite to eat in the Wooplack and he will look at the cars and take them to the holiday village himself. The family moves off to the pub taking their dog with them. Nicola walks past the car; In Charity's cottage, Charity is upset and tells Chloe she is fed up with being pushed around by the Tate. Chloe tells her if she wants to marry Chris she has to do as they say; In the Hope's Shop Ashley talks to Nicola about the 'bump' outside. Emily gives Ashley a parcel. They talk about the headlines in the Hotten courier 'Hit & Run - More Questioned' and Nicola tells them Donna is involved. They all think Viv will need their support. Nicola asks what is in Ashley parcel and is told it is a birthday present from his brother as he will be 40 on the 14th November; Robert and Andy come into the kitchen at the Sugden's Farm. They apologise to Jack for what has happened. Jack is sympathetic but warns the boys they will be punished but he will be there for them whatever happens; In the Reynolds Marc makes a phone call to Eve but Mrs Birch will not let him talk to her; In Edna's cottage Eve ask who was on the phone and is told it was a nuisance caller; In the Reynolds Marc leaves the room as Len and Angie enter. They talk about what will happen next.


In the Woolpack Zoe joins Charity she tells her that if she signs the agreement she will leave her in peace. Diane tells Paddy and Emily that she is going to go and see Jack later. Paddy talks to Emily about redecorating the cottage and thinks they should do it together; The new family come out of the Woolpack and meet up with Scott again. He tells them the second car will need a new radiator. They head off for the holiday village; Marc comes into Ollie's bedroom to see how she is. She tells him she doesn't blame him for telling the police; Scott and the new family drive into the holiday village. Rodney is there and is surprised to see Maggie and her family. Scott is surprised that Rodney knows the family and walks away in discussed when Maggie tells him she is the new manager of the holiday village. Rodney goes to Scott and tries to explain. Scott is angry at Rodney's decision; Ashley has called in to see Edna and Eve at the cottage. He talks about the accident and tells Eve she must not hide away. Edna feels she has lost her faith because of what has happen; Rodney shows the new family around the chalet that they will be staying in. The two girls argue, as they do not want to share a room. Phil asks if there is anywhere bigger for them. They explain to Rodney that their new family set up was something of a speedy decision; In the Hopes shop Nicola asks Emily if she thinks Ashley will want to celebrate his birthday. Nicola thinks they should plan a surprise party for him; In the chalet Maggie is trying to unpack and organise the new family. Phil tells them as this is the first day as a family they should all try and get on. The teenagers continue to argue and Jess storms out; Sean is in the village Diane spots him and asks how Angie and the children are. Sean doesn't know what she is talking about; Phil approaches Jess as she sits on a bench in the holiday village. He apologise to his daughter for what has happened an ask her to give the new family time. Jess is upset about leaving her mother as she is ill and needs help. Phil tells her he love Maggie; Sean has arrived at the Reynolds and is shouting at Angie and the kids for letting such a thing happen. Angie tries to calm him down. Ollie tells him it was an accident. Angie and Sean argue until Len stops them telling them to think of the children; Diane arrives at the Sugden's farm. Robert and Andy ask what people are saying about them. Jack knows they won't have many peoples support; In the chalet Jess goes to bed. Maggie tells Lucy to go too as she is tried. Phil ask Craig how he has keep his head went all around are loosing theirs; In Charity's cottage. Scott tells Chloe how disappointed he is about losing his job. He goes home; In Maggie and Phil's bedroom. They talk about if they have made a terrible mistake moving in together. Phil is happy they are together. They kiss.

Episode 3043

Thursday 8 November

Tension is mounting over at the holiday village when Maggie and Phil discover their cramped accommodation. Lucy is thrilled at the chance to earn some extra cash with some cleaning work. However Jess, being Jess, finds the prospect much less appealing. Craig is impressed with the beauty of Emmerdale - namely Chloe.

Charity continues her battle of wits with Zoe and seeks a guarantee that she won't reveal their secret. Left with little choice, Charity finally puts pen to paper, assuring Chris that it is a gesture of faith. As Zoe watches on triumphantly, Charity then stuns them both by revealing a few home truths that leave them shattered.

Nicola's plans for Ashley's birthday party take shape, but she deliberately excludes Carlos from the invite list. Things don't get any better for him when he is given the brush off by Bernice when he tries to comfort her.

While the already troubled Angie is enraged to discover Sean and Lady Tara together.

Episode 3044

Friday 9 November

Chris is furious at Zoe's antics, while Charity confides in Chloe that she thinks she has blown it with Chris. Chris shares his upset with Rodney but he is not entirely surprised by Charity's confession. Charity finally plucks up the courage to visit Chris and is shocked when he admits that he always suspected her affair with Zoe. She is stunned further when he reveals that he still wants her in his life.

