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Tuesday 15th August

Evidently, treating thoroughbred horses takes more skill than tending either cows or sheep, and the idea that Adam had been assigned to the stud drove Paddy insane with jealousy. To prove himself worthy of such work he turned up at the stud to help Adam - with disastrous consequences. A clumsy Ollie dropped a bucket causing a stallion to kick out leaving Paddy unconscious. Only Adam's quick actions saved his life before Paddy was rushed to hospital. Chris Tate suffered as his little sister ordered him to get to work now she's the major shareholder at Tate Haulage. Roy quit his job at the garage when Scott berated him for refusing to fix Richie's car. Ashley was invited for interview at the Damascus Street project but still kept Bernice in the dark about it.

Wednesday 16th August

Paddy regained consciousness in hospital and learnt from Mandy that Adam had saved his life. Grateful to be alive, the three buried their differences and a truce began. Ashley shone at the Damascus Street interview as the panel obviously recognised Emmerdale as good training ground for their own trouble-ridden project. Ashley finally told Bernice of his plans for them which went down like a lead balloon. Roy and Kelly decided that Ibiza held the key to their happiness and Kelly resigned from Tate Haulage by yelling a few home truths at Chris. Her bridges thus burnt, Chris made sure she got scorched by his retaliation. Lady Tara had a bad day as Sean told her off for endangering Ollie's life at the stud and Frankie, having put up with Tara's snobbery for long enough, dumped her unceremoniously at the wayside and resigned her post as driver.

Thursday 17th August

Bernice & Ashley Ashley wakes up to find Bernice getting ready to go to the Woolpack, despite it being only 7.30. He asks her to let him explain his actions but Bernice is no mood to listen and walks out. Bernice goes round to the Diner to discuss the matter with Kathy. It is not so much the move to Leeds that is bothering her but the fact that Ashley deceived her and kept secrets from her. Kathy does nothing to cheer her up, telling her that men always let you down - even Ashley. Bernice tells her this is different from what happened with Tony and Gavin becomes they were pretending to be something they weren't and, once they were exposed, she had no choice but to end the relationship. However, she knows that Ashley is a good person who doesn't want to hurt her so that makes the situation even more painful. Later, Ashley turns up at the Diner but Bernice has already gone to the pub. He tells Kathy that he has spent years waiting to find love and he hopes he hasn't wrecked his chance of happiness with Bernice. He asks her if she thinks the relationship can be saved but Kathy tells him that he needs to ask Bernice. Over at the Woolpack, he tries to speak to Bernice but she is still angry and won't discuss the matter. Eventually she agrees to speak to him after work at the Vicarage. In the meantime, she discusses the subject of betrayal with Carlos who tells her that, when someone has betrayed you once, they've probably got a load of other unpleasant secrets waiting for you. Finally, Bernice arrives at the Vicarage and Ashley confirms that, yes, he has been offered the job in Leeds but he hasn't accepted it yet as he wanted to discuss it with her first. However, Bernice is still angry that he didn't tell her sooner and accuses him of leaving it until the last minute when everything was pretty much definite so as to force the issue and put pressure on her to agree. Bernice tells him that she thought they were getting married so that he didn't have to leave the village but Ashley says he thought they were getting married because they love each other. Bernice says of course they love each other and Ashley asserts that, in that case, it doesn't matter where they live. He tells her that he has a 'divine calling' which has to take precedence over everything else, including their relationship. Bernice is angry that yet again she has been betrayed - 'with Tony and Gavin it was men and with you it's God' - but Ashley tells her that he is different from Tony and Gavin - He never hid his love of God from her. Ashley tells her that this is painful for him too and that he believes it is a test from God. He tells her that God wants him to work with the underprivileged in Leeds and that he believes God wants her with him - but if she won't come then he has to make a tough choice. Bernice asks what happens if she refuses to go with him. Ashley admits that he's handled the situation badly but tries to convince her that she should come to Leeds. He admits that it's a big step but tells her that together they could make a huge difference in the lives of hundreds of people. He pleads with her to come with him but she is still devastated that he deceived her. She tells him that she can't trust him anymore and, although part of her wants to go with him, she's been hurt too much by lies already. She really wants Ashley to be happy but, after re-building her life following Tony and Gavin's deceit, she can't risk sacrificing everything she's worked for only to be betrayed yet again by another man. Roy & Kelly After her and Roy's decision to move to Ibiza, Kelly is in a good mood for once and busy thinking about all the important things they'll need to sort out before going to live in a foreign country - money, suntan cream and new beachwear. They break the news to Viv, Scott and Donna. Viv is delighted for them and tells them she hopes it will help them to make a go of their marriage. Kelly asks Scott what he thinks of it and Scott grudgingly agrees that it is probably for the best. However, Donna is upset that no one has asked her opinion or considered what she wants. She doesn't want them to go and accuses Kelly of being selfish. Roy goes to see Chris to let him know that they'll be moving out of his cottage and, as he's leaving the village, takes the opportunity to tell Chris exactly what he thinks of him. He accuses Chris of being a 'scumbag' and the Tates of using people, including Dave, Linda and Jan. Chris tells him that it's their own fault if they get trampled on but Roy tells him that he and Ned have survived and Chris can't touch them anymore. Chris dismisses as 'sentimental rubbish' the assertion that he's destroying a bit of himself everytime he ruins someone's life. Roy tells him he's going to end up sad, bitter, twisted and alone with his bank balance as his only friend but Chris takes the wind out of his sails by suggesting that Roy's going to find himself alone too - when he gets to Ibiza and Kelly has her pick of all the good-looking blokes out there. He tells Roy that he'll never be good enough for Kelly and that he'll always be a loser - moving to Ibiza isn't going to change that. Meanwhile, Seth is expressing similar (though less malicious) sentiments to Kelly when he tells her that you can't find happiness by searching all over the world for it - Happiness comes from within. Cain & Ollie Cain chats up Ollie. Ollie flirts back until Angie appears and chases Cain away - Stop me if you think you've heard this one before... Paddy's accident Tara congratulates Adam for saving Paddy's life but Adam chastises her for leaving Ollie unsupervised and makes it clear that he blames Tara for what happened. He adds that she should be grateful that Ollie wasn't injured or her parents would be able to sue Tara for a large sum. Tara goes over to Tate Haulage to apologise to Sean about the way she reacted when he complained about Ollie having been left alone at the stables. She admits it shouldn't have happened and that, as a caring father, he had every right to be angry. Sean is cynical about her concern but accepts her apology. Meanwhile, Paddy is discharged from hospital and Mandy and Adam go to pick him up. Mandy has to look out for any signs of delayed concussion and Paddy has them both fooled, pretending to display signs of 'irrational or uncharacteristic behaviour'.


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