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Week 20-22 June 2000



After his row with his parents, Marc has stayed overnight at Annie's cottage with the lads. Marlon is quite pleased to help out a mate, but Carlos & Terry are not that keen. Terry drops hints that he can sort things out with Sean & Angie, but Marc doesn't pick up on them. Sean decides to take the morning off to bring Marc home. He & Angie wonder where they went wrong, and Ollie tells them that they were always absent parents, forcing them to stand on their own two feet. Sean goes to the cottage, insisting that Marc comes home, but he tells him that he can't order him about any more and that Terry suggested that he could stay for as long as he likes. However, Marlon realises that the other blokes are not happy about Marc staying there, but Marc persuades him to let him stay for alt least one more night. However, it looks as though Marc is ready to move in permanently, making plans to invite Donna round as often as possible. Sugdens The morning gets off to a bad start, as Sarah & Richie tiptoe around each other after yet another row. While Richie goes to work, Sarah goes to the post office to collect the child benefit. Unfortunately, Evil Edna is there, forcing Viv into similar mode as she refuses to give Sarah the money because she abandoned her children. Sarah goes home in tears, where Richie finds her later. Meanwhile, Jack has a long talk with Kathy about the kids. Kathy tells him that she was ready to fight tooth & nail for Alice after Elsa arrived, but eventually put her interests first. Jack decides to show Sarah's letter to the kids, and then goes down the pub for Roy's birthday (see below). The pub is in full support for Jack, and falls silent when Sarah & Richie walk in. Sarah is ready to leave, but Richie insists that they stick it out. He naively thinks that everything will be all right after a while, and tries to slobber over her, but she stops him (thank goodness), reminding him that Jack is nearby. Richie points out that Jack is obviously over her because he's out drinking, but she isn't convinced. When Richie goes to the loo, Jack follows him and confronts him. Richie tries to apologies, but Jack isn't having it. He pushes him back into the bar, but Terry and Carlos pull them apart. Diane asks him to leave, watched by a distraught Sarah and a smug Evil Edna. Roy & Kelly It's Roy's 20th birthday, but Kelly has forgotten. He's disappointed to receive only cards from his present, but perks up when Kelly says she's got a surprise for him. Unsurprisingly, Miss Piggy puts on a tarty look (known as "seductive" in her world) and tries to borrow money from Chris. He's quite keen at first, until he learns what she wants it for, then he tells her to ask one of the drivers instead. Kelly manages to borrow 50 to buy a watch. Roy is thrilled. Later in the Woolie, Roy thanks Chris for allowing Kelly the time off to buy the watch. Chris tells him where she got the money from, and Roy makes a crack about it to Kelly later. Other storylines: -- Carlos cooks an authentic Spanish meal for Bernice & Kathy as part of their Spanish lesson. -- a nation heaves as Adam and Virginia (the new receptionist) flirt madly with each other with dialogue straight out of Mills & Boon. Yuk. Ends -- Dionne


Jack finally showed the children Sarah's letter and was surprised when Robert told him to ask her to come home. It's Diane this time who comes to Jack's side and she persuaded him to allow her to engineer a meeting between Sarah and the children at the Diner which would be empty. Jack eventually agreed but things went sour when it became obvious that Sarah told the children that they'll be able to live with her soon. A fuming Jack sought out his wayward wife and threatened to kill her if she took the children away. A thick-skinned Marc continued to enjoy being an unwanted lodger and Angie and Sean despaired at not having him at home. Chris received an invitation to a party at Oakwell Hall to celebrate Lady Tara's homecoming and, prompted by Laura, realised what a great business opportunity it could be. Scott struggled to get his new garage business up and running and Tricia struggled to make Adam find her irresistible.


