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#3070-3074 --- 17 - 21 December 2001

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Episode 3070 Monday 17 December 2001 at 7pm

Nicola is pleased when her father invites her to dinner, but her hopes of an enjoyable evening are dashed when she discovers that Bernice has also been invited. Tensions grow during the meal and it is clear that Nicola has no intention of forgiving Bernice for having an affair with Carlos. After Bernice leaves, Nicola turns on Rodney for tricking her into seeing her sister.

Emily is concerned to hear what has happened and suggests that Nicola should go and speak to her father. But Nicola is in for a shock when she returns to the bed and breakfast, and finds Rodney hugging Diane.

Maggie is annoyed when she receives a phone call from her estranged husband asking if Lucy and Craig could spend Christmas with him. Meanwhile, Jess is unhappy when Phil refuses to let her see her mother over Christmas.

Viv and Edna try to enlist Pollard's help in their campaign to stop a phone mast being erected on Jack's farm. But the local councillor leaves them fuming when he refuses to get involved.

Ray puts the frighteners on Cain for enlisting Danny's help in a parcel drop.

Episode 3071 Tuesday 18 December 2001 at 7pm

Diane fears the worst when she wakes up in bed with Rodney. She is pleased when he admits that nothing happened. But her relief is short lived, when Louise walks into the room and immediately jumps to the wrong conclusion. Bernice doesn't help matters when she lets slip to Louise that it is the second time in recent history that her parents have spent the night together. Rodney visits Louise and tries to explain what really happened. But she refuses to listen and tells him that their relationship is over.

Jack is mortified when he overhears Nicola talking about Rodney and Diane's liaison.

Jess is frustrated that Phil will not let her go and see her mum for Christmas. Maggie decides to have a word with him, but will she be able to change his mind?

Edna uses one of Pollard's favourite tricks to persuade him to back her campaign to stop a phone mast being erected on Jack's farm - blackmail.

And Bernice and Diane decide to hold a surprise leaving party for Kathy.

Episode 3072 Wednesday 19 December 2001 at 7pm

Diane is mortified that an innocent situation could be blown totally out of proportion. She tries to explain to Jack what really happened between her and Rodney. But he tells her that he is not interested in her excuses and calls an end to their relationship.

Diane sees red when Rodney walks in to the Woolpack. She accuses him of ruining her life, before sending him to the floor with a punch.

Edna goes on the warpath when she discovers that someone has stolen baby Jesus from the church's nativity scene.

Tricia is thrilled when she wins a private performance from a popstar in a radio competition. She later curses her big mouth, when she lets slip to Kathy that the village is planing a surprise leaving party for her.

Edna and Viv are delighted when Pollard tells them that their anti-phone mast campaign has been successful.

With Jess, Lucy and Craig spending Christmas away from the village, Maggie and Phil decide to hold an early Christmas dinner.

Episode 3073

















































Thursday 20 December 2001 at 7pm

















































[The last episode of Kathy Merrick/Tate/Glover nee Bates who had been in the series for 16 years]

The time has finally come for Kathy to bid farewell to her friends in Emmerdale and head for Australia. Fully aware that locals have arranged a leaving-bash in the Woolpack, Kathy feigns her surprise to spare their feelings. But she and everyone else gathered are genuinely shocked when singer Marti Pellow - Tricia's radio prize - emerges and serenades Kathy. Louise can't resist the chance to flirt with him and puts Tricia's nose out of joint by inviting him into the pub's back room.

Fresh from their honeymoon, newlyweds Chris and Charity are quickly brought back down to earth when they return to the village. They are furious to discover that a bitter Zoe has changed the locks on Home Farm and put the place up for sale without consulting them. Without a roof over their heads, they are forced to ask Chloe for shelter.

Edna is outraged when she discovers the whereabouts of the missing baby Jesus. Danny has taken him and painted him black. Ashley explains that God is beyond distinction of race or colour.


