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Bill Sands -

19th September 2000

Seth is railroaded into speaking to Angie about his recent mugging but withholds the fact that his attackers are two girls. He does however mention that Ollie came to to his rescue which is soemthing Angie didn't know. Angie confronts Ollie who thinks her Mum suspects her of being involved and goes off at the deep end. Later they talk and sort it out between them. Edna tells Seth she doesn't have him down as one for laguishing in self pity and letting the attackers win.

Eric Pollard buys in a load of dodgy hosiery which turns out to be one legged tights.

Viv meets travelling hosiery salesman Bob "no jokes please" Hope and they have lunch together and hit it off.

Marlon's French theme night is a success. Lady Tara asks him to cater for the Stud Farm office party. Richie agrees to go to Stevenage on business for Tate Technology.

Viv tries to pull both Carlos & Terry but fails (are they stupid or what?) Bob comes back and she ends up taking him home after they kiss out the Woolpack and she tells him she fancies the pants off him.

20 September 2000

Viv is on cloud nine after Bob tells her he wants to see her again. Donna is less than pleased.

Sarah & Richie row after he tells her he is going away on business.

Bernice is pleased with Marlon following the success of the evening.

Richie finds Scott sleeping rough and persuades him to move in with them. Scott is reluctant because of Sarah.

Tricia & Bernice set up Project Kathy to find a potential suitor unknown to the "Black Widow" of Emmerdale.

21 September 2000

Sarah is none too pleased when she finds Richie has asked Scott to stay while he is away.

Viv is starting to annoy people with incessant talk of Bob. She asks Kelly to move back home and she agrees which upsets Donna.

Jack finds Donna & Marc canooding in the hay and gets angry. He insists on taking Donna home but decides against telling Viv when he see sthat she & Kelly are drunk. Donna is relieved.

Tricia & Bernice vet potential suitors for Kathy.


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