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Monday, December 11

There would be fireworks if the Dingles found out about Chris and Charity, so when Emily saw them canoodling in a quiet country lane, the die was cast.

Sean had to do some quick thinking when he arrived to see Tara at the same time as Angie was checking the stud security.

Kathy was forced to take on the organisation of Sarah's funeral.

Tuesday, December 12

Charity was forced to seek asylum at Home Farm as the police arrived just in time to stop Cain running riot.

Kathy wrestled with funeral arrangements and the sensitive situation of both Jack and Richie.

Marc got an unexpected lift from Lady Tara, but Sean's heart was in his mouth when he spotted her car outside his house.

Pollard put Viv's nose out of joint by selling Christmas hampers.

Wednesday, December 13

Zoe felt Chris was endangering the family by harbouring Charity.

Zak set out to let Chris know exactly how he felt.

Jack got permission to attend Sarah's funeral but was worried about his children's reaction when he arrived under guard.

Angie's feelings stirred again for Cain when she took him home after the Home Farm incident.

Thursday, December 14

Tension ran high as everyone gathered for Sarah's funeral.

At the graveside Andy suddenly keeled over and Jack struggled to help him, fearing he'd blurt out the truth.

Ollie was worried when she caught her mother crying.

Terry was angry with Carol for repeating to Viv the secret he'd told her about Chris and Charity.

At the Dingles the atmosphere was strained over the Charity scandal and Zak's secret bombshell to Lisa that Cain was his son

Friday, December 15

Tensions ran high as everyone gathered for Sarah's funeral.

Andy rushed to Jack's side as he arrived handcuffed to a prison officer.

Ollie was worried when she caught her mother crying.

Terry became angry with Carol.

Zoe was uncomfortable having Charity around.

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