Kathy Glovers leaves Emmerdale bound for Australia


Outside the Daggerts Cynthia talks to Terry as he returns from a run. She is still worried about her financial situation. Terry tells her that Chris and Charity are back from honeymoon. Cynthia invites Terry for Christmas dinner but Terry has arranged to spend it with Diane and Bernice at the Woolpack; Ashley walks towards the Hopes shop he looks at Viv poster against the phone mast in the window; Inside the Hopes shop Bernice asks Viv for some pain killers. Ashley enters and chats with Bernice about Kathy's leaving do. Kathy in and talks to Ashley about his feelings towards Bernice. Ashley comments on Viv petition and so Kathy leaves the shop in protest; In the Woolpack kitchen Marlon is preparing the food for the party. Tricia talks to him about the arrival of Marti Pellow. Tricia wants to talks to Kathy about something before she leaves; In Kathy's cottage Andrew is helping Kathy is close her suitcases. They talk about the surprise party. They kiss; In the Woolpack Louise, Tricia and Bernice are decorating the pub for the party. Diane enters and tries to make conversation with Louise. Seth and Betty arrive for the party; Cynthia is cleaning the church, she invites Ashley to Christmas dinner. Edna arrives. Danny enters and puts the baby Jesus back on the nativity. Edna spots that Danny has painted Jesus black. Edna is outraged. Cynthia calls her racist. Ashley tells them it doesn't mater what colour he is and argues with Edna. Ashley tells Cynthia he will think about her kind offer for Christmas dinner.


In the Woolpack the pub is busy as the villages wait for Kathy. Edna tells Viv, Seth and Betty about the black Jesus. Jack arrives with Robert, Andy and Victoria; Terry drives Chris and Charity back from the airport. Charity asks what has been going on in the village whilst they have been away. He tells them about Kathy leaving to go to Australia. They decide to go to Kathy's party on the way home; Kathy arrives at the pub and acts surprised as she finds her party. Chris and Charity arrive, Kathy is glad they have come. Chloe welcomes Charity home. Terry flirts with Louise. Seth says goodbye to Kathy. Diane tries to talk to Jack; Tricia brings Marti into the backroom. Tricia talks to him at great speed. Marti doesn't know what to say; In the pub Andrew asks Alan to get on with the speech. Tricia asks Kathy if she and Marlon can stay in the cottage. Kathy agrees to the idea and offers them the cottage rent-free until it is sold. Alan make a speech about Kathy; In the bar at the holiday park Rodney tells Nicola what she did in setting Louise up was not very kind; Back in the Woolpack Alan finishes his speech and Tricia introduces Marti Pellow. Marti sings to Kathy; Flash back footage off Kathy's moments in Emmerdale; Charity's leaves the pub to start her new life as Mrs Tate in the big house. Kathy thanks Marti for coming; Nicola and Rodney walk by the cricket pavilion. Nicola tells her father she will look after him over Christmas; Terry drives Chris and Charity up to Home Farm. There is a sports car outside. Terry tries to open the door but it is jammed; In the Woolpack Tricia talks to Marti. Alan says his goodbye to Kathy and so does Eric. Kathy's tells Eric she will never forget his visit to her in hospital! Kathy leaves the pub; Outside Home Farm Chris is still trying to get into Home Farm. A Estate Agents appears and tells them Zoe has put the house on the market and they are not to have access; Outside the pub Kathy says good bye to Betty, Tricia, Louise, Marlon, Jack, Victoria, Andy, Robert, Sam, Edna and Viv. Chris and Charity arrive back in the village and tells Chloe that Zoe is selling Home Farm. Kathy tells Bernice to try and sort things out with Ashley. Kathy gets in her car as Andrew waits to drive her to the airport. She says her final goodbye and drives out of the village.

Episode 3074














































Friday 21 December 2001 at 7pm














































With Christmas just days away, Bernice is becoming increasingly worried about Ashley and how he is coping. She resolves to make an effort to improve things between the two of them and decides to visit him at the vicarage. They reminisce about old times and before they know it they are in each other's arms. But Zoe interrupts their brief reunion and Ashley is left disappointed when Bernice leaves.

Jack is disappointed to hear that the phone company has pulled its plans to erect a mast on his farmland and tells his lads that he has no choice but to sell the farm. Andy marches round to the Post Office and gives Viv a piece of his mind for destroying any hope that his father had of a brighter future.

Still reeling from being locked out of Home Farm, Chris decides to confront Zoe. He arrives to find her showing a prospective buyer around and Zoe insists that if he wants to live there - he will have to buy the place!