Lady Tara's party Much of tonight's one-hour episode is devoted to the party at Oakwell Hall. Sean can't understand why Chris is going after what she did to the Tates last time she was there but Chris is hoping he can persuade her to invest in the company. Sean isn't interested in her 'toffee-nosed' party but Chris' comments about how Sean would be out of his depth in such company convince him to wipe the smirk off his business partner's face by turning up. Mandy is keen to attend but only to smack Tara in the face for trying to evict the Dingles. However, Zoe wants them all to make a good impression on Tara's wealthy guests and generate some new business for the vets'. On hearing of the party, Tricia assumes that she'll be going with Adam and is busy choosing her outfit. She's concerned how she'll look compared to all the rich women in designer dresses but Marlon reassures her that she'll look lovely. Daniel Dean, her octopus-like date from last year's Vets' Ball, calls into the Woolie and asks her to come to the party as his guest but Marlon informs him that Tricia's already going with someone else. However, Adam has invited Virginia, who is an old friend of Tara, and he fobs Tricia off by telling her that it's more of a business opportunity than a party and he'll be spending the evening networking. At the party, Mandy spots Adam with Virginia and is outraged about him two-timing Tricia. Adam soon turns his attentions to Lady Tara but Mandy puts a damper on his evening by telling Viriginia that he's also seeing Tricia and then interrupting his conversation with Tara to criticise the way he treats women and tip his drink down his suit. Zoe, Chris and Laura are all busy making or renewing business contacts. Chris is buttering up Tara, who reveals that she is separated from Michael. He can't resist making a few digs but tells Laura that Tara expects that of him and, if he were all smarmy with her, she'd just be suspicious. Tara invites Chris, Terry, Zoe, Frankie and Laura to stay overnight and Terry's luck's in as Virginia tells Adam to find himself a new receptionist and agrees to spend the night with Terry. Meanwhile, Chris is convinced that, with a bit more work, he can get Tara to invest in the business. Frankie makes a bet with Sean that Dan won't pull anyone at the party. If he doesn't, it won't be through lack of trying as he attempts to chat up Virginia and, when he gets nowhere there, moves onto Angie. Suddenly Sean isn't so keen to win the bet but he needn't worry as Angie isn't taken in by Dan's smooth talking and knees him in the groin. Sean admits he was a bit jealous and then suggests that the two of them disappear off to one of the bedrooms. As the party draws to a close, Tara shows Frankie and Zoe to their room - only to find Angie and Sean in the bed. Zoe looks shocked and Tara tells them to get out but Frankie, Angie and Sean all seem to find it quite funny. The Sugdens Richie wants to know why Sarah hasn't arranged to see the kids again but Sarah decides against telling him about her confrontation with Jack. She tells him that it was a bit awkward seeing the kids again but she's happier now she's seen them and she will see them again. Andy wants to know what happened between Jack and Sarah the previous night but Jack just shouts at him, then regrets it the minute Andy walks out the door. Later, he suggests that the three kids go and stay with Annie in Spain for a few weeks to get away from all the family problems. Robert doesn't want to miss school but, later, Andy persuades him that, if they were out of the way for a few weeks, it would give their parents a chance to work things out and possibly get back together again. Andy tells Jack that they've changed their mind and they will go to Spain. Jack wants them to leave for Spain that night and gets Alan to go round to see Sarah to get her consent. She is against the idea initially but Richie suggests that it will be good for the kids to get away from all the hostility between her and Jack, as well as giving Richie and Sarah a chance to spend some time alone together. Sarah agrees and she and Alan head over to the Farm, where she says goodbye to the kids before they set off. Kelly & Roy The Kelly whinge-athon continues. She briefly cracks a smile when Sean hands her 15 quid to look after Ollie while he and Angie are at the party but, predictably, spends much of the episode whining about not being able to go to the party and criticising Roy. Lisa tells Roy about Scott needing someone at the garage but Roy tells her that he wouldn't work for Scott if he were the last bloke on Earth. Donna, Marc and Johnny join Ollie at Kelly & Roy's. Meanwhile, Roy is over at the Woolpack discussing his marital problems with Tricia. Tricia , unaware of Marlon's feelings for her, says she wishes a man loved her as much as Roy loves Kelly. Rachel

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