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A Huge Big Thank you to Bill Sands who has made the following summeries availabe to me.

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Bill Sands -

Tuesday 18th

July Business partnerships were being tested all over Emmerdale. Firstly at the garage where it didn't take much provocation from Scott for Roy to draw first blood. Roy had waited for this moment ever since he found out Scott had been messing with his missus. Donna's appearance stopped their fight but started her wondering why Roy reacted so violently to Scott! Elsewhere Zoe, Chris, Tara and Laura thrashed out their stud farm deal and Tara was appalled to learn that Zoe was to be Director with full control of the books. The issue of Tara's divorce settlement became even more vexing. Diane thought an overripe melon would cheer Jack up, but found it wasn't enough to take his mind off the custody battle with Sarah.

Wednesday 19th July

The best thing about the report into the bus crash was that it put Sean Reynolds in a good mood and stopped his snarling. He even managed to converse with Marc and be an understanding Dad - better late than never! His smiles soon died however when he read the report more closely and realised that, although Tate Haulage was in the clear, he'd be top suspect if anyone appealed. Nice one Chris! As Chris toasted the report with champagne, copies of it were being circulated by the indomitable Kathy. Emily must have been to night school since Butch died because she understood what 'exonerated' means and bitterly ripped up the report in deference to Butch's memory.

Thursday 20th July

Kathy was determined to rally the troops and continue to fight for justice in the aftermath of the bus crash but found little support from the villagers. Emily has consistently said that no amount of fighting would bring her husband back but Kathy doggedly hunted her down just in case she'd change her mind. It took a few carefully chosen words from Chris to finally bring Kathy to her senses and realise that her crusade has merely been a way to fill the gaping void that is her life. Love birds Sarah and Richie returned to the village and Sarah prepared to let battle commence for the children. Cain popped in for a neighbourly chat with Ollie but Angie made it quite clear that 'love thy neighbour' doesn't apply where Cain Dingle is concerned.

Bill Sands 1998-2000