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A Huge Big Thank you to Bill Sands who has made the following summeries availabe to me.

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Bill Sands -

Tuesday 12th September

Never has a good Samaritan appeared in such an unlikely guise, but Seth didn't complain when Ollie Reynolds helped him to get home after his mugging. Betty was furious with Seth for taking her money but he was too traumatised to tell her about his ordeal. Paddy got romantic and cooked for Mandy before confessing his baby dreams - thus shattering any chance of afters! Richie assured Jack of his commitment to Sarah but ominously told Chris that business would always come first. Marlon moped around like a wet weekend now that Bernice was staying to manage the pub, and Angie reminded Marc that they didn't need to be the Waltons to care about each other.

Wednesday 13th September

A broken Seth finally told Betty about his attack but, to save face, said it was a gang of lads rather than two girls who had set on him. Zak and Kelly became suspicious about Terry's rather odd arrangement with Charity. Feeling uncomfortable about them himself, he suggested to Chris that the whole thing was rather cheap but was told to either put up or shut up! At a Dingle gathering, Mandy glowered when Paddy announced that babies were on the agenda. Elsewhere, Andy made it very clear to Sarah that he loathed her for breaking up his new family and Sean got confused when he tried to protect Marc from working for Lady Tara (who didn't want him anyway!).

Thursday 14th September

Paddy happily waved Mandy off to Southampton to bring her father back to Emmerdale and didn't notice her rather strange behaviour - everyone else did though as she hung around bidding farewell to her family and friends. Seth's unusual absence from the Woolpack prompted Kathy and Bernice to visit him at home and, soon crumbling under questions from the formidable duo, he confessed what had happened to him. Donna tried to make Viv listen to her instead of talking about herself, but the odds were too stacked against it, and Marlon and Tricia were delighted when Bernice asked them to run a theme night at the Woolpack.

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