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A Huge Big Thank you to Bill Sands who has made the following summeries availabe to me.

They were previously on his site.

Bill Sands -

Monday, October 30:

Paddy stepped in to save the day after a mix-up at the surgery. Kelly set about trying to turn Viv against Bob. Sam dropped a bombshell by announcing he was leaving Emmerdale to return to Ireland. Zak reassured him there would always be a welcome should he choose to return.

Tuesday, October 31:

Paddy was keen to make amends and apologised for his behaviour. Zoe questioned Ashley's decision to contact Bernice's father. Viv was on a high when Bob assured her he would return. She contemplated asking him to stay for good - to the horror of Kelly and Donna. Chris Tate backed Marlon's plans for Kathy's diner.

Wednesday, November 1:

After a disastrous attempt to seduce Bob in front of Viv, Kelly was humiliated and headed for London - leaving Emmerdale for good. Diana persuaded Ashley to move Rodney out of the vicarage before Bernice returned, assuring him it was for the best. Jack and Diane stole a precious moment together in the hayloft. Bev and Paddy forged a friendship. Marlon forged ahead with his plans for the restaurant.

Thursday, November 2:

Bernice got the shock of her life when she came face-to-face with the father she hadn't seen since she was five-years-old. Marc and Donna were in shock after letting their feelings get the better of them. Viv, reeling from Kelly's departure, was in need of comfort after Bob left as well. Jack and Paddy had a heart to heart and compared their misfortune.

Friday, November 3:

Bernice warmed to Rodney but Diane arrived and some home truths came out. Bernice was very angry and ordered her mother to leave. Donna was confused by her emotions and Tricia lent her a shoulder to cry on. Jack felt bad about Robert's school trip, but Richie stepped in and stumped up the money.

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