Created 19th April 2003

2760-2764 --- 9th October - 13th October 2003

Emmerdale went five days a week in the UK from
2nd October 2000


EMMERDALE at 7.00pm Fully Networked

Terry is stacking up trouble for himself when he tells Chris that Charity cannot make their date that evening and takes her out instead.

But when he confesses his feelings – he feels the sharp edge of her tongue.

Jack sinks into depression over losing Victoria and stays in bed while the boys get on with the farm work.

Turner worries about the amount of alcohol Paddy is drinking.

And Bernice and Ashley go through their wedding list to see if they’ve missed anyone, before she sets off for her break in Sorrento. The conversation turns to her absent father, but she feels her mother wouldn’t thank them for trying to contact him.

Terry is played by Billy Hartman; Charity – Emma Atkins; Chris – Peter Amory; Bernice – Samantha Giles; Ashley – John Middleton; Jack – Clive Hornby; Turner – Richard Thorp; Paddy – Dominic Brunt.


EMMERDALE at 7.00pm Fully Networked

Terry deception is rumbled by both Chris and Charity … and he receives his marching orders.

Ollie is completely taken with Cain and when he suggests she goes with him to Blackpool, she’s back to her scheming best. She tells her mum she wants to go with some school friends.

Marlon is desperately trying to get together a business plan for Chris so he can invest in Kathy’s diner.

And Diane manages to get a smile out of Jack and have a laugh with the boys when she drops by to cook them tea.

Terry is played by Billy Hartman; Chris – Peter Amory; Charity – Emma Atkins; Ollie – Vicky Binns; Angie – Freya Copeland; Cain – Jeff Hordley; Marlon – Mark Charnock; Diane – Elizabeth Estensen; Jack – Clive Hornby.


EMMERDALE at 7.00pm Fully Networked

Angie is furious at seeing Cain with Ollie and warns her to stay away from him. She also warns Cain to steer clear of Ollie. Cain pleads ignorance but Angie sees through his plan and exposes him within earshot of an upset Ollie.

Marlon is concerned that Terry may not be able to pay him back, but Charity intervenes and Chris offers Terry his job back. Terry takes Charity to Home Farm again, she tells Chris that she wants to make the arrangements for their next meeting - something different.

Paddy and Terry drown their sorrows and Paddy is practically forced to attend the lads night in. Tricia is put out at the "no partner" rule and complains that both Jason and Joe are allowed. Marlon is forced to ban Joe from attending. The evening starts slow but ends in a drunken high.

Robert and Andy are relived to see Jack surface and go to work. Tara and Sean are at loggerheads over how to run the Stud Farm. Kelly gets on famously with Joe but Tricia reminds Kelly that Joe is gay. Marlon visits Chris with a business plan that fails to impress Chris.

Angie is played by Freya Copeland; Cain -- Jeff Hordley; Ollie – Vicky Binns; Marlon - Mark Charnock; Terry – Billy Hartman; Charity - Emma Atkins; Paddy - Dominic Brunt; Tricia - Sheree Murphy; Jason - James Carlton; Joe – Edward Duly Baker; Robert – Christopher Smith; Andy – Kelvin Fletcher; Jack - Clive Hornby; Tara – Anna Brecon; Sean – Steve McGann; Kelly – Adele Silva



EMMERDALE at 7.00pm Fully Networked

Sean is stunned when Tara reveals that she has miscalculated the Stud Farm's needs. He demands that she make exact calculations before she does anything more. Angie is shocked to discover that Ollie was going to go to Blackpool with Cain. Cain warns Angie that he hasn't finished yet. Tara wanders, unwelcomed, into Sean's home. Sean is furious, Angie on edge - giving way to lust.

Paddy offers to let Jason and Joe have his tickets to Venice. Paddy attends dinner at the Dingles - an awkward atmosphere as they try to dodge any mention of Paddy and Mandy's anniversary. It ends in disaster and Paddy leaves abruptly.

Chris lies to avoid a tate Haulage meeting for another secret tryst with Charity at a country pub. Zoe and Sean wait at the meeting, not happy that Chris is having a secretive "business" lunch instead. Chris and Charity become happily drunk, even making Tate Haulage reinvestment decisions together as Zoe calls Chris' mobile.

Ashley writes wedding invitations and quizzes Tricia about Bernice's relatives. Marc comes on too strong with Donna and makes her angry. Jason and Joe look forward to their trip to Venice.

Sean is played by Steve McGann; Tara - Anna Brecon; Angie – Freya Copeland; Ollie - Vicky Binns; Cain – Jeff Hordley; Paddy – Dominic Brunt; Jason – James Carlton; Joe – Edward Duly Baker; Chris – Peter Amory; Charity – Emma Atkins; Zoe – Leah Bracknell; Ashley – John Middleton; Tricia – Sheree Murphy; Bernice – Samantha Giles; Marc – Anthony Lewis; Donna - Verity Rushworth


EMMERDALE at 7.00pm Fully Networked

Paddy’s nightmare continues as he ponders a wedding anniversary without Mandy with only a bottle of malt whiskey for comfort.

Angie’s scared out of her wits when Cain appears inside her house during a power cut. While Sean and Tara continue to work by candlelight as the cut affects the whole village.

Gloria makes the most of the power cut, telling Ashley she’s too scared to walk home in the dark from the Woolpack.

And Betty is accused of pilfering after £20 goes missing from the pub till.

Paddy is played by Dominic Brunt; Angie - Freya Copeland; Cain – Jeff Hordley; Sean - Steve McGann; Tara - Anna Brecon; Gloria – Janice McKenzie; Ashley – John Middleton; Betty – Paula Tilbrook; Terry - Billy Hartman; Chris – Peter Amory


Terry’s scheming gets him the sack, but will Chris rethink in Emmerdale on Tuesday.

Cain frightens Angie to death when he appears in her home during a power cut in Emmerdale on Friday.

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