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A Huge Big Thank you to Bill Sands who has made the following summeries availabe to me.

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Bill Sands -

Week 21 Nov 2000 (No Monday Episode.

Tuesday, November 21: Jack and Richie accused each other of starting the fire. Ashley was trying to face up to losing Bernice. Carlos freaked out when Bernice took a phone call from a woman called Jennifer trying to track him down. Viv tried to match Carol and described Bob as an international salesman, Kelly a London model and Scott the owner of an engineering works.

Wednesday, November 22: Carol flirted with Scott, not knowing who he was, before setting her sights on Terry. Carlos's attempt to avoid Jennifer backfired when she arrived at the Woolpack. The police continued to quiz Jack about the fire. Diane was troubled and concerned that Jack was a prime suspect Emmerdale:

Thursday, November 23 Jennifer was given the brush off by Carlos and Bernice moved in to comfort her. Terry stayed the night with Carol. Carol treated Viv to a slap-up meal, only to discover her Gold card had been cancelled by husband Gordon who had cut her finances completely. Bernice told Diane to stop defending Jack so obviously. Marc and Donna shared a kiss but Jonny arrived and made insinuations about them. Emmerdale:

Friday, November 24 Carlos plotted to bring Bernice and Ashley together again. Richie managed to stick the knife even further into Jack and the evidence stacked up against him. Carol and Terry headed off for a night out in Hotten. Donna was still upset over her bust-up with Marc

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