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Tuesday 27/6/00 Dionne

Tara It's the morning after the night before, and Tara is telling Laura how glad she is to be back in the village, and how much she's looking forward to investing in some business. Laura sounds her out about pumping money into Tate Haulage, and Tara seems keen on that idea. As Laura goes in for breakfast, Tara opens a letter from her solicitor, and her face drops when she reads the contents. Inside Oakwell Hall, the overnight guests tuck into breakfast. Terry arrives all smiles after his one nighter with Virginia, Chris tries to guess Tara's future plans, while Frankie declares that it would be worth trying to convert Tara as she's drowning in money. As they prepare to leave, Laura mentions the lunch for Tara that Chris has organised. Chris corrects her by saying that it's only for himself and Tara, and possibly ZoŽ. Laura stomps off, incensed by Zoe's lack of support. Later, Sean arrives at Oakwell to pick up the necklace that Angie lost during their romp. When he arrives, he overhears Tara yelling at the caterers and declaring that hell will freeze over before she pays them. He recounts this to Laura (who's just given Chris a real bollocking over the way he treated her earlier, and reminds him that she's put in all the groundwork with Tara), who is bemused, knowing that Tara has never had any problems with bills in the past. Laura returns to Oakwell in the afternoon for a business meeting with Tara. Tara praises her for her work, and then puts on the helpless female act as she admits that Michael will not give her the divorce settlement. To make matters worse, she hasn't got enough money to even pay for the party, much less invest in the business. Laura reminds her that she is not some lonely man craving attention as she twigs that Tara is about to screw her over in the same way as Chris did. She walks out, ignoring Tara's pleas for help and ends the episode with a stinging retort to "the feckless bitch" (her words, not mine). Vets Blue Peter is walking around looking smug, despite being dumped by Virginia the night before. Paddy tries to undermine him at the staff meeting by saying that he is a personal liability, responsible for Virginia leaving the firm. However, ZoŽ reminds him that Adam brought in a large amount of new contacts for the firm, while Paddy was busy trying to keep Mandy under control. When Paddy points out that Mandy attacked him because of Tricia, Blue Peter counters by saying that Mandy is a liability. Unsurprisingly, ZoŽ agrees with BP. Later, Marlon stands by glowering as Adam fobs off Tricia with a load of crap about the night before. He's desperate to tell Tricia the truth, and Carlos advises him to ask Tricia out instead of wasting time talking about Adam. Roy & Kelly Kelly is on her daily whinge, this time about getting rid of her "good" stuff (really a load of tacky party dresses) as she never goes anywhere to wear them. Roy looks as bored as the viewers as she rants on about bettering himself, her earning money blah blah blah. Later, she listens in enviously as Mandy regales Marlon & Tricia with tales about the party. When Mandy makes a bitchy comment about how Kelly didn't deserve to be there, she stomps off to Roy and goes on another tirade. Tricia comes over to tell Roy how much she enjoyed their chat in the Woolie, prompting Kelly to rant on about how "things are gonna change-a!" Scott briefly appears to ask Roy to help out in the garage. Roy tells him where to go. Sugdens Jack is enjoying the support of the village, who are rallying around him with advice and food. His latest champion is Diane, who brings round a beef casserole and tales of her dodgy relationships. Meanwhile, Richie tires to comfort Sarah after the kids' departure, reminding her that he's still there and he needs attention too. Ends -- Dionne

