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#3060-3069 --- 3 - 14 December 2001

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Episode 3060 Monday 3 December 2001

Kathy continues to harbour Alice as those closest to her voice their concern and start to question her actions. Turner tries to assure Elsa that Kathy will return her daughter soon, but she decides it is time to call in the police.

At the Reynolds', Marc tries to look to the future and put the death of Miss Strickland behind him, but his solicitor has a word of warning for him that brings him back down to earth with a bump. He advises Sean and Angie that Ollie will probably face a light sentence for her part in the tragedy - but Marc could well be facing a stiff stint inside.

With eviction from the squat on the horizon, a desperate Cynthia is forced to consider accepting Ashley's offer of help when she learns that the housing office hasn't found a new home for her family.

Edna becomes increasingly irate at Jack's insistence to push ahead with plans for the phone mast and takes her petition door-to-door.

Episode 3061 Tuesday 4 December 2001

The thought of facing a future in prison proves too much for Marc and he decides he has only one option - to run away. Ollie and Andy learn of his plans but nothing they can say change Marc's drastic escape plan. He heads for Sean's haulage yard in the hope of stowing away in the back of a truck destined for the continent. But as the wagon leaves the yard, Sean charges after it and brings it to a halt. Has he rumbled his son?

Much to the disgust of Cynthia, Danny agrees to deliver a package for Ray. Cynthia confides in Ashley that she doesn't trust Emmerdale's new Mr Big and she is shocked when she sneaks a peak inside the parcel.

Turner overhears the Sugden children talking in the shop and realises that Kathy is hiding at the farm with Alice. As Kathy and Alice visit Nick in prison, Turner feels it is his duty to let Elsa know where she can find her daughter.

Episode 3062 Wednesday 5 December 2001

Viv is busy trying to drum up support against the phone mast but Bernice and Tricia have differing opinions on the subject.

Angie is frantic when she discovers that Marc has vanished and Sean realises that he must have escaped on one of his trucks when he visited the haulage yard. They are reunited in their hunt for him and frantically try to catch up with the wagon. Angie tries to phone the driver but their frustration is heightened when the call goes unanswered. The pair finally catch up with the truck before it reaches the continent - but will Marc still be on-board?

Elsa confronts Kathy at the farm but isn't prepared for what comes next. Alice tells her mother that she hates her and doesn't want to be with her. Elsa is forced to retreat and returns to the B&B without her daughter.

Armed with the evidence from the suspicious package, Cynthia confronts Ray and demands to know what her son, Danny, is mixed up in. But she is wrong-footed when Ray explains that the stack of cash is nothing more than a bonus for his employees.

Episode 3063 Thursday 6 December 2001

Marc realises that it was Ollie who revealed he had run-away, but he is forgiving and understanding as he arrives at court with the other teenagers for their hearing. He is told that his case is being referred to the Crown Court and his agony is prolonged. But things go from bad to worse for him when Eve tries to save her own skin by laying the blame firmly at the door of Marc. The court is stunned by Eve's account of the night's events as the youngsters are told of their fate.

Jack is on hand to support Robert and Andy but is distracted by a call telling him that there is a problem with the phone mast and it must now go to a public meeting due to complaints from villagers.

Elsa confesses to Turner that she feels as though she has let Alice down and fears for the future. But she receives a surprise visit from Kathy and they agree that Alice's happiness is what matters. Kathy suggests it isn't too late to put things right.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel for Cynthia when she is offered first refusal on the tenancy of their squat by an estate agent working for the mystery new owner.

Episode 3064 Friday 7 December 2001

Despite drumming up support for the phone-mast, Jack is under pressure as he faces the public meeting in the village and discovers that many of the locals have turned on him. Edna is cutting about Jack's motives and he is rightly concerned when the phone-mast representative becomes evasive, as to whether the mast will ever find a home on the farm. Jack tries to reason with Edna for the sake of the children, but is outraged when she uses his children as a reason why nobody should sympathise with him.

The backlash of Eve's testimony is evident as the teenagers fail to hide their anger at her. She tries to explain that she didn't mean to pin the blame on Marc but Ollie is in no mood for listening.

Kathy confides in Andrew that she thinks she has won Elsa round and is predicting a rosy future for the two of them together.

But Elsa has plans of her own and stuns Kathy with news that she plans to return to her husband in Australia - and take Alice with her.

Episode 3065

Monday 10 December 2001 at 7pm

Kathy and Elsa find themselves at odds over the future of Alice, after Elsa takes her daughter on a Christmas shopping spree. On her return, Elsa reveals to an outraged Kathy that she intends taking Alice back to Australia with her.

Andrew touches a raw nerve by telling Kathy that she is jealous of Elsa, but Kathy digs her heels in and she tells Elsa in no uncertain terms that she isn't going to give Alice up without a fight.

