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A Huge Big Thank you to Bill Sands who has made the following summeries availabe to me.

They were previously on his site.

Bill Sands -

Tuesday 29th August

Jack left Zak and Marc to the harvest and excitedly collected his children from the airport. Andy and Robert were disappointed that their parents hadn't 'kissed and made up' while Victoria just wanted to see her mummy. Jack deserved a medal for being so civil to Sarah who had tactfully kept toyboy Richie out of the way and laid on high tea for them all. A broken Kelly licked her wounds with Seth and Betty as worthy counsellors and realised rather late in the day how badly she'd treated Roy. To the concern of Adam and Zoe a still traumatised Paddy returned to work. Frankie persuaded Scott to stop hiding and open the garage so that they could earn some money.

Wednesday 30th August

Diane went with Bernice to visit the Damascus Street project in Leeds - compared to Emmerdale, the urban parish seemed positively dozy which might be why Ashley is tempted. Kelly braved the Woolpack with Seth but soon came under fire from Mandy and Edna Birch - fortunately Ashley was there to defend her. When Sarah visited the farm she became even more determined to fight for custody of the children when she saw how well Jack is coping as a single dad. Zoe was flabbergasted to find that Edna Birch's dog had disappeared from her care but luckily he turned up before Edna could lynch her. Frankie had engineered the mutt's disappearance as revenge for Zoe's jolly jape with Lady Tara's car.

Thursday 31st August

Viv finally discovered from Kelly of all people that Scott is a scheming liar. Kelly revealed the contents of her suicide notes and Viv realised that she tried to kill herself because of Scott and not because of her as Scott had led her to believe. Freed from the guilt she has been living with she threw Scott out onto the street and he was forced to seek shelter in the garage. Ashley was overwhelmed with joy when Bernice agreed to move to Leeds and the two set about planning their future. Marlon and Tricia played Spanish restaurants when they had Paddy and Mandy over to dinner but the evening fell flat when their guests bickered. Poor Paddy hasn't been himself since the horse floored him.

Bill Sands 1998-2000