Thursday 29/6/00 Episode 1 7pm Rachel

Lady Tara Terry drives Tara to the solicitors' to see Laura. To prevent him from saying anything about their meeting, she tells him she's there to offer Laura some moral support as she's been having a few "ladies' problems". Terry promises to be discreet about this "delicate" matter. Tara waits outside Laura's office but Laura is in no hurry to see her and keeps her waiting while she deals with another client. When she finally sees her, Laura expresses her annoyance that Tara didn't inform her about Michael's letter immediately as she spent the whole day doing business for her, unaware that Tara was in no financial position to be investing money. After her assurances to Chris that Tara had a lot of money to invest in Tate Haulage, she is furious that she could be made to look a fool in front of him. Tara tries to win her round but Laura is unmoved. Tara tells Laura that Michael couldn't cope with the fact that she loved Biff not him and that he was violent towards her. Laura asks her why she hasn't got the money she went into the marriage with but Tara tells her that she foolishly let Michael have control of her money. She says she's no money to fall back on while she fights for her divorce settlement through the courts and Laura enjoys informing her that she won't be able to get legal help if she can't afford it. Tara has little left except her horses. She believes she could make a go of running a stud farm but she needs better stables. She doesn't want to get a loan as, if she reveals that she's broke, her other loans will be called in. The only option seems to be to persuade the Tates (or rather Zoe) to invest in it. Laura proposes a three-way partnership, with the Tates investing money in the stud farm and allowing Tara to base it at the Home Farm stables. Tara is afraid that this will reveal her true financial situation to the Tates but Laura thinks she can persuade them that the stud farm is just a 'hobby' for Tara. She is prepared to abuse the trust Zoe has in her to help Tara set up her business and, for this, she wants a cut of the money Tara gets off the Tates. Tara agrees. Tara then turns to her main concern - getting the £5 million she is owed from her divorce settlement. Laura tells her that there is no way the solicitors' firm would allow her to represent Tara on a no-win, no-fee basis but, despite the risk of losing her job and even being debarred, she's prepared to represent her - provided she gets £500,000 if she wins. Kelly & Roy Kelly is determined that Roy is going to get a job and arranges an interview for him as a supermarket shelf stacker. Roy isn't keen but Kelly tells him that she doesn't enjoy her job either but they need the money. Eventually her whinging wears him down and he tells her he'll go for the job. When Kelly finds out that Roy didn't turn up for the interview, this results in yet another row. Roy then goes to see Scott and agrees to work at the garage - but only as equal partners. Adam Marlon has a plan to expose Adam and tries to persuade Terry to give him Virginia's address. He eventually gets hold of the address and, with her help, puts his plan into action. Virginia rings Adam and tells him that she's still interested in him and they arrange to meet up the following evening at Adam's house. Marc Marc has well and truly outstayed his welcome as far as Terry is concerned. The last straw comes when Terry comes home to find Marc and Donna in a compromising situation on the settee and he tells Marc to pack his bags. Tricia agrees to put him up but she is unnerved by him perving on her and insists that it is only for the one night. Jack, Sarah & Richie Richie has to go to Scotland on business and Sarah is delighted when he suggests that she comes too and they make a holiday of it. On his way to meet Diane, Jack spots the two lovers packing the car up and turns back home instead. The Diner The newly-decorated Diner re-opens. The new decor isn't to Betty's taste and she and Diane continue to bicker. Later, Diane tries to patch things up by complimenting Betty on her work and giving her a bonus. However, Betty takes offence when Diane affectionately calls her an "old biddy" and the war of words that ensues ends with Diane telling Betty that she's sacked. Meanwhile, Eric tries to get the pie recipe off Marlon but Marlon refuses to hand it over and let Eric profit from his recipe. Eric appeals for Carlos' help in the pie-making department and Carlos tells him that, if they can come to a satisfactory financial arrangement, he could be interested. Rachel

Thursday 29/6/00 Episode 2 8pm Sarah

ADAM Marlon has come up with a scheme to catch Adam out, involving getting Tricia to see what a rat he really is. He convinces Bernice to let Tricia have the evening off by telling her that Adam has a secret date lined up. Bernice doesn't realise it's all a ruse so when Tricia is reluctant to have the evening off, she tells her that Adam is planning a special night. Tricia gets all excited and runs off to get ready and as she's tarting herself up, Bernice suggests that Adam is going to propose. Tricia is beside herself with glee. Meanwhile, round at Adam's there's obvious signs that Adam's a dodgy bloke as he has Gary Barlow on for romantic music. He knows nothing of Marlon's plans and has agreed to a date with Virginia. She turns up acting all sensual and has Adam eating out of her hand. Poor old Tricia comes round shortly after and lets herself into the deserted living room. She gets a shock when Adam and Virginia come down the stairs half naked. -- LADY T Laura is enjoying herself, plotting against Chris and making Tara squirm. She "let's slip" to Chris that Tara is expecting a large divorce settlement from Michael. Smelling the money, Chris arranges for Terry to bring Tara to the Woolpack for lunch. Tara is nervous about going in, but holds her head up high as she gets a few stares, particularly from Betty. She gets straight to business, proposing that Chris help her out with the stud and she might put some money his way. As Tara leaves the Woolie, Laura is waiting for an update and is happy to hear that Chris is hooked. Fresh from her success with Chris, Tara thinks she'll try it on with Zoe but gets knocked back much to her disgust. Laura warns her that Zoe won't be such a sucker as Chris and to let her handle her in the future. -- KELLY AND ROY No change in the Glover household as Kelly is whinging as usual. She pouts and moans when she finds out Roy will be working with Scott at the garage. He tells her that he's only doing it because of her constant moaning about money (he almost shows a bit of backbone for once). Kelly turns up at the garage while Roy is off somewhere, demanding to know what Scott is playing at. He deflates her ego when he tells her it's nothing to do with her. Roy is suspicious when he comes back to find the 2 of them talking and when Scott tries to bring it up later in the Woolie, Roy snaps his head off and tells him that he's not allowed to talk about Kelly again. -- MARC Tricia refuses to let Marc stay another night at Kathy's (especially when she catches him eyeing up her legs). As they're leaving the house, Donna is walking past and gets all jealous, accusing Tricia of trying to steal Marc off her. Tricia just laughs it off, suggesting Marc is just a tad too young for her. Later, Diane manages to persuade Jack to take Marc in for a while. -- Sarah

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