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Bill Sands -

Tuesday 8th August

Both Sam and Cain Dingle disappeared after the fracas with Sean Reynolds but, like a bad penny, it was Cain who showed up the next day. A distraught Emily confided in Lisa that Sam had admitted feelings for her, but the pair kept the revelation from Zak as he set out to find his son. Tara's mobile phone bill looked certain to bankrupt her as she ranted down the phone to Laura in Monaco. Her divorce settlement looked unlikely to materialise. Ollie found flirting with Cain very exciting, much to Angie's concern, but she needn't worry - after all, Cain is likely to come off far worse after dealings with the devil-child. Alan celebrated his 65th birthday and was serenaded by Jason, Carlos and Ashley with a rendition of Leader of the Pack.

Wednesday 9th August

A red-faced Tara braced herself to admit her penniless state to Chris and Zoe but was saved by Laura arriving with good news - a divorce settlement of 5 million! Laura's blackmailing tactics to secure the deal weren't exactly to Tara's liking but who cared now she was rich again! Zak quickly tracked Sam down to Shadrach's home and found out that he planned to join Nellie in Ireland. Bernice found that too many hens spoiled the wedding dress plans and, ignoring the suggestions of Diane and Betty, she decided to ask Kathy to be sole adviser - after all 'she's had more experience than Liz Taylor'. Scott embarrassed Roy by asking Alan for rent to store his motorbike at the garage as Pollard put pressure on him to pay back his loan.

Laura Laura is feeling pretty smug after her success in Monaco and is looking forward to getting her hands on the 500,000 Tara now owes her. However, there is plotting afoot at Tate Haulage with Chris suggesting to Tara that she is under no legal obligation to pay out the full amount. When Laura arrives, Tara quickly makes her excuses and leaves but a comment from Chris makes Laura suspect that Tara might not be willing to part with the 500,000. She confronts Tara at the stud farm and Tara tells her that she thinks 100,000 is a reasonable payment for a few days' work. When Laura disagrees, Tara points out that the Law Society would be very interested in their deal but Laura tells the 'silly, pampered cow' that it's still not too late for her to scupper the divorce settlement and that she wants the cheque by 5 o'clock. Fresh from her victory over Tara, Laura moves on to the next stage of her plan by arranging to have lunch with Zoe in the Woolpack. Frankie, who has already been having a bad day with Lady Tara, is further annoyed when Zoe tells her that she and Laura are having a private business meeting and wish to be left alone. Laura offers to sell her shares in Tate Haulage at less than the going rate. When Zoe asks her why she is offering them to her rather than the other partners, Laura claims that she's always liked her, which pleases Zoe. Zoe agrees to Laura's offer and, as they shake hands, Laura tells Zoe again how much she likes her but that 'it's too late now'. Zoe seems interested and asks if it is really too late but Laura is back in her business mode and tells Zoe she'll fax her the agreement. Next stop is Home Farm where Laura asks Chris for 50,000 - in return for her leaving the village that night. Conversation turns to their relationship and Laura claims that she could have had him or Zoe any time she wanted. Chris claims Zoe is a bit more choosy than he is but, after their meeting in the Woolpack, Laura is confident that she could win Zoe over and tells him what a good partnership she and Zoe would make - more than a match for him and Tara. She reminds Chris of how much she knows about his underhand dealings and of how much safer he'd be if she were out of the way. Chris thinks she isn't likely to blab until she reveals that she has sold all her shares in Tate Haulage to Zoe and so has no reason to keep quiet about what she knows. Chris has little choice but to agree to her terms. Chris tries to get Laura to admit that, despite her new-found wealth, she still hasn't got what she really wanted - Home Farm and the kind of wealth and status only the Tates have. However, while Laura admits that she would like all that the Tates have, she is still pretty pleased with herself, having got something off Tara, Zoe and Chris. She also tells him that, if having all that meant having Chris too, she'd rather be dead - and with that she kisses him on the lips and walks out. Zak & Sam Emily is worried as Zak and Sam haven't returned home. She is concerned that she may have unintentionally led Sam on but Lisa reassures her that there is no one less likely that her to lead a bloke on. Over at Shadrack's, Sam is still unsure about going home and foolishly confides in Shadrack as to the reason he doesn't want to go back. Shadrack immediately spills the beans to Zak about Sam wanting to 'give Emily one'. At first, Zak is angry at Shadrack for saying such things about Emily but, when Sam admits to it, he asks Shadrack to leave and turns on Sam for 'trying it on with Butch's widow'. He feels that Sam has betrayed both him and Butch and tells him to get out of his sight. Sam tells him he knows he has done wrong but he thought Emily loved him. When he adds that 'nobody ever loves me', Zak begins to soften. Sam asks Zak to lend him money for his fare to Ireland and promises never to come back. Zak realises how scared his own son is of him and feels he's let him down. As times passes, both Emily and Lisa are getting increasingly worried. Emily is convinced that something has happened to them and, having lost both her mother and her husband, decides she must be a curse. However, they are both relieved when Zak walks through the door and Sam sheepishly follows him in. The vets' Zoe holds a meeting with Paddy and Adam regarding the work that the stud farm will generate for them. Although her interest in the business will guarantee them the work, Zoe doesn't want them to be complacent and insists that they have to provide the best service possible. Adam offers to take on the stud farm work as long as some of his other duties are reallocated. Zoe agrees to this, despite Paddy's protests that as a partner he should have a say in this. He is even more put out when Zoe sends him off to deal with a customer while she and their employee carry on with the meeting. Other bits and pieces: - Bernice goes shopping for a wedding dress with Emmerdale's resident expert, Kathy. - Roy confronts Scott when he finds out he is charging Alan for keep his motorbike in their garage but Scott is unrepentant.


Bill Sands 1998-2000