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A Huge Big Thank you to Bill Sands who has made the following summeries availabe to me.

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Bill Sands -

Monday 6th Nov
Tricia does her good deed for the day and takes Donna to the family planning clinic where she is given some understanding and the morning after pill. Ashley decides he must see Bernice and is deeply upset when she makes it clear that their relationship is over.

Tuesday 7th Nov
Ritchie does his best by his new family by turning down Chris Tates offer of further shares in the business. When he tells Sarah it causes an argument between them. Rodney (Bernice's father) drops a bombshell when he tells Bernice that he remarried and has another daughter (her sister). Sean is toyed with by Lady Tara when she sets him moving a desk round and round her office before telling him how gorgeous he is.

Wednesday 8th Nov
Jack has a visit from Diane and he recounts his tales of woe, his latest being that Sara never filled in his farm subsidy forms and now it is too late to make a claim leaving him broke. Sean visits Lady Tara on business and she comes downstairs wearing only a flimsy dressing gown giving Sean palpitations. Bernice sits both her parents down and tries to discuss things rationally without much success. However the two are both agree that Bernice should make up with Ashley. Angie keeps bumping into Cain and the attraction is obviously growing between them. Sara visits Jack to discuss her divorce settlement and finds she has picked a bad time.

Thursday 9th Nov
Angie warns Jack about a spate of farm thefts. Tricia has a meeting to make sure that they get their facts straight before the "wedding". Sean visits Tara who asks him to zip up her dress. She invites him to dinner and he wears formal attire. Andy discusses the farm with Jack in the hope that one day it will pass to him and Robert. He is disappointed to be told that the farm may have to be sold to pay Sarah. Marlon decides to take some photos of Tricia and husband to be so that they appear to have some history. Angie is called to a farm break-in and finds it is Cain wanting to get friendly. She is called away on another job but is tempted. Tara and Sean end up in bed after the dinner party. Sean feels guilty and tells her it was a one-off.

Friday 10th November Sean was surprised when Angie suggested a holiday. Marlon helped organise Tricia and Joe's fictional past. Sarah resolved to regain her independence and began job hunting. Gloria tried to play peacekeeper in a bid to reunite Ashley and Bernice.

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