Emily and Nicola continue with their party plans and Nicola takes great delight in walking all over Bernice.

Tricia steps in to fight Bernice's corner but succeeds in only making matters worse for her.

Marc's shame over the hit and run is laid bare for all to see in the local paper, while Edna and Viv join forces to try and nip Betty evil gossiping in the bud.

Angie tries to pick up her career but feels as though it is all in vain and considers her future in the force.

Sean prepares for his own court case and Tara assures him that his lawyer will make sure he doesn't get sent down.

Jess causes more friction at the holiday village when she feigns illness to spend time with Robert and Andy.

Episode 3045

Monday 12 November

After all of Ashley's recent problems, the village decides to try and cheer him up by holding a surprise 40th birthday party for him. But will he appreciate all the hard work they have gone to? Ashley is shocked when he walks in to the vicarage to find the place filled with his friends. But while everyone else is in a party mood, Ashley is seemingly in no mood to celebrate. On hearing that Bernice is working, he slips out of the party to see her. But he is heartbroken by what he discovers. Carlos, meanwhile, is desperate to persuade Bernice to make a new start with him away from the village. Chris is convinced that Zoe is going to ask him to move out of Home Farm. But he is surprised when she informs him that she is going to move out herself. Jess and Maggie's relationship reaches an all time low, when an argument breaks out after Jess misses a family dinner. Marlon gives Paddy food for thought when he asks him if he is thinking of moving in with Emily. And Tara is not happy when Sean puts his family before her.

Background Since finding out that his wife, Bernice, had been cheating on him with Carlos Diaz, Ashley Thomas has had little to celebrate. But then he finds that Bernice's half sister, Nicola, has organised a surprise party to celebrate his 40th birthday and finds himself the centre of attention for happier reasons. During the party he hears Nicola mention that she may as well keep the vicarage key as Bernice will no longer need it. Hearing this Ashley sets out for the Woolpack to find his wife and find her he does, in the arms of Carlos! Ashley doesn't know that Bernice is actually saying goodbye to Carlos who is leaving the village. Will he accept Bernice's explanation?

Episode 3046

Tuesday 13 November

Bernice is mortified when Nicola tells her that she knows Carlos has left the village and wishes that she had vanished with him.

Diane visits Rodney and demands that he has a word with Nicola about her recent behaviour, but their anger quickly turns to passion when they begin to reminisce about their past relationship. One thing leads to another.

Paddy tells Marlon that he has decided to ask Mandy for a divorce. Marlon warns him that Emily might misread the signals and expect them to get married. But Paddy is left regretting taking Marlon's advice, when Emily points out that she has no intention of getting married.

Zoe is heartbroken when Chris tells her that he wants her to cut all ties with Joseph. With no where to go, Ashley offers to let Zoe stay with him at the vicarage.

Edna is furious when she spots Eve talking to Marc. Jess attempts to build bridges with Maggie by cooking her a meal. And Cain feels guilty when Zak admits that he misses Sam

Episode 3047

Wednesday 14 November

Zoe is devastated that her relationship with Chris has reached an all time low.

And Paddy visits his solicitor to start divorce proceedings. Bernice is amused to discover that Diane and Rodney have spent the night together. Embarrassed by their night of passion, Diane makes Rodney promise to keep their indiscretion a secret.

Thinking he was in Ireland, Lisa and Zak become increasingly concerned for Sam's safety when a letter arrives for him from his mum making it clear that he hasn't been near the emerald isle. Zak confronts Cain and demands to know why he lied about Sam's whereabouts. Zak decides to go in search of Sam but, before he leaves, he warns Cain that he will make him pay if anything has happened.

The teenagers conquer their fears and return to school. But the experience is too much for Donna, who bolts from the classroom. Cynthia seeks reassurance from Danny that he wasn't involved in the hit and run tragedy.

Episode 3048

Thursday 15 November

Zak drafts in the help of Marlon, Jack and Pollard to scour the woods in the hope of finding Sam. Cain starts a hunt of his own in a bid to find him ahead of Zak and stop him revealing the reason for his disappearance. Zak unearths Sam first and is horrified to find out why he fled the family home. But Cain hits back with claims that Sam tried to attack him first and Zak finds himself torn between his two sons.

Marc is hurt when Eve gives him the brush off, saying that she must stay away from him for Edna's sake. Andy isn't faring much better with Katie as he tries to convince her to stand by him.

Things are looking up for Paddy, though, when Emily admits that she is starting to feel like his house is becoming her home.

