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A Huge Big Thank you to Bill Sands who has made the following summeries availabe to me.

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Bill Sands -

Emmerdale: Monday, December 18

Charity went to the Dingles with Terry to collect her things but Cain threw them into the mud.

Jack told Andy never to breathe a word of what happened when Sarah died.

Viv agreed to let Carol stay a little longer, to Donna's displeasure.

Angie admitted to Marc she was going through a bad patch with Sean.

Emmerdale: Tuesday, December 19

The Reynolds household was anything but happy as Sean dodged Angie's questions.

Angie turned to Kathy for advice.

Ashley was disappointed that Zoe wouldn't be his best man so he asked Carlos, much to Bernice's horror.

Chris came face to face with Cain.

Carol persuaded Terry to take her Salsa dancing.

Emmerdale: Wednesday, December 20

Sean and Angie were both keen to try and save their ailing marriage.

A mystery man popped into the shop and raised Carol's suspicions.

Jack had a visit from Kathy and the boys but was furious to discover Diane was looking after Victoria.

Ashley enjoyed his last days of freedom at his Stag Night but the consequences horrified Edna.

Emmerdale: Thursday, December 21

With Bob back in her life, Viv decided to throw a party.

Paddy, Zoe and Adam shared a Christmas drink.

Marc and Ollie tried to get rid of the evidence of the party, but Sean and Angie turned a blind eye until Sean discovered Lady Tara had paid a visit.

The Sugden children realised that Jack probably wouldn't be home for Christmas.

Emmerdale: Friday, December 22

Bernice was appalled when Rodney suggested she could be making a mistake marrying Ashley.

Angie panicked to see Sean and Cain together.

Sean was alarmed to find Christmas presents from Tara on his doorstep.

Carol confided to Viv that her estranged husband had cut her off without a penny.

Paddy offered to cover at the vet's on Christmas Day.

Scott and Frankie asked Pollard to invest in their new business venture.

Donna was upset that Viv had asked Bob to move in.

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