Chris refuses to play Zoe's little games, but Charity tries to convince him otherwise.

Diane seizes upon the season of goodwill and invites Louise to join her for Christmas dinner. While Zak tries to find some last-minute Christmas bargains - in the bin bags scattered around the village.



Chris and Charity are having breakfast in Charity's cottage. Chloe jokes with them about living in the cottage. Chris thinks they should go to Home Farm and wait for Zoe to return from her holiday with Joseph; In the Woolpack Betty is cleaning as Louise, Diane, Tricia and Bernice have a cuppa before they start work. They talk about Tricia and Marlon moving into Kathy's cottage. They talk about Kathy's new home. Bernice tells Betty to get back to work; In the church Edna is still annoyed about the black Jesus in the church. Ashley can not please Edna. Alan calls in to tell Ashley about the lack of carol singers for the Christmas Eve service; In the Sugdens Jack has received a letter from Mobi Communications. Jack tells the boys they have pulled out of the deal. Andy thinks they can not give up on the farm. Robert is not so positive. Jack tells the boys that their life on the farm is over; Chris and Charity are outside Home Farm. Chris wants to break in. Zoe comes from the side of the house with a potential buyer. She argues with Chris about the sale of Home Farm; In the kitchen at the Sugdens Andy is still trying to find away to save the farm. Robert is thankful it has come to an end. Jack agrees with Robert and thinks enough is enough; At Home Farm Zoe is angry with Chris for scaring her buyers. She tells Chris if he wants to live at Home Farm he will have to buy the place; Louise arrives back at the Woolpack after her Christmas shopping trip. Edna talks to Betty and Bob about the black Jesus. Alan asks them if they would be interested in being carol singers. Zak and Sam talk about different ways to get Christmas presents; Ashley calls at the Daggerts with some clothes for Kirk from the jumble sale; Outside Kathy's, Zak and Sam rummage through Kathy's rubbish and find some Christmas presents. Ashley hides from Alan in Main Street and sees Latisha putting the bag of clothes that he has just given her out for rubbish; In the Woolpack Tricia and Bernice talk about Kathy. Andrew sits on his own in the pub. Terry and Bob gaze at Louise and admire her beauty. Viv arrives and orders Bob out of the pub. Bernice tells Diane what Kathy had said to her before she left. Bernice worries for Ashley; Chris and Charity arrive for a drink; In the Hopes shop Viv tells Emily how Terry and Bob were looking at Louise. Andy burst in and tells Viv to go to hell as they have lost the farm because of her.


In the Woolpack Diane and Bernice go to the shop. Louise and Tricia talk about how they are going to spend Christmas. Diane invites Louise to spend Christmas with Bernice Terry and her at the pub. Chris and Charity talk about buying Home Farm. Chris does not want to give in to her sister; Diane and Bernice walk from the pub to the shop. Diane sees Andy on the bench and ask him what is wrong; In the Hopes Shop Viv tells Bernice the news about the mast. Ashley enters and Bernice is about to ask him where he is spending Christmas when Alan enters wanting to talk about carols. Ashley snaps at Alan telling him it is up to him as he is very busy; In the Woolpack Bernice returns from the shop. Charity tells Chris to swallow his pride and buy Home Farm. Bernice tells Tricia how Ashley had snapped at Alan in the shop. She decides to go and see him. Viv orders Champagne to celebrate with Edna and Betty as Mobi have pulled out of the phone mast deal at the Sugdens; At the Sugdens Andy had returned home with Diane. Diane wants to help Jack in any way she can. She offers her friendship to him whenever he wants it; Chris calls at the vet's surgery to see Zoe. He asks the price of Home Farm. He gives her the asking price if he can move back in tonight. They shake on the deal; Bernice calls to see Ashley at the vicarage. The house is a mess; In the Sugdens Jack explains to Victoria that they will have to move. Robert and Andy argue. Jack tells them to get the place decorated for Christmas; In the vicarage Bernice asks Ashley what is wrong? They laugh at Ashley's situation with Alan and Edna. Bernice kisses Ashley and he response. Zoe enters and breaks the kiss. Bernice goes.