And time looks like it is running out for the Daggarts when they get an unexpected caller at their squat.

Episode 3049

Friday 16 November 2001































Mandy Dingle Comes Back

Just as the future is beginning to look rosy for Paddy and Emily they receive a blast from the past that sends them reeling. As Emily prepares lunch in their lovenest, she is stunned to open the door to Paddy's wife Mandy - complete with suitcase. Mandy is equally shocked to find Emily in the house. Emily becomes increasingly uncomfortable as Mandy explains the reason for her return - to talk about her relationship with Paddy. Paddy is dumbfounded when he returns home to discover Mandy sharing the sofa with Emily and struggles to keep the atmosphere pleasant between the current and former loves in his life.

Mandy receives an equally mixed reception from others in the village, including Tricia and Zak.

Cynthia becomes increasingly worried about her future in the squat when a letter drops threatening action against her family.

Lisa finds Cain and tells him to start appreciating all that Zak has done for him.



At the Dingles Lisa asks Zak how Sam is. Zak believes he can not do anything right with his children. Sam comes downstairs and looks alot better for a bath and a shave; At the vets surgery Paddy is fussing the owl before he takes it to the owl sanctuary. Emily tells him he is doing the right thing; Betty bumps into Edna in the village main street and the two bicker about Eve's misfortune; In the Dingles Sam, Lisa and Zak talk about Sam's survival in the wild. Zak tells Sam that Cain has moved out. Lisa is looking for her keys to Pollard's flat but she can not find them; Marc arrives at the Sugden's. He talks to Robert about how the waiting is getting to him. He wants to know what is going to happen to him; Lisa arrives at Pollard's flat for work and is shocked to find Cain. They argue about Sam. Lisa tells Cain he brings all his misfortune on himself; Sam lets Eric Pollard into the Dingles. Eric offers Sam his job back. Sam is thrilled but it is on Pollard's terms; In Pollard's flat Lisa continues to have a go at Cain. She tells him that Zak and her have done their best to make him one of the family but he still throws everything back in their faces; In the sitting room at Home Farm Charity and Chloe are looking at wedding magazines whilst Joseph plays and is almost ignored by Charity; Outside the Daggert's Danny tells Ray about their visit from the estate agent. He sees a notice on the cottage door and tells Ray it is from the court; At Home Farm Charity puts a video on for Joseph to keep him quiet. She asks Chloe to be her bridesmaid and they talk about the guest list; At the vets cottage Emily is cooking. There is a knock at the door. She answers it and is stunned to see Mandy at the door.


In the vets cottage Mandy asks what Emily is doing there. She tells Emily she got a letter from Paddy asking for a divorce and so she thought she would come and see him to discuss things further; In the Woolpack Lisa, Betty, Ashley and Cynthia talks about Cynthia possible eviction from the cottage. Scott invites Chloe round to his place for dinner but is told by her that she would prefer a night on her own; Emily and Mandy are still waiting for Paddy to come home. Mandy asks Emily if Paddy has met anyone else. Emily is vague; In the Woolpack Zak is worried about Cain and talks about him with Lisa. Ray comes in and talks to Cynthia about her possible eviction and letter from the court. Cynthia tells them she doesn't want to leave the village; In the vets cottage Emily and Mandy are still waiting for Paddy. Mandy is about to take her suitcase upstairs. Emily finally tells her that she and Paddy and an item; Outside the vets Paddy has just arrived home. Jason approaches and invites Paddy to the pub for a drink. Paddy tells him he will join him later; Inside the vets Mandy is still recovering from the shock news about Emily and Paddy. Emily tells Mandy that Paddy has changed. Paddy arrives homes. He sees Emily and Mandy in the kitchen; In the Woolpack Pollard tells Betty and Tricia that he has given Sam his job back. Chloe ask Scott to come to Charity's wedding with her. Scott refuses. Zak and Lisa talk about Cain; In the vets cottage Mandy tells Paddy she was shocked to get his letter and surprised to find he wanted a divorced. Mandy laughs at Paddy's relationship with Emily. Emily is hurt. Mandy leaves but doesn't know where she can stay. She arranges to see Paddy tomorrow; Eric, Cynthia and Betty are coming out of the pub. They are all surprised to see Mandy; Mandy enters the pub followed by Cynthia, Betty and Pollard. Everyone is surprised to see her especially Zak; In the vets Emily serves Paddy his tea and Emily ask him if he is happy; In the Woolpack Zak refuses to talk to Mandy but Lisa tells her that Paddy is happy with Emily. Lisa invites Mandy to stay at the Dingles Homestead. Mandy kisses Zak. Mandy announces to the pub that she is back.