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Week 11 July 2000

Tuesday 11th July

Edna's complaints about Ashley and Bernice led the Bishop to suggest a move to Leeds where the couple's primal behaviour wouldn't bat an eyelid. On Zoe's advice Ashley went to investigate the proposed parish before telling Bernice his plans for them. A furious Zak threatened to kick Cain out of his house unless he returned Kathy's jewellery and, with a little help from Charity, Kathy was reunited with her trinkets. Tricia finally realised Marlon's true colours when he admitted buying her the locket simply to make her smile. What more could a girl ask for? Chris also found reason to smile after a visit from his new 'home help', Charity Dingle, and Tara confided in Laura that the prospect of investing in Tate Haulage bored her rigid.

Wednesday 12th July

Kathy found Marlon and Tricia in her kitchen feeding each other strawberries for breakfast! While Bernice confided in Kathy that she'd never want to return to 'urban hell' Ashley was in Leeds accepting a job in a rather built-up area. Logically Bernice thought the only way to keep Ashley in Emmerdale is to marry him and she proposed not knowing that the planned move will include her! Tara was far more interested in the Tate Haulage drivers than in Tate Haulage despite Chris buying her chocolate mints to secure her investment! Mandy heard that her sick father needs her yet again and Paddy faced life on his own once more!

Thursday 13th July

For someone contemplating marriage, Bernice certainly had a long face and Diane was sceptical about her daughter's impulsive proposal. Ashley asked a delighted Zoe to be Best Woman but even she was concerned when she heard that Ashley hadn't told Bernice the truth about Leeds. Desperate to do the right thing Bernice did the opposite by asking the Bishop to officiate at the wedding, realising too late that he couldn't because she was a divorcee. Chris rustled up a sumptuous dinner to entertain Lady Tara but the only business agreed involved him spending money rather than her and the stud farm looked set to roll.

Friday 14th July

Ashley bought Bernice an engagement ring but it nearly joined former fiancée Gavin's ring in the river when Bernice doubted being able to trust someone again. Terrified of losing her, Ashley told her he had no secrets obviously with finger crossed because no lightning struck for telling such a whopper. Laura also strayed from the path of righteousness by leaking false papers to Zoe about Tara's business intentions and Zoe agreed to negotiate the stud deal. Seth picked up a hot racing tip from Mystic Mandy which led Paddy to think he was hallucinating when Seth offered him a pint! Roy stopped Scott diddling their clients and Lisa worried about the forthcoming bus crash report.

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