As Jack rues losing his temper with Edna, the village finds itself divided into two camps over the future of his proposed phone mast. Diane is in one corner supporting Jack, while an enraged Viv is busy drumming up opposition.

Latisha finds herself in the crossfire when she is forced to back both sides.

Cynthia's worries mount and she is forced to tell her children that they will be facing a bleak Christmas.

And Paddy regrets offering to teach Emily how to drive after their first lesson with her at the wheel.

Episode 3066 Tuesday 11 December 2001 at 7pm

Kathy realises that she will never win the battle for Alice with Elsa and wonders if it is time to change tack. She admits to Andrew that she is going to miss Alice and wonders if it wouldn't be best for all concerned if she moved to Australia to be closer to her. But Kathy isn't prepared for Andrew's response when he opens up to her and reveals how he truly feels.

Cynthia's money troubles are exaggerated when she and Danny argue over a shopping catalogue. She becomes suspicious when Danny later appears with £20 that he got from Ray.

Viv's battle against Jack's proposed phone mast gets personal and she bans Bob from visiting the Woolpack because Diane is backing Jack.

Things are looking up for Jack, though, when he receives a visit from a builder who wants to locate the best site for the mast.

Maggie and Phil are pushing on with plans for the Christmas Grotto at the Holiday Village. But they are forced to search for a new Santa when Phil is offered a job driving for Tate Haulage - step forward Seth.

Ollie and evil Eve clash when Eve daubs the word "killer" on the village hall wall. But the finger of suspicion points at Ollie when she throws paint over her adversary.

And when Emily gets behind the wheel and nearly kills Edna, Zak starts to wish he hadn't taken over from Paddy in a bid to teach her to drive.

Episode 3067 Wednesday 12 December 2001 at 7pm

Kathy makes a decision on her future - one that will change her life forever. After a heart to heart with Bernice, Kathy decides that she must put her love of Alice before Andrew and follow her to Australia - to live. Kathy bids farewell to Elsa and Alice, knowing that she will see her soon, but Andrew overhears and is devastated when he realises that she is going to follow them.

Realising his family is cash-strapped, Danny asks Ray for a job but is disappointed to find nothing is available. Cain has his own ideas, though, and steps in to offer him work.

Nicola tries to impress Rodney with her own plans for Christmas at the Holiday Village. But her idea of having Chloe and Craig dress up as elves and giving away free drinks could cause problems.

The battle of the phone mast turns bitter as Diane and Viv try to outdo each other. Viv covers up all of Diane's posters supporting Jack, before Diane has her revenge by hijacking a local reporter. The subsequent fallout quickly turns into a newsman's dream.

Ollie swears to show Eve's true colours after the paint incident and Robert promises Andy that he'll keep an eye on Katie while they are doing community service.

Episode 3068 Thursday 13 December 2001 at 7pm

Diane goes on the warpath when Nicola coolly walks in to the Woolpack and hands out fliers advertising free drinks at the Holiday Park's bar. Dumbfounded by Nicola's cheek, Diane unceremoniously throws her out of the pub.

Meanwhile, Craig and Chloe are less than enthusiastic about having to dress up as elves for Santa's Grotto, however, the same cannot be said for Seth, who basks in his role as Santa Claus.

The event initially seems like a great success, but the bar's stock of alcohol is put under severe pressure when the Dingles arrive with the intention of drinking the place dry.

The Daggert's financial problems deepen when they receive a demand from the gas company. Danny decides to help raise some money and offers to deliver a package for Cain. Cynthia grows suspicious when Danny returns home and hands her the money he has made, and her fears seems to be justified when they receive a visit from the police who want to question Danny about the delivery he has made.

Kathy tries to patch things up with Andrew, but he is clearly upset by her decision to immigrate to Australia, and refuses to speak to her.

And Viv is disgusted by her portrayal in the Courier's article on the phone mast debate.

Episode 3069 Friday 14 December 2001 at 7pm

The Christmas extravaganza is under way at the holiday village - but it isn't long before things start going disastrously wrong. Zak agrees to supply Santa Seth with beer before Betty rumbles Seth and drags him out by his ear. And

Maggie is furious to discover that Nicola has duped her into giving away an endless amount of free drinks that locals are making the most of. Rodney is forced to step in and have a heated heart to heart with Maggie about Nicola. Nicola wraps her dad round her little finger, but Maggie is glad to find an ally in Chloe.

The police put Danny under pressure to give the name of the person who gave him the package of counterfeit money paper to deliver. But Danny stays tight-lipped and he is eventually released without charge. Cynthia lays into Ray for involving Danny in his dealings. Ray says he was not involved in Danny's package delivery and then silences her by revealing that he is the new owner of their cottage and demands she show him some respect.

Andrew tries to convince Kathy to stay and confides in Bernice in the hope that she might help.